Dolitsky: Is America losing its mind? A perspective from someone raised in Kiev, Ukraine



When I arrived to the United States in February of 1978 as a political refugee from a socialist country, I never thought that America would attempt to destroy itself from within with the radical neo-Marxist ideology (i.e., critical race theory, white privilege doctrine, systemic racism, Antifa, and Black Lives Matter) and the new progressive far-left bumper sticker declaring something called “collective justice.” 

I was born and raised in Kiev, Ukraine, one of the republics of the former Soviet Union, in the post-World War II time of the mid-late 1950s. Echoes of the devastating war and brutality of Stalinism was still present in the air of the country. Because of the Stalinists’ repressions from the mid-1920s to early-1950s, people were reluctant to speak up and act openly. Fear of persecution and punishment for disobedient individuals and free thinkers was everywhere, in all spheres of public life in the Soviet Union.

Blind pseudo-patriotism and commitment to the Communist Party programs were not questioned by most Soviet citizens. A complete compliance to the Marxist-Leninist ideology was firmly seated in all public institutions, including schools, academic and research institutions, military, governments, arts, sports, music, etc. There were no exceptions.

Historically, in contrast to my experiences with socialism in the former Soviet Union, the main reason leftism is radicalized in America today, and is accelerating among our youth, is because young people of the post–Vietnam war generations had never experienced economic hardship and/or oppression by a totalitarian regime. They have been intensely subjected to political correctness, wants, and irrational and wasteful handouts, instead of any meaningful hand–up. 

In addition, far–left progressives are not as they think of themselves — liberal or open minded. In fact, they are illiberal and intolerant deflationists — i.e., “I am going to serve you (e.g., homeless, low-income people) a bowl of soup once a month at your place, as long as you don’t crash into my ocean–front home to ask for a real substantive help for your well–being.” It is an expression of a false compassion. In fact, even good intentions can produce a negative social outcome. 

Far–left progressivism is now a religion to some groups; and they possess the typical zeal and emotional attachment to a far-left dogma—socialism and neo-Marxism—which blinds them to having a rational and open mind. Indeed, they are hypocritical fools.

Recent news about the politicized FBI raiding Donald Trump’s residence in Florida disturbed and alerted many Americans. I have never imagined that our country could turn into such an overtly criminal enterprise so quickly and so thoroughly as is happening right now. This sort of hypnotic blindness from political brainwashing is the basis for a totalitarian society coming from the willingness, even approval, of the masses for a far-left authoritarian government.

It is a corrupt government bureaucracy at all levels and branches (swamp) that created today’s American totalitarianism and radical leftism. As Karl Marx (1844) stated in A Contribution to the Critique of Hegel’s Philosophy of Right: “The weapon of criticism cannot, of course, replace criticism by weapons, material force must be overthrown by material force; but theory also becomes a material force as soon as it has gripped the masses. Theory is capable of gripping the masses as soon as it demonstrates ad hominem, and it demonstrates ad hominem as soon as it becomes radical.”

Indeed, today many Americans are formed by a neo–Marxist indoctrination and education system from far-left activists, which undermines any expression of the free market or Capitalism. Today, so many young people in America are confused and disoriented by the false “truth” introduced by hermetically sealed radical leftists. Howard Zinn, an American historian and socialist thinker, comes to mind.

Clearly, leftists cannot be rationalized, they can only be voted out. Rational and patriotic Americans must be well-organized and disciplined in order to save our country from a neo-Marxist and democratic socialist nonsense, and we must stand for freedom. 

Freedom is not free; it has a price and value. Rational and patriotic Americans must fight for freedom. Otherwise, there will be no place to go.

Alexander B. Dolitsky was born and raised in Kiev in the former Soviet Union. He received an M.A. in history from Kiev Pedagogical Institute, Ukraine, in 1976; an M.A. in anthropology and archaeology from Brown University in 1983; and was enroled in the Ph.D. program in Anthropology at Bryn Mawr College from 1983 to 1985, where he was also a lecturer in the Russian Center. In the U.S.S.R., he was a social studies teacher for three years, and an archaeologist for five years for the Ukranian Academy of Sciences. In 1978, he settled in the United States. Dolitsky visited Alaska for the first time in 1981, while conducting field research for graduate school at Brown. He lived first in Sitka in 1985 and then settled in Juneau in 1986. From 1985 to 1987, he was a U.S. Forest Service archaeologist and social scientist. He was an Adjunct Assistant Professor of Russian Studies at the University of Alaska Southeast from 1985 to 1999; Social Studies Instructor at the Alyeska Central School, Alaska Department of Education from 1988 to 2006; and has been the Director of the Alaska-Siberia Research Center (see from 1990 to present. He has conducted about 30 field studies in various areas of the former Soviet Union (including Siberia), Central Asia, South America, Eastern Europe and the United States (including Alaska). Dolitsky has been a lecturer on the World Discoverer, Spirit of Oceanus, andClipper Odyssey vessels in the Arctic and sub-Arctic regions. He was the Project Manager for the WWII Alaska-Siberia Lend Lease Memorial, which was erected in Fairbanks in 2006. He has published extensively in the fields of anthropology, history, archaeology, and ethnography. His more recent publications include Fairy Tales and Myths of the Bering Strait Chukchi, Ancient Tales of Kamchatka; Tales and Legends of the Yupik Eskimos of Siberia; Old Russia in Modern America: Russian Old Believers in Alaska; Allies in Wartime: The Alaska-Siberia Airway During WWII; Spirit of the Siberian Tiger: Folktales of the Russian Far East; Living Wisdom of the Far North: Tales and Legends from Chukotka and Alaska; Pipeline to Russia; The Alaska-Siberia Air Route in WWII; and Old Russia in Modern America: Living Traditions of the Russian Old Believers; Ancient Tales of Chukotka, and Ancient Tales of Kamchatka.

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  1. The hinge pin was the election of Obama. That is what started all of the neo movement that you speak of. Trump simply enraged the radical left by temporarily trying to slow the spread that you speak of. Trump is really a small piece of the picture. I’m not sure this can be stopped or defeated but I think we have to try and that probably means shots fired and bloodshed but most things worthwhile Don’t come easy.

  2. Short answer: yes.

    Khrushchev said the Soviets would defeat us without firing a shot. He was right.

    America is lazy. Instead of defending the foundations of this country we allowed it to slip away bit by bit. A common complaint was “I’m too busy”. The hard left wasn’t.

  3. I admire Professor Dolitsky’ courage in writing this piece. In light of the recent behavior of the FBI & the Department Of Injustice, as an immigrant to this country, he is really sticking his neck out by alerting us to the dangers the USA faces due to the radicalized political policies the current Biden Regime is espousing. Their weaponization of the intelligence agencies & federal courts is truly frightening. November may be our last chance to save the country.

  4. Having met Alex in Juneau on many occasions while he worked on the Alaska-Siberia project, I found him to be an extremely enlightened student of American history. I highly valued his experienced background as a Russian immigrant who lived what he eventually escaped. Americans would do well to learn from his experience, and benefit from his working knowledge of political factions.

  5. Conservatives haven’t lost their minds. Joe Biden has no mind to lose. Radical libs and Democrats lost their collective minds because their hero, Joe Biden, has no mind to which the losers reluctantly follow.

  6. Alexander, to answer your question very frankly, no; America is not losing its mind. Rather, it is losing its very soul; or you might say, its heart. Those American leftists you so aptly describe in your above essay are not necessarily as stupid as they are deceived. That said, allowing oneself to be so deceived requires a considerable level of stupidity. For example, being unable to recognize the inherent hope and security offered by a free-market constitutional republic versus a Marxist system is clearly an indication of intellectual deficiency. Knowing your heritage, I am sure you will agree the following scripture is relevant.
    “…if My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.” 2Chron7:14 NKJV

    • “For a time will be when they will not endure sound doctrine, but according to their own lusts, they will
      add to themselves teachers according to their own desires; and they will turn away their ears
      from the truth and will be turned aside to fables.” 2 Timothy

  7. Immigrants from all over are echoing this same sentiment. Whether it’s Eastern Europe, Asia, South America or Cuba, the sentiment is the same. “I ran away from this, you people don’t know what you’re getting into.” What baffles me is how Leftists put the elites like Obama, Pelosi, Biden, and others on such a high pedestal and almost deity type status. Scary times.

        • Did anyone suggest they were Art? Jimbo mentioned two groups here (Leftists and a few Dems). I suggested the Dems were intelligent, not leftists.
          You’re slipping as usual.

      • Bill, perhaps you can expand on this statement of yours regarding the intelligence of Biden , Obama and Pelosi?

        Please employ your towering intellect
        to enlighten us, the great uneducated masses.

        I look forward to your usual delusional rant, heh heh

        • Obama was almost always the smartest guy in the room, especially with any GOP group. Nobody questioned it at the time and still don’t. That delusional enough for you?

          • Bill – it is better be silent and have people think you are stupid, than to speak up and remove all doubt! Grifter Obama? The smartest guy in the room? Heh, heh!

          • So all you got is name-calling (Grifter Obama)? Try coming up with anyone smarter than Obama and take your time as you’ll need it.
            You must be concerned about Trump being the Grifter-in-chief and needing to think you can prop him up by calling someone else the same. Heheh!

  8. Absolutely correct into what is going on in US politics. I grew up in Florida and went to school with classmates new to the US from Cuba. These classmates would tell me about their tribulations under Castro. None of it good. I understood at an early age that communism and socialism are threats to your liberties and quality of life. Here we are today with US Senators like Bernie Sanders who actually praises and defends Cuba. We must right this ship. Praying for a red tsunami in November.

  9. Funny, I just viewed a you tube interview with Jordan Peterson who made the same observation about ‘false compassion.’ And yes, one might assume the title “liberal” would associate with “liberty”, but in fact, it’s the opposite. More like licentiousness. Totally out of control.

  10. Mr. Dolitsky has made an extremely pertinent point here that I have myself also hammered at incessantly: The radical leftist extremists who are willfully and successfully undermining and destroying everything good, decent, honest, rational and stable in this country are not “liberals” in any sense of the word, but are completely ILLIBERAL authoritarians and zealots, pursuing a profoundly destabilizing and destructive neo-Marxist social, cultural, intellectual, moral and political agenda (there, how did I do with my commas, Lucinda?).

    It is the radical leftist extremists who are the REAL insurrectionists — but in their typical fashion, they dare and try to label their opponents, those who value truth, justice and freedom, as being what THEY, the radical leftist extremists, truly are.

  11. The US created its government to secure its birth rights. We already had all those rights given by God which were long existing long before the constititution. Our rights are the law. Rex non scripts. America should redediate ourselves to our God-given human rights. Foreign influences have created a serious threat. President Trump called for orders to execute defense of those natural human rights. The remedy will be legislative not judicial. What evidence that the legislative branch ? are not overturning the US Constitution? Luther vs Borden. “Political” lawsuits are not resolved by the judicial branch ? (None of them). Who is Alaska’s executive?

    When we pay them (not to trespass our Constitution and anti trust rights) what is that? Consumer payments? We can’t pay them to trespass our rights. Luther v Borden = executive powers. Judy (judiciary) , doesn’t have a say. Ignorance of the law is no excuse. “citizens” are those from whom specific performance can be demanded.

  12. I suppose everyone is interested in doctrine and and practice now of political not judicial. If not the legislative response then the executive, the governor pending actions of Congress, not cognizable by judiciary. ART.4 Section 4. The US SHALL guarantee to every state in the union a right to a republican form of government. The explanation is using the Annotated Constitution Virginia Plan attributed to James Madison. Our ideology is Christianity. “The people” comes before government on this continent. The people have a duty to the Creator to exercise reason and dictates of conscience. Rights come from our fathers.

  13. It has been reported the US Corporation has been bankrupted and settled. What remains is your Republic and its constitution. Which one? 1776. please stop unreasoningly rolling out the red carpet for opposition like WEF adherents like Trudeau et. al.

  14. Thank you, as always Mr. Dolitsky, for your regular commentary. The only thing missing from this astute analysis is the progressive left’s total control of almost everything presented by the lapdog major media outlets (TV, newspapers, and big tech), carefully filtering every story to make sure the masses do not learn the truth about what is going on.

    And yet, history has shown time and again that when the left has fully taken over, the first to be purged have always been the useful idiots in the media.

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