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Big reveal: CDC data show nearly 8% of Covid vaccine recipients had reactions requiring medical help

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention didn’t want to release data on Covid-19 vaccine adverse reactions. Its lawyers fought hard to keep the lid on the information taxpayers had paid for, but after two lawsuits and months of litigation, a nonprofit public interest group based in Texas obtained over 144 million rows of health entry data from approximately 10 million users of the CDC’s adverse reaction database.

The group analyzed the data and came away with disturbing news: Hundreds of thousands of the users of the V-safe phone app reporting system had told the CDC they ended up seeking medical care as a result of their Covid-19 vaccination.

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Of those, 144 Alaskans reported adverse reactions through the V-safe app, with 83 of those in Anchorage, according to the data table from ICAN.

The CDC created the V-safe app to provide “personalized and confidential health check-ins via text messages and web surveys” so people can easily share with government how they or their dependents feel after getting a Covid-19 vaccine. The information is supposed to help the CDC monitor the safety of the vaccines in near real time, the CDC says on its website.

According to ICAN (Informed Consent Action Network), 7.7% V-Safe users reported that they required medical attention through a telehealth appointment, urgent care clinic, emergency room, or hospitalization, after receiving a Pfizer, Moderna or Johnson & Johnson Covid vaccine. That’s 782,913 people out of the 10 million users analyzed.

In addition, ICAN says about 25% of the V-safe app users reported symptoms from the vaccine that caused them to miss work or school, or prevented them from participating in normal daily activities.

ICAN also discovered 71 million reports of symptoms from the approximately 10 million users, or an average of over 7 reported symptoms per person using V-safe. Symptoms included over 4 million reports of joint pain. Around 2 million of these joint pain reports were mild, over 1.8 million were moderate, and over 400,000 were severe joint pain.  

Since V-safe only included less than 4 percent of people that received a Covid-19 vaccine, tens of millions of Americans probably had an immune reaction to the Covid-19 vaccine in their joints that resulted in debilitating pain and potential long-term harm, ICAN said.

In a separate study, the arthritis result from vaccines were higher. “One case (6.25%) each of arthritis was reported in patients receiving Moderna, AstraZeneca, and Covaxin vaccines. Symptom onset was observed in half of all cases after the second dose, with an average duration of onset after 7.38 days and all reported cases occurring within two and a half weeks,” according to a peer-reviewed study in the scientific publication Cureus.

Approximately 13,000 infants under the age of 2 were registered by their parents with V-safe. Among those, over 33,000 symptoms were reported by their parents. The most common symptoms were irritability, sleeplessness, pain, and loss of appetite. 

“These are very concerning since babies cannot speak and hence these symptoms are how they often communicate that something is wrong,” ICAN observed in its report. In other words, it’s not known what underlying discomfort the babies were experiencing.

ICAN’s data dashboard, shown above, has summaries of the results of the data analysis at this link.

“At the Informed Consent Action Network, you are the authority over your health choices and those of your children. In a medical world manipulated by advertising and financial interests, true information is hard to find and often harder to understand. Our goal is to put the power of scientifically researched health information in your hands and to be bold and transparent in doing so, thereby enabling your medical decisions to come from tangible understanding, not medical coercion,” the group explains.

Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.


      • Greg, with all due respect, you have freely admitted to being a pin cushion and volunteering for the umpteenth booster. At this point one begins to wonder if your issues are more related to all those jab side effects. Boosters flooding your system with more and more of the mRna technology, which is proving to be not ready for prime time, just can’t be good.
        This whole kettle of fish looks like a gigantic human drug trial with the advantage that Uncle Sam picked up the tab for Pfizer and the others, especially since it appears that the CDC and FDA dragged their feet on the approval of the one vaccine (Novavax), based on long established traditional protein based methodology.

    • Frank, Every data base shows that the JAB did not stop transmission of the virus and in fact a wide body of evidence shows that the jab helped increase its spread. In addition those jabbed did not escape infection, and some sadly were infected multiple times.(see data from countries with the highest rate of Jabbed)
      What is also known is that those who were not Jabbed and beat the Chi-Com – Fauci Flu, now enjoy robust immunity and that beneficial therapeutic drugs were available and yet denied to the general population in the United States.
      The worse part about the fake vaccine scam is the huge cost to people and their well being and mental health. Seniors for example were locked out from seeing their loved ones, this caused great sorrow and in some cases severe depression. Many lost their jobs because they refused the fake vaccine. Productivity waned and systems were overloaded. The evil Health Czar, Tony “I did the same thing to AIDS Patients back in the 80’s ” Fauci , dictated draconian rules about masks and separation spheres in public places that had zero scientific basis. These random and arbitrary rules crushed small business and rewarded the likes of Jeff Bezos.
      So, might you amend your statement to read… this unprecedented medicalization foisted upon society had negative effects upon all peoples except of course Pfizer stock owners.

  1. And there’s this coming out as well:


    How do we hold the pharmaceutical companies accountable? They’re multi-billion dollar players worldwide at this point.

  2. How does this data stack up against more traditional shots?

    When I get the flu shot it lays me out for about 24 hours. It’s not unheard of for a percentage of people to have reactions to any med.

    • It could be the preservatives. I have not had a flu shot in a few years – I would get one if I was going to spend time with my very frail dad during cold and flu season. I also would have awful reaction. It turns out I am allergic to the preservative. I have had one shot since then without the preservative and no reaction. I did hear they are not using preservative any more in flu vaccine but if you are going to get one make sure.

      • It is not just the preservatives, it is the BS they keep feeding the gullible who think the cdc is there to help because they are the authority.(I am laughing) People get what they deserve if they listen to and follow anything they spew.

    • If any of our previous vaccines had an adverse reaction rate of the Covid vaccines, they would never have been approved for use in the general public. When one adds in the reported deaths from the clot shot it is absolutely incredible that anyone would be stupid enough to inject this into a baby!

    • That may be true but does the CDC fight tooth and nail to hide that data from the citizens of this country? Why were they trying so hard to keep this to themselves when its supposed to be public data? There is even more data out there regarding healthy people dying of heart or blood related issues and all of them took the jab. If there is nothing to hide then why hide it?

      • jab free – perhaps the answer to your question may lay in the financial interests of members of Congress and employees at the NIH, CDC & FDA. Maybe a Securities Exchange Commission investigation into who was buying Phizer stock just prior to the Covid threat appearing on the World stage is order? Fat chance of that happening!

    • The Crux here is percentage requiring medical help-I suspect you didn’t require medical help for your 24 hour lay out.
      This percentage given above is not likely to be accurate and this interest group is likely to have an agenda IMO. Perhaps Suzanne can give the peer group that will stand up to such BS.

    • The Vaccine Adverse Reaction database has over a million entries for the COVID vaccines. Which far exceeds the sum total of all other vaccines combined.

  3. I had a significant inflammation reaction after second shot. On top of getting incredibly sick for three days. The reaction lasted a few months and I had to go through some extensive testing. It definitely impeded my ability for daily activity for a number of weeks. I will absolutely not get another one. I still got covid – before I would have been ‘due’ for booster, and ended up with more inflammation, heart arrhythmia, and shortness of breath. I am a runner, very athletic and fit and excellent health. There was zero ‘comorbidity’ prior to vaccine and virus. I am still dealing with lingering inflammation in form of mild arthritis over six months later. I truly wonder if the vaccine set me up for the lingering after effects. I have been on a detox for spike proteins and also anti inflammatory diet and it is improving. Good grief can’t win either way. Forcing these vaccines is criminal and evil.

    • Elizabeth Henry, I agree, criminal! Especially so in the case of young children.

      I sympathize with you and I hope your suffering will end and that your body may fully heal. Those of us that did not get jabbed and who were infected with the earlier more virulent strains of the engineered virus also have lingering symptoms. In my case it’s the damage to my sense of taste and smell.

      We were sold out by our leaders on this one, (TRUMP included, MAGA fans take note) Thankfully, we have seen men and women of courage step up to the plate during the last couple of years and proclaim the truth. I am grateful for that!
      I sincerely hope your health improves. Thank you for sharing your story.

      • There are things that one can fully heal and recover from. The scarring left by myocarditis and damage to the immune system are not among those.

  4. Evidently people cannot make rational decisions and therefore don’t need the facts. Just listen to us. The vaccines are completely safe and will stop the transmission of the virus.

  5. The information is incomplete, there are thousands more that have died from the injection, maybe a million and many, many more are going to die from it and millions more are suffering or are about to suffer from lifelong debilitating injuries. We have all been duped. The greatest hoax ever perpetuated on mankind, for what purpose? Genocide? If you anyone is still in doubt I highly suggest you do some research and please, if you haven’t taken it, don’t, and if you have, stop with the boosters.

    • Haven’t you heard the latest? You should read all about it!

      …everyone, and I mean Everyone, who got the jab…will die some day in the distant future

      all if them

      Oh, I forget, that goes for everyone else too.

      I’m not saying the vaccine was effective or not, not saying that there was a conspiracy or not, and not saying that doom awaits or not either.

      What I AM saying, is that cherrypicked statistics and hyperbole do not create what is called statistically a “reliable test.”

      Simply put, if you look at ten square feet of a ten acre patch, see that those ten feet produce no corn, you don’t necessarily have a dust bowl.

      I’m a covid vax skeptic, but so many others are so far out in left field they’re not even in the parking lot anymore.

  6. Never took the vaccine and never will. Only 8%? I have a feeling that number is far, far higher. Many probably died from complications and many still suffer today from side effects. COVID=100% scam and a huge transfer of wealth.

    • I agree. The VAERS database is woefully under reported. Much of the ‘transfer of wealth’ has gone to the medical industrial complex… And–look at the costs of medical procedures now. They’ve used this whole saga to jack-up the prices and margins.

  7. If any of our previous vaccines had an adverse reaction rate of the Covid vaccines, they would never have been approved for use in the general public. When one adds in the reported deaths from the clot shot it is absolutely incredible that anyone would be stupid enough to inject this into a baby!

  8. Meanwhile, CDC reports:
    96,581,755 total cases
    1,057,975 deaths
    and a 3.5% hospitalization rate per capita.

    Which means that combined, the hospitalization and death rates add up to about half of the rate requiring medical attention after the shots. (3.5% + 1.04% = 4.54% total.) Versus 8% requiring medical care after the shot.
    Kind of proves the cure is worse than the disease.

  9. To be the fly in the ointment. This was and is a favorite clickbait headline of conspiracy theorists.

    Amidst the COVID mass hysteria, 8% is actually tiny when you consider what qualifies into that statistical population.

    If you’ve ever worked in an emergency room or an ambulance I’m sure you understand the influence of society “disease hype.”

    …people showing up to the ER or calling an ambulance or telemedicine because they suffered “flu-like” symptoms.

    This is self-reported “medical need” not physician reported medical need. This is usually someone feeling tired with a temp of 99f

    Side effects occur with Every immunization to some extent. If you want some real fun, go get an adult chicken pox vaccination.

    Again, go work in an ER or ambulance and find out what self-report side effects really mean…next to nil. Nada. Nix. Nothing. Zero. Zip.

    • So Rabbl, if self-reported side effects mean nothing, then why bother? Why does the CDC set up a specific site to report such occurrences?

      In any other time frame I would give you the “disease hype” of over-use of medical establishments. Yet vaccine side effects were NOT widely publicized and largely labeled as “misinformation”. These are not Covid disease self-reported symptoms. These are post vaccination symptoms. The vaccine was billed as the cure-all. Joe Biden claimed that your get vaccinated and go back to your life. Vaccinated individuals would therefore expect to feel better and have no further Covid-style symptoms or disease processes. Yet the large number of individuals, who felt the need to report side effects, clearly indicates that the vaccine did not improve their health and instead impacted it negatively. Then there is the hospitalization data, that clearly showed that hospitalizations increase AFTER the introduction of the vaccine. A totally illogical turn of events.

  10. This is why you do not rush out to get an experimental jab that does nothing for you but destroy your cells and immunity. It killed my brother. No way in hades do I trust a government that is up to no good like this.
    I pray those still dealing with issues get thru them safely.
    The plain simple fact the Feds locked up the info on Covid for 50 years tells me all I need to know about their population control plan.

  11. What is missing is how many people had strokes and or heart trouble and even died after the shots. I know of quite a few in my small world but I’m sure there’s no real evidence to link it. Just coincidental at an unusual rate I guess. Just like all the people who died “with “ Covid not necessarily from Covid. What is of utmost importance is to have some actual facts and the ability to make our own decisions on what we allow to be injected into our bodies, especially since the far fetched theory that unvaccinated people are spreading the virus any more than the vaccinated people. And let’s not forget another fun-fact, that the virus originated in China and we continue to trade with this communist country at the cost of American jobs, while they use child labor and political prisoners to keep their labor costs low. Conspiracy theory? No, unfortunately these are facts. That’s what is really scary.

    • Trig – there is published data out there on “excess non-Covid deaths”, but no surprise, you won’t see the CDC addressing it. Insurance actuaries who have a definite economic interest in crunching such data have noticed an 18% increase in excess non-Covid deaths that coincided with the roll out of the Covid vaccines.

    • Look at the NYT article from yesterday mentioning that “nearly half of Covid patients haven’t fully recovered months later, study finds.”
      “The beauty of this study is they have a control group, and they can isolate the proportion of symptomatology that is attributable to Covid infection,” said Dr. Ziyad Al-Aly, chief of research at the V.A. St. Louis Health Care System and a clinical epidemiologist at Washington University in St. Louis, who was not involved in the research.

      • And again, you are always rushing to the defense of the (corrupt and self-serving) establishment, the official narrative (no matter how laughable and discredited it may be), and the authoritarian and pro-globalist status-quo power structure, Billy Boy.
        There is name for people like you. Actually, there are several: Conformist. Lackey. Quisling. Collaborator. All of them equally contemptible.

        • Left out ‘useful idiot.’ That segment is required for any authoritarian, central planning, top-down govt to exist. Dirty unwashed proletariat I suppose is another… As we seem to be heading in that direction…

      • More that half the COVID patients weren’t fully healthy before their COVID. Your lack of logical acumen is legion Billy.

      • So, nearly half have not fully recovered from COVID.
        And, the CDC reports 8% of people getting the vax had medical issues because of it.
        What do the two have to do with each other?
        Comparing stats about baseball against football would make more sense.

  12. Alaska and Florida are America’s most Covid-proof states and Montana and Michigan its most vulnerable, says study which scores Democrat-led areas MUCH higher than Republican counterparts


  13. I think I will get my medical news from a more liable source than this political blog. According to Wikipedia “ The Informed Consent Action Network (ICAN) is one of the main anti-vaccination groups in the United States. Founded in 2016 by Del Bigtree, it spreads misinformation about the risks of vaccines and contributes to vaccine hesitancy, which has been identified by the World Health Organization as one of the top ten global health threats of 2019. Arguments against vaccination are contradicted by overwhelming scientific consensus about the safety and effectiveness of vaccines.”

    But thanks for spreading vaccine misinformation to conservatives who frequent this blog. A recent study found that after the introduction of Covid vaccines in 2021, the death rate in counties that are heavily Republican, and in which conservatives fell for anti-vaccine propaganda, was substantially higher than in counties that were democratic or less heavily Republican, in which vaccination rates were higher. ‘

    So I guess if you want to give democrats and edge in close elections, keep spreading false claims that Covid vaccines aren’t effective at reducing the severity of infections, and de reading the risks of hospitalization or death.

    • Wikipedia is no longer a reliable fact check for anything beyond the most banal of topics. I can’t think of any independent journalist who would use Wikipedia as a resource nowadays. Maybe NPR, CNN, MSNBC, et al still do, but you can draw your own conclusions about those entities.

  14. 226 million in the US are considered fully vaccinated. The proportion of adults that got vaccinated and experienced what the CDC classifies as “serious adverse effects” was 0.6% versus 0.5% for the placebo group. In other words, the vaccine is very safe. If there were tens of millions dropping dead from the Covid vaccine, I would seriously doubt that it would go unreported. If you think otherwise, then you should provide some data. If you are fine with the CDC data presented in this article, I would think you would also believe the same bodies evidence about the proportion of serious side effects.

  15. The original projection was two million dead.

    By June/July 2020 conservative political forums were already questioning death “with” covid as opposed to death “from” covid.

    Later we would discover that a person who died “with” covid was above the average age of death and also had 2+ comorbidities. I decided to take the odds in this particular lottery.

    I’m not saying that a covid shot (not a vaccine) does not reduce the severity of symptoms in people who contract covid, but this article sheds some light on covid related information that would have been useful to people making a decision whether to get a shot or not.

    So glad I didn’t put that crap in my arm.

    The true failure of our government’s response to covid is that we went from “two weeks to flatten the curve” to two years of the same policy. The spread of a virus can be contained with radical measures if detected early enough. This is the zero covid perspective [And what China is still doing]. A month or so into the pandemic it was widely reported as wrecking an old folks’ home in Washington state and doing the same in New York City. At this point zero tolerance should have been abandoned for a “live with covid” policy where the citizen is provided the best available information from the government so they can make their own decisions about to live in a covid world going forward.

  16. I usually feel feverish and a little woozy for 12 hours or so after a flu shot.. but it’s worth it. Same with the covid shots I got.

    • So why do you inject yourself to unnecessary bodily harm? All you need to do is ask someone that is not a brainwashed follower and find out that they do not suffer from compliant acceptance or side effects? Fear is the tool used to trap the weak.

    • Why is it worth it?
      Because it stops you from catching covid? Oh… wait. No it doesn’t
      Oh… it stops the spread. Oh, wait. No it doesn’t
      I know. It prevents you from getting hospitalized, or dying. Which happened to a less than 5% of the COVID cases. Are you so sure you are part of the 5%? If the vaccine never existed, and you caught COVID, you are absolutely sure that you would have it that bad?

  17. The vaccines were being tested before Covid 19 was even here !!! EU MEP disclosed the truth ! Watch this :
    ‘ (swipe, copy & paste to your browser)

  18. The link to where all the data on this issue can be found to further define what Susan written about.


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