Fourth Republican group spanks Sen. Mitch McConnell for attacking Kelly Tshibaka


The Big Lake-Anderson-area District 30 Republican Committee met on Monday and passed a resolution of reprimand, telling U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to butt out and stop his attacks on Senate candidate Kelly Tshibaka.

The resolution is similar to ones passed by GOP District Committees 6, 9, and the Anchorage Republican Women’s Club. All of the groups, which are official subdivisions of the state party, have stated that Sen. Lisa Murkowski was prohibited by the party from being an endorsed Republican candidate, and that she violated the conservative values and desires of Alaska Republicans.

McConnell has started an airwaves war against sitting Sen. Murkowski’s Republican opponent, Tshibaka, who is the party’s endorsed candidate.

“Whereas, the consensus of District 30 is that Senator McConnell tends to Kentucky and Washington, D.C., and we will tend to our own business in Alaska!” the resolution says.

Similar to the resolution approved by District 9 Republicans, District 30 has gone a step farther and asked the Kentucky Republican Party to take action against McConnell “for his unacceptable and grossly inappropriate behavior against your fellow Alaska Republicans and in their Republican endorsed candidate, Kelly Tshibaka.”

Tshibaka won the endorsement of the Alaska Republican Party in 2021 after the party had voted overwhelmingly to censure Murkowski and demand that she not run as a Republican, since she doesn’t reflect Republican values. Tshibaka is being vastly outspent by Murkowski, who now also has a $7 million boost from McConnell and his Senate Leadership Fund, which has been running harshly negative campaign ads against Republican Tshibaka.

McConnell has been inconsistent in his rationale for supporting candidates. To CNN earlier this year, McConnell said, “I don’t have a litmus test. I’m for people that get the Republican nomination, and for winning, because if we win we get to decide what the agenda is, and they don’t.”

McConnell may have said that, but he didn’t actually adhere to the philosophy when he snubbed the Alaska Republican Party endorsed candidate Tshibaka, and went with the candidate that the party clearly stated it didn’t want – the sitting senator, who the party has formally censured and attempted to boot from the party.

The party chairwoman Ann Brown has also issued a very tempered statement telling people that if they want to know about Kelly Tshibaka, they should go to her website and not listen to the ads opposing her.


  1. I hope alaska team red don’t spend all week only publicly correcting mcconnell without projecting tshibaka relatable. I just saw an Alaska channel visitor information channel with lisa murkowski doing what she does best-relating with alaska, alaskans, and indigenous alaskans while promoting all that beauty of alaska that attracts visitors each summer. That’s how tshibaka should be people can easily Feel they also relate with her as alaskan, and approachable. Murkowski plays that role well- i don’t know if its acting or geniune, but she is good being relational.

    • Lisa does have the talent of a politician. Lots of practice. She can convince you that its raining while actually she is pissing on you. Some people like that. When she really gets desperate, she will give away free hot dogs. But not yet, she has McConnell and his millions providing hate adds that she thinks will do the job . No sense in getting dirty in the villages. Here, you got a honest woman running for the seat and all the swamp rats are digging hard to find anything on her, settling at last for lying. I don’t know how you feel about lying, but to me it destroys all respect of a person, and I wouldn’t trust a lier , deliberate or not for any office. Not correcting the false adds makes Lisa complicit in these hate adds and she should be held accountable.

    • Do not be deceived by charm! Just look at her track record. She no longer stands for conservative values. Relatable? Great, but e need a conservative in that position.

    • Murky is hoping people vote because of feelz, not job performance.
      Unfortunately sometimes this works. Especially with LIV’s. Which, other than deep state is her constituency.

  2. Lisa is phony and it’s all an act. She has done nothing to protect Alaskan oil production, yet she gladly takes millions from her Uncle Joe. She then has the audacity to pat herself on the back for all the hard work she’s doing doling out all this blood money. Kelly just needs to play her own game and be herself.

  3. McTurtle is the poster boy for the WDC swamp. He’s the classic ‘go-along, get-along’ country club repub that will always take the nice, gentlemanly road the dems and the uni-party demand, and will make a show of being tough by ‘harumph harumphing’ at the appropriate times. But, underneath is just accomplishing the bidding of the swamp and doing his part to keep the administrative state growing, expanding and flourishing. I’ll be glad to see him swept into the dustbin of history…

  4. Murkowski doesn’t have to run attack ads when she has the D.C. swamp running attack ads for her. That way she can spend her enormous war chest of campaign funds to blow smoke up our butts about how much pork she is bringing home.

  5. McConnell (along with Pelosi, Schumer, Murkowski, and many more) is the poster boy for term limits. Then at least our representatives can vote for what they campaigned on and not just bow to party line. Peltola has already flipped on a campaign promise while voting with the democrat party line.

  6. Meanwhile, Senator McConnell has continued to voice his full support for Hershel Walker. It’s hard to understand where his convictions lie.

  7. Mitch couldn’t care less what the average Alaskan or the average Alaska Republican thinks. He only wants to secure his position be ensuring reliable, loyal people like Lisa have his back after the dust clears from the 2022 election. Remember, my fellow Alaskans, when Lisa says, “Good public policy,” hold onto your wallet and whatever else hold dear because before she became an R Senator, she would hang out with her D friends and talk about “good public policy.” Hey Lisa: no one is buying it anymore.

  8. Mitch McConnell is a senator from among the most reddest state’s in the union, Kentucky and may have found improprieties on Kellys behalf that motivated him to launch the campaign adds.
    Also, what does Kelly do for a living?

    MRA, I believe you bumped 1 or more of my comments in the past., please write me why.

    • She doesn’t have to write you. It’s her Site. You are a guest here, not an owner. We are fortunate to comment here, even when it goes against her opinion. When it goes to far, she deletes it. I’m a lookSarah supporter, Suzanne is all in for Nick. I’ve posted things that where very pro Sarah, and hurtful for Nick, and Suzanne deleted them. Why should she print things injurious to her canidate. It’s her SITE. I’m greatful for the opportunity to comment at all. RANK THE RED.

      • Hello Sarge; You may be right, I to feel grateful to be able to write a comment on this site but I must say that this election year has been the most strangest and weirdest election year that I can remember, everyone is uptight. By the way I like your call’s on the Mike Porcoro show, people should listen more to us guys that have lived in Alaska a long time 😉

  9. Lisa Murkowski has obviously lost her moral compass if she won’t condemn Cocaine Mitch’s vicious and untrue attack ads against Kelley Tshibaka. The strain is telling on Murkowski’s face as she looks slightly deranged and confused in recent photos.

  10. Snapping turtles are frequently found in swamps along with various other amphibian and reptilian creatures. Many of them featuring “bugeyes” which apparently allow them to more efficiently navigate the murky waters.

  11. But Kelly T did have AK pay 81k to move her here just in time to run. She is a former faceless bureaucrat with 19 years of straight DC experience.

    Yeah another stellar repub candidate.

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