Biden mulls monkeypox maxim, while World Health Organization declares global health emergency


The Biden Administration may declare monkeypox a public health emergency, as the number of cases in the U.S. nearly doubled in a week. Fifty Democrat lawmakers from the U.S. House sent President Joe Biden a letter asking for the emergency declaration, along with additional funds to be spent to protect the vulnerable from the disease, get more vaccines manufactured and

The administration is looking at “what are the ways the response could be enhanced, if any, by declaring a public health emergency,” said White House Covid response coordinator Ashish Jha on Friday, who said the topic is an active conversation at the Department of Health and Human Services.

On May 22, Jha had a different viewpoint on it, saying he doubted monkeypox would have any widespread impact in the United States.

“I feel like this is a virus we understand,” he said on ABC’s “This Week.” But that same week, President Biden said monkeypox is something “everybody should be concerned about.”

The number of U.S. cases in May were less than 200. On Friday, there were 2,891 confirmed cases in the country, double from the previous week, and the disease was present in all but six states. In the United States, 99% of the cases are related to male-to-male sexual contact, WHO reports. The CDC puts the number at 97%. The first two cases of the disease in children have ben confirmed — one is a toddler in California, and the other was an infant who is not a U.S. resident. Both are presumed to have caught the disease from someone in their household.

The World Health Organization has issued its highest-level emergency alert over the monkeypox outbreak, which has grown to more than 16,000 cases in 75 countries. Only five deaths have been reported from the outbreak, said WHO director general Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus.

The global health alert came at the end of a WHO emergency committee meeting on the virus. Only two other such global health emergencies are current from WHO: the Covid-19 pandemic and polio.

The WHO emergency comes with a set of directives and advice for countries, which can be read at this link. In the advice, it asks those who are having large gatherings where casual sex is part of the expectation to hold off.

Other points made in the WHO declaration refer to the initial stages of the HIV/AIDS pandemic:

  • The multi-country outbreak of monkeypox meets all the three criteria defining a public health emergency (PHEIC) contained in Article 1 of the Regulations (1. an extraordinary event […] 2. constitut[ing] a public health risk to other States through the international spread of disease 3. which may potentially require a coordinated international response);
  • The moral duty to deploy all means and tools available to respond to the event, as highlighted by leaders of the LGBTI+ communities from several countries, bearing in mind that the community currently most affected outside Africa is the same initially reported to be affected in the early stages of HIV/AIDS pandemic;
  • The observed rising trends in the number of cases reported globally, in an increasing number of countries, and, yet, likely to reflect an underestimation of the actual magnitude of the outbreak(s);
  • The cases of monkeypox reported in children and pregnant women, which are reminiscent of the initial phases of the HIV pandemic;
  • Future waves of monkeypox cases are expected as the monkeypox virus is introduced in additional susceptible populations;
  • The modes of transmission sustaining the current outbreak are not fully understood;
  • The changes in the clinical presentation of cases of monkeypox currently observed with respect to the clinical picture known to date;
  • The need to generate further evidence related to the effectiveness of the use of both, pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical measures in controlling the outbreak;
  • The significant morbidity associated with the monkeypox outbreak(s);
  • The potential future implications on public health and health services if the disease were to establish itself in the human population across the world, particularly for an orthopoxvirus causing human disease, as global immunity has greatly declined after smallpox was eradicated.


  1. We need to spend more money to insure that a person’s constitutional right to have promiscuous anal sex shall not be infringed upon.

      • But i think rev 16:2 isn’t talking
        about monkeypox as the first bowl. Some homosexuals because of monkeypox just like aids are going to wakeup and repent. People with mark of beast i think aren’t lost folks who may repent. They already made their decision. Todays increase of wars, the sickesses like covid and aids and monkeypox, earth movements as quakes, slides, storms, famine, insect invasions, moral decline and corruption. i hear and understand of it all as indictors, warnings what is to come to
        all unrepentent people indiscrimanetly.
        Cause our God is great and full of mercy and grace not to pour his righteous judgement on us unexpecantly. Monkeypox like aids unexpectantly came upon us because of man’s sin.

          • Yahweh gave Adam all authority over the earth and everything on it.When Adam sinned, he surrendered his authority to Satan. Not only is Yahweh the great law giver, but He obeys his own laws.
            All the earthly troubles are on us because we refuse to recognize Yahweh’s having created a real universe, and not some console game, where nobody gets really hurt or killed. Just reload from your last save. That’s the sort of world you’re claiming should exist … a fake world where you’re not going to suffer for the bad behavior of yourself and that of others.
            You want unlimited Mulligans.
            Note: I wrote this reply for those who might stumble across your opinions, not for you. You seem to not have ears to hear, or your hidden agenda is in the way.

    • You Christians have a damaging and unhealthy obsession with what other people do with their naughty bits.

        • “I don’t need a Christian to manage my naughty bits!” Well who was managing them when you got those terrible boils (or pregnant)?
          Damaging and unhealthy? Like those boils? Project much Luci?

      • Hmmm…

        OK, Lucinda, how about this?

        Whatever an individual does with their ‘naughty’ bits, and the resultant development therein, is solely the responsibility of their own actions, inclusive of pregnancy, STD’s, monkeypox, or whatever.

        No request is made by any individual for support of any kind beyond their own culpability, inclusive of ANY governmental support, vaccines, medical supplies, etc.

        Any solution unto said results is left unto their own devices to follow through regarding their individual situation, that they then shall pay for out of their own pockets, resultant as to their own behavior within their ‘naughty’ bits.

        Good enough for you?

        • Addendum.

          So far as pregnancy, voluntarily through ‘naughty’ bits conjoining, the life therein is brought unto completion, that is, a baby is born, rather than attempting to clean up a voluntary action after the fact, and both of the ‘naughty’ bit volunteers are equally responsible individually for the life of that baby all the way through its life until that individual can fend for itself as an adult.

        • Lucinda is a leftist. In her world, the collective is wholly responsible for everything. If you choose to get a degree in hyphenated-American studies and cannot get a job, it is the responsibility of the collective to ensure you do not suffer the consequences. If you are too cheap to pay for health insurance, it is the collective’s responsibility to ensure you do not have to pay the bills.
          This is just another example. How dare anyone tell her that her actions are going to result in bad consequences, but when they do, it is your responsibility to ensure she does not suffer the ill effects.
          What you are proposing is what responsible adults do, not toddlers who think the rest of the world should care about them.

          • What Lucinda is talking about are governments. A monarchy is a government incorporating benefits. All the benefits to to the monarch. We don’t have monarchs in the United States. We have a guaranteed friendly, Constitutional republic with equal footing among fifty states. Benefits are not our form of government. If you are seeking benefits you could place claim your claim as a monarch or apply for ccp communist benefits on other continents.

          • What, exactly, did Randy write that gave you that impression?
            I have read Randy’s comment several times, and I do not see where “no government services” is even implied. However, what is clear from Randy’s comment is:
            1. If you want the government, or anyone else, to not care about what you do with your naughty bits, that extends to the consequences of you using your naughty bits as well. If you are going to demand that the government stay out of your bedroom, that’s fine. But if you get a disease, pregnant, or a bad reputation, it is yours to own.
            2. Be an adult. If you are old enough to knock boots, then you are old enough to realize that pregnancy can/will happen, or that you can catch a disease. And, when that happens, you as the adult who choose to have unprotected sex, hold the responsibility for the consequences. And, the only time government services should be available to you is after you have exhausted all other avenues.
            If you want the government out of the bedroom, fine. But stop demanding the taxpayer fund abortions or birth control. Gay guys, stop demanding insurance pay for retroinhibitors because you want to have unprotected sex with strangers.
            Be responsible for your own choices, and the consequences of those choices. It is a pretty simple message, and Randy did a good job of saying so.

          • Which couple would that be, Lucinda?

            I suppose ANY coupling of ‘naughty bits’ would suffice, within your own thinking, and if so, fine.

            But why should ANY governmental services protect, upon the forefront, individuals that choose to use their ‘naughty bits’ voluntarily within a manner that may foment a negative result, rather than the individual’s responsibility unto said action instead?

            It is not of the governmental solution unto the individual responsibility within usage of said ‘naughty bits’, Lucinda.

            It is of the responsibility of the individual, or individuals, within the context of which I speak, based purely upon the meeting of ‘naughty parts’ of which you attempt to so poorly to defend as something that is responsible unto the government, rather than unto the individual or individuals.

      • ???. I don’t think it is quite an obsession. Just pointing out reality. Sex is indeed a subject involved in much dysfunction in our world. Simply observing that, as well as what is said in the Bible, does not denote obsession. God wrote the Bible, not us.

          • Spoken like someone who has ZERO idea whatsoever about Christianity, Judaism, or pretty much any other religion.
            Perhaps if you had a clue, you would realize that God commands us to love all. “Love the sinner, condemn the sin.” Pretty easy concept to understand. Even if the Church thinks homosexuality is a sin, the gay person is still loved.

          • Seriously, Lucinda…

            Is that all you have, time after time?

            Attacking Christians?

            You cannot come up with a more pragmatic argument than that?

            What about those that disagree with you that do not consider themselves Christians?

            How do you attack them?

      • Mandatory double Condom usage when in public places or indoors, and mandatory VD vaccinations for all you promiscuous liberals before you can interact with the rest of society, have a job, join the military, or enter ANY public buildings or utilize any public facilities.

        Does any of that sound familiar Voldemort? #thecovidnazicreed

  2. The goal here is to give more and more power to the WHO. They want the WHO to have ultimate power in the name of public health. It can surpass our laws and constitution in the event of a pandemic. This would mean lock downs, isolations, recovery “camps,” seizure of properties, firearm confiscation, anything they say. It’s coming…

    • I picture you holed up in your basement checking the security cameras, motion sensors, and booby traps of your razor wire tipped compound at the end of a road in the Valley.

      • I live in a cul de sac in the valley, pretty close. No cameras or razor wire, just a few motion lights.

      • Judge much, Lucinda?

        Amazing how that works, is it not?

        I picture you watching CNN, MSNBC, The View, and the HuffPost, and claiming you get your news from a variety of sources.

        But of course, that is mine own prejudice…. within relation to your own….

  3. This newest bio travesty plague presented by God deniers looks quite bad. Poxes always do. It is they say a self limiting bio weapons plague and has ranges of complications. I wonder where this plague was developed. Remember the one world order personnel have been bringing these things to pass but scripture says God’s purpose for the earth to be inhabited prevails. Man’s best weapons are easily dealt with by God I’m pleased to say.

  4. Here we go again…..! Just in time to throw a monkey wrench into the mid term Red Wave.

  5. Have you stocked up on monkeypox masks yet? The price will go atmospheric when “president” Xiden announces mask mandates. How about the pantry? Stocked enough to get you through a lockdown that will likely start in October and continue until the election is safely in the bag?

    Don’t wait until the last minute!

  6. Not laughing. “We have to protect vulnerable populations from this terrible morbid disease”… Another excuse to tax and control, and another attempt to scare us into voting democrat while distracting us from all their failures.

  7. The propaganda just keeps being piled on. It just goes to show how much they have nothing else other then to shove this garbage down your throat. Talk about a waste of time and space.

  8. Just doing some math here.
    Let’s round up the number of cases to a solid 3,000.
    Compared to the entire US population of approx. 330,000,000, that means a disease that affects less than 0.0009% of the population.
    And, the overwhelming majority of the cases are transmitted because people are not taking any kind of precautions when exchanging bodily fluids.
    Additionally, there is a perfectly useable vaccine that has been available for decades.
    Where is the emergency?
    Meanwhile, tuberculosis infected more than twice as many people in the US last year. Let’s add, that disease does not require direct transfer of bodily fluids to spread.
    This is not an emergency.

      • Thanks!
        I am curious though. If the pResident Biden administration decides to declare this as an emergency, and increases spending, or institutes restrictions on businesses and travel to “slow the spread” would you support those measures?

  9. Columnist John Nolte on Breitbart sums up this entire Monkey Pox garbage perfectly. A few of our Assembly members may be boiled up before this is over and, you can be sure that they’ll propose mandates for others rather than taking an ice bath to arrest their compulsions.

  10. THE UN has voted that it is criminal to believe that there is one God who created mankind and that He may determine what is right and wrong in regards to Him. That is the mandate. God deniers in this country believe it is progressive to implement the UN idea in lieu of if our US Constitution freedom of conscience right Lucinda?

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