Tshibaka has best fundraising quarter of campaign to date


Alaska Senate candidate Kelly Tshibaka, pictured above with neighborhood moose in Anchorage, enjoyed her best fundraising quarter of the campaign to date, raising nearly $1.3 million in the third quarter of 2022, bringing her cash-on-hand total to over $1 million at the end of the quarter.

Tshibaka has raised a total of $4.3 million since the beginning of the campaign and has raised more support than any Republican opponent Sen. Lisa Murkowski has ever had. Tshibaka is already off to a strong start in the fourth quarter, attracting over 3,000 online donations since the beginning of October.  

“All the momentum is with Kelly Tshibaka, clearly, as she has been hard at work meeting with the people of Alaska and hearing their concerns. She has been steadily building to this point and is showing strength, impressive fundraising, and a clear lead in ABC News’ statistical analysis of the race. It’s no wonder that Lisa Murkowski and her D.C. allies like Mitch McConnell are dumping millions of dollars into Alaska on ads full of desperate lies about Kelly,” said Mary Ann Pruitt, advisor to the Tshibaka campaign. “Murkowski has grown increasingly liberal since she was appointed to her seat by her father, and now serves as a key ally of Joe Biden, whose radical agenda has attacked Alaska every day he’s been in office. It’s time for a change in Alaska, and Kelly Tshibaka will be a senator who will fight for her state, instead of always doing the bidding of the D.C. elites.”

Tshibaka is at kellyforak.com


  1. Everybody is angling for something. All the donors are expecting some sort of recompense for doing good: it’s as Trump said, pay to play! The prizes in this race are the trough assignments. Those backing Tshibaka want to move up in the world and dine with crystal, silver, and fine china, and they want a nice chair at the table! They are like everybody else–out for what they can take: that is the way of the world. All else is but pleasant pretense!

      • You’ve got it, Joseph. Washington, D.C., is a highly cultured cesspool of Republicans, Democrats, and Independents, of “liberals” and “conservatives.” Juneau is no better!

        Everybody politician is on the make. Pick your phony!

        Treat yourself: read “Sir Walter Ralegh’s poem “The Lie.”

    • “When somebody thinks ill of you, do not be angry with him, for you are worse than he thinks you to be.”
      -Charles Spurgeon

      I don’t know why this quote came mind after reading your comment. I felt sorry for you, carrying these low thoughts of your neighbors.

      I’m glad they are participating and getting their voices heard.

      May God continue to bless you and us all.

      • Joel, now that you are oozing with brotherly love, expound upon this: “The truth will set you free.”

      • Great grandpa (X5) Chuck was a very negative man and saw the bad in everyone. In his statement above, he was, as usual, thinking about himself.

  2. Many years ago, when I was flying then Senator Frank Murkowski from Cold Bay to Anchorage, he expressed to me his concerns about his daughter’s political viewpoints. She was then representing Chugiak. I sure wish he would have followed his hunch back then. Even Mark Begich represented us better than Lisa of late. Kelly Tshibaka deserves this seat and I am glad that she is ahead despite not having dirty money. She deserves our support. The brain dead few will still vote for Lisa, but people are waking up and smelling the coffee.

    • I expressed that sentiment to many, many people, Trig. I really didn’t want to appoint Lisa. That decision came up seven weeks after I won the governorship. I had promised that seat to another, but I was getting negative reports on that person. I reluctantly appointed Lisa. Now, 20 years later, I resent my choice. I should have picked the other guy, who was a family friend. That’s why Nancy and I have been hiding out in Petersburg. Thanks to MRAK, it’s no longer a secret.

      • We pray every day at the local Catholic Church that Kelly T hurries up and gets elected, so we can finally come home. We feel like hostages in our own state.

  3. Lisa Murkowski worked to give commercial fisherman a federal tax break after getting their Exxon Valdez jury award cut in half by the U.S. Supreme Court and is a highly respected member of the senate who holds membership on several committees, and has worked close with Alaska’s congressional delegation on a number of issues and much more.
    Kelly, never ever turn your back on a near by Moose., that’s an old Cheechako trick.

    • Those moose look pretty content with Kelly.
      btw, Joe, what is an “old” Cheechako. Isn’t that a contradiction in terms?

      • It means a dumb thing a Cheechako did many years ago and got trampled to death by a Moose.
        Do you see the hacks up on the one to the left?

      • Lucinda, Have you heard Kelly speak in tongues? I haven’t and I’ve spoken with her. What do you know of the practice of Glossolalia anyway? Is it your intention to shame a group of Pentecostal and Charismatic Christian believers by how they worship God? Are you aware that there are millions upon millions of people who attend a Church in the U.S. where this practice is followed and that a majority of these adherents are from a minority background? And what’s wrong with people peacefully worshipping their God?
        God and Glossolalia may not be your bag Lucy, I get that, but where is your Tolerance? Where is your respect for “or prohibiting the free exercise thereof” part in the first amendment?
        As that Intellectual Giant and your hero Joe Biden might say, “Come on man”.

          • Lucinda, wow , thanks for setting me straight with that erudite reply above.

            Now that you’ve seen fit to set forth qualifications as to who is fit to hold office, perhaps you can answer my question below.

            In past comments Lucy I believe you’ve declared that facts need to be viewed through strict adherence to empiricism. Is that fair? Given that, in your opinion should not someone who is unable to define what a woman is be unqualified to hold office also?
            Pull your pants down and take a look, (an application of the empirical method), I’ll wait for your answer.

          • Are you saying that if you don’t understand a language, that speaker is nuts? Shamans, pagans, and ancients spoke in tongues. It’s very common throughout humanity. I think this prejudice makes you a bigot.

      • Lucinda, if Tshibaka’s “talking in tongues” has you muttering, Murkowski’s belief in “transubstantiation” must have you flummoxed!

        I keep all of my “socializing” to a minimum and have absolutely no interest in the bedazzling arts, religious or otherwise. I have no desire to talk to anybody in any language other than English. And I have no appetite for the flesh Christ (baked in bread or not) nor do I thirst for his blood. (How does that strike you, Lucinda?) So Murkowski dines and wines on the flesh and blood of Christ and Tshibaka’s talks in “tongues!”

        • How does this strike me? It’s absolutely ludicrous! Why would a religion speak of eating the flesh and drinking the blood of their savior, no matter how rhetorical? Just wacky.

  4. Yet it’s all for not as RCV and stupid Alaskan voters will put Princesses Lisa back in. Goodbye Alaska, it was nice to have known you. We might as well annex ourselves as a suburb of Seattle….

    • In response to Oosik Puk above: first your summary of my attitude is spot on. Second, just because I’m a liberal, doesn’t mean I’m all in on all things. I dislike the uncomfortable and confusing change in pronoun use and I, like you, understand that there are only two genders.

  5. Please let’s not lose focus on the the local political campaigns. The mouse that slips under the door leads to an infestation, as we all know.

  6. Go Kelly!
    And thank you for your handwritten Thank You note! Very classy. Just got more begging emails from everyone else.

  7. Yes! I, too, have received a classy, handwritten note from Kelly! And I hope for nothing in return for my contribution but a great and bold Alaskan in the U.S. Senate. Frank’s daughter seems to represent somewhere else, maybe the State of Swampafornia.

  8. If you’re tired of the outright corruption of our politicians Kelly is the answer.
    Otherwise just bury your heads in the sand and open up your wallet.
    The prince’s and princesses in DC thank you.

    • Not familiar with Kelly’s work background are you. Has she had a job not in government? Talk about swamp creatures, geez.

      • How about Lisa? After flunking the bar exam a half dozen times, Nancy and Frankie thought her only recovery might be in the US Senate. Thanks loads, Frankie and Nancy, for dumping on your so-called fellow Alaskans.

  9. Here in Juneau, and I’m sure all of Alaska, we have received a bombardment of dark money advertising bashing Kelly. I wonder how many millions have been spent. Meanwhile, Lisa Murkowski says nothing about it and accepts no responsibility. Dark money needs to end.

    • It would help if the people responsible for these ads would be required to take responsibility instead of using shill organizations. And required to add it to the end large and long enough to be read. As well, our State election guide should list the sources of major contributions for each candidate. A lot of people just don’t have the time to dig into this independently, but anyone can figure out the truth with this information. And figure out the fakes before they do damage.

  10. Murkowski knows exactly how it was done so she could win. Mitch spent about 8 MILLION in Alaska Shame on you if you gave to the Repulican party.

  11. Shame on you if you gave to the Republican party Mitch just spent it all instead of giving it to Some one who actually needs it

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