Trudeau: Handgun ban now in effect in Canada


Canadians lost their right to protect themselves and their families on Friday, as Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced that the ban on the sale, purchase, or transfer of handguns has gone into effect.

“When people are being killed, when people are being hurt, responsible leadership requires us to act,” Trudeau said at a press conference. “Recently again, we have seen too many examples of horrific tragedies involving firearms.”

The ban on handguns was passed by Parliament in May but was just now enacted. Lawmakers in Parliament are still debating the passage of a separate bill that has even more restrictions on guns, including enhancements to “red flag laws,” giving the government more avenues to seize guns from anyone who authorities deem to be dangerous. The proposed law has numerous other curbs on guns, ammunition, and licensing, and bans of alterations of cartridge magazines.

The law is partly a response to an April 2020 mass shooting that resulted in 13 deaths in Portapique and related communities in Nova Scotia. That incident was a 13-hour rampage, the deadliest mass shooting in Canada history; the assailant, driving a fake police car, also killed nine others in a fire he set. The new ban is also a response to the Uvalde, Texas shooting at an elementary school earlier this year.

Canada had already placed bans on 1,500 different types and brands of guns, with legislation from 2020.

“The national handgun freeze is part of the government’s comprehensive plan to tackle gun violence. We have already banned over 1,500 types of assault-style firearms and have strengthened our gun control laws to expand background checks. Bill C-21 proposes further measures to keep guns out of the wrong hands like revoking the firearms licences of those involved in acts of domestic violence or criminal harassment, continuing to fight gun smuggling and trafficking, and providing law enforcement more tools to investigate firearms crimes,” the Trudeau government reported.

“We will continue to do whatever it takes to keep guns out of our communities and build a safer country, for everyone,” the Trudeau government wrote.

Canada’s gun homicide rate is less than one-fifth the U.S. rate, but has been rising, according to the Canadian Centre for Justice and Community Safety Standards. Canada has 70 percent more handguns in 2022 than it did in 2010.

“Firearm-related violent crime represents a small proportion of police-reported violent crime in Canada, accounting for 2.8% of all victims of violent crime reported by police in 2020,” the agency reported.

More details on the crackdown are at this Canada government announcement.


  1. “The road to totalitarian domination leads through many intermediate stages … during this process what common sense and “normal people” refuse to believe is that everything is possible.”

    ~ Hannah Arendt, Origins of Totalitarianism

    • In the 1930s, German Jews refused to believe things could ever get so bad. After all, Germany was a civilized nation. Jews were a part of German society. Many fought in WW 1 for Germany with distinction.

      Surely Germany would come to their senses. Their neighbors of years would stand by them.

      6+million later…

      People who say it can’t happen here are often the unwitting catalyst for it TO happen here.

  2. These anti-gun proponents are SO foolish. Anti-gun laws hurt the innocent, and enable the criminal because criminals don’t give a hoot about gun laws, and they find guns easy to come by on the black market. So all the anti-gun folk are doing is putting their fellow innocent citizens in harm’s way.

    • Like how guns come from the U.S. and are terrorizing lives in Mexico, which only has one legal gun shop in the entire country. Or do you mean how, as the article notes, the rate of gun violence in Canada is a fraction of the U.S.? Great timing since there was just ANOTHER school shooting in the U.S. today, but hey, only 2 killed (plus the shooter) and 6 or 7 injured. But who cares–there’s totalitarians we have to protect ourselves from!!!

      • Who obeys laws? Law abiding citizens. Do you think the gangs and cartels are going to surrender their weapons? Heck no. Also, Canada doesn’t have the population and open borders like we do. They also don’t have the drug addiction and mental illness we have either.

        • So Canada is free of drug addiction and mental illness–please let them know, I’m sure they’ll be thrilled to find out. And do you have an actual argument that will hold water? Gangs and cartels get guns through the liberal purchase of them in the U.S. So, yes, criminals commit crimes using legal channels and then continue with their criminal activity by funneling weapons to criminals and making a profit in the process. If it wasn’t so easy to buy a gun in the U.S., there would be less criminals with guns. And Canada’s border is quite easy to get across–most of it is actually “open”! Canada benefits in the current immigration issue because they don’t abut Central and South America, where people are trying to leave due to violence and oppression. It’s all really quite simple…

          • MRAK Fan – most of the weapons in Central and South America were supplied at one time or another, by the USA in one or another of our numerous regime change wars! It is ironic that that same country seeks to restrict Joe Sixpak form having a six shooter while supplying the World’s citizens with automatic weapons, Stinger missiles, grenade launchers and Lord knows what else! But, if you are a Liberal, you are ok with that.

      • MRAK: Weapons flow into Mexico from north and south, east and west. Have you never heard of ‘dangerous and illegal drugs?’

        Speaking of guns moving south from the USA, have you heard of Operation Fast and Furious? This was a brilliant scheme in 2009-2010 dreamed up by certain ATF and DOJ officials of the Obama administration, whereby an estimated 2,000 firearms were permitted to be transferred by federally licensed firearms retailers to ‘straw-purchase’ buyers, and then those very firearms were permitted by ATF to be smuggled into Mexico! “No way,” you might exclaim. Well, yes, truly, truly. This was allowed in order to conduct an ‘investigation,’ you see. And an equally heinous offense was committed by Obama’s Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Attorney General Eric Holder (who definitely knew about the secret smuggling operation) when they both announced to the nation that tougher gun laws were desperately needed NOW to stem the flow of illegal guns into the pitiful nation of Mexico.

        The story gets even worse. On December 14, 2010, U.S. Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry was shot dead in a remote area of Arizona after a group of armed Mexican men had crossed the border hoping to rob drug traffickers. The firearm used to kill Terry was one that ATF and DOJ had earlier permitted to be smuggled by criminals into Mexico. I do not recall that the DOJ prosecuted ANY ONE for the smuggling of those 2,000 firearms from the USA into Mexico. The only reasonable conclusion that one can draw from this debacle is that the Obama administration had attempted – and ignominiously failed, thank God – to raise alarm in the U.S. Congress over gun smuggling in order to enact Obama’s prized gun control legislation. Corrupt? – yes. Was Eric Holder indicted or impeached? – no. Surprised? – no.

    • Not even sure why MRAK would publish this comment–it offers nothing to the discourse, not even if it was a group of 12 year olds. But at leas you got to insult someone with more money and power than you could even dream of wielding. Must feel good to stick it to a Prime Minister. Got any words for Putin?

  3. Yes, prime minister blackface, government does need to act when its citizens are being killed. BUT you need to THINK about HOW to act. You need to do things that ACTUALLY address the problem.

  4. Fidel’s son seized power during Covid. He acted every bit the tyrant his father was. And Canada did nothing about it.

    It’s a coming attraction of what’s headed to the US if conservatives don’t get off their butts and push back.

  5. Honest Canadians have just been handed their fate. The inability to defend themselves against criminals now assures them more violent actions by criminals. The government has just taken another giant step towards totalitarianism and tyranny. A little boy, who is protected 24/7 by guns, has just handed them their destiny.

    • Everything that a concerned American finds wrong with Canadian politics can be understood when you remember that Canada ‘asked’ for freedom from Britain and that America took their own freedom from Britain by force.

      The Canadian people are still the likeable, polite, poutine-eating snow Mexicans that we’ve always known.

      But they are so fricked because their history did not produce laws to carve into stone the protections of civil liberties we enjoy here in the States.

      It will get worse before it gets better.

  6. Justin Trudeau is a troubled man, as well as a deeply troubling leader for the nation of Canada. He is become a petty tyrant, as any objective viewer would know from observing Trudeau’s cruelly-imposed Covid-19 mandates throughout Canada. Gun bans are not merely foolish and counterproductive; they are the essential law of corrupt, authoritarian, and tyrannical (safety first!) governments. Large parts of Canada are not on board with Trudeau, so let’s hope that some form of popular revolt will now take place.

      • Your specious radical leftist trolling here is getting very old, MRAK NOT-Fan.
        Even your handle here is dishonest and a lie. Such a typical radical leftist extremist.

        • Jefferson, that’s just plain wrong. I love checking out what Suzanne is publishing on her blog. I love seeing all the anger the regular readers here have. I love catching up on the latest bogeyman culture war that has folks on the right chasing their tales. So far, in just the last few days, we have outrage that Canada is placing further restrictions on firearms, celebration that the Alaska GOP is sticking it to Senator McConnell, the reactionary homophobia that is just about every posts comment section, the tearful avowing of how the commenters here aren’t racist, the joys of celebrating Kanye/Ye (even though that flies in the face of not being an anti-Semetic), the undying support for the Constitution while bravely touting that former President Trump is still President. Why wouldn’t I be a fan? What’s not to love?

  7. Come on anti gun folks. Tell everyone how the slippery slope does not exist. Tell us all how “common sense” restrictive gun laws will not lead to bans and confiscation.
    Please explain to us how the next stop is not removal of all guns from law abiding and responsible citizens.

  8. The effect will be the same as “defunding” the police dept. Rational, living, breathing, average citizens understand this.

    Lord, preserve us from the encroaching tyranny of men wielding earthly power, and help us to atone for the many sins of our blessed nation, the greatest of which is the slaughter of so many innocents in the womb. Help us to see through and tear down the empire of lies which leads men to kill their own children. Direct us to Your Will, O Lord, and give us the strength to accomplish it. Amen.

  9. “…….That incident was a 13-hour rampage, the deadliest mass shooting in Canada history; the assailant, driving a fake police car, also killed nine others in a fire he set………”
    ‘When people are being killed, when people are being hurt, responsible leadership requires us to act’, thus PM Trudeau will next ban cars (that can be disguised as police cars) and matches, lighters, and sticks/string.
    Justin to the rescue!

  10. A victory for pragmatic Canadians, and a safer country for all!

    Perhaps citizens have in fact lost a little firepower, but then so, as a result of this legislation, have those who would threaten them. Fewer guns on the streets – especially handguns – equals less violent and fatal crime. It’s been proven over and over again. But the blind on the Right refuse to admit what they secretly acknowledge, and that which is staring them in the face.

    Someday the US will wake up and realize that our hankering to “Stand Our Ground” is twisted, vengeful, dangerous, and un-Christian. Such a pity to see people who have nothing to love in their lives except their guns…

    • Dog, if we ‘un-Christian’ Christians were caused by a persuasive lie or by force to surrender our firearms to government, would it then satisfy you to see the righteous citizen without any means of defense against the evil muggers and the mobs – who will not surrender theirs? Let’s not leave out the dangers arising from the assorted legions of ‘woke’ and armed government agents. Yeah, that’s what I thought. Sorry, and may God bless and enlighten you, but I’m keeping my firearms. (Memo to self: spend more time in training at the shooting range!)

    • Dog, if you’re not gonna even try, save yourself the embarrassment.

      The most dangerous places in America are the blue, gun free zones. Like, say, Chicago?
      Same in socialist Europe. This HAS been proven time and time again.

      Considering the amount of time you’ve been badly exposed and undressed, it seems like you’d stop trying to explain faith to people of faith. You can pull quotes, but you lack the understanding to apply them.

      I am curious if there are any rights you won’t surrender in a quixotic quest for “safety”.

  11. There are several thousand miles of border that one can just walk a gun over, or take a boat ride, and get their hand on one if they are so inclined.

    • Nobody is walking guns over this border, just as few were walking marijuana over before it was legal.
      I’m not sure how Canadians got their hands on handguns recently but things are changing big-time with this sales ban. We’ll see how many will be coming from US and how they are getting across.

  12. Feckless little boy PM who never shot a water pistol. He makes us look like nellies. Can’t stand the little bastard.

  13. Gun control is not about controlling guns, just like the vaccine is not about saving lives. It’s all about control. Why do we never hear about Blacks killing Blacks in Chicago, St. Louis, and New Orleans? How about Fentanyl deaths? These were planned and accepted, Americans ability to defend themselves is not.

  14. Whidbey
    You are patently un American, anti constitutional, and actually blasphemous.
    Our country IS a country precisely because we had the means (weapons) to fight tyranny. This is a proud moment in our time and fighting against crime, even at the government level, is not only an American value, but an American responsibility. What type of human would be happy with the denial of the ability to fight back, of another?
    Like it or not, our ability to own the weapons we protect ourselves with is spelled out in our constitution. Literally. It is exactly ONE sentence. It says no one can regulate (control) our weapons. Our ownership of personal weapons is part of the document that is considered the most unique and powerful in human history.
    You actually used the word ‘unChristian’ in describing self defense. Please do explain that. Maybe cite the specific passage from the New Testament that tells us how God Himself wants us to simply allow all matter of evil to victimize us. You want to be a martyr? You can’t, as no one is truly a martyr if he chooses to that path. Your just another attention seeker at that point. Judging by your comments from above, you have no way of protecting yourself or any loved ones from any type of criminal activity. Someone kicks in the door. They demand money/stuff. They don’t like your answer so they start beating you, or, better yet, they make you watch as they beat a family member. With a gun in your hand, you will be able to put up a fight. Maybe you win, maybe not. But how will you answer, when a loved one asks why didn’t you protect? When you willingly gave up the right to use the most effective tools to fight back?
    So, legally we have no standing in Canada, but it doesn’t mean we don’t feel for fellow human beings as they are placed under tyranny.
    And by the way, the passage of that law removed exactly zero illegal guns from the streets in Canada. They are all still there and still illegal. And now, they are several million more as the average Canadian won’t allow themselves to be disarmed, either.

    • Good luck taking on the U.S. military with your collection of “long guns.” What a joke. You wouldn’t win a fight with the Alaska State Troopers. If it comes to stopping tyranny, it won’t come from people like you with your pea shooters.

      • “Good luck taking on the U.S. military with your collection of “long guns.””
        Afghans seemed to do OK.
        Besides, I do not need to take on the US military. I will take on the companies the deliver fuel and food to the bases. I will take on the families of any military members who live off base. Do you think truck drivers will continue to deliver if they get a bullet or two through their windshield? Do not even have to harm their person, just their trucks. And, will an Air Force pilot fly a sortie against US citizens if they know their wife and children might not be there when they land? Do you think the drone pilots will continue to do their jobs under the same circumstances?
        Cannot run a war if you cannot fuel your equipment and feed your troops.

        • You wigging out here CB? What is it about not taking on the US military yet “take on the families of any military members who live off base?”
          You are daft if you think you could do what you think without being squashed like a bug. If our military felt threats to their off base families they would be moved on base quickly and you would be eliminated, just as quickly.
          Talk is cheap, of course, but yours is nothing but nonsense IMO. Keep it coming though as we enjoy the laughs.

          • I still thought i was not worth your time there Bill? How is the coloring going?
            So, the military will protect the spouse and children. What about the parents? Siblings? How much space do you think there is on base? How much food and fuel can they store on base? Hint: Not enough to support all the military personnel’s families.
            And, will they protect the delivery drivers, as well as their families? The number of people who will require protection on base will grow exponentially.
            If I am providing enjoyment, great. Glad to do so, but spend a few seconds and speak with someone that has a clue about strategy. You might be surprised to find out how little you know.

          • You speak like you’ve never been in the military CB, yet you spout your nonsense about knowing how the military would operate under threat from a bunch of yahoos threatening their family members. And further, how would you and your yahoos get your information on these “family members?”
            Sounds like the whiskey talking about strategy with no experience in it but your say-so. Like I said already, talk is cheap.

          • I’m not so sure CMBTTek followed what happened after the Boston Marathon bombing a few years back. Boston–a city of several million people–was on absolute lockdown after the bombing. The only people on the streets were in full tactical gear and supported by a fleet of helicopters and armored vehicles. He can wax poetic about Afghanistan–and he’s right that guerilla warfare is extremely successful, historically speaking–but he’s missing the point, 1% or 3% or even 5% of the population taking up arms against the U.S. government domestically won’t get anywhere but dead. I don’t know why these folks celebrate the “coming civil war,” but maybe they just read to many Q-Anon blog posts.

          • You figured me out, Yankee.
            You are right. If the military starts firing on US civilians, we will just lay down and let them run rampant across the nation. We obviously do not have any information about who is in the military. Well, except for seeing our neighbors walk out of their house every morning in uniform. And, it is always easy to tell when there is a pilot in the neighborhood, they will tell you. But, no we have no idea where the military lives off base. Because we are blind.
            We are equally blind when it comes to identifying the fuel and food trucks that are heading toward the base. It is obviously impossible to see a semi truck with SYSCO painted on it in six foot tall letters heading toward a military base. I cannot imagine any way that anyone would be able to identify the driver of that truck, or even put a bullet through the windshield as it’s heading out of the base. Because, you are so smart and the military is so powerful.
            And MRAK fan, you are absolutely correct. It would be hard to get more than 1% of the “right wing extremists” that voted Trump in 2020 to get into a hot war with the military. After all if a measly 736,000 people took up arms, it would be easily overwhelmed by the massive tidal wave of 130,000 combat capable troops. (estimated) Many of which are stationed overseas. And, many of which would quiet quit instead of actually fire on civilians.
            As to Boston, at what point were the people in armor shooting at the civilians? When did they start kicking in doors and confiscating legally owned guns? I must have missed that.
            But, yeah. I must be hitting the bottle early today.

          • Yessir CB, spoken like a fool (with no military experience) passing out asinine strategy lessons on ways to defeat our military under a non-existent scenario.
            Talk is cheap, whiskey costs money.

          • Fools recognize each other there yank.
            Please share, what is your military experience? If you want to claim I know nothing, I think you owe it to the MRAK readers to provide proof that you are so much better informed.
            Ohh… wait. You are just trolling me because I have embarrassed you too often on these comment sections. That’s why you are not capable of actually refuting anything I say, you just dismiss it, and then toss out an ad hominem attack.
            Go sit in the corner and color again. Adults are talking.

          • 2 years in US Army CB.
            And I’ve not done any ad hominem attacks toward you. Regularly pointing out your asinine ideas are something else entirely. You only embarrass yourself.
            Just my opinion.

          • Oh, you were one of those two year people.
            And you think you know something about how the military fights a war?
            On another thread, you told me to run with whatever assumption I chose to make about you. I assumed you were a self important child that actually thinks they know what they are talking about, when in fact they are ignorant beyond repair.
            And, here you are proving it.
            Go sit in the corner and color. The more time you spend here, the more you demonstrate your ignorance.

          • My 2 years were 67-68 so I have an idea of how military fought one war.
            But more important is your asinine threats towards military families that you somehow think would influence Air Force pilots, etc. by such threats (or actual violence). And while we are on this subject, I suggest you look into another yahoo that made such threats against law enforcement (Sheaffer Cox). This goofball was regularly threatening law enforcement that got him cooling his heals in a Federal Prison going about 10 years now. My opinion is that your threats, posed towards the families of military members, will get the attention of authorities if they haven’t already.
            I suggest you rethink such bravado as just so much bullchit, coming from someone with no excuse-Cox had some mental issues (what’s yours).

          • Oh. Got it. You are in the military for the war they lost.
            Good experience. You are a font of knowledge and wisdom. I am sure the Pentagon has you on speed dial.
            Since you were most likely a grunt, odds are, you have zero information on how to actually fight a guerilla war. And, that is why the US lost in Vietnam.
            Thanks for sharing. Have a great day now, and keep up the coloring. I am looking forward to putting some of your stuff up on my fridge.

          • Oh, and I do not know what air force pilots you know, but the ones I know would rather resign their commission, or get sick, or fail a medical rather than fly a single mission against US citizens. And, they are all well aware that if a hot war breaks out in the US, their families are in danger. Pretty much the same for the folks I know in the Army, Marines, and Navy.
            What? Did you think that everyone in the military would blindly follow orders to shoot on US Citizens? Sure… OK, if you say so.
            But, hey! You wore a uniform during Vietnam. You must be all knowing about the military.

          • I see you are still wigging out here CB.
            The crux of the issue is your threats against military families living off-base for your own reasons. And this issue has not a single thing to do with whether/not military folks would fire on US Citizens. Further, your knowledge is lacking again here as you don’t just resign your commission in the military.
            In case you don’t remember, Kent State is an example of military firing on US Citizens. And those students were merely bystanders in a college protest-nothing like the likes of your “I will take on the families of any military members who live off base.”
            While you are “taking on these military families” you will be attracting the fire of likely every military person in the area who will be volunteering to be in your face. But, more importantly, you seem to relish the idea of attracting attention to yourself for these threats. I’m thinking you’ve not yet read the story of Sheaffer Cox-give it a read as you and he seem to be cut from the same cloth IMO.

          • Ahhh…. Bill. I know you have the reading comprehension of a child, well… the mental reasoning of a child actually, so I will spell this out for you.
            “The crux of the issue is your threats against military families living off-base for your own reasons. And this issue has not a single thing to do with whether/not military folks would fire on US Citizens.”
            What threats? Your buddy, Cox made direct and immediate threats against individuals. I am talking a strategy that will tie up military resources in the event the military fires on US citizens. Surely your two years as a grunt during the war we lost provided you with enough knowledge of military strategy to understand that. Oh… wait. Sorry, you are a child. Forgot.
            Tell you what.
            Grab my “threats,” copy/paste works fine. Send them to your local FBI office and tell them I am a threat to military families. Looking forward to discussing the topic with some adults.
            Otherwise, get back to your coloring.

          • Some strategist there CB. Your “I am talking a strategy that will tie up military resources in the event the military fires on US citizens.”
            Too bad your ilk wasn’t around when our military did fire on US citizens. Tell us again how your strategy would have worked after Kent State shooting. You would threaten the families of those NGs, or actually “take them on?”
            You are nothing but a “blowhard”, shooting off your face about your intentions, and whining about my ad hominem attacks when most of your posts contain little else.
            Your nonsensical attempt at threatening military families to somehow tie up military resources is at best wishful thinking but do keep it up and let us know how you are still thinking military members will back off from your threats-further give us your take if they don’t back off. Heheh!

          • God! I love beating you like a rented mule.
            Seriously, why do you keep coming back for more?
            Did you send my threats to the FBI yet? Asking for a friend.

          • Here you go:
            Dial this number 1-844-428-7100
            It is the DHS tip line to report suspicious behavior. And what is more suspicious than “threatening” military members and their families.
            And, here is the number for the Anchorage FBI office: (907) 276-4441. Be sure to tell them you know of a potential terrorist that is threatening to attack the families of military members.
            No need to thank me, I am glad to help.

          • “And your talk is cheap.”
            Yep. As is yours. At least I have some narrative to back up my statements, you have nothing but bluster.
            “So you’ve stopped with the threats? Smart. Heheh!”
            What threat. Please copy and paste my text in response. I want to see the threatening words.

      • Yeah, tell it to Usurper Biden, and to the US troops who were withdrawn from Afghanistan after years of resistance from people with “pea shooters”.
        Your ignorance and lack of critical thinking is manifest. As it is with all radical leftist extremists.

      • If you progressives think you’re gonna be able to sit safely back and indulge your violent totalitarian fantasies with siccing the military on Americans then you got a rude awakening coming your way.

  15. Good point.
    What good are a bunch of locals, backwoods types, and store owners with their personal weapons? Especially when they are put up against the most powerful army in the world. It would be an absolute blowout.
    Oh wait . . .we’ve been here before, haven’t we?

    • Have a chat with Bill Yankee and MRAK fan. They are convinced the military would do just fine, and are absolutely convinced it is stupid to think otherwise.

  16. Thank god. Trudeau is a hero! USA is burning in hate and fear. School teacher shortage because they feel threatened, another school shooting killed 2 in St.Louis recently. Facts are facts, you’re not safer when more guns are available. USA is bleeding out!

  17. Another school shooting in a gun free zone. Trudeau is no hero, he’s a coward who fears his own people.

    • What! There was another school shooting. Hang on, let me check.
      Oh… it was by a black guy. No wonder it is not all over the news.

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