Justin Trudeau goes for handguns in Canada


Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau today announced he will file a bill that will freeze the sales of handguns in Canada.

“We are capping the number of handguns in this country,” Trudeau said in his announcement.

Laws in Canada already include expanded background checks, and a mandatory buy-back program beginning later this year. For AR-15 style rifles, they must be made inoperable to be legal in Canada.

Trudeau ran on stricter gun laws, but introduced the new ban on handguns after the mass shootings in Buffalo, N.Y. and Uvalde, Texas earlier this month.

“One Canadian killed by gun violence is one too many. That’s why we’ve banned 1,500 types of military-style assault firearms. And that’s why, today, we’ve introduced legislation to further strengthen gun control in Canada,” Trudeau said. “Through this legislation, we’ll move forward with a national freeze on handgun ownership. In other words, it will no longer be possible to buy, sell, transfer, or import handguns anywhere in Canada once this Bill becomes law.”

Trudeau’s news release with details about his bill are at this link.

View Trudeau’s remarks on his handgun ban at this link.

Earlier this year, Trudeau condemned the nation’s commercial truckers as they engaged in civil disobedience over the prime minister’s oppressive Covid-19 measures that forced Covid-19 vaccines on them. He called the protesters a fringe extremist group.

Last summer, in the middle of Covid-19 pandemic lockdowns, Trudeau announced the ban on sales of new gas-powered cars after 2035. 


  1. And when the govt has taken guns from everyone willing to obey the law, only criminals will have guns and the people will be helpless, unable to defend themselves, and at the mercy of government dictates – we will be slaves. his is how Hitler consolidated power.

    • “First they came for the Canadians, and I said nothing, for I was not a Canadian. Then they came for the Democrat States, and I said nothing, because I was not a democrat. Then they came for me, and there was no one left to speak”

  2. Trudeau is a little mommy’s boy. Most Canadians I know can’t stand the little, black-face dweeb. He stands knee-high to America’s Donald Trump.

  3. He is becoming a dictator. Hope the neighbor, Canada, returns to western ideals and finds a conservative that respects the rights of Canadians. Isn’t it Switzerland where each man is issued a weapon and trained to use it to defend the country?

  4. A ” young global leader “doing his work for someone other than his country. No surprise there!!! Castro’s kid cheated to win reelection. That’s just common, elections are now selections, by computers.
    Brandon is just a selected useful idiot, on this side of the Canadian boarder.

  5. I went and checked out the reactions on Reddit Canada and it was a bunch of hand wringing and ‘Whatever can we do’ pathetic bleating. I see comments on social media from conservatives in Great Britain, Australia, Europe and they all sound like a bunch of whipped dogs. Is there anyone in Canada that can grow a pair, take one for the team and get rid of Castro.2? Anyone? Anyone at all??

  6. Think about it🤔, why does Canada allow China to perform drills with heavy armed Chinese troops
    Every year in Canada? Look it up,,Just saying.

  7. The Canuck Gun Gestapo has pulled me over at the border twice to talk to me about guns, ask me how many guns I own, etc. Once they told me they pulled me over because I had an NRA sticker on my truck. Canadians do not have democracy. I know a retired RCMP senior officer who buried most of his guns on his lawn. He told me that a careful reading of their gun laws reveals that he cannot legally stop for gasoline when driving between his home and the trap club where he shoots as his single barrel trap gun is not registered to be at the gasoline station. Canadians do not have democracy.

  8. Statists and tyrants of all persuasions can simply never stand the idea of an armed population and the concept of self-defense. In their arrogance and ignorance, they believe that the government can and should be the “Big Daddy’ to everyone, when in fact governing sociopaths almost invariably cannot order even their own lives intelligently or honestly.

  9. Why not? He locked down the country for two years and has used the state to punish his enemies.

    Covid exposed Canadians to be sheep (most Americans, too, to be fair) willing to meekly tolerate fascism from Ottawa and most provincial leaders.

    Why not go full Castro and seize power? Worked for his dad.

  10. Remember, this is the same politician that declared the anti-vaxx trucker convoy a terrorist threat, and froze the trucker’s bank accounts.
    Leftists ALWAYS turn tyrant.

  11. That’s what Canada gets for not enshrining their rights within a constitutional framework, like we did. Wait, apparently that only works if the people restrain their government.

  12. Smart move by Trudeau. Killings are up in Canada and he doesn’t want to become like the USA.

  13. Canadians should be very fearful. Trudeau has already shown he is capable of anything from freezing assets to arresting peaceful demonstrators or beating people to death when they leave their hose during his lock down. The tyrannical overreach he displayed during the trucker strike should be warning to everyone he is capable of machine-gunning anyone that violates his dictatorial mandates.

  14. Kind of funny that the tyrant Trudeau did this at the same time of his tyrant cousin in Venezuela. This is a coordinated effort to remove the only means of defending yourself from the likes of BLM & Antifa. This is what the globalists want, to remove your ability to defend yourself so they can come in and force you to take experimental death jabs that destroy your health against your will and groom your kids for their sick pedophile clubs. The World Economic Forum’s great reset plans are in full swing. Remember, more than half of Canada’s parliament was brainwashed and trained to follow their agenda. That is how blackface boy has his way with Canadians. About a third to half of our Congressmen & Senators are also part of their club. Do you see why you need to be involved in supporting real America First Candidates like Kelly & Palin?

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