As Trudeau flees capital, truckers and freedom supporters converge on Ottawa


Tens of thousands of Canadians turned the nation’s capital into a parking lot on Saturday, in what is arguably Canada’s biggest mass protest in the nation’s 154-history. Even with the police closing most bridges into Ottawa, the city center is jammed with trucks and people.

Civil disobedience is not a regular feature of Canada. But last week, truckers took to the roads from British Columbia to New Brunswick, and pointed their wheels toward Ottawa, where they rallied at the capital against the government’s vaccine mandates.

On Friday, the prime minister told reporters that the convoy was a “small fringe minority” who “do no represent the views of Canadians.” The House of Commons security team warned Parliament members to head “somewhere safe” and to hide if they saw any protests near their homes, according to Canadian press.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his family hustled out of town to an undisclosed location for their safety. With a crowd that large and spontaneous, there was likely to be a troublemaker or two. A few protesters danced on the nation’s war memorial, and a flag with a swastika on it was spotted, although it’s impossible to know if these were incidences created by the intelligence community in Canada or the United States. The images of the Canadian flag with the swastika appears to be a protest flag that equates Canada’s government with the Nazis, but the meaning is being interpreted by the mainstream media as white supremacy.

A Sikh leader in Canada who is the leader of the New Democratic Party said the event was led by white supremacists.

The convoy was estimated to be 70 kilometers long and had 50,000 participants, with hundreds of thousands who turned out along the roads to cheer the truckers on as they rolled through the country. It is being spoken of as the longest truck convoy in world history.

There were no reports of violence or injuries at the Ottawa rally on Saturday. As night fell in eastern Canada, many of the protest participants curled into their bunks in their trucks and were preparing to spend the night. The weather is bitter cold in Ottawa tonight with wind chill temperatures tonight expected as low as -35. shows that all hotel properties in the city were either booked or not taking reservations for Jan. 29-31.

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  1. It’s the “Canadian Insurrection”– go for it CBC, you know you want to.
    While you’re at it Trudeau, why not recall “Wall Street Neil Young” to the motherland, after he sold out to the capitalist pigs at Blackrock Investments for $150M.
    What in the world is going on in Canada have you lost your minds? #cheerstruckers

  2. Our Canadian brothers and sisters have had enough of their despotic government and they are now doing something about it. And this is just the beginning. LET FREEDOM RING!!

  3. While I disagree immensely with the second half of the Tweet re-posted by Jagmeet Singh, I should probably point out:

    “A Muslim leader in Canada who is the leader of the New Democratic Party said the event was led by white supremacists”

    Jagmeet is a SIKH, not a Muslim. 🙂

  4. Why? Leaders don’t need to flee from their citizens as they do to foreign invading army. His wife could had encouraged him
    stay in place. As soon this demonstration is complete they are returning home. Now if these demonstrators repent to God their wickedness and to turn God then he will turn his face and heal their land. One who puts their hope and trust in the Lord and seek his kingdom he will make all things possible. This is a spiritual battle facing us and the rightful ruler who should be hearing this crowd at his door is our Lord God. Our redeemer.

    • Unless, they’re monuments you dislike– your BLM ANTIFA DNC mobs brought this to be Frank. #youractionshaveconsequences

    • didnt they just put some cloths on a statue? its pretty curios why the corporate press is talking non stop of this “desecration” yet show no photos very interesting

    • yep I double checked and they just put an upside down canadian flag in the statue hand, a freedom sign in his arms, some sort of cape is tied to it and there’s a hat on its head. not exactly what rational level headed people would call desecration if you want to see pics of desecrated canadian statues just search it there are plenty of examples. then you can compare and contrast that with the statue in Ottawa. disrespectful mmm…probably but a far cry from desecration. the corporate press gotcha again!

  5. It is beautiful, absolutely beautiful to see this righteous grassroots protest against medical fascism and tyranny. And from Canadians, of all people! Typically obedient, conformist, non-confrontational Canadians!
    Trudeau, you should be shaking in your boots (or high heels, in your case).

  6. Justie is being a drama queen, bravely fleeing when there is zero threat to his safety.
    It’s all a pathetically transparent charade to attempt to portray the truckers as being a threat to public safety.

  7. Ah, white supremacy. When you don’t have a viable argument, trot out racism.
    Especially if you want to ignore reality.

  8. Surely we all pray that the protests remain peaceful and that government pays attention. Especially that government constrains its response to the boundaries of peace.

    Whether in Canada or closer to home.

  9. Freedom Loving people around the world are watching and cheering for the Truckers Freedom Convoy! Let Freedom Ring! Mandate Freedom!

  10. Trudeau- spineless coward. It’s hard to call the convoy a “small fringe group” when more than 50,000 big rigs arrived at the capital today. Then we have the low IQ Singhs spewing hate. Does it run in the family..?

      • Well right up til they run out of grocery’s and heating oil….then what? call a trucker and ask for a delivery?

    • “By the end of the day, about 2,700 trucks were expected, a federal government source told Reuters.” You must have resorted to “alternative facts,” eh. Heheh!

      • alternative facts kinda like vaccines and masks stop the spread of covid. who you gonna believe the cdc or your lying eyes?

      • Bill, we all know who is resorting to “alternative facts”, and that would be the corrupt corporate media and the political establishment, who are terrified of this righteous and well-justified protest against governmental tyranny and corporate medical fascism.
        Just why do you so desperately support and defend the power of out-of-control, corrupt, tyrannical and free-speech-hating multinational corporations, Bill?

      • Reuters used to be the de-facto international news source, until they turned the whole outfit over to unpaid interns and 1099 employees, just to save a buck. Now they cannot even do basic math it seems.

      • Hey Yankee, I once read where Justin Trudeau sued a neighbor for building a fence he didn’t like. Hmmm, sounds eerily familiar but I can’t place the name or the place, help me out here (heheh).

  11. My lord, Much of East America is named after European cities, New Jersey, New York, New Hampshire etc. etc. etc. Same with Canada. The statue of liberty points East and nowhere else to Europe. Why the white hate by someone that looks white? Why is he in the article talkin’ about a truck convoy?

  12. The media is already calling them domestic terrorists. How long before the sheep directly accuse this movement for the empty shelves in their supermarkets completely oblivious to the fact that the forced mandates contribute to that reality in the first place?

  13. Trudeau is/was active in the World Economic Forum founded by Klaus Schwab. Isn’t Schwab detained in Switzerland for frauds investigations associated with the current respiratory “pandemic”? For Schwab’s like-minded puppets this must be a frightening time. I wonder what will come of that… Canada did not have Bill of Rights until 1975. A Newfoundland former minister who helped write that document is suing for return of the now broken right to travel freely by the liberal regime. Should be interesting.

  14. Justin Trudeau is a mini me of France’s Macron. They even look the same. Godsend to these truckers of freedom. When Seattle collapses and the barges no longer appear, will we rely on Canada’s truckers? Oh yes we will.

  15. Good job Canadian truckers! A truly historical moment in the people’s fight against corporate medical Fascism. I hope American truckers join the fray soon..

  16. I was under the understanding that the main reason for the flotilla was to object to the vaccine mandate to enter Canada. If they were in Canada, did they enter legally, and thus were vaccinated, or did they just rush the border.
    There’s stuff here that doesn’t make sense.

    • Moronic comment, one akin to saying all medical professionals agree with the jab, or they’re working with faked vaccine credentials. #dontgiveupyourdayjobgenius

    • To clarify, it is my understanding that most Canadian truckers are already vaccinated, and that most of the protesters were American.

      • Your “understanding”, as obtained undoubtedly from such corporate propaganda-spewing channels as CNN and PMSNBC, is completely in error and wildly divorced from reality.

      • there are plenty of vaccinated people (many coerced) who are very against orders & mandates including vaccinated Canadian truckers
        who can see the next move by authoritarian governments will be booster mandates

    • Actually, it makes perfect sense to those of us with reading comprehension, Homo.
      These are all Canadian truckers in Ottawa, so none of them needed to cross the border into Canada — they were already there.

  17. <<<<<<<now… get those shelves empty so that the "inclusive" government is approached by all people that have had enough from a lot of things…. Politicians go further and further by small steps at the time but now they will not only be stopped but forced to walk back the whole road or kicked back if they refuse.

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