Canada to end its Covid vaccine border policy on Oct. 1


Canada is bringing to a close its draconian Covid-19 vaccine border policies, and will not ban travelers who haven’t been fully vaccinated against the Covid virus from entering the country.

Those traveling to Canada also no longer will need to make an appointment on the ArriveCan government app that Canada has used to track travelers. People will not need to upload their proof of vaccination and their travel itineraries into the phone app. In addition, Canada will no longer require people to wear face masks on public transportation, including commercial air carriers.

The announcement was made after several days of rumors on social media. Canadian officials say the population is now well vaccinated and the hospital rates are lower, due to more treatments and booster vaccinations that target new variants, such as the Omicron variants.

The border policies have been irregularly enforced and error-prone, according to many travelers. Towns of Skagway and Haines in Alaska have been hard hit because of the policies, which have prevented the free flow of tourism traffic between Canada and Alaska.

After both countries closed their borders in March of 2020, the United States eased its border policies over a year ago, and Canada reopened its borders to fully vaccinated travelers from the United States and Mexico last November, and later to travelers from other countries who were vaccinated and boosted.

More information is available from the Canadian government’s traveler website.


  1. “After both countries closed their borders in March of 2020, the United States eased its border policies over a year ago”
    Yes Ma’am, we have drastically eased our border policies. One might even say we have NO border policy. Thanks, PedoJoe

  2. Wow, and only 2 1/2 years overdue!
    I wonder what REALLY motivated tyrant Justine Castro to allow this loosening of the draconian and authoritarian Covidian noose?

    • Jefferson – Public opinion! Many Canadians, especially from the Western provinces, consider Trudeau a fascist who puts the globalist agenda ahead of his own country’s best interests! He did not get a very warm welcome in Great Britain recently where crowds were calling him a fascist, dictator and globalist and told him to get out of the UK as he was unwelcome there. The tide is slowly turning and the world’s petty tyrant’s day of reckoning is coming.

  3. I was let in going north being unvaccinated I was turned away a couple weeks ago going south. We had to drive all the way back home to Girdwood . I just spent $3800.00 to barge our motorhome to Seattle which could have been spent to help the local businesses along the way. Canadian Border officer was nasty and demeaning. He wouldn’t hear me out and made me feel like a subhuman. Now one week later I see this and it makes my blood boil. ?.

    • My guess is that you were unable to complete their ArriveCA that gives them your arrival time and vaccination information. I just drove through from Beaver Creek to Haines with no issues at all and my reason for travel was hunting that they do not consider essential travel but is not prohibited now (first year of pandemic they did not allow travel through for hunting).
      Quit whining.

  4. Finally Trudeau relents because his draconian policy has caught up to him
    NO other state in the Union has been affected as much as Alaska as per travel, shopping, the financial burden for being landlocked from lower 48 – especially those in SE with limited options

    I wasn’t allowed to fly firefighting aircraft to and from Alaska with fuel stops in Canada being non jabbed
    Canada is not our friend anymore – at least until the freedom loving citizens there put the facists in control out of power

  5. I love that drive through Canada and the people along the way, and have been prevented from making it because of the WEF’s globalist BS that has been put upon all of us by errand boy Turdeau and his merry band of miscreants. The truth is a freight train gaining speed, barreling down the tracks towards the liars and deceivers, and quite clearly they can see and feel it coming. Truth and justice WILL be restored by we the people, and those in power (most of whom stole their way there) will learn an age old lesson on the cost of their deception and also of the power of the people.

    • We have our own klaus schwab WEF plant: Pete Buttigieg, and they’re trying to advance him (with little success). Like the Canadian sissy-tyrant, he’s a pretty soy-boy, not very bright, but follows orders…

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