Nick Begich: Alaskans are worried about economic spiral


As Alaskans make their decisions about who will best protect the national economy and their personal economic stability, the federal government released news of the latest setback, which has occurred under the trifecta of Democrats running the U.S. House, U.S. Senate and the White House:

U.S. core inflation has reached a 40-year high, the biggest annual rise since August of 1982. The consumer price index rose 8.2% in September. Excluding energy and food, prices rose 6.6%.

“Prices rose last month for housing, medical care, airline fares and other services, threatening to keep inflation high for a while,” the Wall Street Journal reported on Thursday.

Mary Peltola is focused on what she knows — fish and tribes — to the exclusion of everything else. Sarah Palin has left Alaska for New York City with her boyfriend for a week.

Nick Begich is meeting with Alaskans every day, and hearing every day about how federal policies have impacted their lives. They’re telling him that they are reeling from the effects of the Democrat-led economy.

“Just this week, three different people told me stories about how they can no longer afford to buy a house,” Nick Begich said. “Two of these stories came from young Alaskans striking out on their own for the first time. One came from a retiree who was hoping to relocate in the state from rural Alaska to Fairbanks.”

Others have described to the Republican Begich how they can no longer afford their commute to work.

“A guy I met who is a small business owner had to take his kid out of after-school activities because his family can no longer afford them,” Nick said.

“These are not just numbers on a page. These are people’s lives, their savings, their futures, and hopes and dreams that are evaporating. Not because of an unwillingness to work hard, but because of Washington D.C. politicians who are ignorant of how their policies are destroying the American dream, and harming families,” he said.

“This is the central issue of the campaign. There are a lot of other things that some politicians want to talk about, but it’s the only thing that matters right now. If you don’t live in a country where you are rewarded for your effort, all these other side issues become moot.”

The average price of gas in Alaska is $5.521 a gallon, according to AAA. In rural Alaska, the price is much higher. Around dining room tables, there’s more rice and potatoes, and fewer bits of protein and vegetables. Milk and eggs are worth their weight in gold.

“There is absolutely no good reason that Alaskans should be experiencing such hardship,” Nick said. “But there is reason to be hopeful. We have the resources. What we need most is discipline in Congress. We need to get government back in its traditional role and we need to let the private sector flourish. Low taxes. Smart deregulation. And right now, a return to energy independence.”

Peltola, the Democrat, is on record saying that developing the 10-02 area Coastal Plain of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is “unprofitable” and is not worth the investment. The Coastal Plain was specifically set aside for future oil and gas exploration and development, but the radical environmentalists have kept it shut down for decades.

Begich disagrees with Peltola on that.

“It’s not government’s role to determine what is profitable and what is not profitable. It’s not government’s role to pick winners and losers. It is government’s role to define the rules of the game, remain consistent, and ensure that the people have the fullest opportunity to achieve life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”

Alaskans will start voting for their representation in Congress on Oct. 24, when early and absentee-in-person voting begins. The election ends on Nov. 8, and results may not be known for several days after that, due to the new ranked choice voting system in place, which delays the ability for Alaskans to know who won until overseas votes are received.


  1. I am thankful that we have a candidate running for Congress that “gets it”. Go NBIII.
    Please get out and vote like your future depends on it, because in this election it does.

  2. Yup.

    This is what happens when candidates actually campaign. You see them, they are you, ideas and concerns are exchanged.

    Meantime in NYC, HRH Palin is attending Rangers games. After all, Madison Square Garden is the perfect place to meet everyday Alaskans.

  3. Begich violates Reagan’s 11th commandment every day, but that is what one should expect from a guy who supported socialist Democrat Berkowitz.

    11th Commandment: “Thou shalt not speak ill of any fellow Republican.” (See the banner ad Begich runs on MRA..)

  4. NB3. Palin has no interest in protecting Alaska interests, just herself. Peltola is only interested in HER people.
    NB3 will do the job that has to be done in Congress.

  5. He is right. You have one candidate who only cares about one group of race. It is hard for the middle class right now.

  6. Hopefully we can soon get rid of the trash that put us in this predicament, or at least slow the bleeding until 2024.
    Yes I am looking at you Lisa and Dan.

  7. I suppose to be fair I must admit I did bump into one other Alaskan last time I was in NYC. My wife.

  8. What Peltola failed to realize in her save the fish campaign is that the poor runs are not caused by climate change, but are instead a direct result of this administration allowing high seas pirating of our fish, mainly the Chinese. Go Nick!

  9. I just can’t vote for a Begich, no matter what! Neither Sarah or Mary. Might was well pull out the popcorn and watch reality TV, Alaskan style

    • One of the biggest hurdles Nick faces is his uncles and the “legacy” of his family name – but Nick is NOT his uncles. He is a conservative businessman. Please vote for Nick.

  10. Why in the world would anyone remove food and energy costs from the Consumer Price Index, unless they were trying to deceive the Average Joe about how bad things really are under Sloppy Joe’s watch?

  11. As long as both Begich and Palin are running, they won’t win. They’ll split the vote and Peltola will stroll to an easy victory.

  12. His speech at ABT right before Don died said it all. Disrespect for Elders, Soldiers, History, bragging about himself and his techy skills, not one good thing to say about Faithful Don Young and his legacy ! this is called DIVIDE AND CONQUER THOSE REPUBS who said they loved trump. Millions go to the Hotel Group and the other Begich owners. Heck, they OWN like most of downtown !

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