Abortion on demand for military: Department of Defense will pay for women to travel out of states for abortions


The Defense Department will pay for travel costs of service members and their dependents who want abortions but who are in states that limit those procedures.

The decision comes in response to the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling in June that sent abortion laws back to the states. Some states have since curtailed the the procedure in varying degrees.

Military members can ask for an administrative absence from their duty station for abortions, which means the granted leave will be in addition to their normal leave, according to the memo from Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin.

The memo, “Ensuring Access to Reproductive Health Care,”  says the Supreme Court decision “has impacted access to reproductive health care, with readiness, recruiting and retention implications for the force.”

According to a recent study, 450,000 service members now live in states where abortion is restricted. Some 17% of the military are women, and it’s a growing percentage.

Under federal law, Department of Defense funds and facilities may only be used to perform abortions where the life of the mother would be endangered if the child en utero was carried to term, or in a case in which the pregnancy is the result of an act of rape or incest. The most recent statistics show that between 2016 and 2021, a total of 91 abortions were performed in military medical treatment facilities. 


  1. What about men? Can he travel out of state, too, for an abortion? I sorry. Hahaha. Too late! Hahaha. Since
    what is a woman can’t be defined. Hahaha hahaha. Apparently our men have been hiding his super power.

  2. Why is it That women have to always deal with this? Men? You like your follies, too. You all go get fixed. Women do like their follies too. Always about women having to take the abuse of an abortion. Or getting birth control.

      • Responsibility. Or lack thereof.

        Though I agree that the male of the species should take equal responsibility within the act of procreation, or the lack thereof.

        That said, as it is the female of the species that garners pregnancy, their choice within their own actions, reproductively speaking, is of more importance, and controlling, than the hound dog partners they choose to let inside of them.

        The engagement of the act that can ultimately produce a child is of equal responsibility unto both parties, and equal responsibility of both parties to ensure that said unintended pregnancy does not happen.

        If the female of the species chooses against birth control, then she should choose a sexual partner that will take that responsibility of prevention within his own actions of birth control.

        If the male of the species chooses against birth control, then he should fully be prepared, and committed, to support the life they have created for the remainder of the life created, as well as the female that allowed such action to do so as well.

        Choose wisely, your partners within sexual congress.

        You both are equally responsible as unto the resultant life of said congress.

        Forethought always outweighs hindsight.

  3. How many ways can you promote population control? If you need to go to another state to have an abortion,……………….stop having sex, or you can at least use protection. If your parent(s) chose to abort you, where would you be now? Problem solved.

  4. Thanks Dan-S, without your support and sponsorship of Austin, this crazy initiative likely wouldn’t have even occurred. Good Job … Keep Up The Good Work! We won’t forget in your next election cycle!

  5. DOD has been having trouble meeting recruitment goals, military families are struggling with child care and food/housing security. We need to literally put our money where our mouth is and provide better benefits to our military families. This would include better child tax credits which will benefit all working women

    • The DOD is struggling to meet goals because no sane person wants to fight and die for Joe’s woke military.

    • Frank do you support the college loan forgiveness program?
      Instead of paying basket weaving degree holders, who can’t make a living with that piece of paper, why don’t you literally put your money where your mouth is and insist on a decent pay raise for our troops?
      If ,as a potential recruit, you know going in that, while you are being shot at in some foreign land, your family has to go on food stamps to make it, would you sign up?

  6. Sick! I hope women recognize the interest employers have in ensuring you do NOT become a mom. They’re happy to encourage you to murder your children. The alternative is the mandate to pay for medical leave (military now offers 16 weeks paid leave for births and adoptions), and the ongoing issue of offering accommodations for your kids’ sick days, added cost of insurance premiums for family insurance coverage… etc.

    In the long run it is CHEAPER for an employer to encourage you to kill your kids. And money most definitely talks.
    Mix that with the fact that this is a government department (DOD) spending MY hard-earned tax dollars on this nonsense, and what you have is just a meltdown of civil society.

    If women in the military are so foolish as to fall for this roos, then I’m sure they deserve what’s coming to them.

  7. Welcome to Joe Biden’s woke military. One week furlough per month for all women in cycle is next up. Trangenders in uniform may apply. Soon, Biden will be recruiting from the Salvation Army.

  8. I’m sorry but this is blasphemy in the highest degree. The American Military, is for killing babies, and having dumb women use it as their form of birth control instead of oh, I don’t know, USE BIRTH CONTROL!! Pay for that because apparently women are clueless how they get pregnant anymore!
    Absolutely disgusting for our own military to be doing this! Gah!

  9. Bet will go towards their VA rating without question too. But hey, those broken bones you suffered from an Airborne jump won’t be service related.

  10. More Communist China influence here. The Liberals are making our military weaker and weaker with the mightiest weapon yet, Wokeism. This fanatical infatuation with abortion is just getting sicker by the day.

  11. Gives a whole nasty new meaning to “Trained Killers”, no?
    America’s powerhouse military: woke, vaxxed, fetus-free, welfare dependent, politically correct, pronoun proficient, gender fluid, Raytheon owned and operated, led by… who knows at the moment.
    What’s next, rainbow parachutes?

  12. Lots of trolling comments from men who think with the little head instead of the big head. What about regulating Dick instead of Jane?

  13. “has impacted access to reproductive health care, with readiness, recruiting and retention implications for the force.” That says it… a recruiting perk.

  14. I don’t understand why the government is so concerned with getting the fetuses out of these women. What is done with the dead fetuses?! Why is no one asking this question?

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