Project Veritas blows open Ballot Measure 2 link to Lisa: ‘We had Sen. Murkowski in mind the whole time’


Project Veritas, an investigative journalism non-profit organization, released videos Wednesday of campaign staffers for Sen. Lisa Murkowski, who describe on tape how Murkowski was secretly supportive of the Ballot Measure 2.

The campaign staffers say that they and Murkowski consultants worked on Ballot Measure 2 and they had Murkowski in mind the whole time.

“She stayed quiet and honestly it was probably best she stayed quiet on that,” said Josiah Nash, Murkowski Interior campaign coordinator. “Between you and me, Ballot Measure 2 was actually created, I think, for two reasons. Number one, it was created because there were people in this state who wanted to see a better system, but they also wanted Lisa to get reelected. We’re being strategic with our messaging. Walking a fine line, I guess is what I’m saying, to try to get her elected.”

Emma Ashlock, another campaign coordinator, was recorded saying, “While we were working on Ballot Measure 2 and voting for Ballot Measure 2, we had Sen. Murkowski in mind the whole time.”

Ballot Measure 2 was designed by Murkowski surrogates such as her former campaign counsel Scott Kendall. It was sold to voters in 2020 as way to get rid of “dark money” from campaigns, but in actuality, it changed the election system so Murkowski could win reelection, since she has been censured by the Republican Party, asked to leave the party, and has a very low approval rating with voters in general. She would not be able to win another Republican primary, but Ballot Measure 2 took away the Republican primary from the Republican Party.

The campaign is between 19 people on the primary ballot, including Republican Kelly Tshibaka, Democrat Pat Chesbro and Democrat Edgar Blatchford. Tshibaka has the endorsement of the Alaska Republican Party.

The entire five-minute recording of Murkowski staffers is at this link:


  1. Murkowski is deceitful? Imagine that. If here voting record in the last 6 years doesn’t prove she’s a progressive then you shouldn’t vote. Everything you see and read from the left actually means the opposite. So progressive means regressive.

  2. Some jobs have an oath of integrity because they are dead serious jobs. Our founding fathers understood if a person swears to GOD and enter’s in a contact with GOD himself. That should be sufficient enough to keep one in line. Lisa murkowski and her staff if I was as exposed as all you are. I would be begging GODs forgiveness now. Oath duty and oath integrity is absolutely in GODs hands. GOD is watching team murkowski trample on.

    • Respectfully, you know as much about the Founding Father’s as my puppy. Washington, Jefferson (who owned a Koran), Madison, Franklin, Hamilton, and Paine were Deists. All supported religious freedom – especially for religious dissenters.

      Hence, the First Amendment to the Constitution:
      “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof…”

  3. Well, snap.
    Princess is corrupt. Who knew?

    Question is, was Porcaro conned or in on the concept?

    • Uhh, Fritz, we love your naivitae. Actually, Prop 2 was for Bill Walker too, because the majority of Alaskans don’t care much for pedophile enablers.

    • Good Lord, Fritz! Now you’re pettifogging! (And that ain’t no pun.) What was your position in the state legislature? Who was who? What was what? That’s what I thought!

  4. Democratic Machine politics still alive after all these years … who would of thought.
    Tammany Hall never went away and LM is tight with those “good old boys” in the smoke filled backroom.

    The Bank must be SO proud.

  5. While I deeply dislike the results of ballot measure two, I fail to see a ‘smoking gun’ here. Everyone and I think I mean Everyone knew already Murkoski was behind it and why.

    If you want real investigative journalism, go find out why the Republican Party of Alaska still tolerates Murkoski identifying herself as a Republican and why, on a National level the Republicans are supporting her and even allowing her to caucas with the Republican senate members.

    • As I understand it, they are unable to deny her the “right” to call herself Republican. I don’t get it, but it’s screwy enough to be true.

      As to why the GOP nationally supports her, that’s simple. They are as feckless as she is. The GOP is no different than the Democrats in their desire to rule and their contempt of the serfs under them.

  6. It absolutely comes as no surprise that Lisa Murkowski worked to implement Ballot Measure 2. She recognizes that her arrogant anti-Alaska votes in the Senate has plunged her to her very lowest favoribles in her political career. There are vast areas of Alaska Lisa dares not visit because she will get more than an earful of displeasure from her constituents. Of course, her colleague, Dan Sullivan, seems to think her aberrant Senate votes warrants his endorsement. Gotta support the incumbent no matter how what. Careful, Dan! You are on a lot of watch lists and your spineless actions will be remembered. But I digress. Murkowski’s sense of entitlement to “her” Senate seat demands that any gimmick is perfectly okay providing it produces enough chaos among voters to overcome her unpopularity. Unfortunately, Murkowski believes Ballot Measure 2 may be that rescuing gimmick.

    The obvious antidote to Lisa and her leftist world view, is Kelly Tshibaka. The most significant difference between Murkowski and Kelly is that Kelly is ten times smarter and competent than Lisa. Lisa doesn’t do well with complicated concepts. It has to be spelled out the her painstakingly. Lisa touts she is ‘powerful’ member of the Senate Energy Committee. In reality, Lisa is powerfully ineffective. Not much os a peep from her about the Biden regime closing down ANWAR. By the way Lisa, I haven’t read your statement about the raid on the Trump home. First time in history that a former president’s home has ever been invaded by a weaponized FBI. Those who chortle about how Trump somehow deserved this treatment fail to understand that we are now a third world country. Tyranny and abuse of power to go after political opponents. Even Dan Sullivan came out with a tepid and careful statement against the raid. We are waiting Lisa! So let’s put a stake in the heart of the Murkowski family franchise in the Senate. Turn the page and vote Tshibaka. It will rid us of Murkowski and send a message that election gimmicks are not what Alaskans want.

    • Seems like folks that think former President Trump’s country club residence being raided makes the U.S. a third-world country have this backwards–any country where a politician (or former politician) are exempt from the criminal code is not a democracy. No matter who we are as an individual, in the U.S. (in theory) you are not above the law. The judicial process should play out and if spurious or false information was used to obtain a warrant, those parties responsible at the FBI and DOJ should be held accountable. If the warrant and search are valid, let the evidence stand. That is exactly what any citizen should want for themselves or others–well, maybe not the guilty.

      • I was going to address your ridiculous comment with a rational counterargument, but I realized that you are either a fool or a disingenuous partisan.

  7. While this certainly is ugly and Scott Kendall is one of the nastiest people in Alaska politics, the voters approved this process. I gave actual money to the effort to defeat the initiative but never saw any advertising. IMO, ranked choice voting allows some people to vote twice – once for the candidate they want and then a second time for the candidate they do not like. Equal protection is violated when some – and only some – ballots are counted twice. That is not democracy. Judges that ignore that circumstance betray their oath and the obligation to render equal justice under law.

  8. Of course ranked choice voting and open primaries benefit more moderate politicians like Senator Murkowski. Project Veritas has been sued numerous times for defamation This story is a big nothing burger

    • Wow, MSM, thanks for that stale, garbage response. People who were exposed by Veritas sure them? No way! How many media outlets had to print retractions for making this same claims against Veritas. Stop communicating if you aren’t going to engage in an honest conversation.

  9. The most interesting part of that “Dark Money” ballot measure is that it actually exempted ballot measures from those dark money limitations.

  10. One of the people who pushed Ranked Choice Voting was Jessie Bjorkman and he is running for Miccicchi’s seat.Think about it.

  11. Finally the truth springs forth? Has
    Bernadette Wilson been revealed
    for WHO she really is, trying to speak in
    Murkowski’s behalf on this video? Lets not forget her association/radio show with disgraced Mayor Berkowitz. Furthermore, it sure looks like true GOP conservatives are as rare as snake sightings in Alaska. Might it be true that Lisa Murkowski, Nick Begich, Must Read Alaska’s Suzanne (sadly), Mike Porcaro (no surprise), Bernadette Wilson, and MOST of our so-called Alaska elected
    “Republicans” are one in the same? Maybe they are why Alaska is purple and well on its way to becoming blue? Truth is not always pleasant, is it?

  12. It’s my understanding that you do NOT have to rank choice. Pick your favorite then vote for that one only!

  13. So for me, the question of the day is, who wins if no conservatives vote? Would that rid us of Murkowski? Or maybe she would still win but be forced to admit she is a lib?

  14. There is no guarantee this helps Murkowski. It may, but those staffers may find this does nothing to help her.

    Top 4 primaries are dumb and not enough. It should be 7 or more. Or use Ranked Choice Voting for a huge general election without any primaries at all. RCV eliminates the need for these costly wastes of time.

    But it is a myth that RCV helps moderate RINOs or centrists. It helps the one who can get a majority of support. That isn’t always the centrist candidate.

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