More blowback: Second Alaska Republican committee votes to censure Sen. Mitch McConnell for attacking Alaska GOP Senate candidate Kelly Tshibaka


A Republican district committee in Alaska has asked the Republican Party of Kentucky to take action against Sen. Mitch McConnell for breaking party rules and spending millions of dollars to maliciously attack the Alaska Republican Party’s endorsed Senate candidate Kelly Tshibaka.

District 9 Republicans met Thursday and voted for the resolution, which says that McConnell’s “indecorous endorsement of censured Senator Murkowski, who does not support the Republican platform,” is a violation of the Kentucky GOP’s own “Republican Integrity” rules (section 12.05).

This is the second Republican committee in Alaska to condemn McConnell’s attacks on the candidate that is endorsed by the Alaska Republican Party. The first was District 6, a Homer-area subdivision of the Alaska GOP.

The District 9 Alaskans condemned the “egregious, misleading, and divisive behavior of Senator Mitch McConnell and the Senate Leadership Fund,” and said, “We steadfastly support our very own District 9 resident and Senate-candidate Kelly Tshibaka.”

The group, based in Anchorage, has asked that the Senate Leadership Fund immediately stop the attack ads against Tshibaka and discontinue support for Murkowski.

The Alaska Republican Party chairwoman has issued a short statement that does not mention McConnell or the Senate Leadership Fund by name but says people should not believe the attack ads about Tshibaka, but instead find out more about her by going to her website at


  1. Both the Democratic and Republican parties are rife with reactionaries and whiners. Politics is a knock-down-drag-out “enterprise.” Toughen up and play to win!

  2. I credit the Turtle for SCOTUS seats. No argument. But his primary focus seems to be the retention and consolidation of more power for himself.

    It’s time for new blood and leadership in the Senate.

    Electing Kelly goes towards that.

  3. What took so long? McConnell knowingly broke the rules only for personal reasons. Kelly Tshibaka has nothing to do with the personal war McConnell has got going with Trump. Was she supposed to turn down an endorsement? Even the adds Lisa claims are blatant lies. She has done little to support the military or veterans. Explain the food stamps. Just like the Jimmy Carter years, only much worse. Anyway, by plan, nothing got going until the damage was done.

  4. If this keeps up, it will not end well for Mitch McConnell & Murkowski. The last thing Swamp Creatures need is public scrutiny. This has got to be one of the stupidest stunts Cocaine Mitch has pulled in a long time.

    • Keep fishing Fishing. You may catch something if you fish but maybe you should stick to fishing as political analysis seems not to be your strength.

      • Hello Joe!
        Happy to see you back on the Must Read Comment section.
        I have to say however that on the surface I’m more inclined to go with Fishing on this one.
        Perhaps you might want to expound on your political analysis argument here and give us the benefit of your insight?
        Lisa got’s to go Joe, I’m ready to elect anybody that runs against her at this point. Sorry Pal, the Peasants are revolting out here and yes, we are the unwashed and uneducated rabble that you think. But , reason is a powerful tool, perhaps you might employ it and convince me and the other pitchforkers otherwise?
        P,S. I cannot speak for the other philistines , but this barbarian isn’t moved by T-Rumps endorsement of Kelly or that darling of the Mat-Su Sarah. So save that bit from entering your rebuttal.
        Your Friend, Robert

  5. Meanwhile the republican party of Alaska continues to harbor Lisa Murkowski. At a certain point it becomes silly

  6. Ads on television used to serve a purpose. You got to hear what a candidate will do for you if you vote for them. That was it.
    Now, ads are nothing more than smear campaigns that normal people turn away from. It’s disgusting and not how adults should act. I hope they nail McConnell hard.

  7. The political leader don’t even try to hide it anymore. The corruption runs deep. I hope Kelly Tshibaka takes the win in November and we can put Murkowski behind us. Although, something tells me Lisa Murkowski won’t go away that easily.

    This is the only race that I will not “rank the red” for. Murkowski is blue at heart and it shows in her work.

  8. I wasn’t gonna vote in the senate race but I’m so sick of the attack ads over and over that I just might vote for deep state Kelly

  9. Howdy AK, If you get a chance to see what she was doing in D.C., it was more like draining the swamp of fraudulent agencies, and individuals. She was like Elliot Ness going after Bootleggers.

  10. Gaslighting. McDonnell accusing someone else of being on the ‘gravy train’? Where he has feasted for how many years? The ads are so full of outlandish stuff I just hit mute. A revaluation of McConnells true colors, dishonesty being one. Desperation to maintain his kingdom also? If he is so terrified of Kelly then it seems she definitely needs to be elected. I’m voting for Kelly.

  11. Leaders tend to take their
    loyalty to one another too far. Mcconnell: butt out of alaska’s race. Murkowski really isn’t all important as politics led her believe about herself. Think this way the babies born after 2008 had never heard of ted stevens! The same will be all leaders fate when death knocks at their heart. If murkowski loses, mcconnell will be working with tshibaka, his loyalty to mur make him forget.

  12. Rino is the dirtiest word and Lisa has to go… but Mitch, well by now you know, is the King of the Rino. The Alaska Republican Party fired Lisa for cause. Vote Lisa out of office and fire Mitch from the Senate leadership. Neither have the countries values in mind. Neither understand the threat to Liberty they pose. Let’s fix the problem at the source. Alaska Republican Party fired Lisa for cause. I repeat, the Alaska Republican Party fired Lisa for cause.
    Vote out Murkowski. Kelly and Dan can vote to have McConnell removed from leadeship. Get out and vote in November… we can do this.

  13. The same sad, sad sounds in the echo chamber of delusion are evident in the comments. Reality will intrude come election day. Kelly is a four engine plane with one out, one on fire and one overheating. Prospect for successful landing slim.

  14. Censoring obviously doesn’t seem to do any good. Especially when the Republican Party can still spend millions of dollars supporting a democrat.

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