Gov. Dunleavy, A.G. Taylor call on Biden to repeal vaccine mandate for health care workers


A coalition of 22 states, including Alaska, today, formally called on the Biden Administration to withdraw its vaccine mandate for healthcare workers and all related guidance. Even though the justification for the rushed mandate has disappeared, it remains in force.

The attorneys general filed a petition under the Administrative Procedures Act requesting the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services take immediate action to repeal its “Interim Final Rule” and :State Surveyor Guidance,” which require participating healthcare facilities to “develop and implement policies and procedures to ensure that all staff are fully vaccinated for COVID-19.”  

“My administration will continue to fight for the right of all Alaskans to make their own choices about medical care without unnecessary intrusion from the government,” said Alaska Gov. Mike Dunleavy.

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services had ordered many healthcare providers to force their employees to take the Covid-19 vaccine, or risk losing federal Medicare and Medicaid funding. Specifically, the mandate required nearly every employee, volunteer, and third-party contractor working at fifteen categories of healthcare facilities to be vaccinated against COVID and to have received at least a first dose of the vaccine prior to Monday, Dec. 6. The agency estimated 10.3 million Americans would be subject to the requirement.

“This kind of overreach into the personal, medical freedoms of the people of Alaska is wrong,” said Attorney General Treg Taylor. “We began the effort to fight this a year ago and will continue working to stop these unconstitutional mandates.”

The interim final rule regulates over 10 million healthcare workers and suppliers in the United States. Of those, CMS estimated that 2.4 million were unvaccinated when it issued the rule. “CMS’s objective is to coerce the unvaccinated workforce into submission or cause them to lose their livelihoods,” the petition states. “If CMS succeeds in coercing states to enforce the IFR against their own citizens, these healthcare workers will lose their jobs (or not return if they already have), states will lose frontline healthcare workers, providers, suppliers, and services, and America’s most vulnerable populations will lose access to necessary medical care.”

The federal government itself has already admitted there are “endemic staff shortages for all categories of employees at almost all kinds of healthcare providers and suppliers.”

The vaccine mandate violates the states’ sovereign right to enact and enforce their laws and exercise their police power on matters such as compulsory vaccination and it fundamentally changes the deal under which they agreed to participate in the Medicare and Medicaid programs. Additionally, the IFR is arbitrary and capricious, structurally defective, and exceeds CMS’s statutory authority. Constitutionally speaking, it violates the Tenth Amendment; and the doctrines of Nondelegation, Major Questions, and Anti-Commandeering; and the Spending Clause.

Attorneys general from Arizona, Louisiana, Montana, and Tennessee led the effort to submit the petition with Alaska joining attorneys general from Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, New Hampshire, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Texas, Utah, Virginia, and Wyoming.

Read the petition to repeal the vaccine mandate at this link.


  1. Acting NY Governor Hochul made it pretty clear when the mandates were enacted. If you don’t get the jab, you will be fired, and you will be replaced by immigrants with questionable nursing certifications. This is a fact. The Biden administration will do nothing to stop it unless forced to do so in the courts.

  2. Latest (quietly released) update/data dump from Tony science’s people; vitamin D2 & D3 have been far more effective in fighting Covid than the mRNA therapeutics, and without ANY negative side effects.

    • Eric – Isn’t it D3 with K2? Is that what you meant? Or is there a D2…. We are taking D3 w K. Agree, very effective for immunity. The K2 works with the D3 but I cannot remember how. Good idea to have D3 levels checked though in blood work and can supplement to stay at high end of normal range. For me that is 10k iu of D3 per day in the winter and that is with monitoring! 5K in summer. Others don’t need as much hence get checked. People do need more than the standard FDA recommendation in northern regions.

  3. I guess, better 2 years too late than never?
    This totalitarian measure should never have been enacted in the first place….

    • Thomas Jefferson wrote about advancing liberty in a 1790 letter to his friend, Rev. Charles Clay. He said, “The ground of liberty is to be gained by inches.”
      Think about that.

      • Exactly what positive steps toward liberty have we taken under Dunlevay? Please be specific.

        Under his leadership Alaska has lurched harder to the left. Where has he actually lead? Please be specific.

        Dunleavy is a spineless Governor. He got re-elected because the options were abominable. Not exactly a vote of confidence to say he doesn’t suck as badly as Walker or Garza.

        The single bright spot on the right is Bronson. He actually fights and as far as I can tell has no association with Tuckerman Babcock. Ergo, he actually fights.

        Think about that.

        • Your interpretation of my post as being posted in defense of anyone speaks of your heart, not mine. It was not posted as an argument, and I am not here to argue with you now.
          At a certain point it has to be recognized that those who seek to divide us are not our friend, but are actually our enemy. Its a fine line and not easily identified, but there is reasonable justification to be aware of it, and it is always good to be on the lookout lest one get tripped up over it.

  4. Dear woke brethern: Your useless masks are fouling the earth ? and oceans. I thought you gave a darn about such items. Evidently, not so much.

    • Yes.
      Excellent point billions of mask are going to wash into sewers & wind up in our environment.
      The Left REALLY cares (about their power)

  5. The mandates were never about health. They’re all about compliance and control under the guise of “experts” like Dr Fauci who are in it for the fame and money. If the DC elite really cared about human health, they would try slowing the flow of Fentanyl crossing our southern border.

  6. If Dunleavy had any real concern for Alaskans, he would have fired Anne Zink two years ago. I did get a laugh out of her Joe Biden type story about making her own reagents and 3D printing collection swabs for covid NAAT testing. But maybe I am just biased from 35 years experience in immunology.

  7. They lift Title 42, yet Biden still has emergency measures enacted. I say we ignore his actions just like he’s ignored the southern border. Reinstate medical workers in Alaska and drill, baby, drill.

    • I am totally with you screw the feds just do what we want. The
      Federal bureau of incompetence can be contained real easy on Alaska.

  8. Dunleavy needs to go to Governor school with Ron Desantis and see what a real Governor does for his State! Here is a news flash Dunleavy. Asking Biden to repeal an unconstitutional mandate is like asking BLM or Antifa to pay for all the damage from the riots they started. It isn’t going to happen! So how about putting on big boy pants and do it yourself!

  9. Biden Administration=Woke Left
    Sorry, your scam didn’t work. We are all aware of the tyranny now.
    Dunleavy needs to just drop the mandates and just be done with it.
    It’s been proven its garbage, the people know it’s garbage and they are still trying to push the mask bs.
    Every person in the nation needs to stop playing into the “game” and think with their brains instead. You still see the masked idiots out there in stores, thinking that little piece of paper is gonna save them!
    It only shows your lack of knowledge….

  10. Repeal all mandates for all people,have a clean blood supply and don’t vax our animal food supply like they are doing in New Zealand.Do more Dunleavy Stand up.

  11. The covid-19 mRNA jabs are NOT vaccines, not by any traditional or rational definition of the word, and it is only playing into the Krazy Kovidian Kultist’s Orwellian propaganda to keep repeating that erroneous and misleading description of them.

  12. I’m confused. I know someone on the ‘lift’ team at Regional. They are not vaccinated.
    They tell me there are others not vaccinated also, including some nurses.
    But I haven’t talked to them in a month or so.
    I asked what was Regional’s thinking (a big corporation) and he told me they didn’t want to lose employees when there was a shortage & they really need them. So a corporate profit decision.
    I thought just ANMC & Providence required vacs

  13. The feds don’t want to reverse any of this, because it would almost be admitting that their BS didn’t work. And the good people that took the shots don’t want it either, since most of them didn’t have side effects and there really will never be data released on strokes and heart attacks caused by the shot.( no evidence) But how many of us know of people that have serious or fatal health problems after the shots? Even younger people, without health issues. I’m glad that our Governor has joined the lawsuit, and understand that it is just the first step. What the average Alaskan must realize is the billions of dollars that would be lost if he just took a hardcore stand on this issue. If we don’t pretend to play the game with the administration in D.C., federal funds will be cut and we will be forced to become our own country. Not that it wouldn’t be a good choice, but most people don’t realize the extent of it all. As the man quoting Jefferson wrote, small steps. Or another quote, speak softly and carry a big stick. Big Mike is our best bet.

  14. My niece works for the VA in Birmingham Al and got a religious exemption. She had Covid in March, 2019 and about 4 times since, did not see any point in getting jabbed. I have another niece with the VA in Madison WI. She is totally disgusted with the sick VA anti-vaxers watching FOX and coughing on her all day. Covid made the whole world crazy and has turned us on each other

    • The main thing Covid did was expose the naked paranoia and lust for power by the left. You went after us. We just wanted to be left alone. But you can’t stand that. Letting people live in ways you don’t approve.

      I’m totally disgusted by the Cult of Fauci and it’s freedom hating followers watching MSNBC hiding behind face diapers.

      I especially enjoy how you managed to own yourself n your own post. Pro tip. If you want to attempt to make a point about the dangers of Covid, don’t lead off with a “niece” who has gotten it and survived.

    • I have relatives who have gotten Covid 3 or four times after a jabs. I got it once with no jab. I’m thankful for t-cell immunity. I have a friend who almost died from a foot long blood clot in his leg. What’s your point? If your daughter is disgusted by coughing patients maybe she should think about another career or try the private sector.

  15. It is amazing how soon they have yet another vaccine for yet another variant of Covid that doesn’t guarantee that you won’t get it or give it to someone else. And Dr. Fauci says Covid will be with us for years. He should know, since his organization helped fund it in Wuhan. So, yes, every Alaskan should be able to make up his or hers one mind. Will the woke Anchorage Assembly shut everything down again? Going to be an interesting winter.

  16. Hurrah for the personal freedom aspect of all this Vax crap. It is at the forefront of everthing in the OLD USA. But, why hasn’t our great Governor or his Chief Medical Officer mentioned anything about the devastating adverse side effects of this experimental technology. At this point it can’t be ignorance!

  17. Dunleavy evidently didn’t teach the 10th Amendment in his past career. He seems to be willing to let The Fed’s blackmail us with our own money.

  18. Where is the CDC? Out of the country? Again? Also, why do pharma ceo’s have degrees in engineering? And, not MD’s?

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