Tidal wave from Alaska Republicans: Three more committees resolve censures against Mitch McConnell attacks on candidate Kelly Tshibaka


Another two Republican district committees and one additional Republican women’s club have passed resolutions calling for Sen. Mitch McConnell and the Republican Leadership Fund to cease its negative ads against Senate candidate Kelly Tshibaka.

That brings the number of resolutions from voting units of the state party to eight — five district committees and three women’s clubs.

District 13 and District 23 joined Districts 6, 9, and 30, bringing the number of similarly worded resolutions to five out of the 40 organized Republican districts in the state.

Tshibaka is endorsed by the Alaska Republican Party, while Sen. Lisa Murkowski has been censured by an overwhelming vote that occurred in 2021, and was asked to leave the party. The national party has remained silent on the issue of Murkowski being at odds with her state’s party, but Sen. McConnell of Kentucky, who controls the Senate Leadership Fund, has endorsed Murkowski and is spending $7 million to destroy Murkowski’s Republican-endorsed opponent, Tshibaka.

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The Republican Women of the Kenai Club also issued a resolution this week, joining the Anchorage Republican Women’s Club and the Mat-Su Republican Women’s Club in calling for the censure of McConnell. The three clubs are some of the most active and engaged women’s groups in Alaska politics.

The resolution from the Kenai women takes it up a notch: It condemns McConnell for his bullying of Tshibaka, and it asks that the Alaska Republican Party make a stronger statement about the attack ads that have been all over the airwaves in Alaska, paid for with Republican donations to the Senate Leadership Fund.

The group also asked that the matter be brought before the State Central Committee for a vote of censure. The resolution calls the current Alaska Republican Party response from its chairwoman Ann Brown as “anemic, toothless, and ineffective.”

The club is requesting that Kentucky Republicans take swift action to condemn their senator and that the Alaska Republican Party demand that the Republican National Committee also defend the Alaska Republicans in their efforts to elect Tshibaka.

The Senate Leadership Fund is a superPAC controlled by the Senate’s top Republican, which has been spending enormous amounts to try to retake the Senate. But rather than focusing on Democrats, McConnell is spending millions in Alaska to interfere with the Alaska Senate race between two powerful Republicans — the incumbent Murkowski and challenger Tshibaka, who has built a huge base of support in a short period of time. Democrat Pat Chesbro is widely understood as just providing a backup vote for Murkowski in the ranked choice scenario now being used in Alaska elections.

The movement in Alaska among Republican leaders has started to gain national attention, with stories in The Federalist and Breitbart about the growing number of local resolutions.


  1. Maybe(???), Mitch is taking these actions at the request // demand of Daddy’s Little Princess???
    Has anyone asked her if she’s in someway – anyway (either her personally or an affiliate) complicit and/or involved in this smear campaign against Kelly-T???
    Additionally, does Daddy’s Little Princess condone outside money influencing local elections??? If not, why hasn’t she spoken out about this rotten tactic???

  2. The Senator has done tremendous damage to Alaska by supporting Biden’s radical nominees and economy-crushing policies. The ARP Chair needs to step it up, so voters are clear that Tshibaka is the only Republican choice.

    • The “outsiders” and their politics arrived in great numbers in the 1970s during the pipeline boom, and have been hell-bent on destroying the good will of this miraculously beautiful state. What a mess!

  3. We need to Campaign against him and anything to do with Kentucky. We don’t want or need outsiders telling us how it is.

    • What do you mean Mark?, there are many outsiders here in Alaska and by virtue of having lived here for one measly year gets to vote, they’er ”Cheechakos”, don’t know Moose from Caribou, Kelly has broken the law, fishing violations which we take seriously. She has no job and this 3rd generation Alaskan does not believe she is a viable candidate for Senate.

      • Joey Joey Joey you are, wait some other brilliant person articulate speaker has that same name. Rhymes with Brandon, I would bet with the same name you too are well spoken and intelligent. But probably NOT.

      • Joe – you are right, Alaskans take fishing violations seriously. Tshibaka’s offense was a minor & fairly common infraction and caused no monetary loss to anyone. Contrast that to one of Lisa’s senior staffers who falsified federal commercial fishing landing documents that gave him tens of thousands of dollars in ill gotten gains that eventually led to a costly investigation & a subsequent prison sentence!

  4. Well done 49th State.

    The Kentucky Republican party should be the tip of the spear. McConnell does NOT represent conservative values.

    Will be donating to his primary challenger.

  5. So Mitch has delivered to you the Supreme Court of your dreams, yet you throw him under the bus for the sake of some Barbie doll carpetbagger from DC?? How about showing a little gratitude?

    • It’s hardly a “Supreme Court of [my] dreams.” Don’t group everyone. I approved of neither Kavanaugh, (although the riots at Supreme Court doors and other crap is…criminal but treated differently), I didn’t like Amy Barrett either. I have awesome picks I think. Including lower courts. But don’t say garbage like that. Talk about group-think.

  6. MAGA Republicans need to produce a quick money campaign to help Kelly counter the negative advertising spreading lies about her. We need to point out how Murkowski is a swamp creature that is enabling an illegitimate crazy man named Joe Biden to destroy our country and end Oil in Alaska. Lisa is hiding her support of the radical “Green” agenda, which will destroy the Alaska economy. She is in line with radical left Democrats, which is why they support her. Dark money from out of State is pouring in to save her seat. She collaborated to put RCV in place so she could take Democrat votes to give her an edge in the election. She supported the 2nd impeachment of Trump even though there was no evidence to support it. She is a snake that needs to be stepped on! Any person of integrity in this State can’t avoid the truth of who she is and what she is doing behind our backs. If you support Murkowski, you are not benefitting Alaska or America! You are voting to end this free Republic and your rights codified in the U.S. Constitution. There is absolutely no reason to support her unless you are depraved enough to accept money under the table. End the evil reign of the witch of the west. Vote Kelly Tshibaka for U.S. Senate and see what a true patriot will do for you and your country!

    • Where are the lies. Everything in those ads is supported by a report issued by an inspector general. Like Trump and many other MAGA candidates, there is no respect of the law by Tshibaka.

      • “Everything in those ads” has taken something and twisted it beyond anything truthful. Distortions are lies, period – of all the mailers I’ve seen, not a one was true. I don’t watch TV thankfully – it would just make me angrier. The senate leadership fund is giving you a glass of hydrochloric acid and telling you it is lemonade and urging you to drink. Don’t buy any of it. Poison it is – and even Lisa should realize the offense she is causing and disavow it. I expect – demand even – an apology from Lisa Murkowski.

  7. Well Hallelujah!!!! I was wondering where the Alaska Republican Party was. Thank God for these women. Keep on bringin’ the heat ladies. And, yes, where is the state party? When the national wing of the party goes rogue and undermines the State’s determinations by supporting another candidate it needs to be addressed in the most powerful way possible. This needs to stop. I hope the Kentucky Republicans act upon this request. Kudos to Kenai and the others as well.

  8. It’s hardly a “Supreme Court of [my] dreams.” Don’t group everyone. I approved of neither Kavanaugh, (although the riots at Supreme Court doors and other crap is…criminal but treated differently), I didn’t like Amy Barrett either. I have awesome picks I think. Including lower courts. But don’t say garbage like that. Talk about group-think.

  9. Mitch McConnell has something very much in common with Joe Biden and his son Hunter. They ALL are indebted to CHINA. Mitch and his Chinese wife Elaine Chao and her father James Chao, are ALL tied heavily to China through a Chinese ship-building company they own and are making humongous profits off of it. This company is financed by the Chinese government and the Chinese government can pull the plug if Mitch doesn’t follow their demand and play ball. Kind of like Hunter and the “Big Guy”. WAKE UP PEOPLE! Mitch is corrupt. Lisa is corrupt. Actually they and the new “woke” Democrats are not only stupid but they are corrupt. Lisa Murkey is NOT a Republican. She is playing a con game. Just like Joe, Hunter and Mitch. Vote LISA OUT!!

    • Almost as racist and full of alternative facts as a Trump/MAGA rant. She was born in Taiwan (a democratic government) not China. The family business is a shipping company not a ship builder. Their vessels are financed by multiple companies, only a small fraction are Chinese. The vessels are mostly built in China, like most products imported into the USA. Please stop posting nonsense.

  10. The Republican Party of Alaska has not come out with a resolution against Mitch McConnel. WHY? I suspect that some well placed people in the leadership of the state party are still supporting Lisa. SAD!

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