Oiling the election: Biden releases even more barrels from nation’s Strategic Petroleum Reserve


Timing is everything: President Joe Biden, a political veteran who is watching his Democrat party candidates spiral in the polls across the country, has announced he’ll release another 15 million barrels of oil from the nation’s emergency oil reserve, the Strategic Petroleum Reserve. The SPR is already at such low levels that analysts have to go back to 1984, the year Cindi Lauper’s single “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” debuted, to find the nation’s reserves so depleted. The upcoming release will go through December, but will not solve the problem of declining oil production in America.

Since taking office, Biden has taken a stand against domestic production of oil, in favor of relying on imports from hostile states, pushing electric vehicles, solar power, and creating scarcity in order to drive demand for his Green New Deal agenda. Starting last November, the administration has released over 200 million barrels of crude oil from the reserve that was created in 1975 to protect the U.S. oil supply from a critical supply break from Middle East producers.

Alaska’s lone congresswoman, Mary Peltola has been silent on the matter in the weeks she has been in office, during which Biden has announced two additional releases of strategic oil, in order to bring down gas prices before the Nov. 8 election. As a Democrat, she cannot afford to go against the president.

Peltola continues her campaign for abortion, remains silent on strategic oil reserves.

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U.S. Sen. Dan Sullivan has not been silent. This month he introduced the Replenishing Our American Reserves (ROAR) Act, legislation that would require that the nation’s Strategic Petroleum Reserve only include petroleum products produced in the United States, and only sell to domestic buyers.

“Last November, President Biden began draining our country’s Strategic Petroleum Reserve in a shortsighted attempt to control the skyrocketing gas prices his administration’s energy policies have wrought on American families,” said Sen. Sullivan. “At the time, I urged the President to drop the political window dressing and tap into a different strategic reserve—Alaska—by getting his boot off the neck of our producers. But President Biden has not relented in his war on American energy, and now our country’s strategic oil reserve is depleted to a level we haven’t seen in 35 years. We need to refill the SPR, and every drop of that oil should be produced by the hard-working men and women of the American energy sector.”

The petroleum reserve is down to a 57% capacity, with a total of 405.1 million barrels remaining as of two weeks ago. It has capacity for about 714 million barrels, which would be enough to replace imports of crude oil to the U.S. for about two years. The SPR only has enough now for a little more than a year, should the Saudis cut off their exports. The Saudis already cut their U.S. exports by 2 million barrels a day, and then reported to the news media that Biden had pleaded with them to hold off until after the November election.

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The U.S. sells more than twice from the salt cavern reserves than what flows through the Trans Alaska Pipeline System each day.

Meanwhile, in Congress, Democrats have proposed a bill that would allow the government to buy and sell oil from the Strategic Oil Reserve to other countries and use the money to fund electric car charging infrastructure.

Republican Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers of Eastern Washington State called out the Biden administration’s plans to further drain the strategic reserves. “Instead of using the SPR for political bailout and empowering America’s adversaries, President Biden should end his war on American energy and join Republican efforts to reclaim our energy dominance,”  she said. She’s geographically one of the closest Republicans in Congress to Alaska, which is now represented in Congress by a Democrat.

While House and Senate Republicans have warned about the sell-off of the emergency reserves, Alaska Democrat Congresswoman Mary Peltola has been silent on the matter. Instead, she has been advocating for fish and tribes, abortion, and gun control. And fashionable qaspaqs at AFN.

When Congressman Don Young was in office, he immediately responded to the initial release of oil from the SPR last November, warning that it was a risky play for the country. But Peltola, in any of her issue-oriented remarks, has been focusing mostly on her abortion and fish agenda:


  1. Like putting a band-aid on a gunshot wound. This illegitimate, bonehead president is going to have an absolutely miserable last two years in office. Especially after his criminal son gets indicted. Democrats are about to get the royal shagging.

    • Been hearing an interesting rumor. Biden will let the DOJ have Hunter because he’s outlived his usefulness and it gives the DOJ cover to go after Trump.

      • Why on earth would the DOJ need cover to go after Trump? It’s like eating at the Golden Coral, there is almost every illegal act imaginable.

        • Billybob, the genius…..with a genius name…….
          Oh really? How about pedophilia? Taking bribes from foreign nations who are considered our enemies? Using family members to aid and abet criminal drug purchases? Witholding foreign aid to an allied nation unless their top prosecutor agrees not to pursue an investigation of the presidents son? Stealing a national presidential election? Touching numerous children without parent’s consent? That’s for starters. Biden should be put in jail within a year after his impeachment trial in the Senate in 2023. Trump… … He’s going to run again, pard.

        • Then why, after 7 years of nonstop searching and two failed impeachments, are they still trying to find something?

          Your logic is illogical.

        • After seven years of constant investigation, they still have nothing. Not a thing. Zero. Seriously, I could spend seven days looking into you and likely find a felony or two to charge you with, but Trump is still walking free despite breaking every law. Or so you claim.
          Either Trump is a master criminal capable of completely eradicating any evidence of his wrong doing, or he is the moron you leftists think he is. He cannot be both.

  2. Give him this. He is determined to destroy America via any means necessary. If only the GOP put this much effort into anything.

  3. The United States currently uses about 18 million barrels of oil a DAY. If Sloppy Joe’s handlers think releasing 15 million barrels from the SOR will bring gas prices down in any significant way, then I’ve got a war to sell them in Ukraine. Oh wait, the imbeciles have already bought that one!

    • The green idiots are largest consumers of petro fuels and coal……to keep their EVs charged by the local coal plants. The green agenda only advances global socialism, which of course will lead us into wars. Idiots are running the asylum.

  4. It’s not even Biden, it’s his Chinese funded handlers. They remain in the shadows but rule with an iron fist. Drain our emergency oil supply and we have no way to react to emergencies.

  5. Guess now would be a good time to stock up. It will again skyrocket when the valves get shut off after the election. What a great way to run a country.

  6. Sullivan is correct on this issue.

    I predict as soon as the election is over Biden’s handlers will stop caring even a tiny bit about what voters think, and they will be happy with $10 per gallon gasoline. It advances their objectives of both destroying the US economy, but also, getting Americans to park their cars and trucks.

    The Biden Crime Family is absolutely the worst, most despicable, family to have ever occupied the White House.

    • There are reports in several sources we are down to less than a month of diesel fuel.

      Check PJ Media for the latest.

      Wanna watch the nation stop, prices skyrocket, and civilization collapse? Have the 18 wheelers stop running.

      • And the radical leftist extremists are just licking their chops in absolute glee at that prospect, TMA. You and I both know it. Because theirs is an agenda, and an ideology, of nothing but destruction and death.

        • I used to think the radical fringes of Islam were death cults. But they have nothing on the progressive wing of the democrats.

  7. The President has limited power to move Capital markets and curb inflation. Conservatives have been campaigning on change, and inflation with zero policy initiatives, other than reducing the budget deficits by changing Medicare and social security entitlements to annual budget votes. The other option to curb inflation is raising taxes. Nobody is talking about that on the Federal level

    • Frank, raising taxes in a recession is madness, that’s basic econ 101. The Federal Reserve is raising rates in order to make it more expensive for people and businesses to access credit, whether its for a home mortgage, consumer debt, or to buy a new vehicle. When consumers curb spending, inflation starts to ease.

      Your hero, Biden, has done everything possible to make life more difficult for Americans. Especially the poor. He’s made their dollars worth less through inflation, and he’s implemented polices that have made gasoline and diesel fuel more expensive than at any time in history. So, imposing taxes would make the lives of Americans even more difficult.

      This is why, Frank, Republicans are going to gain seats in the mid term election. Even some Democrats have realized what a colossal failure Democrat policies are.

    • As usual, a grain of truth you get so drastically wrong.

      Yes, POTUS has limited Constitutional capabilities. But he has substantial soft power ability. To be fair, Biden is using it to destroy the US economy.

      -energy is traded on futures. If POTUS announced today the reopening of oil and gas leases, prices would drop tomorrow.

      -POTUS can veto grotesquely irresponsible spending bills. This one signs them. The more the government dumps money into the economy, it always drives up inflation.

      -POTUS, as head of his party, can urge restraint in spending. This one urges reckless irresponsibility.

      -POTUS has the ability to steer the national conversation. Reassure markets the government will act responsibly. This one threatens industries he doesn’t like.

      This is just a sample of the power POTUS has.

      Did you even bother to take Civics 101, Frank? This is really basic stuff. Some of it elementary school level.

      Regarding what you think conservatives run on. I’ll give you this, there are far too many Murkowski’s and Palin’s to make this happen, but: we favor things like

      -cut government waste and spending.
      -eliminating unnecessary government programs. Like the Dept of Education.
      -ending unfunded federal mandates.
      -increased energy independence.
      -accountability in spending.
      -requiring Congress to do its actual job of passing a budget instead of continuing the last bloated one. And yes, that includes Medicare and Social Security.

      I’m curious the color of the sky in your world.

    • It is always interesting to see how much power the President has over the commercial markets when there is a Republican in the White House. Bush Jr., if you believe the leftists, destroyed the stock market singlehandedly. But, Obama was a savior who cut the deficit and saved the nation, despite barely growing the economy.
      I bet you think Trump destroyed the job market, and you will back it up by pointing out the workforce participation rate during the panicdemic.

  8. Just seen an article online that the USA has 3 weeks of commercial diesel fuel left, this does not bode well for us and bush Alaska in particular.

  9. It is amazing to me, how different presidents are treated. Here we have Biden, who views sagging poll numbers and high inflation due to his aggressive and ill-advised energy policy, as an emergency. This “emergency” then apparently gives him the right to just drain our STRATEGIC oil reserves and all are just peachy and hunky-dory with this nonsense. Yet if any of his conservative predecessor had done the very same thing, hand-wringing and calls for impeachment would have been forthcoming and rightfully so. Biden is endangering the nation by draining our reserves, so he can score political points and support HIS party, despicable.

  10. Hey Hair-sniffer… You think you can buy votes by just reducing the cost of gas for a week or two? You’re more stupid and incompetent than I thought – and the people aren’t stupid as you think we are. You don’t have a strategic food stash to flood the market with government beef (um, dairy products yes they do). Food prices are more than twice what they were two years ago and gas prices are still way to high. At this point, every attempt to manipulate markets for political gain will be seen as just what they are – a fool’s errand. This fake POTUS needs to feel the pain he has inflicted on the entire nation – and the world… Hell is his destination.

  11. I am old enough to remember when a President proposed filling the strategic oil reserves at $24 or so a barrel, and he was called irresponsible, and accused of giving a handout to the oil companies.
    Now, we have a pResident that is being praised for approaching the Saudis and offering $80 or so for a barrel of oil to refill the reserves.
    Weird how time changes…. weird.

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