Paulette Schuerch: It’s my choice behind voting curtain



When I turn the television on these days, the only thing I see are negative ads, and they’re all aimed at Republican Senate candidate Kelly Tshibaka. And many of them come from people from the Lower 48, trying to tell us how to vote. 

I’m not swayed by the lies in advertisements. I’m voting for Kelly Tshibaka, and if the powerful people in the Lower 48 are against her, that means she’s doing something right. 

The outsiders have brought the Washington, D.C. viciousness to our part of the world, but it wasn’t always this way.  

I was invited to my first campaign trip when I was in the 10th grade by Senator Frank Ferguson; a number of us traveled by boat to Noorvik from Kotzebue.  At that age, in the early 1980s, I was worried more about seeing my family and friends running around the beach playing tag and getting caught up with those I grew up with before moving to Kotzebue.   

During those years growing up, we had Leaders in all of our communities that were big-picture thinkers, movers, and shakers.  Did we sit in class waiting for our teachers to teach us civil discourse? Probably not.  It’s because of our parents, grandparents, and Leaders who carved into our minds that we had a greater understanding of cooperation, avoiding conflict, and respecting our Elders by participating without conflict; let us seek to understand, and let’s agree to disagree.    

Today, campaigns are much different; they have evolved over the last four decades from working together and helping one another, giving advice to your opponent, to what it is now.  Our national figures think that it’s easier to tear their opponents apart and spread lies. 

I’m voting for Tshibaka, which marks a very different path for me personally compared to how I’ve voted for 20 years, when I used to support incumbent Sen. Lisa Murkowski. I’m hearing criticisms from some of my “friends” now who don’t like that, but I am still the person I was but with a lot more experience since the 10th grade.    

Have you been feeling like “WHEN WILL THIS END?” Or “I cannot wait until it is over!”   

I’m in your boat now and know that it will stop soon. 

So, when you slide behind that voting curtain, you let it all go, and mark Kelly Tshibaka as your first choice and show all those outside interests and people from other states who cannot vote here that they aren’t in charge of Alaska.  Alaskans are in charge of Alaskans. 

Paulette Schuerchwas born in Kotzebue and raised by her grandparents in Noorvik. She has fought for rural Alaska on the political stage, working for campaigns such as Governor Knowles, Governor Palin, Governor Walker, and Senator Murkowski’s 2010 write-in bid. She now supports Kelly Tshibaka for U.S. Senate. 



  1. Kelly has my vote too! No one from outside can change my mind and I’ve seen what Murky hasn’t done for Alaska!

    • There are many people in Alaska that are from the lower 48 and can vote by virtue of having lived here for one measly year who are what we call ”Cheechakos’ so how is that much different than Mitch McConnell who likely knows more about Alaska then many who are here. Also many that are here, are running from troubled lives in the lower 48.
      Kelly did did commit fishing violations, broke the law.

      • Well, I was born and raised up here and been here for 55 years. I also served in the military and returned. I know Alaska pretty well and can tell you it hasn’t gotten better over time.
        Murkowski is one of the reasons it has gone down the tubes. Handouts from the govt have demolished the great state. I don’t agree that “many” are running from anything other than bad policies in the lower 48 and the Alaska dream. If you have never done anything wrong, then you can cast the first stone.

        • You think the same of the government handout from Dunleavy this year?

          I’m older than you, have lived all over AK for 30 years and quit the pfd some time ago. You take that government handout AKDAN?

      • Oh, please! She was trying to follow the law and was mislead. I remember the reports at the time. It certainly wasn’t worth the political hack ads. And I spent my life here, as many of my friends have. Mitch McConnell doesn’t know diddly.

  2. Do you work for the Tshibaka campaign? This is your third guest editorial in as many months endorsing a candidate you ostensibly have little in common with.

    • Trouser Bark, i know the author of this story, she is in fact my neighbor. I can tell you that Paulette has a job that is not in anyway associated with the Kelly Campaign. In fact, her support of Kelly over Princess Lisa may actually place an undeserved burden upon her. Therefore I can only deduce that Paulette’s supporting Kelly over the perceived Rural favorite, Lisa, is for reasons other than personal monetary compensation.
      I know, it’s a farfetched concept for an old cynic to grasp, but on occasion even Princess Lisa’s bovine excrement gets called by those who she uses as props in her slick campaign ads.
      Hey hey, ho, ho Lisa and Joe, GOTTA GO!

      • Haha! I’m not certain which of us is the the older cynic, Robert!

        The issue in my mind is that Murky is a chameleon and grossly unreliable where conservative values are at stake however, she’s also the devil we know. Tshibaka has misrepresented herself as ‘one of us’, misrepresented herself in several other aspects including the pseudo kuspuk garb she chooses to wear and the reality is that she just moved here for a couple years such that she can go back home albeit this time w/ an annuity.

        So she’s just another DC grifter, this time one that is pretending to be much like you. Except you aren’t a proponent of big government and she is. That’s a clear indication that she doesn’t possess the skillset Alaska needs moving forward. Lisa doesn’t either but that doesn’t mean that I would vote for any phony that offers to stand in her place.

        Nothing about Tshibaka appears genuine and that she’s won over a few willing to ignore that fact shouldn’t surprise anyone.

        • Trouser,
          Let’s look at your argument a bit deeper. You invoke the “devil that we know” argument in an apparent ploy to negate Kelly thereby supporting Lisa.

          First off, you cite Kelly as lacking the right “skillset”, I think the evidence is contrary to that assertion. Kelly is better educated then Daddies Little Princess and despite her time in D.C. one could argue that to date, she is far less corrupted.

          You call Kelly a ‘Grifter”, well, this Alaskan will take a small time swindler over an entrenched Organized Crime Mob Boss any hour of any day of the week.

          Trouser, do you like RCV? It was designed and executed solely for the purpose of keeping Princess Lisa in office. I don’t like being screwed with Trouser, do you?

          Despite the almost total annihilation of my olfactory senses caused by the the Fauci Flu I can still detect the whiff of Bovine Excrement that is Lisa. I’m going with this Kelly Girl, because she is more genuine then Lisa and because I don’t like rewarding criminal’s or even unindicted sociopaths. History has made it clear that when you reward bad behavior you get a bunch more bad behavior.

          BTW, Kelly had me at, “I’m not Lisa”! Carry on Trouser! I enjoy reading your erudite comments, even though you are wrong on this one.

    • Little in common with? What is that supposed to mean? So, if you vote for someone who is right on the money with the issues you are a crazy person because you have nothing in common with that person? That is like someone offering you a gift that will help you in life and you reject it because you don’t have anything in common with that person. You make ZERO sense! I’m heading straight for that cliff, and someone is throwing me a lifeline, but I refuse to grab it because they are Pro-life. Have fun going off the cliff Trouser!

  3. So what, Trouser Bark, she is getting the info out!
    Omg then prior to this some were saying (MRAK) must have an axe to grind with Sarah Palin because she was writing pieces about her “aka getting info out to readers”.

    You certainly sound like a Dark Murkowski supporter TB.

    The slamming of Tshibaka is getting is not even close to appropriate nor, any good to any voter. All it is, is a bunch of noise at best!

  4. shouldn’t it be made clear that Paulette works FOR Kelly??

    its also HILARIOUS that she is crying foul over negative ads while Kelly has done nothing but attack Lisa since Kelly began campaigning 2 years ago.

  5. The last thing we need is someone who will work with the other side and try to understand them. They aren’t actually people anyway they’re Communists. There are only two cures for communism. One is long and painful and the other is short and noisy.

    • Howdy Dave, there are hundreds of millions of Russians, Soviets, Chinese , Koreans, and Eastern Europeans who will agree with you. More people gave been killed and tortured by Communism —-100’s of Millions—than any other political system. They now have an office in Juneau, and Ancorage. Rank the Red. MAGA

      • I asked the same question about a comment posted to Alexander Dolitsky’s Sept 26 column. The comment said, “I’m not sure this can be stopped or defeated but I think we have to try and that probably means shots fired and bloodshed, but most things worthwhile Don’t come easy.”

        Suzanne’s replied to me, “I watch for that kind of comment, and I appreciate you bringing it to my attention.” But it’s still there. Why don’t you try emailing Suzanne.

        • Sarge: this is really important. To me, Dave is suggesting a bullet to the “Other”, which in this case, is someone he thinks is a communist. Communism is a belief, not a crime. Murder is a crime. He is advocating for killing a person based on their beliefs. Sounds like fascism to me.

          Yet you claim Dave is speaking the truth. Why? What do you believe?

          • Lucy,
            Communism isn’t a belief, it is a system of enslavement. Further on it isn’t anything new except a modern incarnation of the old Eastern God King/ Slave Person system that has been in practice for millennia. In opposition to the GOD KING lash up is something that came from Western Men, a system that respects and promotes the value of every human life, individual liberties and representative government. Funny thing is Lucy, western ideals have always prevailed to date when found to be in direct conflict with the eastern system despite the west always being vastly out numbered. Why? Maybe because the western ideals make one zealous of their liberties and through western thought and ideals people are more empowered?
            As for murder Lucy, what do you call someone like Pol Pot or Mao or Stalin? Reformers? Just curious

  6. Go Kelly! I to agree with all the negative ads coming from the lower 48! We are Alaskans and we want a true Alaskan representing us. Not someone who announced her campaign in Washington D.C. at 7 o’clock in the morning Alaska time. Is she REALLY for Alaska? This is one Alaskan who doesn’t think so!

  7. Apparently, the writer feels like she now has more in common with Tshibaka than Murkowski. Certainly many of us have voted for Lisa in the past and supported her at one time. But we also watched her drift further and further and further away from party positions to the point where she was censured. That to me is substantial! I agree with the writer that dark money from outside to try to impact a local election is cause for concern. What does that tell us about where Lisa stands? The conservative choice is clear.

    • It’s coming to your side too and your side John Roberts Court, made it ok. From out of country too. Like from regimes that run counter to the constitutions of the US and AK, and every other state.

  8. Kelly is currently travelling all over Alaska to meet the people and hear their concerns. What is Murkowski doing? She is hiding in her basement running negative attack ads. Welcome to swamp creature tactics that believe you are stupid enough to believe the lies and allow Lisa to keep her seat and do absolutely nothing to help you thrive in life or provide for your family. She refuses to admit that Biden is destroying the economy and driving up inflation because she loves the guy. On top of this she praises the FBI who is acting more like the Nazi SS and is persecuting political opponents. What does that tell you about Murkowski? She is sold out to the left and couldn’t care a less about your future as long as she keeps her Swamp Club seat next to the worst Republican in history, Mitch McConnell. Shame on you Kentucky for allowing that man to remain in his seat.

  9. What happens to Paulette’s choice behind the Dominion vote counting curtain?
    Who or what’s “in charge” then?
    Voters don’t have a clue.
    And that should worry everyone who cares about free and fair elections.

    • It sounds like you know about the Alaska voting system and voters don’t have a clue. How about giving us voters the clue you talk about? Without that information I think I’ll consider the election free and fair.

      • Voters have no clue:
        … how Dominion vote-tabulation software or firmware works, what guarantees the vote count won’t be skewed by ephemeral software or crooked operator(s);
        … about the discrepancy between ballots cast and number of voters who voted;
        … whether state voter rolls are verified accurate, current, and populated with lawfully registered voters;
        … to what extent ballot harvesting may have skewed election outcomes;
        … to what extent Zuckerbucks played a role in state and local elections;
        … whether election “observers” are watching up close and personal and know what they’re watching;
        … how many ballots might be “rejected” or “misplaced” or “lost in the mail” to nudge the election outcome in the preferred direction, and who’s watching to assure that never happens;
        … how a credible ballot chain of custody is established with a mail-in vote system.
        Terry, “us voters” apparently aren’t allowed even to ask. Remember Alaska’s Lieutenant Governor, the Conoco-Phillips guy, his comments conflating such questions with the word of the day: “misinformation”.
        Bottom line is: everyone knew how traditional voting worked, anyone could watch the vote counting and see the results unfold, usually in 24 hours after polls closed.
        Now, none of that is true. No one outside the Chosen Few know how the system works and no one outside the club knows what he’s watching.
        So… make of it what you will. Good news is Alaska’s election system appears too unnecessarily complex, too easily corruptible to stay together much longer, at which point voters might just see a return of “free and fair”.
        Could happen.

  10. It does not matter who you vote for if the end result is already rigged. The way our voting system is set up, 99% of the voters could vote for a great candidate but it comes down to who is in control of the vote. If you vote for someone you think is a problem solver, you do not know what you will get when they are exposed to the dark money/power or the thumbnail screws when a candidate wins. Before and after, you see the truth.

  11. Here’s a upcoming painful decision for Tshibaka. How will she distance herself from the most corrupt treasonous thief in American history, the one who’s endorsement she sought and received, when he is indicted and perhaps sentenced in one or all of four lawsuits against him? When will she do it? If she loses, doesn’t matter and she’ll return to wherever she came from. If she wins, she’s going to explain how her policies are different from Trump’s, or worse, there is no difference.

    • “when he is indicted and perhaps sentenced in one or all of four lawsuits against him?
      The four civil suits? Surely you know you do not get indicted or sentenced in a civil suit.
      “…or worse, there is no difference.”
      What exactly is so horrific about the policies that Trump had? Put America first? Why is that a problem? Do you want someone in the White House that thinks the US should not be the greatest country on the planet?
      Maybe it was stopping the flow of drugs, criminals, and people across the southern border? How is that an awful policy?
      Is making the USA energy independent some kind of problem in your world? Or establishing food security across the nation?
      Oh, I know reducing taxes across the board, that is a policy you cannot stand, right? Having the lowest earners see an average of a 16% tax rate reduction is bad in your world?
      What Trump policy is so awful that Kelly T. should distance herself from it?
      Hate the man all you want, but the US is doing worse under his successor.

  12. Paulette, thank you for your courage and respectful kindness. I appreciate the wisdom and perspective you bring to your writing. This campaign has descended to a horrible level of swamp mud that grieves my heart. Kelly Tshibaka is by far the best candidate because she has the best positions, and character to represent all Alaska. Kelly is also good people – those attacking her are desperately disrespectful, ignorant, and afraid, which anyone could see if they only had eyes to see with. Terrible is the pain caused by falsehood. My vote and my testimony is with Kelly. The trial she is suffering through in this campaign will make her an even stronger Senator.

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