Blowback: District 6 Republicans blast Senator Mitch McConnell for his political attack ads targeting Tshibaka


Sen. Mitch McConnell of Kentucky isn’t in good standing with the District 6 Republicans on the Kenai Peninsula this week.

The political subdivision of the Alaska Republican Party voted for a resolution censuring McConnell, who is the Senate Minority leader for Republicans and who has been in the Senate since 1985.

The resolution condemns McConnell and the Senate Leadership Fund that he controls for its attack ads on Kelly Tshibaka, the candidate that the Alaska Republican Party has endorsed, and that most Republican district committees and women’s clubs in Alaska have also endorsed.

As the resolution states, on March 13, 2021, the Alaska Republican Party censured Sen. Lisa Murkowski and formally asked Alaska’s senior senator to stop running as a Republican. That censure meant the Party and its subdivisions were prohibited from aiding Murkowski in her reelection bid. In July, the party endorsed Tshibaka.

McConnell, the resolution says, is condemned by the District 6 Republican leadership committee for not honoring the actions taken by the Alaska Republican Party. Further, the resolution condemns the libelous political attack ads that McConnell’s group has produced targeting Tshibaka “that are gross distortions of fact.”

The Homer-based district is famous for commercial and sports fishing, arts, tourism, and being the home of radio personality Tom Bodett (“We’ll leave the light on for you,”), singer-songwriter Jewell, and country star Zac Brown. The move by local Alaska Republicans shows a fierce resistance building against Sen. McConnell and Washington, D.C. oligarchs interfering in Alaska elections.

One political observer from the Kenai Peninsula said, “This is the spark that will ignite the Republican districts and clubs across the state.”

Alaska Republican Party Chairwoman Ann Brown also issued a short statement regarding the McConnell-Senate Leadership Fund attack ads, without mentioning who was behind the ads:

“US Senate candidate Kelly Tshibaka announced her candidacy in March 2021. The Alaska Republican Party endorsed her and is proud to support her. She has been campaigning all over the state, meeting with and listening to voters. We know Kelly’s message of “It’s time for a change’ is resonating because recently we are seeing quite a few attack ads against her. Don’t believe those ads. To learn the truth about Kelly go to”


  1. McConnell and the rest of the woke democratic party are the cause of USA’s current demise! What a joke! We apparently are on the brink of nuclear Armageddon as well thanks to Brandon’s handlers, this country has gone to sh**, screw every left leaning a-hole out there, I will call you out in public and on forums such as this, and good job district 6, the rest of the districts start standing up for the rest of us!

    • While you are not left leaning, you do sound pretty a-hole Andy.
      How far afield can one go by trying to paint McConnell as a Democrat. You trying your hand at satire here? Heheh!

    • Go ahead, Andy–call them out. Keep yelling at the sky and insulting your fellow Americans. Bound to be helpful. Meanwhile, in other news, Alaska GOP District 6 just did the same thing. Not sure how this is supposed to be helpful for the GOP, but apparently they do.

      • Hey Fan boy

        You been paying any attention at all McConnell to words, actions, or anything at all. He is on the same level as Murkowski and has to go. Glad District 6 said it out loud.

    • Just turn on AM 650 or 700 and listen for two minutes and you will hear them.
      Be careful who you donate to. Never to the Republican Party outside.

  2. Ah, the District 6 “high committee on morality and salvation” are spittin’ mad and indignant as all hell—that’s not unusual for backwoods bible bangers. I just kick back, smoke my dope, and take my Kentucky bourbon neat on Sunday! Let ‘em rant!

    • Pardon me, your classism and elitism are showing.
      The raging contempt and loathing that you radical leftists have for working-class Americans will be your undoing. But you are too stupid, and too arrogant in your stupidity, to realize it.

      • Jefferson, (Now that handle has a ring of authority.) I can tell that you’re having a tough time working through your approved “talking points.” I do have great respect for those whom you glibly call the “working-class.” Did you get that term from reading your Marx?

        Don’t lump me together with your leftist interlocutors. Risible radicals like you–either from the right or the left–are at your best when you’re talking nonsense! You really don’t know “crap” from Shinola!

    • Yeah, that way of thinking is plain stupid. “I will smoke my dope and drink my bourbon”, you go man! At least there are people willing too stand up and call out these corrupt Senators. People like you are the reason our State and Country is going to hell!

  3. Senator McConnell is solely responsible for getting 3 Conservative SCOTUS nominees approved and getting Roe vs Wade thrown out. This is the thanks he gets from the wacko wing of the Republican Party

    • Occasionally he does the right thing, but not often. The national GOP leaders have hardly done anything of importance when they had the votes to do so, thanks to leadership like McConnell.

  4. Ann Brown, Chairwoman AK Republican Party, has ‘one-leg’ in the Washington DC ‘swamp’ ! ! ! Her tepid response to Senator McConnell’s ad is more evidence of how ‘big’ the political-swamp IS ! ! !

    THANK-YOU District 6 Republicans for your action (resolution)…. 👏 👍 👏 👍

  5. McConnell and his dark money fund are way out of line attacking Kelly. You expect mud in any swamp, but this smells particularly of bovine excrement. Step back Mitch – go have a blow and leave Alaska alone. I have to ask Mitch, what did Lisa do for you to warrant your abandonment of the Republican Party and entry into the deep mire?

  6. I hope the good people of Kentucky take note, and get rid of old McConnell. Surely they cannot be proud of the shenanigans he has pulled over the years!

  7. Every republican is ALASKA should write to Mitch and tell him to piss off and keep his nose out of our politics. I did and maybe if more would do it he would get the message.

  8. So chairman Ann Brown must go too along with Murkowski and McConnell. To not name McConnell as the source of these disgusting ads proves her RINO squish factor.

  9. The ads are so bad and disingenuous that a 3rd grader can discern the lies about Tshibaka. Just as disingenuous as godless Murkowski dropping bible lingo (“here in Alaska we’re BLESSED . . . “) in her latest ads. Lisa should condemn Mitch’s lies, but she’s too busy trying to pander to conservatives around election time.
    The big take-home is that Kelly has the swamp SCARED and ANXIOUS about losing reptilian Lisa. GO KELLY TSHIBAKA !!!!

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