Hundreds of Juneau truckers hold their own freedom convoy in solidarity with Canada truckers protesting vaccine mandates


Thirty big trucks and scores of pickup trucks joined a convoy in Juneau to support the massive freedom truck convoy and rally that converged on Ottawa, Canada on Saturday. Only this one stayed in the capital of Alaska.

The truckers and supporters gathered in parking lots near Fred Meyer and took the Old Glacier Highway as far as the hospital intersection, where they got onto Egan Drive, headed downtown to pass by City Hall, the downtown library, and up to the Capitol, where they planned to make themselves heard, according to one of the organizers. Then they planned to head to Douglas and eventually out the road to do the Back Loop Road.

Hundreds of people are involved in the rally in what is normally thought of as a hotbed of leftism, Alaska’s capital city.

One observer downtown quipped that the residents in the Democrat-dominated downtown were beside themselves with angst over the honking trucks.

“They can console themselves with a third or fourth booster shot,” the man said to MRAK. Another person, who is in the convoy, said that many of the people participating have been vaccinated, while others have not.

The current estimate is that the convoy is 2.5 miles long, stretching from Twin Lakes to downtown, and 200 or more individuals are involved.

Check Must Read Alaska’s Facebook page for videos.


    • And that is the extent of your thoughts on this well-justified, grassroots protest against the insanity and authoritarianism of the Covidian Cult and its purveyors in the political and medical-industrial establishments, eh Frank?
      Oh, but that’s right — you are a willing member of that cult.
      PS: Your cowardice in NEVER replying to any comments made in response to your own is very telling of your character and your intellectual integrity, or the lack thereof.

    • As I watched the Convoy pass my house I did notice representatives from all the Trades…there were plumbers, electricians, builders,earth movers you name it.

    • With no trucks running into the port at the other side, then there’s nothing to offload at this side.
      This is a terribly simple problem to solve Frank– just keep your people at the basket weaving center, out of government, and then we’re golden.

    • the capitol shouldn’t exist, if 2020 has taught us anything its that politicians are the least essential people in society as such they should be making about 15k a year doing their politicking from home over zoom

    • Take those dump trucks, fill them with manure, and dump it in front of the Capitol steps (and the back where the legislators get free parking). Leave a few clam shovels at the door steps for the ignorant b*st*rds so they can start digging.

    • There were hundreds of trucks and pickups with their company’s name and logo proudly emblazoned on the side for all who can read…..

    • At least they’re not looting high-end stores, wearing those democrat issued “anti-face-recognition-face-mask” disguise thingamabobs. #blmantifadnc

    • Billy of the back loop, it appears that ” Bob” has given both his name and his eyewitness report. Why doubt his report? After all you’re out by Montana creek, right? Honestly Billy, logic supercedes your typical invective attempting to discredit another’s opinion or report.
      He He.
      But then you’re the Oracle of the West Valley!

        • Here’s a name for ya. We are not doing this anonymously. No outside money or influence. Just your neighbors. Honest and true to the message of freedom. The same freedom that allows you to disagree with it.

          • Pretty funny Lady AB but you sound kind of anonymous, like “Bob.”
            Actually my original comment was in reference to nobody stepping up and giving their name to Suzanne on the record. Didn’t see any logos in the picture accompanying this article either. You all sound proud of this protest, that’s for sure.

          • Sure looks like a privilege rally to most. Drive around all day honking horns? What a show of strength. Did they bring snacks? Or have to stop at mcdonalds to refuel?

    • I would have protested but I was working. I was hoping you would have been involved in this. Did you go?

    • I was in it and helped get the word out for people to join in. I move your snow , blast your rock used all over town. I employ up to 20 people to that end and i was asked by a friend to help out. I gladly drove the white freighter plow truck on the route. If you have a problem with me protesting ( or my right to do so ) give me a call.

      • You’re the first on here to use your name Jeremy and good for you for that. But you haven’t said what it is you were protesting. I sure don’t have a problem with you helping out a friend.

        • Do you just purposely ignore the actual story and react to headlines? Scroll up for the actual purpose of the rally as stated in the flyer MRA posted.

          A lot of us don’t want to make it easy to be doxxed (again) since we work for others. Many more actually own our own businesses and proudly displayed their names and our faces-we wore no masks!

          Good job, Jeremy. I saw your dad and many others I knew and wondered if you were there with us. Glad to hear you were represented!

          • So you are CS to state your name and evidently agree with the flyer but choose to speak for Jeremy who said he went to help out a friend. You are a riot and keep em coming as the laughs are pretty good. Tough noogies to you.

          • No, Bill, I was speaking to you about the flyer, not speaking for Jeremy. Then I recognized Jeremy’s participation separately. Try to keep up.

  1. This was the most refreshing patriotic activity I’ve witnessed in Juneau since local veterans and patriots ignored the Mayor’s official cancellation of the Independence Day “parade” of 2020, and conducted their own Independence Day parade in the Mendenhall Valley (under the watchful eye of the Juneau Police Department). Kudos to all who actively participated!

  2. Juneau has its moments. This is one of them.
    It’s easy to think of us as state workers utopia, but most of the blue collar laborers are either conservative or at least pragmatic.

  3. God bless them for standing up for freedom. All mandates are unconstitutional and if Dunleavy had a pair, he would end all mandates in Alaska. Instead, Dunleavy awards Dr. Zink for lying to the public and not using accurate data to make sure we were properly informed about the dangers of the vaccines that are not vaccines but rather Gene Therapies and that cloth masks are not capable of stopping a virus particle. This is called irresponsible government and refusing to demand the truth to relay and guide the people under your care. Dunleavy and Zink did great harm to Alaskans in allowing an economic shutdown and giving unorthodox power to hospitals to dictate draconian measures on their staff for no reason. Dunleavy does not know how to lead and protect our Constitutionally granted freedoms. Therefore, every Alaskan should get behind Chris Kurka for governor. On his first day, he will fire Dr. Zink for supporting false policies passed down by a corrupt CDC and FDA. He will restore confidence in our State government and actually work for the people. It is time for corrupt politicians on both sides of the aisle to hit the road and never return to politics. Chris will also actually do something about Election Integrity, ridding Alaska of corrupt mail in voting, machines that can be manipulated via wireless internet and ending ranked fraud voting!

    • So you want the governor to make unconstitutional mandates to end mandates, to protect constitutional rights?
      The constitution does not grant rights, it enumerates them.

    • This is about a truckers and citizens protest about vaccine mandates,NOT about the Governor of Alaska. Get off your politicized hijack of the true content here!!

  4. Vehicle count from multiple observers: 472 stretching more than 3 miles (more than looping Douglas) and lasting for almost 4 hours. Some vehicles has multiple people (families). Several joined in the procession along the way, more stood watching and cheering.

  5. Who knew in Juneau? I thought just poor politics, poor leg wrestling and governor waste was all we could expect from there. Guess we should get more of this positive news coming from that once great city.
    And please, move the capital from that place and put it on the road system.
    Let Juneau join Washington state.

    P.S. the Venus adds are distasteful

    • Juneau was founded by gold miners, entrepreneurs, adventurers and risk takers……not by a bunch of scumbag politicians. Kick out all the politicians and trough-feeding bureaucrats and you would have a pretty decent town remaining……though, small.

  6. My educated guess is that in both the US and Canada we should declare that the COVID pandemic is over and we should now consider it as we consider the Flu, the 100 year old cousin of the COVID virus. In other words all business and other activities should go back to “normal” as they were in pre COVID days. I say this as I understand we are now essentially seeing the same percentages of people getting a bit sick, getting very sick, going to the hospital and dying from COVID as we saw for the Flu a few years back. The reason this has apparently happened is that that we probably, on average, have over 90% of our peoples that have the COVID antibodies due to being vaccinated PLUS those who were not vaccinated, but have had COVID. Our leaders should have these figures at their fingertips, by insisting that this data should be gotten within days so that they can declare exactly when we can get back to living our lives as we did before COVID.

    I currently get a Flu shot every fall and I can see the likelihood that I will also get a COVID shot, in addition, at that time. If so, well so be it.

    • Well Barry now we know you love whatever pharma dishes out. I believe you should look at the information coming out of the DOD. ‘

      Looks like it would be worthwhile to hold up on all that these folks offer. Just because it’s offered doesn’t mean it will work out well.

  7. Juneau has far more history than most communities in Alaska. One example is the highest-producing gold mine in the world during the 1930’s (located down town). Sadly, we’ve seen Juneau transition into a hive for communists who far outnumber freedom-loving patriots represented by the truck rally. After 64-years in Juneau, its obvious we would be better off if the last vestiges of the pestilence known as the capital were relocated. Perhaps Anchorage would support a Juneau access road in exchange for taking ownership of the star on the map.

      • To Hell with your “sour grapes”, John. Juneau is indeed a cesspool of statism, corruption, classism and elitism, but it is still potentially redeemable for those of us who value freedom and liberty and not coercion. Politics is the art of the possible.
        In your typically arrogant, radical leftist manner, and inability to self-reflect, you probably cannot see or hear the irony of your comment sounding EXACTLY like those of equally intolerant right-wingers years ago, “America: love it or leave it”, which leftists always condemned in the harshest terms.
        Behold the enemy, for he is you.

      • The founders of this town (and country) and those who have defended our freedoms would be sickened by the way it’s gone. Maybe the ones that should leave are those fleeing their crumbling cities and bringing their failed ideologies with them. I always find it interesting when some move here and immediately file to run political campaigns…

  8. The fact fully-vaccinated people participated is a testament to their patriotism and respect for our constitution. May God bless them and God bless America.

    • A very good lost point. The misconstrued claims that “it’s just a small fringe minority since 90% are vaccinated” disgust me. It was not about vaccines. It was about mandates and the RIGHT to make an educated decision for your body and your life.

  9. There are many of us “common sense” people here in Juneau. The reason many up north think we don’t exist is because we’ve been silenced. The Juneau Empire never covers things we do, we get removed from social media platforms, and they’re now sending to homeless to our side of town. Go figure.

    • Common sense? Weren’t you on here the other day complaining that ranked choice voting has been the cause of all our current affairs? There is no common sense there. Just ignoring everything and complaining about politics from the usual partisan slant.

    • And one of the biggest points of this rally was to show Juneau that we are not alone and to encourage more to speak up, stand up. Mission: accomplished. One of the most effective, POSITIVE, conversation generators in this town in decades.

  10. What was the anti abortion stuff in the convoy? Did they just throw this together last minute with the planned parenthood folks?

    • I was part of the rally. If someone put something on their rig about abortion, I didn’t see it. If it was there, it was their personal statement and that’s their right. This was a non-partisan event. You might be surprised how many espousing the lefter political leanings participated. Some are taking the red pill, but a lot of them are just there for one reason: Constitutional rights for all and fighting discrimination and tyranny.

        • Were you paying attention? Dozens of vehicles proudly displayed their business names and still more people openly cheered their participation widely on social media, where they were allowed.

          “Crazy stuff”? Like human rights and the Constitution? The government’s job is not to be a nanny state.

          • I merely stated a fact that nobody, so far, had put their name on here and you drop by with your anonymous handle talking about how proud everyone was. Heheh! Referring to others proudly displaying their business names but hiding yours is what I referred to as “crazy stuff.”

      • Big words for you, Jeff. Did you hear them on Tucker Carlson last night? Curious how observing a sign that made no sense to the convoy’s mission makes me a lackey or establishmentarian. Can you explain?

        • Because you are disingenuously cherry-picking one isolated incident or fact, which had nothing to do with the primary focus of this protest, in the irrational and mendacious attempt to disparage ALL those who participated in this event. Further, you clearly show your contempt and hatred for all those who did participate, and who do challenge the power of the corrupt and evil establishment.
          You have consistently here been nothing but a shill, a bootlicker and a lackey for those in power, and for that you have earned my unbridled contempt and loathing.

  11. Suzanne, thank you for reporting on this – you are the only one to have written an actual piece on this. The only other report I can find is a two paragraph blurb from KINY that featured this sickening gem…. “There were many signs attached to vehicles protesting vaccine and mask mandates which the protestors believe impair their freedom.” This was a big deal for those of us here in Juneau who are fighting to get the “other side” heard. Thanks for helping to spread the stories that never seem to get heard otherwise.

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