Watch as James O’Keefe, founder of Project Veritas, says farewell to staff after board ousts him


A dispute between the James O’Keefe, who is the founder and chairman of Project Veritas, and the board of the news-gathering organization has ended with O’Keefe leaving.

R.C. Maxwell, a spokesman for Project Veritas, wrote on Twitter that O’Keefe “was removed from his position as CEO by the Project Veritas board.”

Maxwell was the reporter on the sting that hit Sen. Lisa Murkowski’s campaign last summer, in which a campaign worker admitted that ranked choice voting was set up to ensure a Murkowski win.

One of O’Keefe’s most explosive exposés was his interview recently with a Pfizer executive, who admitted on a secretly placed camera recording that the drug company was engaged in “gain of function” research on the Covid virus and that the vaccine made by the company has an effect on women’s menstrual cycles.

Last week, O’Keefe was put on paid leave. According to a supposed internal memo obtained by left-leaning news organizations, O’Keefe had been mean to his staff, with one staffer complaining O’Keefe had become a “power drunk tyrant.”

Another allegedly wrote, “I would describe Project Veritas’ current environment with this saying: ‘The beatings will continue until morale improves.’” The statements, however, are purely hearsay, and many supporters of O’Keefe say the organization will not exist without him.

“There is no Project Veritas without James O’Keefe,” Candace Owens wrote on Twitter. “I say this as a donor to the organization, but more importantly as a colleague who watched him pour everything he had into PV over the years. The money and supporters will follow James.”

Project Veritas’s board of directors wrote, “Despite what the Corporate Media tries to portray about our organization, know this: We have never been more motivated and dedicated to our mission than now.”

O’Keefe said, “Our mission continues on. I’m not done. The mission will perhaps take on a new name.” And several of the influencers who helped raise money for the mission are, apparently, asking for their money back from the organization, as they feel a personal loyalty to O’Keefe.


  1. Please keep us updated on this. Cannot imagine Veritas without James O’Keefe and will remain in HIS thankful audience.

  2. I’ll be surprised if it’s as simple as a power struggle. My guess is the board has gone (or been convinced to go) soft.

    He’s skewered a lot of sacred cows. A lot of them. Bound to have made powerful enemies.

    • And funny how this sudden ouster of O’Keefe from PV just coincidentally coincides with his very recent, and utterly damning, release of information from Pfizer about their unsafe and ineffective so-called “vaccines” for the Wuhan Virus.
      There is apparently no limit to the level and degree of lies, deceit, deception and establishment propaganda surrounding the entire sordid Covidian mass campaign of fearmongering and power-grabbing by the powers-that-be, one of the greatest crimes against humanity in history.

    • You’re not allowed to mention the Project Veritas board for the same exact reason Kanye West had $2 billion taken away from him and his personal trainer threatened to permanently drug him and take away his children.
      These are facts, but we’re not allowed to talk about bits of verifable information for some reason.

  3. I watched his whole speech today. I believe what he had to say. Project Veritas is dead without James O’Keefe. He was the heart and soul of it. They made a huge mistake.

  4. There is ample compensation available for those who go soft today. Good men who do nothing are rewarded with the appearance of peace…for a time. But only for a time.

    • Good legislators would not condone Project Veritas anymore than FBI, or DOJ covert actions. The best governments are transparent, that should also apply to all forms of media and organizations.

      • Wow, ‘frank’! Just WOW!
        Are you truly so depraved that you condemn honest whistleblowers and truth revealers? Are you actually that much of a sycophant to a corrupt ruling class? Are you really so vile that you attack those who put their very lives at risk to bring to light the perfidy and evil of those in power? Just wow!

  5. So, they replace James O Keefe – the guy that single-handedly destroyed Obama’s ACORN cash cow with a ridiculous pimp costume – with a Jewish Goldman Sachs banker? What a f’n joke.

    Big Finance isn’t even trying to hide the fact that they are going hollow out and wear that organization as a skinsuit, grifting the former audience until they crumble. Look forward to doughy ‘Conservative Inc.’ banker types with he/him pronouns pretending to emulate the same values and fire O Keefe brought to the table.

    Same formula they used with Drudge Report.
    Couldn’t beat Drudge, so bought him out and turned it against the populist right, just in time for the 2020 election.

  6. Just like we all will find out if more women are barren and how many little girls they find our
    were impacted. Problem with barren women is she do anything to get pregnant even freaky experiments.

  7. Funny how it happens right after some Pfizer idiot gets caught by James.
    Now I just have to say something here. Remember way back when, when all of you Commie jacka$$e$ and the Commie jackA$$ governments of the world were forcing and threatening all of us with the poison shot mandate. Yeah, do you remember that, because I sure do. Now go watch that Pfizer idiot that James caught, and just remember those were the kind of people you were taking your lead from. Take your fake science and shove it.

    Sincerely, a forever Unvaccinated citizen….

  8. I met James O’Keefe back in about 2015 when he was first beginning his effort to uncover fraud in our government. He has come a long way since then. His business model is something many conservatives should follow rather than writing “white paper” policies that sit on shelves, unread. He gets the attention of today’s “microwave” public to many issues by making a splash in the media. I hope he stays on his “beat” and does even more investigative reporting–little of which is done today by mainstream media.

  9. Seems to be the Board was given an ultimatum this morning. Voluntarily resign or the reporters loyal to James will resign as a bloc. Glad his reporters have his back.

  10. The level of paranoia and conspiracy in the comments here should be surprising but its par for the course for many of the commenters on MRAK. Have any of you ever heard of the concept of Occam’s Razor? From reading the replies on here, my guess would be no.

    • Apparently, you have not heard of Occam’s Razor yourself, C(ommunist)man. Because in this case, the simplest explanation is that the rot and corruption of the globalist deep state cabal has spread into the board of Project Veritas. Only the most gullible child, or the most disingenuous shill for the powers that be, would dare to claim otherwise.
      As for your specious use (and attempted conversation-stopper) of the word “conspiracy”, all I can say is that very often recently, and more and more often, yesterday’s “conspiracy theories” are today’s conspiracy facts. The Covidian campaign of terrorist fearmongering and poisoning via experimental so-called “vaccines” being just one of them, as demonstrated by the facts revealed by James O’Keefe which you, in your kneejerk defense of the sociopaths in the ruling class, dare not acknowledge and address directly.

      • You posit a theory that is itself, complex in the extreme with zero verifiable proof and you claim its the simplest explanation? Man, you are so easily triggered. Such an overly sensitive snowflake you are. As I have stated repeatedly, you just parrot the same paranoid delusions and provide zero evidence for them. Plus, you just cant help but reply to every comment I ever make. You should at least take me out to dinner first before insisting on being so intimate. You could just try to NOT reply.

        • Cman, I consistently reply to your posts because my sense of justice demands that I respond to dishonesty, disinformation, flawed logic and deceitful establishment propaganda, all of which figure prominently in your trolling here.

  11. Maybe someone should watch the Board’s personal bank accounts for the next 13 months. I wouldn’t be surprised if many have amazing windfalls for minimal work – like some in the Biden family have sudden windfalls, with minimal work.

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