Listicle: Which Outsiders are the biggest funders of the Alaska Democratic Party? George Soros, Bankman-Fried, LinkedIn


FTX ex-CEO Sam Bankman-Fried, who took millions from investors and gave it to Democrats and Republicans like Sen. Lisa Murkowski, also donated nearly $10,000 to the Alaska Democratic Party in 2022.

Sen. Lisa Murkowski received maximum amount from FTX crypto crook

The Alaska Democratic Party is by far the richest political party in the 49th state and has done most of its raising funds from Outside in this election cycle. Between 2021 and 2022, the party has raked in $1,597,580.45, compared with just $748,435.46 for the Alaska Republican Party for the same cycle, as reported at the Federal Election Commission.

For a party that only represents 13.5% of the voters of Alaska, that’s an overwhelming advantage in fundraising, and results of the 2022 election are proof. The party has convinced Alaska voters to elect Congresswoman Mary Peltola, who represents the party’s farthest left wing.

The more that $1.5 million represents just the ADP’s federal account, which can be used for almost anything in funding party operations.

The Alaska Republican Party, while outmatched in fundraising by the Democrats, raises nearly all of its money from inside Alaska. The largest donors to the federal account for the ARP are under $2,700 a year.

Bankman-Fried, the crypto-crook holed up in the Bahamas, wasn’t the only rich outsider who has been influencing Alaska elections through donations to the Alaska Democratic Party. George Soros, the Democrat mega-donor who funds Democrat operations all around the country, also donated $10,000. After Soros, Bankman-Fried is the largest donor to Democrat campaigns in this cycle.

A partial list of the biggest Outside donors to the Alaska Democratic Party this year:

$18,500 – Jennifer Duda, pediatrician, Palo Alto, California.

$18,600 – Kenneth Duda, Linked In Chief Technical Officer, Palo Alto, California.

$10,000 – Reid Garret Hoffman, chairman LinkedIn, Palo Alto.

$20,000 – Democrat Rep. John Trone and his wife; Maryland.

$10,000 – Stacy Schusterman, heir to an oil fortune, Sampson Energy Co., Oklahoma.

$10,000 – Fred Eychaner, CEO of News Web Corp., Chicago, Illinois.

$10,000 – Joey Kaempfer, real estate developer, Virginia.

$10,000 – Deborah Simon, shopping mall scion, Indiana.

$10,000 – George Soros, investor, New York.

$9,756 – Sam Bankman-Fried, CEO Alameda Research, subsidiary of FTX, Nassau, Bahamas.

$9,270 – George M. Marcus, Marcus & Millichap, Palo Alto Real Estate, California.

$9,900 – Kevin Rowe, K. Rowe Investments, LLC., Santa Fe, New Mexico.

$8,700 – Michael Carter Mathieu, Front Seat Web Development, Seattle, in-kind data analytics.

$7,200 – Eric Schmidt, manager, Hillspire, Anaheim, California.

$7,127 – Federated Indians of Graton Rancheria, California.

$7,127 – Arthur Blank, Blank Family Businesses, Georgia.

$9,300 – Glen Tullman, CEO, Transcarent, Chicago.

$6,440 – Seth Woodbury MacFarlane, actor, Hollywood.

$5,204 – Puyallup Tribe of Indians, Washington.


  1. Where the list of Republican donors? Including the donors who give straight to the candidate, the dark money funds used by PACs, including the Dunleavy staff members who also do double duty on the PACs and direct their advertisements. Time to kill off Citizens United and get the money all out in the open.

    • That’s exactly what the Guv said – he was not against large money donations, he just wanted every donation to be reported. So kill off anything that gets in the way of this, like Citizens United and similar groups and let Freedom roll! Until that happens, groups like Sixteen Thirty Fund will sneak under the radar.

  2. Seth MacFarlane, noooo. Why do Californians want to meddle in Alaskan politics?

    This doesn’t include the Mitch McConnell or Sixteen Thirty Fund money that was pumped into our recent election. Gross.

  3. Leftists, Communists, Globalists, Totalitarians. Works for them, … long as they have their multi-million dollar personal bank accounts, they have power, and none of the rules apply to them.

  4. What’s the issue: are the democrats playing the game of Monopoly better than the republicans? What do the republicans have to complain about–being out smarted? It’s time that the Alaska Republican Party start gearing up for the next election. Maybe it’s time to hold a few wine tasting parties to come up with some real money. Come on, nothing is gained by complaining about being out played by Soros and Bankman-Fried! Alaskans aren’t so back-woodsy that we can’t beat a couple city slickers at poker: we need dealers that are willing to pull aces from the bottom of the deck!

  5. The issue is mainstream media. This dark money flows and flows with nothing said or written. Meanwhile, if the Republicans were to receive large donations there would be the Democrat battle cry. “Our Democracy is being taken, Nazis, Fascists, Ultra Magas, Racists, Homophobes….the rants would never stop and would run 24/7. Sadly, there is a huge portion of our population that believes all this.

    • The corrupt corporate propaganda-spewing media is NOT “mainstream”! They are, to a person, entirely co-opted and controlled by evil and totalitarian pro-globalist, pro-technocratic, pro-tyrannical elites. It is a lie and an insult to refer to them as “mainstream”.

    • Can’t blame anything on Dunleavy, he’s the best governor on the west coast The least the less corrupt also.

  6. The $ amounts listed are peanuts compared to the $100’s of millions in dark money PAC’s with anonymous donors

  7. Dunleavy said donors should be able to give as much as they want.he does not support legislation to cap contributions. Funny how this does not always work in your favor.

  8. What I would like to know is who is funding “Alaskans for Better Elections”
    They sure seem to have buckets of money to spend on ads telling everyone that elections “always” take weeks to get counted.

  9. I’m disappointed to see that Soros only contributed 10,000. I thought he was pulling all the strings, but turns out he’s just a minor player.

  10. Interesting that Mitch McConnell can spend $9 million in this state, and millions in other states, to keep his job and the jobs of his cronies. We need to figure out how to stop this, as it’s not in Alaskans, or the country’s, best interests.

  11. Wow. Didn’t know this.
    And guess which of these just put me on Temporary Restricted for an FTX post. :-/
    (It may take awhile – a hearing or two in the new House – for the FTX Ukraine link issue to develop enough to force mainstream media to cover it, I suppose.)

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