Ottawa police videotaped using horses to trample Native Mohawk woman on a walker at Freedom Convoy


Footage on social media shows unrest continuing in the Canadian capital of Ottawa, as police have moved in horses, have smashed truck windows, and arrested more than 200 people involved in the Freedom Convoy, a trucker-led protest against government tyranny.

As many as 60 vehicles have been towed, according to official reports.

Ottawa Police wrote that they will financially ruin and prosecute anyone involved with the protest, essentially making protest illegal in Ottawa and enacting ex post facto law, punishing people for their political beliefs.

“If you are involved in this protest, we will actively look to identify you and follow up with financial sanctions and criminal charges,” Ottawa police said.

One woman was trampled by police on horseback who barged through a crowd standing in protest on Friday. The woman, a Native woman who was on a walker, was seriously injured, according to the police’s watchdog agency, the Special Investigations Unit. She is recovering in the hospital. She was filmed saying, “This is what we are doing it for. So we can have peace, and love and happiness,” just before she was trampled by the horses.

Police trample Canadians in Ottawa on Friday. The Native woman using the walker can be see on the ground after being trampled.

“At approximately 5:14 p.m. (Friday), there was an interaction between a Toronto Police Service officer on a horse and a 49-year-old woman on Rideau Street and Mackenzie Avenue. The woman has a reported serious injury,” the SIU said in a statement.

The Ottawa police said that was misinformation and that law enforcement have used lawful and safe tactics. Meanwhile, the Washington Post reported that the protest was by white colonialists, even while posting an illustration of mixed-race protesters.

Protesters are posting the images of what is happening on the ground on Twitter and TikTok. Must Read Alaska is refraining from posting these videos on our Facebook account because of the real possibility that our account would be shut down by censors. On Twitter, videos have been released showing police beating up people. Businesses in downtown Ottawa have been forced to close.

Massive protests were under way in Toronto, Quebec City, and Calgary on Saturday as Prime Minister Justin Trudeau tries to contain the protest by brute force in the nation’s capital, where provincial police officers have removed their name tags and badge numbers from their uniforms.


  1. Must Read Alaska is refraining from posting these videos on our Facebook account because of the real possibility that our account would be shut down by censors.
    Wake up people! This is the world the left and their big tech allies are forcing on us. They’re even saying freedom is a white supremacist concept now while the woman trampled by the police horse who was standing up for freedom is a Mohawk Indian. We have to put a stop to this crap!

  2. Canada’s blackface PM has declared our neighbor to the North a nation like China and The Third Reich where racism flowers. What’s puzzling is that the “American” regime in Washington hasn’t even given lip service to opposing that. Much less closing the border and imposing economic sanctions.

    And that regime thinks it might continue to ignore their regime of fear?

    Please don’t show them, in November, that they have it right!

  3. I think most folks realized this would come to blows once Trudeau disappeared claiming to have Covid. Apparently his need to save face is more important than the rights of Canadians to pursue their livelihoods freely. Canada is proving to be the prow of the Communist ship, and if it fails, once again, communists will be revealed as what they are: inhumane and antithetical to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

  4. Wow, what ever happened to minority rights and the #MeToo movements? All gone. Remember what happened here when we had horse mounted law enforcement trying to protect our border? And, they will always demonize those of non color as the culprits when actual video shows different. It’s the same evil forces at work. Yes, this is coming our way very soon as Biden encourages Trudeau to take these measures.

  5. You can simply Destroy the deep state if all Patriots pulled their money out of the banks and go to the old fashioned safe! They are deliberately destroying the federal reserve debt note by debt, hints the inflation/Devaluation of our money! Get your cash, gold and Silver in your possession before you can’t and the hyper inflation hits, we are close my friends! In the end the Globalist world economic forum and UN are trying to get control of the world currency! Controlled bankruptcy demolition of the economy is happening and there is no stopping it.(Death spiral)is in progress! We win when patriots learn the root of all Evil is the love of money, shut down the banks, when the federal reserve offers Digital dollars, we say no and go back to a metals backed currency from the treasury and audit and prosecute the federal reserve (private corporation) and stick them with Americas debt because it was deliberate act of Treason to weaken the US dollar as the world reserve currency

  6. The third video raised some red flags for me. It looks like a setup. I don’t know that it is, but the chanting and ranting looks and sounds staged and tendentious. F’rinstance, the voices calling out the horse mounted police “Look what you’ve done!” instead of attending to the woman who was either jostled or pushed, not necessarily intentionally pushed, into the path of the oncoming horses. Most people that I know would try to help her to safety rather than rant at the rider, who might not even be aware what happened.
    There are certain risks involved with public demonstrations. I’ve been to a few and I’ve participated in a few, but I knew when to cut my losses and retire. When horse are involved, no matter how well trained, they add an unpredictable complexity to the equation. Perhaps we all are to blame for the unfortunate outcome of this incident. Perhaps we are all to blame for the unfortunate outcome of the January 6th Capitol riot.

    • You obviously have never been around horses, and may be afraid of your own shadow. They are smarter than their riders and will not step on people. The Jan 6 riots were staged and promoted by the FBI and a fellow named Ray Epps. You need to investigate this before you make comments about it.

      • Apparently I may not be smarter than horses, but I am smarter than you. Why would the FBI be involved with Canadian operations, and where did you get your information, and why should anyone believe you?
        I’ve been stepped on by horses. It hurts. They didn’t mean it. So what?

        • you been stepped by horses…Average horse weight is 1200lbs plus the equestrian and equipment weight its around 1500lbs.It’s hurts???You ignorant child,it hurts to hit your toe to a table. When a horse step on you its worse than beeing run over by a small car.You can hear and feel your bones crushing and cracking.She is lucky to be alive.Not a big deal for Canada goverment ,they just “found”another grave with over 50 native children killed in cold blood.

    • Well! It is not smart to include horses during such a loud contentious gathering. These officers should known better. What WERE they thinking! They obviously weren’t thinking.

      • They were thinking that they were engaging with a politicized organization that was attempting to use their minions to promote their right wing political position.
        Pretty simple. Build up an emotional cause, rile up the believers. Blame the police.
        What’s not to hate.

    • On the other hand, why not rouse the rabble with emotional, anti-intellectual, anti-liberal memes to solidify the masses against those who wish to improve their lot? If you are a totalitarian advocate, what could possibly go wrong?

      • Homo, your description above perfectly describes any communication coming from the Democrat Party. Do you not see the irony here? Gaslight much? Thought so.

      • Your gibbering and blathering is meaingless and impossible to respond to in any intelligent manner. However, if any semblance of sense can be teased from your word salad here, you are correct in that it is those in the power establishment, and their enablers and bedfellows in the so-called “left”, who are the totalitarians here — and not just advocates of totalitarianism, but practitioners of it, as we are seeing from the Canadian federal government right now. Their criminalization and violent persecution of peaceful dissent literally defines the word “totalitarianism”.

  7. Police should never be militarized.
    Virtually every federal entity now has a law enforcement component (IRS, USFS, USFS, NPS, etc.) that can be martialized by the feds for a common purpose. This is something that the libs once vehemently spoke out against, but now that it is freedom marchers opposing a lib government and its mandates, they are all on board with a hardline government crackdown.

  8. She was pulled into it by the man in the beige coat who was grabbing her scooter when got caught between horses. Her race has nothing to do with the story aside from making for sensationalist headine. She got up and walked away and had her sore shoulder checked at hospital.

    Why aren’t you more angry at the occupiers that kept bringing the elderly and gets and children and putting them in harms way? She was there to get a headline

  9. If American truckers just had a synchronized shutdown for a day or two it would have a very large effect. We see what peaceful protests do. Truck just had mechanical issues. Sorry.

  10. When I saw this, it made my blood boil. The “stand with the blue” crowd- this would be a good time to do some serious soul searching.

  11. I respect a community’s law enforcement. But when the department works for Democrats, notice it acts like a pack of dogs. I am coming to the conclusion demonstrations, no matter how big, play very little changing anything. Having a personal relationship with specific leaders who can effect a desired change is best. The demonstrators should go home and take control at the local level.

  12. Strange how the protestors are declared white supremacists, while you have Canadians of every race and ethnic background participating in voicing their desire for freedom. This is just the beginning and I feel will come to our own country. Time to stand in front of the man and stand for freedom and your country.

    • Uh, probably not. How many First Peoples were advocating for replacing the existing government? Even if they did, and they might be justified to do so, it wouldn’t have anything to do with truckers and vaccines and whatever.
      Denali, just what do you think FREEDOM means? Do you have any idea of what it entails? Are you willing to make the financial and ethical sacrifices it requires, or are you in it for whatever pittance you can get out of it?
      I don’t need your answer. You do.

  13. Woman is a 49 year who claims Mohawk descent. She can occasionally be observed in and amongst the Protesters on previous days without the aid of a stroller. At the time of the incident she appears on video well back from the Police line with a long handed ice scraper attached vertically to a mobility stroller, the head of the scraper covered in plastic bags. At this point a group of Police horses two abreast pass between the Police and Protester line, a man in brown canvas horse engaging with the sixth horse and the woman with the stroller/ice scraper then engaging in an altercation with the seventh horse. It would appear as if she was pushing the stroller under the horse.

  14. So, for the FIRST time ever, Facebook has banned my account for 24 hours. I have NEVER had this happen as I DO NOT VIOLATE Facebook’s rules. Anyone who knows me knows this. They claimed it was over a post I wrote where I told a guy he was using playground antics and if he didn’t want me to reply, he could just stop replying to me. It couldn’t be that it’s because I’ve shared so much info on the Trucker Convoy in the last week, could it?

      • It’s not that I care so much about Facebook. I care about my group. I’ve had the group since before FB and lost many members when that platform crumbled. I’d love to find a reliable platform that will last decades without all these petty disturbances (that’s putting it politely). I need that platform to be dependable and easy for people to reach, i.e., not just easy for people who can afford iPhones.

  15. The writer engages in leftist ideology by implying the victim’s Mohawk heritage makes the story more relevant.

    • As Wayne engages in Right Wing ideology by attempting to divert attention away from the woman trying to injure the police services animal by impaling it on an ice scraper attached vertically to a mobility stroller. The consequences being serious injury to the animal and quite possibly to both the Police and Protesters alike.

      • John, clear your eyes please. I never tried divert attention away from the woman; rather, I am saying only observe her conduct as a human being and not as a Mohawk woman.

    • The relevancy is in the fact the left prides itself on protest as form of democracy and the protector of minorities.

      Right up until it’s inconvenient.

    • Wayne Douglas Coogan,
      I forgive you for the lapse of critical thought posted above, you are absolved of your sin young grasshopper.
      As a condition of your absolution you must first read the many statements by one, Justin Trudeau, or now perhaps better known as Baby Doc Trudeau, regarding who the Truckers and their fellow protestors are. Baby Doc painted them all with the broad brush of White Supremacist and that Greek word for being a woman hater, Misogynist, that’s it and perhaps worse of all that these Truckers, the heart and soul of Canada were actually minions of Donald Trump!
      You see, grasshopper, it was an important element crafted in Suzanne’s story to mention that the woman was in fact a Native and well, a Woman with a walker. Surely you can comprehend this now. Go in peace and remember that there is no condemnation with God, only grace. Call me next time before you post!
      As always your Obedient Servant

  16. It’s just a brown woman. Worse, a native one. The left hasn’t given a damn about them since….ever.

    Why start now?

  17. take heed of this conservatives this is what back the blue gets you. the boys in blue are loyal only to those who sign their pay checks they’ll be the first to silence you, confiscate your guns and trample any humanity out of you at the beck and call of their masters when you make them the slightest bit uncomfortable. Its already happened here with installed authoritarian austin quinn sending the APD to shut down kriners for selling burgers.

  18. Wow, Suzanne. So you’re full blown anti police now? Will this change when the next BLM riot gets police response?

  19. What a bunch of sissies that have posted in response to this article. It’s a damned good thing that none of you are in a position of significant responsibility as you could and would be compromised by anyone.

    In this case we have a few hundred idiots in trucks led by a politician that think it’s funny to create a public nuisance and ignoring them is not possible. If they want to walk around on a sidewalk with a sign; great, more power to them. If they want to force their opinions on others by crippling the public transportation routes… noop. Drag their fat asses out of the truck and rub a few knots on ‘em. Do it with a horse if you like. They’re not protesting, they’re subjugating a government to their own poorly conceived will.

    • Trouser Bark….I may not agree agree with what a person may say, but I will defend their right to say it. In this case I totally agree with what you are saying and will defend your right to say it!

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