Mayor names new librarian for Anchorage: Virginia Clay McClure


Anchorage Mayor Dave Bronson has named Virginia Clay McClure to be the director of the Anchorage libraries.

McClure is the wife of former Lt. Gov. Mead Treadwell, and is not an unfamiliar person to the Anchorage library system. She worked for two years as an assistant director of public services, and was the librarian for the Mountain View branch. She worked in Kentucky public libraries before moving to Anchorage.

With the culture wars centered on schools and libraries, McClure comes into the position as the fourth library director appointed by Bronson in 18 months. The first, Sami Graham, was not confirmed by the Anchorage Assembly. The second, Judy Eledge, pulled back to a deputy library position after it became clear she would not be confirmed. The third, from out of state, decided to not accept the job after it was offered.

McClure has a Master of Library and Information Science from Drexel University iSchool in Philadelphia, Penn., a Bachelor’s degree in Organizational Management from Midway College in Midway, Ken., and is working on a MFA in Book Arts from the University of Alabama.

“I am a library and information professional with a strong interest in digital information technologies and developments. I am currently studying Book Arts with an emphasis on Fine Press. I have extensive background and expertise in culinary arts and management. Interested in cataloging and digitizing culinary archives and the impact this shared knowledge can have on understanding women’s history. I am currently studying the art of printmaking and bookbinding to better understand the book as an artifact and art form,” she says on her LinkedIn page.

“She has the experience, compassion, and commitment to lead our wonderful libraries into the future,” Bronson wrote in a statement about McClure.

McClure will require confirmation by the Anchorage Assembly, which has turned down many of the mayor’s appointments over the past 18 months. Her start date is Oct. 17. Deputy Director Eledge will continue to serve in her current role.  


  1. No no NO!
    Obviously, this woman is a completely unqualified, unsuitable, transphobic, cis-gender-normative, Eurocentric radical white supremacist. Because Bronson.

  2. I never knew a municipal librarian was such an integral thread of our community. With info just a few touches on a keypad does anyone besides the homeless go to libraries? Libraries are the domain of the far left so she will be under attack. Also, I hope she has some law enforcement knowledge because libraries are becoming a dangerous place.

    • Jim, your thinking is the problem. Libraries provide what the keyboard can’t. Community is the key word. Doesn’t seem like this word is in your vocabulary.

    • Libraries have always been cruising places for homosexual men and trannyboys, not to mention a place for groomers to feel safe. That’s why the left wants to be in charge of libraries.

      • Oh for heck’s sake. Stupid claims like that make you one of the best players on my (liberal and sensible and compassionate) team.

    • What’s the point of your inquiry, Maureen? A more pertinent question is this: does she take high tea and talk to parrots?

      • What’s the point of your inquiry, What’s the point?

        A more pertinent question is this: is she the wife of Mead Treadwell?

  3. At last! A qualified librarian. Some people don’t know how critical libraries are, especially for those who don’t have quality internet etc. And what they are doing for/with kids and youth is awesome. They are so much more and important to our citizens.

  4. Most people are sick and tired of this trans crap!!! It does NOT belong in our library OR our children’s class rooms!!!! STOP acting like it’s normal!!!

  5. Uh oh. White Christian woman.
    She should dye her hair green, put in some face piercings & show up for confirmation in a rainbow shirt.

  6. So the activists on the right and left have gotten themselves whipped up to do the public some good! They should both take their acts to the performing arts center and put on a real show! If the woman can control the riff-raff that gathers at the main library, she’s all the librarian we need! And if she can re-stack the shelves, that’s a plus!

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