Stampede: Growing referendum on Sen. Mitch McConnell by Alaska Republican committees furious over attack ads against Republican candidate Kelly Tshibaka


Another wave of Alaska Republican Party committees with voting rights on the State Central Committee have passed resolutions sharply criticizing Kentucky Sen. Mitch McConnell for meddling in Alaska elections against the wishes of the Alaska Republican Party. They are demanding action.

The number of committees that have passed resolutions of censure against Sen. McConnell grew with District 7, District 26, and District 29 joining Districts 6, 9, 13, 23, and 30, which had also passed resolutions censuring McConnell and the Senate Leadership Fund during the past week.

That makes eight of the 34 organized Republican district committees in the state, or over 23 percent, with several more committees in the process of voting on similar resolutions on Friday, Must Read Alaska has learned.

McConnell’s Senate Leadership Fund has been bombarding the airwaves of Alaska with attacks on Tshibaka, in support of his favored candidate, Sen. Lisa Murkowski.

But wait, there’s more.

Also passing a resolution of censure against McConnell was the Valley Republican Women of Alaska, joining Republican Women of the Kenai, Anchorage Republican Women’s Club, and the Mat-Su Republican Women’s Club — all calling out McConnell for running $7 million of negative campaign ads against the party’s endorsed candidate Kelly Tshibaka.

All of these women’s clubs have voting membership on the State Central Committee. Only two women’s clubs have not announced action.

Districts have gone further and requested that State Central Committee take a vote on a censure from the party itself. With this much of a groundswell, one could speculate the State Central Committee will indeed take action.

The statement from Chairwoman Ann Brown on the matter has not been enough for some party officers. She said: “US Senate candidate Kelly Tshibaka announced her candidacy in March 2021. The Alaska Republican Party endorsed her and is proud to support her. She has been campaigning all over the state, meeting with and listening to voters. We know Kelly’s message of ‘It’s time for a change’ is resonating because recently we are seeing quite a few attack ads against her. Don’t believe those ads. To learn the truth about Kelly go to”

Mary Ann Pruitt, consultant to the Tshibaka campaign, said ““Alaskans don’t like to be bullied by powerful people from the Lower 48, but that’s exactly what Mitch McConnell is trying to do when he attacks Kelly Tshibaka, the endorsed candidate of the Alaska Republican Party. I’m proud of the party leaders who are bold enough to stand up and say they’re not going to be marginalized in their own state by the highest elected Republican official in the country. I’d also note that Lisa Murkowski has always loudly criticized outside dark money, so it’s especially sad to see her desperately trying to cling to power this way.”


  1. I thought that eliminating outside dollars was what the voting changes were supposed to prevent. If so, then has anyone looked at whether or not this is a violation of State law? If it is, then maybe it needs to be referred to the courts and the SOB prosecuted.

    • Yes, state law can be changed to prevent this kind of lower 48 interference. It would take voters to task to research the candidates and then actually vote instead of the usual 20-30% turnout. Jamie Allard can’t do it all herself. When we have candidates that run as Republicans that really aren’t, such as Kelly Merrick in Chugiak/ Eagle River and we simply vote R instead of researching the history, we end up being hood-winked because other candidates do not have the big money behind their campaigns. We Alaskans need to become involved or risk loosing the reasons that we moved here for. Like Freedom.

    • It will never happen. While Kelly Tsibaka supporters are upset that an outside group shined a spotlight on her past scandals, other Republicans are happily taking money from outside groups to support their campaigns, casi in point, a group called the Republican Governors Association has apparently been funneling large amounts of money into Alaska to support Dunleavey’s re-election, and is now being investigated for violations of Alaska’s election financing laws. Republicans love getting and using dark money, but then cry foul when an outside group uses it to expose the truth about their anointed candidates. Crocodile tears.

  2. Thunder in the form of censure from Alaska will have no impact on what McConnell is or is not doing.
    The one thing the resolves and censure will do is ensure Murkowski will pretty much ignore the makers of all this pointless sound and fury after she is re-elected.

  3. How many daddys does Lisa have, for crying out loud? There’s Joe Biden. There’s Chuck Schumer. Now it’s Mitch McConnell. This ain’t looking good for Nancy in Petersburg.

  4. Let’s have the Amish run our election systems. Who on earth trust dominion voting systems come on man. Now the golden ticket awarded to the wicked witch of the north rank choice voting come on man. Mitch & Lisa need to be put on a shelf and put to pasture. Kelly is an absolute new start of integrity for us all. How shameless of oath breakers. Suzanne thank for your guts. Look at what oath breakers have caused to us all.

    • You must have a warped definition of integrity. She stole from taxpayers, violated fish and game regulations, and lied to all Alaskans. Don’t give her the opportunity to commit Trump like crimes.

  5. McConnell is part of the deep state swamp. He’s just like Murkowski (or vice versa), claiming to be a Republican but bows to the Left. They do this for the money and the perks, it’s good to be a Democrat.

  6. A really effective Alaska GOP Inc. would be returning the favor, buying brilliant, funny, sarcastic, mind-your-own-damned-business ads in Alaska and Kentucky.
    But they’re not. Apparently it’s easier (and cheaper) to stay in the victim lane and hope their post-Trump GOP Inc. mantra “They bad, we good, send money” resonates with someone.

  7. The Alaska Republican Party committees’ resolutions critical of Senator McConnell are certainly understandable; his swampish ‘dark money’ purchases of attack ads against candidate Tshibaka are deplorable. Like Frank’s daughter, McConnell’s age (80) and time in the U.S. Senate (1985- ) puts him well past a politician’s ‘use-by’ expiration date. Like Lisa and too many others, including the ‘remarkable’ Brandon and our own 50-years-in-office congressman, McConnell refuses to retire, even after his six long terms in office. He has not been popular in recent years at home, and may very well be defeated by a primary opponent when his current term expires in 2026. The good people of Kentucky are, like us Alaskans, well able to decide whom should be elected to represent their state in the U.S. Senate. Final happy words… Senator-elect Kelly Tshibaka!

  8. All of these political ads are required by law to state at the end the name of the sponsor. Who is the enforcement of this? Are there penalties involved for accepting commercials that the sponsor announcement is unlegible or flashed so fast that it can’t be made out? Again, is it selective enforcement?

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