Changing science? As civil unrest grows, Democrats back down on masks, vaccine and booster requirements


The Covid science is evidently changing at a dizzying rate. So much so, that universal mask mandates, primarily found in in Democrat-run states, are beginning to disappear.

In New York, the state government has said it won’t enforce the state order that health care workers get Covid-19 booster shots, because that could lead to worsening staff shortages. Gov. Kathy Hochul, a Democrat, lifted the universal mask mandate on Feb. 10.

In Washington state, Democrat Gov. Jay Inslee has set March 21 as his target for removing the mask mandates for most indoor settings. That includes schools, stores, gymnasiums, and food service establishments. But King County, home of Seattle, is not lifting its mask mandate and although the vaccine passport orders will be loosened statewide, King County may have its own rules. Currently, people must show their vaccine passports in order to enter many establishments in the county, including restaurants and bars. Masks will still be required in health care settings, on buses, and in taxis and ride-sharing vehicles statewide.

In California, Gov. Gavin Newsom’s indoor mask mandate expired Feb. 15. Those who are unvaccinated for Covid must still wear face coverings when indoors in public, and mask are required in health-care settings and schools. The state of emergency continues, giving the Democrat governor vast powers.

Connecticut Democrat Gov. Ned Lamont said the school mask mandate will be lifted by Feb. 28, but school districts can keep their mandates in place at the local level.

Delaware’s mask mandate for businesses ended Feb. 11, but students kindergarten and older must continue to wear masks until March 31, according to Gov. John Carney’s order. Carney is a Democrat.

In Illinois, Democrat Gov. JB Pritzker’s indoor mask mandate was struck down by an appellate court on Thursday. The court said local jurisdictions and school districts, such as the Chicago Public Schools, can continue to require masks.

Nevada’s Democrat Gov. Stephen F. Sisolak lifted his statewide mask mandate on Feb. 10.

Democrat Gov. Philip Dunton Murphy of New Jersey, said students and school staff can stop wearing masks on March 7.

In Washington, D.C, police officers will not be able to take leave next week as a truckers’ protest convoy heads to the nation’s capital. The D.C. police force is planning a robust response to the trucks that are arriving from across the United States, after truckers in Canada shut down that nation’s capital for three weeks.

D.C.’s mask mandate expires Feb. 28 and Democrat Mayor Muriel Bowser appears to be ready to let it expire rather than extend it, especially with truckers expected around March 1.


  1. Just curious about the quickly changing views of the “highly intelligent class “ like Mike pacarro, dr kisiling, etc
    Play back their podcast and listen to how many of their views have changed, and pay particular attention to who they censured, and what information they refused to give airtime to.
    Disgusting and dangerous

    • Ditto, I dropped mike Porcaro because of his lunacy over the plandemic. It’s too bad I used to like his show plus he’s local vs. the national shows, but I just couldn’t stand him cutting off and refusing to listen to non vaxxed or non-covidiot listeners. He kept going on and on about “the science”, the most unscientific argument ever made.

    • I’m glad people are starting to see this Dave. These establishment Republicans don’t even have the basic self-preservation of a chicken.. all of them were wrong from day one

    • I can accept changing opinions. What bothers me is the arrogance. “I know better” than you because….the reason changed daily as needed.

  2. Let’s all face it: from the very beginning of the Wuhan Virus panicdemic, there has been precious little actual “science” directing policy responses to this wildly exaggerated and corporate-media-fearmongered situation; what we have seen instead is an Orwellian control agenda instituted, and institutionalized, under the rationalization of “public health”.
    Nevertheless, the innumerable lies, crimes and self-serving control campaign of the powers-that-be is being steadily ‘unmasked’ and delegitimatized, despite the best efforts of the sociopaths in control and their lackeys in the completely corrupt and discredited corporate media.

  3. It was settled a year ago. “Settled.” I’m a scientist, trained in forensic anthropology and archaeology. I never heard the word “settled” in any research or scientific discussion ever in my life until “Science” got taken up as a talisman in politics. I’ve been saying for at least 20 years now “beware when science gets in bed with politics.” Now we see it. Observable realities are not political weapons, and should never be used as operatchiks (sp?)for the establishment. There is nothing but hypocrisy that can result. And this is exactly what we have seen occur before our eyes since the introduction of this “novel” virus back in December 2019.

    Do yourself and everyone else a favor and VOTE OUT ALL POLITICIANS WHO HAVE EXERTED “SCIENCE” AGAINST YOU! Do it for the good of all of us, PLEASE!

    • The last time science was “settled” was when the sun revolved around the earth.
      And just as with all the so-called “settled” Covidian Cult science, one risked the full wrath of the establishment for suggesting otherwise.

  4. This article falsely suggests that public protests over pandemic restrictions is the primary reason that restrictions are being lifted. The pandemic-related restrictions have been gradually easing since 2020. The greatest restrictions occurred under the Trump administration, at the beginning of the pandemic. Since then, the population has acquired some immunological resistance to the virus, thanks to the successful development of effective vaccines, and the recovery after infection of tens of millions of Americans. We are very lucky that the recent omicron variant was both highly transmissible and fairly benign, because it helped create another layer of immunological resistance within the population. In addition, the recent development of effective anti-viral therapies means that in the near future, there will be readily available effective medications to treat those who get infected. These medical developments, rather than public protests, are the reason that restrictions are being eased. However, I agree that the public is ready for this pandemic to be over, and that politicians are responding to this sentiment. Part of this sentiment change is fueled by the conclusion that those Americans who still refuse to be vaccinated have been given ample opportunity to do so. We’ve reached a point where those who refuse to be vaccinated have made their decision and we need to move on. There will undoubtedly be future variants of the virus, and some will be more lethal than omicron. Hopefully, those won’t kill too many of the unvaccinated public who have been mislead by anti-vaccine propaganda.

    It will be interesting to see whether the insurance industry takes vaccination status into consideration in the future. For example, insurers might charge a higher premium to the unvaccinated for health or life insurance, or exempt the cost of hospitalization from coverage if you aren’t vaccinated. Since it is well-established that the unvaccinated have a much higher risk of being hospitalized if they get Covid, being unvaccinated is similar to being a smoker. Smokers have much higher chances of developing cancer and cardiovascular diseases, and life insurance companies typically charge higher premiums to cover smokers, or refuse to insure them at all.

    • No, Rick, as usual for you radical leftists, your every assertion is a complete inversion of reality.
      In the future, I have no doubt that it will be you so-called “vaccinated” (“so-called” because the Wuhan Virus jabs are NOT vaccines) who will be charged higher premiums, if you can even get insurance at all, due to the manifold damage that your unsafe, experimental and immunologically ineffective jabs are already causing to those who have naively and/or ignorantly received them, damage which will likely significantly if not radically expand and be made even more obvious in the coming year or two. Damage and deaths that will be so obvious that even the corrupt and discredited corporate media that you so naively believe will be forced to acknowledge it.

      • And, as usual, jefferson is ranting to the anti-rational crowd, who will applaud his empty repudiation of the Rick explanation for why this is all playing out as it is.
        jeff starts every post to a comment with “…radical leftists…” and “…complete inversion of reality,” but has no point of reference from which to establish his somewhat blunted point of view. Such is the ploy of those who have no legitimate response.
        Other than, “FREEDOM!,” the call of the wild in a pseudo-democratic society.
        Once again Jeff, Thomas has called and wants his name back.

      • IQ among humans is distributed along a bell curve, with an IQ of 100 being average. That means that half of the population has an IQ below 100. Medicine, virology, and epidemiology are complex fields requiring intelligence well beyond the grasp of most people. That is why it is so easy to dupe them into believing delusional conspiracy theories, like those you frequently espouse in your comments on this website Jefferson. Americans have grown weary of snowflake conservatives who act as though wearing a mask while in a grocery store or on a plane is so onerous that they should be compared to the Jews massacred in the holocaust. Most agree that it is time to end most pandemic related restrictions that were imposed by both Republican and democratic politicians. But that is because of the successful development of vaccines and medications, not the delusional rantings of the Covid snowflakes,

        • Rick, you are engaging in the specious fallacy of “credentialism”, trying to claim that those of average or even above-average intelligence have NO right and NO claim to speak to matters on which they are not experts.
          No, I am not a doctor or an immunologist. But I do not need to be either, or anything else in particular, in order to see the glaring falsehoods, frequent contradictions, rampant illogic and mendacious propaganda that has been foisted on us by the political establishment, the corporate media and the medical-industrial complex in their coordinated fearmongering campaign, and obvious control agenda, surrounding the Wuhan Virus.
          What has been most discouraging to me throughout this entire Covidian Cult insanity has been people like you, Rick, who ignorantly, blindly and spinelessly lap up every bit of the intellectual vomit spewed by those in power without the slightest questioning or examination, without exercising the slightest degree of skepticism, critical thinking or logical an analysis. I knew that our present societal situation was bad, but I never realized until the last two years just how many Americans, and people in general, are so profoundly intellectually lazy and morally spineless. In your blind faith in the completely corrupt, self-serving and sociopathic power structure, you are like gullible little children who still believe in Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny.

          • What? There is no Santa Claus?? Next, I suppose you’ll tell me Elvis is dead.
            Here’s a challenge for you Jeff. Prove there is no Santa Claus. If you can’t, I will hold you to saying something isn’t true that is. We have lots of evidence; presents under the tree, NASA tracking the sleigh, widespread reporting of Santa sightings around Christmas time.
            Then, try to do the same with Elvis.
            Then, try it with God.

    • The only propaganda I’ve seen is main stream NPC chant of “The vaccine is safe and effective” or “your mask protects me my mask protects you”
      Or “we’re all in this together” or “ The vaccine hasn’t harmed anyone” or “VERS data is unreliable” or “lock downs and social distancing stop the spread of covid” or “Masks are an effective way to stop the spread” or “Trust THE SCIENCE”

  5. It’s time for all this nonsense to end. I just got COVID for the second time, some fatigue and a sore throat. A little sick Thursday, tested positive Friday, feel good today. Get those masks off the kids. It’s making them miserable, impairing their learning, and causing skin problems.

  6. No, the science is not changing.
    This “pandemic” was never ever about science.
    It’s been about politics and grabbing tyrannical power for every step of the way, these past 2+ years.

    Now we are in the midterm season, and the Left knows they are on course to get slaughtered at the polls,
    so are making a showy pretense of giving back a trickle of your freedoms, that they never had a right
    to take from you in the first place…..

  7. “Changing science”? Right. The karens realize to continue on with this charade means very bad things will happen to them. It was never about the “science”, it was about your compliance and to see how far they can push you. If it was truly about the science, they would’ve mandated full faced respirators and bio-hazard suits.

    The drop of scamdemic mandates is about politics and getting re-elected. I don’t know about you, but I’m not voting for any idiot that went full-blown karen mask nazi vax death cultist. You want to dictate what I have to wear to go shopping, to travel, to go into a restaurant? Need a “vax passport” to live a normal life? No vote for you. You don’t need to be in public office.

  8. The trucker revolt in Canada put enough fear into the tyrants to give up on masks, but my bet is that they’ll fight quite a while yet on vaccine mandates on every front they can.

  9. About time
    There’s never been a clearer delineation :
    The liberals are all in on the government mandates
    The true conservatives have been fighting it for 2 years
    Big government / corporations/ pharma vs small business
    If you haven’t picked a side by now ?

    • Finally, the voice of logic from the fringe.
      Don’t let it go to your head, Masked. The English language is full of ambiguity. And obfuscation. And, well, you, especially, seem to know…

  10. of course, they back down? they can’t keep up with their own math….and their staggering lies to
    the people…and their plandemic…of socialism?

  11. I know it’s not something many people care to do, but looking to the past shows us many things that we can learn from. There are lessons to be learned and current times reflect how past pandemics were handled and how they ended. In some ways it’s fascinating how some on either side of the fringes just want to keep it all going, meanwhile the rest of us and the majority of people have been transitioning to the post pandemic times. California just announced that they are moving on to the endemic phase and claimed to be the first to do so, most states have been in this phase for over half a year if not longer. When we look at previous pandemics, this is how it works…people move on, we adapt, we get a layer of immunity. If you are pushing mandates or protesting mandates you’ve missed the boat and you are part of the fringe elements who have decided to drag this pandemic on as long as you can.
    It’s time to move on from the pandemic, this disease is endemic. If you want to believe it’s all fake and a global conspiracy then that’s fine but the vast majority of people don’t really care about your crazy ideas. If you want to believe that government knows how all this works and they can make it right then that’s fine but the vast majority of people don’t really care about your crazy ideas. The two extremes who believe these things believe the exact same things, but like arguing with each other more.
    Fanatics are by definition unreasonably and zealously committed to a cause. There are covid fanatics on both extremes, we shouldn’t let fanatics rule our lives.

    • The problem that you disingenuously overlook, Steve, is that it is only ONE side of the so-called “fringe extremists” who are trying, AND SUCCEEDING, in forcing their coercive, anti-scientific and totalitarian beliefs onto everyone else. Case in point: the self-declared dictator Trudeau, and what is happening in Canada right now.

      • Jeff,
        The problem that you have, as a fanatic, is that the facts do not support your beliefs. You, as a follower of these fringe beliefs, simply fail to accept the facts right in front of your face. You are taking part in trying to force your coercive, anti-scientific, and totalitarian beliefs onto everyone else…you do it with virtually every single one of your posts here. You are incapable of having a reasonable discussion, because you are fanatical. Fortunately you are as successful when you do this as those you rail against, that is to say not at all successful. In case you haven’t been paying attention what’s happening in Canada right now isn’t what anyone from either side would call a success…nobody is winning or scoring points.
        Rational people the world over can see that this disease is turning endemic, the fear and panic that people like you continually push for political reasons just doesn’t resonate with anyone but those on the extremes, the fanatics.

        • Stevo-O Wrote:
          In case you haven’t been paying attention what’s happening in Canada right now isn’t what anyone from either side would call a success…nobody is winning or scoring points.
          You should take a look over at the news reporting kids on YouTube. Your analysis, is, as per usual, shallow and lazy. These guys have more viewers than any of your sources and speak directly to the left-leaning kids/audiences:

          • Here’s Russel Brand, a comedian who makes for a better, more informed, hard news reporter than ANY of your sources:

        • Steve, it is representative of your consistently disingenuous dishonesty here to accuse ME, the one advocating for freedom FROM mandates, as the one supposedly “forcing totalitarian beliefs onto everyone else”. In point of fact, it is those who are on YOUR side, the authoritarian, Covidian Cult side, who are the real and only totalitarians. Only in pure Orwellian logic can somebody such as myself, who consistently espouses freedom and liberty, be accused of “forcing” anything onto anyone else. That is nothing but a pathetically shallow and laughable attempt at victim-blaming. But I expect nothing less from an unhinged radical authoritarian leftist.

          • Jeff,
            Thank you for continuing to prove me right, fanatics can’t deal with the the reality of the situation. Your delusions are growing stronger by the day.

          • Face it, Steve, I have demolished your feeble lies, and all you have to fall back on is baseless insults and ad hominem attacks. How pathetic, and how typically radical leftist.

    • Uh, sure little Stevie.
      “Moderation in defense of liberty is no virtue.
      Extremism in defense of Liberty is no vice”.
      Your virtue signaling by taking the “middle road”.
      There’s 2 things in the middle of the road – yellow stripes and dead spruce grouse.
      Which one are you?…

  12. The problem is that we have a virus that is constantly mutating into new variants. Next, it has been proven that people can get the virus more than once. Natural immunity to the virus and vaccine immunity wanes fast and is not lifelong. Next, the virus has spread around the globe. This is what is making COVID-19 hard to eradicate. This along with vaccine hesitancy is why we cannot reach herd immunity. So Humanity has to make hard choices now because there is no path to a herd immunity ending. The real question is how do we mitigate reduction of severe disease and death while not socially imprisoning the population? This means the public will have to decide what level of risk to accept and that will not be zero. This is the crossroads we are at today, and why many are declaring the virus endemic or has an ongoing disease from here.

  13. Sleazebag politicians, phony “health experts, inept media and corrupt law enforcement officials, who enforced the tyrannical mandates, are all running scared now that the official Covid narrative is in tatters. In the digital age we live in today their day of reckoning will be assured with ample evidence. Someone commented earlier about Paccaro & Kisling – don’t let them walk back their earlier comments advocating against off label drug treatments for Covid & urging the use of a treatment that was almost certain to blow out your kidneys while doing nothing to fight Covid. There are people who will need to be prosecuted both criminally & civilly.

    • But of course, FFF, all the calls from establishmentarians and status-quo lackeys will be just the opposite: “We need to look forward, not backward”, in the infamous words of Obama in regards to the many crimes of, and usurpations of power by, the Bush administration immediately before him.

      • Jefferson, keep the comments coming. Don’t be dissuaded by those fanatics, they are probably reincarnated Romans. You know, the ones who burned down the library in Alexandria, Egypt, for spreading disinformation. By the way, your views are not “fringe, unscientific, or totalitarian,” as Steve-O falsely claims. I don’t know how he views standing up to totalitarianism as being totalitarian, he probably doesn’t even know himself.

        • Natural,
          It’s sweet that you think Jeff is somehow standing up to totalitarianism. How is he doing that exactly, by typing childishly mean words at anyone who disagrees with him in the comment section here? No Jeff isn’t standing up to anything, he’s using the words of a coward to repeat the same tired talking points over and over, while calling people names that he doesn’t have the ability to have a conversation with.

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