Did Biden just say that 9mm should be banned?


On Memorial Day, President Biden said there is “no rational basis” for Americans owning a 9mm weapon.

In recounting the details of a visit with a trauma doctor in New York, Biden described learning about the different wounds that can be caused by different caliber firearms.

“They said a .22-caliber bullet will lodge in the lung, and we can probably get it out — may be able to get it and save the life,” Biden said on Monday to a swarm of reporters. “A 9mm bullet blows the lung out of the body.”

Biden added, “there’s simply no rational basis for [high-caliber weapons] in terms of thinking about self-protection, hunting.”

From his remarks, it appears the president is looking to not only limit the legal access to more than higher powered rifles, but wants to include the 9mm, which is the most popular caliber ammunition in America. In fact, he may as well have said he wants to disarm women, since it is the firearm of choice for those who carry.

He later clarified that he understands he doesn’t have broad power to ban these guns, saying: “I can’t dictate this stuff. I can do the things I’ve done and any executive action I can take, I’ll continue to take. But I can’t outlaw a weapon. I can’t, you know, change the background checks. I can’t do that.”

Critics point out that this is the same thing he said in 2019 when he was on the campaign trail, when at a campaign stop in Seattle, Biden asked, “Why should we allow people to have military-style weapons including pistols with 9mm bullets that can hold 10 or more rounds?”


  1. Yup. He’s going for the guns. Surprised? That classless sack of poop couldn’t wait to dance on the graves of dead kids to make points.

    Biden is attempting, and in many ways succeeding, to destroy the fabric of America.

    Still think the Orange man with mean tweets was the worst choice?

  2. Oh, and the rationale for high powered, multiple round weapons in self defense? How about these two?

    1-Do you really, really want to trust your safety to cops these days? For reasons I totally get they don’t want to get out of their cars. The Supreme Court itself ruled cops are not obligated to protect us.

    2-An assailant with his lungs blown out by two/three heavy duty rounds to their chest isn’t a threat to anybody. Ever.

    • Let’s also add there are numerous instances of assailants taking five or more rounds to center mass before they are stopped.
      I seem to remember an Anchorage Police Officer who was shot five times by a .357 Magnum, and he is still alive, and back on the job. The .357 is a punishing round. Makes the 9mm look weak. But, per the idiots pushing for gun control, if you need more than one bullet to stop the threat, you are a lousy shot.

    • Point well taken. If for whatever reason you find to defend yourself, center mass and keep on squeezing!!!

  3. Leave it to somebody who does not understand firearms and calibers to make another mistake out loud.

  4. That’s OK, 9mm can go. I prefer my .357mag (which is actually 9mm in metric anyhow, eh heh) but twice the power. The .44mag is nearly 3x. As long as he bags on 9mm, I’ll be OK with the .357 and .380 auto carry. I don’t know about a 9mm blowing a lung out of a body. If they expand enough they won’t even penetrate both sides. But FMJ will just pass right through.

    • Haters never stop with just one achievement; if they ban 9mm, they’ll go after everything else.
      What needs to happen if for governors with spines to stand up and so “NO!”. Dunleavy, of course, will never do that.

  5. These are the people that broke the social contract – the ProgComm bleeding hearts.
    The southern border is unsecured.
    We have Fetanyl coming across the border – and it is the #1 killer for people 18 to 39.
    We have murderers, drug dealers, gang bangers, and rapists coming across our borders to prey on American citizens, primarily citizens of color.
    We have horrific levels of violence in our inner cities – scores murdered every weekend in Chicago alone, 20+ shootings every weekend – and not a peep out of the MSM – wonder why that is?
    These same people are actively looking to Defund the police.
    They don’t want law enforcement or security at schools, don’t want trained teachers armed.
    Our law enforcement has been “brow beat” the last 10 years, by lefties and the MSM, to the point they are feckless, incompetent, and scared to do their duties.
    Yes, “these peoples” only response is to take away my guns.
    From my cold dead hands…

    • “……..We have Fetanyl coming across the border – and it is the #1 killer for people 18 to 39………”
      Those are among the precise “people” we need gone. What we need next is to figure out how to get the lawyers, politicians, and journalists to start using the stuff.

  6. Tyrants normally start first with books.
    Then move on to guns.
    Then to ethnicities.
    Odd, then that this “president” started with “no white males need apply”.

    What’s next “President” Xiden?
    Misplaced your copy of the playbook?

    • You left out pushing for legalization of drugs.
      Drugs are a way for the government to control the people.
      Guns are a way for the people to control the government.

  7. If it were possible, he might ask President Reagan if taking a .22 round in the torso gives you a 100% chance of survival. That bullet bounces off every bone it comes in contact with and could have perforated who knows how many organs and arteries. He may not be able to “dictate this stuff” but, he and his progressive ilk fire up their base by spewing this garbage and then accuse US of being hateful and racist. Ignorant people shouldn’t have ANY control over Constitutional liberties.

  8. Ill tell you why, Brandon. Because the Constitution says so. That’s why we should allow people to own weapons of any kind. If you don’t like it, make a persuasive argument to repeal the 2nd amendment. Don’t just ignore the Constitution… again.

  9. Day by day Biden proves he’s the dumbest and most dangerous person to have ever held the Office of the President. Lord help us if Kamala Harris has to take over. Biden also claimed, “”Remember, the constitution was never absolute.”

  10. I bet Brandon has never shot a BB gun. This guy is the laughing stock of the entire world. Our illegitimate, counterfeit POTUS who doesn’t know left from right, up or down, or hair spray from bear spray. The darling of the Democrats!!!

  11. I’m so tired of this phony POTUS’ lies, blasphemies against God and the Constitution, and in-your-face evil communism (yes, a redundancy), and I have exhausted my supply of polite responses. I want America back, great again, and without all the anger the left generates in me.

  12. No need to worry about the 223 since it feasibly is a 22 round. Way to go Dementia Joe doesn’t understand anything about guns or ammunition.

  13. Leave it Xiden’s caregivers to put him up to 💩 all over Memorial Day. They think their authoritarian commie BS scares us but in fact it just makes us more excited for the a** beating they got coming.

  14. Biden must not be able to convert 5.56 mm to decimal. Sometimes it’s better to stay silent and appear ignorant than open mouth and remove all doubt.

  15. The lesson that conservatives should have learned and taken to heart decades ago is that The Enemy will never stop. Since at least the beginning of the first Clinton administration the decision to attack firearm ownership in the U.S., since the courts have consistently defended it, is to attack that which firearms need to be operational; ammunition. They have been doing this very effectively in several ways since the late 1990’s. What you will now increasingly see will be attacks on civilians obtaining military/NATO calibers. The new U.S. military Next Generation Squad Weapon in 6.8 mm will result in exponentially less 5.56 mm ammo being manufactured, thus resulting in millions of soon-to-be useless “assault rifles” as the Salvador Ramos types quickly blow off the few boxes they have listening to the quick, successive barks, and imagining themselves as BMFs.

  16. For all the “come and take them” crowd. Congress is gearing up at least 8 bills further restricting the 2nd Amendment. The Republicans will happily cave. McConnell has already signaled such.

    You very well may get you wish. Be curious to see how people react when they do come. My guess? Outside of Texas and the plains states? Roll over.

    We stopped being a free people long ago.

    • “………Congress is gearing up at least 8 bills further restricting the 2nd Amendment……….”
      AND SCOTUS is, at this moment, hearing a case about concealed carry that is widely expected to widen the practice in cities that currently restrict it. Over the past 225 years, SCOTUS has consistently recognized the 2nd Amendment, even in cases that many see as restrictive.

  17. Wow, total lunacy! We need a real leader in the white house someone who can instill Patriotism and Christianity back into America and for gods sake place armed guards at all the schools nationwide!!! What is going to stop the next whacko? Armed guards! Every single school and church needs at least one armed guard.

  18. April 20, 1999 Colmbine School shooting occurs. Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris walked into the school library commenced in killing 19 wounding 20.
    Congress was outraged called for more and more gun control in the US. Banning of so called assault rifle.
    Since 1999 Our congress the people we elected has done nothing after each mass shooting. Except for attacking our 2nd Amendments Rights. They blame GUNS. How about the society that current political leadership is creating as the problem.
    What about taking all the foreign aid to other countries spending here in America in our schools. Charity begins at home not aboard.
    Couple of solutions I feel will help are
    1- Armed Guards
    2- Metals Doctors
    3- Holding people accountable for their actions
    4- Following and enforcing the laws of this nation

  19. “A 9mm bullet blows the lung out of the body.”
    I’ll take Things that Never Happened for $400, Alex.

  20. Where are all the gun control folks?
    Every time a gun rights advocate talks about slippery slope, and everyday common guns getting banned next, they are ridiculed by the gun control people. Yet… here it is. The pResident saying the 9mm is so horrifically deadly that it does not belong in private hands, and… crickets.
    Maybe the slippery slope really does exist.

  21. Only the “high caliber” 9mm’s with “300 round” magazines. Could someone explain the difference between a high caliber 9mm and a small (low?) caliber 9mm for me? I have been assuming that 9mm was the caliber, for my entire life, but the former Vice President says otherwise. Also, when did they begin making belt-fed, semi-auto handguns? Oh, and how does that work?

    • “…….Could someone explain the difference between a high caliber 9mm and a small (low?) caliber 9mm for me?……..”
      9mm +P is powdered up to higher velocities. Along with well designed hollow points (almost impossible to find anymore), that’s what I load my 9mm with. Of course, the POTUS and his speech writers aren’t technologically conversational about this, but there ARE 9mm loads that are more powerful and deadly than others. They’ll be attacking self defense loads soon. “What do you need exploding bullets for?”, or some such BS.

    • 5.56 is smaller than 9mm so they must be okay? No, wait, the evil black rifle uses 5.56. These imbeciles don’t have a clue. The simple truth is every firearm was military grade for the period it was used. It started out with flint locks, then cap and ball then the Springfield rifle, the Garand then the Armalite rifle. So technically you could say a blunderbuss was a state of the art assault rifle at one time in history.

  22. C’mon man! You know the thing!

    The thing is, ol’ dopey Joey has no clue what he is “saying”.

  23. I think Joe was mistaken about the 9 mm, while it is a good defensive round it isn’t a powerful cartridge. Perhaps Joe has his metrics confused? Perhaps he meant to say 10 mil auto? The Alaska State Troopers carry Glock 22’s which are chambered in 40 S & W. The 10 mil’s little brother.? Who knows? Joe babbles alot.
    My advice is to pack a heater at all times.

  24. Picture this scenario…
    Joe Biden (NOT my president) shows up at your door to confiscate your weapons, he leaves with a smile and a cookie. Catch my drift?

  25. Nobody screamed for gun control when the government murdered 76 people, 21 children at Waco, TX in 1993. Where was the public outrage over that? Wait until you see what the government does when guns are banned. The history books are full of how rogue governments murdered 200 million of their own citizens because they were unarmed and defenseless.

  26. Why don’t the idiots in charge of democratic states impose mandatory prison sentences for criminals who commit crimes with illegal weapons, very few crimes are committed by licensed gun owners, they should receive the same penalties of course as criminals with illegal weapons, make it a minimum mandatory 10 yr sentence if you commit a crime with a firearm and run that sentence consecutive to any sentence handed down for the criminal act that took place while in possession of a weapon

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