Now six: Two more Republican committees in Alaska blast Sen. Mitch McConnell for bullying Kelly Tshibaka


In a growing movement among Alaska Republicans, two more Alaska Republican Party affiliate organizations have voted to censure U.S. Sen. Mitch McConnell of Kentucky for his libelous and incessant ads in opposition to Senate candidate Kelly Tshibaka.

The District 26 Republican Committee and the Mat-Su Republican Women’s Club passed separate resolutions on Tuesday, bringing to six the number of committees of the Alaska Republican Party, including two powerful women’s clubs, that have voted to censure McConnell; this also includes four of the 40 organized Republican districts in Alaska.

Other affiliate groups of the Alaska Republican Party that have passed their own resolutions Districts 6, 9, 30, and the Anchorage Republican Women’s Club. All have standing as voting members of the Alaska Republican Party’s State Central Committee. The party chair has issued a mild statement that doesn’t mention McConnell, but says people should do their own research on Tshibaka.

More Republican officers have told Must Read Alaska they are working on similar resolutions telling McConnell, of Kentucky, to butt out of Alaska elections.

Tshibaka is the endorsed candidate of the Alaska Republican Party, which in March of 2021 had voted overwhelmingly to censure Sen. Lisa Murkowski and went so far as to ask her to leave the party.

“This just shows that Alaskans don’t like to be told what to do by Lower 48 outsiders, especially those who are spending millions of dollars in false attack ads to meddle in our elections. The Alaska Republican Party has endorsed Kelly Tshibaka over Lisa Murkowski, so Alaska Republicans are telling Mitch McConnell to butt out.” said Mary Ann Pruitt, consultant to the campaign.

“Lisa Murkowski was rejected by the Alaska Republican Party, asked not to run as a Republican. The only Republican running is Kelly Tshibaka. Mitch McConnell is breaking every rule there ever was regarding getting Republicans elected,” said former three-time Alaska Republican Party Chairman Tuckerman Babcock, who is a candidate for Senate on the Kenai Peninsula.

Both the Mat-Su Republican Women’s Club and District 26 are in the Mat-Su Valley, with District 26 being the closest Valley district to Anchorage, reached via the Knik River Bridge. It is a very conservative district.

Alaska airwaves are filled with McConnell’s ads from the Senate Leadership Fund, a campaign group he controls. McConnell has endorsed Sen. Lisa Murkowski and is using Republican donations to the SLF to block an endorsed Republican.


  1. True McConnell has criticized (blasted) Kelly though the commercials are 100% correct, what’s wrong with the truth?
    Lisa Murkowski has been a workaholic while here opponent has no job 😉

  2. McConnell hates Trump as much as Lisa Murkowski does. That’s the ONLY reason for him coming after Kelly Tshibaka. McConnell wants all his Trump haters with him, otherwise McConnell risks losing his leadership role in the US Senate, especially after the mid-terms IF the Republicans take control.
    Vote Kelly Tshibaka and retake America from the power hungry globalist elites. It’s really that simple!

  3. The solidarity is great, but does anyone actually expect this matters?

    Mitch doesn’t care what anyone not paying money to him thinks.

  4. I can’t help but laugh at this issue. Now that McConnell is doing his dirty work for someone you don’t like it is a problem. What about McConnell’s free speech rights? Should he be cancelled? You all never had any problems with his lies when he lied for your benefit. Get over it. Tshibaka Is a radical extremist. Even the dolt McConnell knows this and is doing it for the sake of all of us that don’t just want another Republican obstructionist.

  5. If Republicans fail to take the senate, it will be because the leadership fund wasted so much money in Alaska campaigning against our Republican candidate. Meanwhile in Georgia, the Republican is being outspent $60 to $20 million and the race is tied 43/43%. In Arizona, the Republican is being outspent $52 to $5 million and is behind by 1 point, 46/47%. In Nevada, the Republican is being outspent $29 to $7 million and is behind by 2 points, 44/46%. Of the 8 closest senate races today, the Republican is being vastly outspent in all but 1. What a stupid waste of money.

    • Some of that blame belongs with Trump. He promised to help take down Princess. Other than a rally, what has he done? Damn little.

      He knows it’s a tight race (same in Georgia) and his war chest could make a huge difference in their campaigns.

      But like Smaug the dragon he hoards his gold.

  6. The Ladies union, thank you Suzanne. Of for and by the people, we ALL know Lisa & Mitch need to be put on a shelf here. Kelly is absolutely our path to oath integrity of for and by the people Kelly is our CHOICE. Thank you Ladies home of the Brave Suzanne. Kelly Kelly Kelly

  7. So the Alaska Republican Party is angry at Mitch McConnell for letting Alaskans know the truth about their anointed candidate? It’s hardly surprising. Political parties want their members to humbly and meekly vote for their chosen candidate, and not dare challenge their authority. It’s the same reason the Republican Party is so exorcised about rank choice voting. They don’t get to limit our choices on who we can vote for anymore.

  8. I really hope they will let me back in The Club after the election is over. Lisa has her old folks hidden away from the public. That’s why you never hear from Frankie and I.
    We love Kelly T.

    • Yep. Lisa is thoroughly ashamed to admit and say that her old man and mom are proud conservative Republicans. We aren’t even allowed to speak in public anymore. We’ve been censured by the Princess, and hidden away during her campaign.

      • She somewhat got rid of me too. I miss all those DC fundraisers with Brandon, Pelosi, Fubblestein, Mitch and the Gang. I got to wear my shorts, sandals, Hawaiian shirt and be Mr. Murkowski. I’m really going to miss it. Unless Kelly would hire me as her social director.

  9. If anyone believes the Murkowski/McConnel commercials you need to dig a bit deeper for the truth.
    And then question your judgement and critical thinking skills because they are sorely lacking.

  10. What’s the real beef, gals? You’re losing your “rights” over your own bodies and you’re threatening to dust up the place with flour because of McConnell!

    • Rewrite: “You ol’ sweeties, what’s your beef? Young women are losing their “rights” over their bodies, but you’re threatening to dust up the whole place with baking powder because of McConnell. Oh, my!”

  11. It’s pretty easy to see that those in power in DC don’t give a flip what anyone thinks let alone members of their own party. If something is going to change the Republican luncheons need to come up with something better than condemning Mitch McConnel after all I’m dang sure he knows what the Alaskan Republican Party thinks of Lisa M.
    There needs to be a very loud flushing noise originating in DC and heard as well as in many state capitols.
    Both party’s are guilty in all of this but with so many on the receiving end of such huge amounts of money no one wants to vote away the golden eggs.
    What does it take to turn this inevitable train wreck around?

  12. I had to laugh at Cocaine Mitch’s latest attack ad against Tshibaka claiming a Alaska fishing license violation. At the end of the commercial a big, fat Southern largemouth bass is displayed! C’mon, McConnell, couldn’t you have hired a local Alaskan ad agency to do your dirty work? They would never have made a rookie mistake like that. There is still time to photo shop an iconic king salmon in there, you idiot!

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