‘Won’t happen.’ Dunleavy says no to putting Covid shots on required vaccine schedule for school enrollment


Alaska Gov. Dunleavy is part of a chorus of Republican governors who sat they won’t adopt the Covid-19 vaccine as a required shot for children enrolled in Alaska schools.

“There are not, nor will there be Covid vaccine mandates for the following reasons,” he said in a note to Must Read Alaska. “CDC cannot mandate them. HSS would have to change regs. They will not. They know my position. Statute would have to be passed by the legislature as well. Won’t happen. I would have to sign it. Won’t happen.”

Last week, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s vaccine advisory committee voted unanimously to recommend a Covid vaccine as part of the regular required schedule for children, who already have a long list of vaccination requirements for school attendance. But even when CDC Director Rochelle Walensky signs off on the order, the matter is still left to the states. Some states have laws that automatically trigger mandates upon the recommendation of the CDC. But not Alaska.

Several other governors — all Republican — have said the Covid vaccine will not be added to their state schedules for children. They include Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, who said, “I get a kick out of it when people kind of compare it to (measles, mumps and rubella shots) and things that have been around for decades and decades. These are new shots.”

Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds said, “Under my watch, there will be no COVID vaccine mandates for kids — period. In fact, we signed a law that prevents it. It’s the parent’s decision, not the government’s.”

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The Informed Consent Action Network, a Texas-based group that promotes transparency in health information and fights medical coercion, said it will sue any state that adds the mandate for children.


  1. Big Mike leading from the rear as usual…. Courage and leadership says he would’ve come out last week with this statement and not after other governors already have…. better late than never I guess.

  2. And for you Corona vaccine enthusiasts, stop fretting.
    You can still get the vaccine. You can still get your kids the vaccine.

    Under this governor, you’re just not FORCED to.
    Our body, our choice……right?

  3. You just saved a whole bunch of Alaskan kids, Governor. Thank you so much for standing up to the radical Left-wing mafia and their vaccine mandate agenda. You just won another four years in the Governor’s Office.

  4. Glad he finally said it! Thank you for this. I hope Dr Zink doesn’t try to change your mind as I’m sure she is all for the jab for kids! Stay strong governor!

  5. Informed consent has nothing to do with the fact that vaccines cause more damage than the potential threat that may never occur. Well done Governor, for seeing through the globalist agenda to control everyone and thing.
    Thank you for seeing through the BS and propaganda used to control every aspect of human life. Dunlevy for Governor once again. The CDC is not even an American body, so why else do you think they would contradict everything against nature and one’s choice?

  6. Thank you, Governor Dunleavy. You have protected the children from this harmful shot. Too many teenage boys have suffered from myocarditis due to this shot.

  7. Good for Big Mike! Having been led down the same path that so many of us traveled before we knew who and what was really going on, Dunleavy is saying “fool me once, but I am on to your game.” If anything, the Covid19 handling and subterfuge by Fauci and crew has taught those of us that had some semblance of trust in the Fed to completely back off and get a “second opinion” on all of it. Covid 19 also brought to the surface what has been taught to our kids in the public schools over the last decade or so like Critical Race Theory and Transgenderism, instead of the reading, writing and math skills we all assumed were being taught. It’s time to back those governors like Dunleavy, who are trying to protect our kids and all us from more harm. Meanwhile the democrats are all ganging up on the kids and adults with more mandates. Rank the Red! It is our only chance!

  8. After any election. It’s not uncommon for a politician to do the opposite of what they said. Quite contrary.
    “ under the advisement of Ann Zink”
    blaaaa blaaaa bla bla bla bla……..

  9. Color me skeptical. Dr Zink is still around and Dunleavy really supports her. What happens when Zink want the vax on the statewide vax list? Cheers –

  10. I’m glad Dunleavy has done this, however this is probably more of an election stunt than anything else. We still have the leftist Dr. Zink in office. She should have been sent packing over 2 years ago. Dunleavy is still missing in action.

  11. About time ! Very good decision for the safety of Alaskan children
    How ANY governor is this republic would follow the CDC morons is beyond me –

  12. One hurdle down. Several more to go. Next… Zink has got to go. I hope Dunleavy does the right thing and sees that having her around is only causing issues for his constituents and the state he reps. Voters would appreciate a swift change in that set up before we vote.

  13. Thank you Governor Dunleavy. I wish you would have come out immediately with this common sense declaration, but it probably took you the extra time to read through all of the comments your office received following the obvious politically motivated vote by the CDC. I can only hope that Ann doesn’t succeed in changing your mind after the election. I can assure you that she won’t change mine or tens of thousands parents with children in Alaska schools. P.S.: Ann Zink is a disaster and needs to be replaced immediately. She has been wrong on every single policy position regarding the Wu Flu. If you fire her before the election, it would most likely result in a 5 point bump in your favor.

  14. Good move, Governor! Now follow up on it and ask for DR. Zink’s resignation. She has pretty much been proven wrong on face masks, vaccines, school closures, etc. Incompetence should have consequences.

  15. To the MRAK editors
    The link to this article in your weekly update email does not function properly.
    It goes to an autism site instead.
    I know how to bypass the mistake but others may not.

  16. Thank you, Governor Dunleavy.
    After your re-election, it might be worth reorganizing the top levels of Alaska’s public-health system so they’re not undermining you at every opportunity.
    To Anchorage’s school-board members, may we fondly suggest, “Don’t even think about it.”

  17. Well see if a zebra can change his stripes. Experimental drugs should NOT be a requirement. I do appreciate this statement.

  18. I’m not saying Dunleavy’s proclamation is false, but the last 2 years and the fact that Ann Zink is still here, who he has been in full support, makes it very difficult to believe.

  19. Dunleavy is really starting to shine. This and his answers in the latest governor candidate forum shows who we need. The youth of Alaska are not lab rats for an experimental drug that has very little testing. Thank you again Dunleavy.

  20. He still has yet to admit that the shots are bad and early treatment was and still is necessary. Zinc and Crumb are still employed and are still running the show.

  21. Question: Would HSS have to change regulations? What is HSS? Typically HSS is the abbreviation for the Alaska Department of Health and Social Services which no longer exists. It would now be DOH – Alaska Department of Health. Or do you/Governor Dunleavy mean HHS – the federal department of Health and Human Services? It doesn’t change much, but I’m trying to understand context.

  22. Thank you Governor Dunleavy, please now fire DR Zink as her advice is only following a narrative and not based in science in any shape or form. Walked away from my nursing career of 36 years as a result of this medical tyranny. Will not go back until the hospitals are stopped from receiving payments for the plandemic as they continue.

  23. Nice to see some leadership from Governor Dunleavy. He needs to be forceful and definitive like this more often. Dunleavy should watch Florida’s Governor DeSantis, and do what he does.

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