Biden threatens ‘consequences’ against Saudi Arabia over OPEC oil production cuts, links with Russia


Saudi Arabia’s Foreign Ministry threw U.S. President Joe Biden under the bus this week by revealing that Biden had “suggested” the Kingdom to postpone a decision by OPEC+ to cut oil production. Biden wanted OPEC to hold off until closer to the midterm elections, when a price spike would not drastically effect the fortunes of Biden and the Democrats at the ballot box. Saudi Arabia is the de facto leader of OPEC and OPEC+, which includes Russia.

In spite of the Biden suggestion that cuts be delayed, OPEC announced the cuts anyway last week at its meeting in Vienna, Austria. It has cut exports by 2 million barrels a day.

This week, Biden hit back at Saudi Arabia with a veiled threat, telling Jake Tapper on CNN that there would be “consequences” for what the Saudis have done in shutting off the valves.

“There’s going to be some consequences for what they’ve done, with Russia,” Biden said. “I’m not going to get into what I’d consider and what I have in mind. But there will be, there will be consequences.” This is a president of the United States threatening another world leader in order to gain electoral advantage and it’s the kind of foreign-interference-in-election activity that the Democrat-led House of Representatives said President Donald Trump engaged in, which led to his first impeachment.

Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Faisal bin Farhan said the decision by OPEC+ was economic and was taken unanimously by its member states.

“The Government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia would first like to express its total rejection of these statements that are not based on facts, and which are based on portraying the OPEC+ decision out of its purely economic context,” the Foreign Ministry said.

The White House doubled down on linking Saudi Arabia with Russia:

“We believe by the decision that OPEC+ made last week, (Saudi Arabia is) certainly aligning themselves with Russia,” White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said at a Tuesday press availability. “And right now, this is not the time to be aligning with Russia, especially with this brutal, unprecedented war that they started in Ukraine.” 

The Saudi Arabia Ministry. of Foreign Affairs statement in full:

A statement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs regarding the statements issued about the Kingdom following the OPEC+ decision

An official at the Foreign Ministry in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia stated that the government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has viewed the statements issued about the Kingdom following the OPEC+ decision announced on October 5, 2022, which have described the decision as the Kingdom taking sides in international conflicts and that it was politically motived against the United States of America. 

The Government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia would first like to express its total rejection of these statements that are not based on facts, and which are based on portraying the OPEC+ decision out of its purely economic context. This decision was taken unanimously by all member states of the OPEC+ group.

The Kingdom affirms that the outcomes of the OPEC+ meetings are adopted through consensus among member states, and that they are not based on the unilateral decision by a single country. These outcomes are based purely on economic considerations that take into account maintaining balance of supply and demand in the oil markets, as well as aim to limit volatility that does not serve the interests of consumers and producers, as has been always the case within OPEC +.

The OPEC+ group makes its decisions independently in accordance with established independent practices followed by the international organizations.

The Government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia would also like to clarify that based on its belief in the importance of dialogue and exchange of views with its allies and partners outside the OPEC + group regarding the situation in the oil markets, the Government of the Kingdom clarified through its continuous consultation with the US Administration that all economic analyses indicate that postponing the OPEC+ decision for a month, according to what has been suggested, would have had negative economic consequences.

The Government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia affirms that any attempts to distort the facts about the Kingdom’s position regarding the crisis in Ukraine are unfortunate, and will not change the Kingdom’s principled position, including its vote to support UN resolutions regarding the Russian-Ukrainian crisis, based on the Kingdom’s position on the importance for all countries to adhere to the United Nations Charter, principles of international law, and the Kingdom’s rejection of any infringement on the sovereignty of countries over their territories.

The Kingdom stresses that while it strives to preserve the strength of its relations with all friendly countries, it affirms its rejection of any dictates, actions, or efforts to distort its noble objectives to protect the global economy from oil market volatility.

Resolving economic challenges requires the establishment of a non-politicized constructive dialogue, and to wisely and rationally consider what serves the interests of all countries. 

The Kingdom affirms that it view its relationship with the United States of America as a strategic one that serves the common interests of both countries. The Kingdom also stresses the importance of building on the solid pillars upon which the Saudi-US relationship had stood over the past eight decades. These pillars include mutual respect, enhancing common interests, actively contributing to preserve regional and international peace and security, countering terrorism and extremism, and achieving prosperity for the peoples of the region.


  1. The US needs to become energy independent so that we can leave the Middle East and then let Israel, Iran and Saudi Arabia figure it out.

    • Ah, Frank…

      We WERE energy independent until Biden raped the energy sector.

      The party and policies you seem to endorse were all in on it.

      Is this an admittance you were wrong?

  2. He apparently didn’t learn from Hunter that “consequences” are the dominion of a weak man. There’s something to be said for consistency though, eh? How did we get saddled with this retard? Really. It makes no sense.

  3. Good luck. OPEC is just doing what they can to prevent crashing prices driven by a global recession. Anyway, in a few weeks Democrats will hopefully face consequences for their regulatory driven production cuts.

  4. What a buffoon. This idiot put in the office of the corporation of the united states just goes to show how stupid they are. But who is more stupid, them or the people who follow them? Nothing but garbage. Yes, I am talking about Brandon.

    • Yes the left looks and is a bunch of clowns running this clown show. We very well could wind up in a war broke and without any friends for support. This is dangerous grounds we are on thanks to the left and if we fall the world falls with us and we can thank the left starting with the idiots behind Brandon.

  5. Our national consequence (Biden) is lecturing Saudi Arabia of consequences over cutting oil production? Rather than take responsibility, like a millennial who’s received participation trophies their entire life, he continues to blame others for the disaster he and his admin have purposely created. As soon as he took his ill-gotten seat in the House, he was ripping S.A. for murdering a “dissident”, Jamal Khashoggi. Don’t take my word for it but, Mr. Khashoggi had ties to Muslim Brotherhood and more (NY Times and several other sources). Saudi Arabia didn’t want what happened in Egypt to be repeated in their country thus… Kashoggi was “disappeared.” To think Biden and Crew can hypocritically bad mouth another country and culture and expect it to be ignored is flat out stupid. And, they are.

    • I haven’t read anyone who defends the dismemberment murder of a journalist. But there you go Brad, congratulations.

      • Lucinda, yes, thank you for bringing up dismemberment. I think you will find that this barbarous practice has now found acceptance here in America too. Sadly Kahoggi isn’t the only victim, seems parents now are encouraging their offspring to whack off their genitalia and or remove muscle tissue from their arms to “create” a new Penis for little Tommy or whatever they are.

        We’ve come a long way from the barbarous practice of corporal punishment in our schools, haven’t we!

  6. Nations will generally, if not always, act in their own best interest. Saudi Arabia has evidently concluded that Joe Biden can offer little or nothing (the fist bump was cute, though) that will influence them to favor the USA in their decisions on oil production. Whose fault would this be? Hint: it’s not Donald Trump’s fault, who had the good sense to lead the USA to energy independence. Biden now threatens Saudi Arabia with, “You know, man, consequences.” Joe is trying to swim in deep and turbulent water, when he should be restricted to a wading pool – under adult supervision.

  7. The current President suffers from dementia. But then, we already knew that.

    The approach is indicative of our biggest problem: Seeing every issue through American made glasses and imagining that the USA can, will and must control most things in the world. My view: The USA is both great and good, but not omnipotent. We hurt the cause of freedom when we over-reach.

  8. Think the Saudis give a damn about Biden’s “consequences”?
    Don’t f**k with a Biden vs. Don’t f**k with 1.5 billion Sunnis. What could possibly go wrong for America?
    What, Saudis gonna get impeached for messing with Russia?
    Maybe this is why we’re hiring 87,000 IRS agents… audit them Saudis right off the map, oorah!
    Want consequences, how about we ship a planeload of illegal aliens to the Saudi version of Martha’s Vineyard? That’ll show ’em who’s boss.
    Who knows, maybe Saudis and Americans should give a damn since insane Democrat and Republican politicians and their media stooges reached their historic agreeement on nuking anyone who annoys them, regardless of “consequences” to civilization in general and America in particular.
    Anyway, after we’ve nuked Russia and Saudi Arabia and deployed the entire FBI to subdue politically incorrect Americans, would it be okay to ask what’s next?

  9. On one hand there’s the radical left’s agenda for turning America into another failing communist sh**hole; then there’s the looming mid-terms.
    Decisions, decisions! Rock and a hard place! Biden is really screwing up Obama’s carefully woven plan.

  10. How dare the Saudis defy him?

    After all the crap he tossed at them, he really expected them to bail his sorry butt out?

    The Big Guy did this to himself by destroying the US energy sector and cozying up to Iran.

    It’s ironic. Grandpa spent 50 years working to become POTUS, and his legacy will be destroying the country and being the worst POTUS in history.

    • Got any evidence that Biden destroyed the US energy sector? Maybe look at a few annual statements from Conoco or BP or Hilcorp?

      • Profits are up at those companies.
        Know why? Supply is down. When supply goes down, with no change in demand, costs go up. A 6% profit margin yields a much higher profit when supply is short than it does when supply is high.
        The more destroyed the energy sector gets, the more money the oil companies will make.

  11. Perhaps SA is punishing Biden for manipulating the World market for oil with repeated releases of SPR oil? You can’t have it both ways.

  12. Biden as always claiming there be consequences for what they done. Fact no foreign leader fear Biden. Is well know among foreign leaders Biden is do nothing leader.
    Alaska need to become oil dependent on ALASKA OIL not foreign or lower 48 oil….
    “There’s going to be some consequences for what they’ve done, with Russia,” Biden said. “I’m not going to get into what I’d consider and what I have in mind. But there will be, there will be consequences.”

  13. Joe said it, no one f’s with a Biden. Our bug eyed senator is right there with him, why would any self respecting Alaskan vote for either

  14. EXSQUEEZE ME but don’t you have a limit or two like: having this thing called congress supposedly “approve” your consequence(s)? Just wondering…

  15. The only “consequences” of Biden’s threats to Saudi Arabia will be higher energy prices for Americans! This bumbling idiot’s failed foreign policy of regime change wars is uniting the world against the USA.

  16. Those “consequences” will likely be a new deal with Saudi Arabia’s main enemy, Iran. Kerry and Brandon will pull out all the stops to make this deal. How many more billions will Kerry feed into the mullahs’ Swiss bank accounts to make it happen?

  17. This country is being dismantled piece by piece and this is just one piece of the puzzle. It’s just too bad that oil production in the US causes climate change while oil produced in other countries does not. I still haven’t figured this out yet.

  18. He’s just marching us one step closer to the big one. He goes over there fist bumping with the sheiks, and before he knew it, they had grabbed him by the nutsack. These people aren’t worried about what brandon may or may not do. They know Brandon’s people will take him out if he gets crazy. He’s barely there anyway with dementia, high cholesterol and AFib. He’s just a bad fall away from being in a coma. He’s just trying to back up that don’t screw with me comment because he thinks he’s The godfather. In reality he’s just a grumpy old man that wears depends and takes two or three naps a day. He’s trying to get us into trouble but I think rationality will prevail.

    • Greg,
      Let’s examine this notion about somebody rational coming along and stopping Biden’s madness and averting a Nuclear War.

      Biden’s sanctions have apparently not hurt Putin and this war has kept on churning along with significant casualties on both sides. The U.S. is also suffering because of Biden’s sanctions and magnified by his idiotic Energy Plan domestically. So it seems Putin’s hand actually is strengthened by Biden’s miscalculations.

      Putin must have expected all this. His army seems to be no different then any other Russian Army throughout history, save for that time when Count William Fermor was in command and caused the Prussian troops of Frederick the Great to cut and run at the Battle of Zorndorf. Meaning that, Putin expects to win through attrition of the forces fighting for the Ukraine and by the timidity of the west. In defense of the west, who really wants a Land War in Russia? That is a loser, going back to the Swedes, Bonaparte and up to Hitler every invasion of Mother Russia ultimately got ground to pulp. Seems like negotiating and finding a resolution would be rational given the truth above.

      Biden’s handlers at this point must be somewhat desperate and are looking for options. The Germans are sick of the shortage of Gas delivered through Putin’s Pipeline. German Public sentiment is rising for ending the conflict and finding a settlement in the Ukraine. What to DO? Suddenly Biden handlers remember Old Joe’s and Victoria Nuland’s promise of blowing up Putin’s pipeline! Sure, that’s the ticket! Escalate the conflict while taking even more energy off the table for consumption. But hold on there’s more! After one irrational move after another, go humiliate yourself by begging the Saudis to up their flow to cover for your screw ups. What? The Saudis don’t wanna play ball? Well, that proves it, the Saudis are Russian Agents!
      You cannot make this stuff up, truth sadly is stranger than fiction. And Biden has the Nuke codes…

      The only thing that can bring this insanity to an end is if the American People vote on November 8.
      Vote like your life depends on it, because this time it really does!

  19. don’t you have a limit or two like: having this thing called congress to supposedly “approve” your consequence(s)? Just wondering…

  20. Biden asked a foreign government for a favor until after the midterms.

    Politicians and MSM couldn’t care less.

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