Breaking: Alaska Republican Party votes overwhelmingly to censure Sen. Mitch McConnell for attacking Republican Kelly Tshibaka


A groundswell from the grassroots has risen and reached the Alaska Republican Party leadership. After voting members of the Alaska Republican Party State Central Committee asked party leadership to take action, the entire body was polled by Chairwoman Ann Brown on whether to censure Sen. Mitch McConnell for bullying Alaska Republican Senate candidate Kelly Tshibaka.

The result was 49-8 in favor of the resolution to censure McConnell and his Senate Leadership Fund for attacking Tshibaka on behalf of McConnell’s favored candidate, Sen. Lisa Murkowski.

Several districts had already conducted separate votes as subcommittees of the State Central Committee. The District 26 resolution requested that the entire party take a vote, which triggered the statewide question.

On Friday night, Chairwoman Ann Brown sent out a note to voting members and balloting began, ending on Sunday evening. Results were sent out to the party’s voting members on Monday morning.

McConnell, who runs the Senate Leadership Fund, has been running anti-Tshibaka ads since Labor Day in his effort to support the reelection of Murkowski. But Tshibaka is the endorsed candidate of the Alaska Republican Party since June of 2021, while Murkowski was censured and asked to leave the party in March of 2021.

“That the Alaska Republican Party State Central Committee condemns the divisive and misleading statements from the Senate Leadership Fund and the inappropriate use of millions of dollars from the Senate Leadership Fund to oppose our endorsed candidate, Kelly Tshibaka,” the resolution reads in part, “Finally, be it resolved that we request the Senate Leadership Fund immediately stop the attack ads against Kelly Tshibaka and discontinue the support of all other opposing candidates.”

The party is unhappy with Murkowski because she works against the party platform and against the best interest of the state she represents, the resolutions says. In an overwhelming vote in 2021, the party’s censure action also prohibited Murkowski from being a candidate in any Republican primary, a condition that has been superseded by Ballot Measure 2, which destroyed the Republican primary.

While the 49-8 vote shows overwhelming for the censure, no subcommittee of the party has risen to defend McConnell’s action against the Alaska Republican Party.

“No one from Alaska wants big shots from the Lower 48 meddling in our elections, and they certainly don’t want D.C. Republicans lying about the candidate who’s been endorsed by the Alaska GOP. Alaska Republicans are telling Mitch McConnell to stay out of it. But this goes to show you who Lisa Murkowski is aligned with. She’s wearing the jersey of the Washington establishment of Biden, Pelosi, and McConnell, and she’s not on Alaska’s team,” said Mary Ann Pruitt, adviser to the Tshibaka campaign.

The vote comes at a time when Murkowski has endorsed a Democrat for Congress. Over the weekend, Murkowski skipped over the two Republicans running for Alaska’s lone House seat in Congress, and endorsed Mary Peltola.

The vote was to be posted on the Alaska Republican Party’s Facebook page, but Chairwoman Brown made no mention about sending it to the National Republican Committee, McConnell, or the Senate Leadership Fund.


  1. Wow Mitch must really be feeling the sting. Just remember – he plays hardball, and he has a long memory.

    • Whid, I’ll take my chances on Cocaine Mitch’s memory. My campaign money will be sent to his primary opponent next time he comes up for reelection. When we get done exercising our free speech rights in Kentucky, McConnell will wish he would have exercised some restraint. The only way to drain the swamp is to put your money where your mouth is – and expect some mud to be thrown your way.

        • Just make sure that the person that you get to run against McConnell is a good conservative and his past has been better.

      • I doubt he’s worried about re-election. I’m amazed people like him, Lindsey Graham, John Cornyn and others continue to be elected cycle after cycle. Are people really that unintelligent or is there a major flaw in our election system?

  2. This is a mess. Senator McConnell’s directed attacks on Ms. Tshibaka have been off-base. That said, while his attacks are wrong, legitimate questions remain about Ms. Tshibaka’s experience and skill set. I may leave my ballot blank.

    • Seriously? I know Kelly. She is a Harvard grad attorney. I assure you she will do an excellent job and vote our values!

      • Yes, Judy. And Kelly didn’t have to take the bar exam 5 times to become a lawyer like another person who is running again.

        • FWIIW- To my knowledge Ms. Tshibaka has never taken or passed the Alaska Bar exam or ever represented a client in Alaskan courts. It is uncertain if she has ever tried a case before any court.

      • Sorry, Judy, if anything the Harvard training is a very significant DISQUALIFIER. The depth and breadth of morally defective Harvard graduates is stunning. If that is your measuring stick, we have little to talk about.

        • Dont complain when skeletor takes your state down with the rest of America. Some people are too stupid to vote.

    • Your choice, however I have do problem giving Kelly a chance. The country was founded with the idea of Citizen legislators, not political professionals.

      In my opinion the only legitimate question is will she support Alaskan interests and the Constitution?

      I think she will.

  3. If Tshibaka gets elected and Republicans control the US Senate, Mr. Ciao may be out of power when the newbies get sworn in.

  4. GOD gave us freedom to choose good or evil and GOD is counting on us to stand with him on this battle. Mitch is one of the biggest oath breakers we have ever had to witness to. Suzanne and must read I love how you use your flashlight to expose evil oath breakers. Congratulations ma’am. It’s the republicans and President Trumps turn to make America great again. Look at what the democrats and there oath breakers have done to us Nancy Lisa oath breakers got to go. GOD is expecting us to have his back here ALL.

    • Honestly, whoever you are, your constant harping on “Oaths” is weird, and it’s getting a bit creepy. Time for a little rebranding…

  5. Wonderful. Now what good is it? A rebuke from a dysfunctional group of misfits who can’t control their own membership.

    Can’t image anyone in DC cares. Certainly not the RNC.

    • I have to wonder what took so long! I don’t think that I would call the lateness of the censure a “leadership move!” We all knew that Mitch and his dark money funded leadership fund was going to spend millions of dollars bad mouthing Kelly early this year.

    • Not really. Ann Brown only posted the Censure in Alaska, and did not send it to the party she censured or to the RNC. Shadow boxing at best. Brown has been compromised for years.

  6. Senator McConnell, don’t be afraid to kick any of these backcountry misfits around: the “mongrels” will come currying favors for any kind of handouts just like so many of the other the high-society beggars. You know their kind–the smiling and the smarmy!

  7. It’s time to purge the 8 secret operative NEA losers who have infiltrated the Alaska GOP. It’s time ti run the party on Joseph Stalin mode if we are serious about winning.

    • Comrade Nelson, are you thinking that you’d like to be “the” bigwig for the Anchorage Chapter of the Stalinesque Republican Party of Alaska? Or do you have your eyes set on something higher like running the Alaska gulags or overseeing the reeducation centers for the party? If you’re thinking big, remember that you’ve got to purge the party of its American constitutionalists–them old, dumb farts!

  8. I wrote a scorching letter to the Kentucky GOP and copied the AK Republican leaders. Not sure if this will do anything. But it’s better than not doing anything. They must at the least reprimand him and be readying to primary him.

  9. When the vile,corrupt Mitch attacks a Conservative YOU KNOW that’s the one that is FOR America and not just another career politician selling out the Nation for profit and power. Vote Murkowski OUT. Vote Tshibaka.

  10. Write McConnell’s office and tell him of you’re dissatisfaction with his ugliness.

    • Did that before the ARP thought to, but haven’t heard back from his office and frankly, do expect to. National critique and coverage is the only thing these DC mudslingers respond to. Although, I like the idea of donating to his future opponent, but this old bird has a very full war chest.

  11. The Republican Party was a big tent at one time. Now the State Republican Party has shrunk the tent and claimed the Value flag for all Alaskans with an organized minority. Very sad, and pathetic

    • And the Democrats were a semi-sane party at one time, instead of the certifiably insane, divorced-from-reality-and-science, steaming Marxist and wokester mess that they are today. And Princess “Nepotism” Lisa has thrown her lot in with that huge stinking steaming mess.
      As always, Frank, your cowardly fly-by comments here are exactly that, as well as being dishonest, disingenuous, demeaning and dissembling.

  12. And?

    As I recall, they also resoundingly censured Lisa Murkowski. Yet even now, she runs around calling herself a Republican.

  13. The Party loved McConnell when he delivered Gorsuch, Kavanaugh and Barrett to Trump on a silver platter. Trump is leading the Party around by the nose and could care less about Alaska

  14. Mitch Married into the Chinese Communist party, gave the woman a top U.S. government DOT job and he made his millions from his Chinese wife’s Dad, who is in the ship business in China.

  15. Let’s face it… the conservative Republicans in Alaska are in freefall. They’ve lost the House, the Senate, and both chambers in Juneau. While Bronson squeaked by as a one-trick pony (mask mandate), his supported candidates lose race after race in the muni. His best candidate, Stephanie Taylor, has lost two different elections in the last few months! Acting mayor Demboski is running a clown show and her three Assembly members are showing signs of leaving their leader Allard behind.

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