Project Veritas, in Anchorage, says it has smoking gun on Murkowski and ranked choice voting ballot mess


Project Veritas, an investigative journalism nonprofit, landed in Anchorage this week and is doing a story about Sen. Lisa Murkowski and her ties to the creation of the ranked choice voting election system created by Ballot Measure 2.

The reporter for Project Veritas tried to show Murkowski a computer screen with what he said was an email that linked her to Ballot Measure 2. It’s unclear what that email said. The incident happened at the Americans for Prosperity event, where the group was paying for people to fill up their tanks.

The piece will run today online, the group says in the flyer above, not citing the time.

Murkowski’s former campaign legal counsel, Scott Kendall, was the driving force behind Ballot Measure 2, and it’s well known in political circles that the ranked choice system was created when Murkowski’s camp realized she could never win the Republican primary again. The ballot measure ushered in a “jungle primary,” robbing Republicans from being able to nominate their own candidate. The only reason Alaska has ranked choice voting this year is because of Murkowski’s reelection campaign.

James O’Keefe established Project Veritas in 2011 as a non-profit journalism enterprise to continue his undercover reporting work. Today, Project Veritas investigates and exposes corruption, dishonesty, self-dealing, waste, fraud, and other misconduct in both public and private institutions to achieve a more ethical and transparent society.

Project Veritas is controversial because they get at uncomfortable truths and often record people telling the truth, and they often record people secretly.

Notable Project Veritas interviews, from a list at Wikipedia, include:


  1. I absolutely love these guys because they are fighting for the truth that the fake news refuses to touch. James O’Keefe is a hero and deserves the gratitude of all Americans! Alaskan’s know Murkowski is corrupt but she keeps stealing her seat in the senate. I’ve said it before and will say it again. The Dominion Machines and or mail-in voting pushed Measure 2 over the finish line. Murkowski is a criminal and needs to drop out of the race!

  2. Wait…ranked choice robs us Republicans of being able to nominate our own candidate in the primary? Well, maybe – if there aren’t enough of us to get them into the top four. But, doesn’t it do the same to the Dems??

    • Possibly it does.
      However, I am seeing plenty of Lisa signs on lawns that normally support Democrats. It has been decades of Begich, Gross, Galvin, etc… but suddenly this year, they want to see a Republican in the Senate.
      Make of that what you may.
      My opinion, closed primaries is the only way to go. No one but a card carrying Democrat can vote for the candidate that will represent the Democrats on the general ballot, and same for Republicans/independents/AK independence/etc… If you are a non-declared voter, you get an issues only ballot.
      It is the only way to be sure the party is represented by a candidate selected by the party members.

  3. I told Lisa many times not to get mixed-up with Scott Kendall and the gangster Democrats. Lisa had a good run with Republicans and some centrists until Obama’s second term. Then, all of her zeal for progressives started rearing it’s ugly head. She loves the power and being around all of those important people now. She knows she can never win a Republican primary so she shopped the Rank Choice Voting strategy to Scott Kendall who works with Democrats and Leftists. Lisa would have never gotten into any law school if I hadn’t begged and pulled strings on her behalf when I was Senator. Lisa inherited the missing brains from my side of the family. Sorry fellow Alaskans. I really messed up big time by appointing Lisa.

    • Frankie, you always create a mess wherever you go. Sarah Palin beat you in 2006 for governor and look at the mess you created by getting her elected. And then Joe Miller came along and beat Lisa fair and square in 2010. We had to resort to getting our enemies…..Democrats… to vote for Lisa. Now our family name has been tarnished and my old Republican girlfriends have all left me. Thanks loads, Frankie. Old age was never so rotten.

        • Level 4 ain’t so great, even in a luxury suite. 24/7 care is more fitting for Joe Biden, that is, unless Nancy needs to escape. ??

          • The entire Murkowski family needs to be booted out of this state. I’ve never seen a more selfish bunch of hypocrites and thieves. From using Alaska’s money to buy a business jet for Frank, to globetrotting on the taxpayer’s dime.,………..for 42 years. WAKE–UP Alaskans. This family is comprised of takers, users, back-stabbers, and ungrateful
            turncoats. Bounce em out!

  4. Vote for Kelly T if you care anything about Alaska! She’s brilliant, experienced and not part of the political elite. She’s and independent thinker and cares passionately for the people of Alaska, the culture, the economics, the history, and the land. She is serving at her own personal sacrifice to come against big the political machine to turn things around.
    Please support her with a simple vote. It’s the very least you can do for Alaska.

  5. If you don’t know you’re being recorded than it doesn’t count. Same with stolen laptops, diaries, and hacked emails. All are automatically out of context.
    How many states have rescinded rank choice voting?

    • Doesn’t count in a court of law. Maybe
      However, when you do not know you are being recorded, you speak the truth.

  6. Lisa sounds like Jesse Kiel who also wants to change rules and put the Permanent Fund up for a vote and stick to the results. The formula for calculating the Permanent Fund Dividend payout to Alaska residents was already voted on and in place but Ex-Governor Walker decided to change the formula because, “elected representatives know how to better spend the money formulated under the conception of the Permanent Fund Program under Governor Jay Hammond!

  7. James O’Keefe is a real American hero! He digs and digs to get to the truth. Reminds me of the old “investigative journalists”.

  8. This should be very news worthy and ads run everywhere explaining how this scam happened.
    But…The MSM will remain quiet and the Rats will play it off as a conspiracy.

    Don’t vote for Murky Alaska!! Plain and simple!

  9. From the Alaska Division of Elections….you know the one appointed by a Republican Govonor and over seen by a Republican LT Govonor…

    “In the 2020 General Election, voters approved an initiative to establish a Nonpartisan Pick One Primary Election system and a Ranked Choice Voting General Election system.”


    i ZERO IN THE PART YOU IGNORE…”VOTERS APPROVED AN INITIATIVE..” it was the voters of Alaska across the state…

    This is the inconvenient truth of the issue….this article reeks of desperation and fear,

    • You know. I remember keeping a close eye on that vote, as well as the campaign that led to it.
      The ads supporting BM 2 were more about stopping “dark money” than about RCV. Oh, there were a few “if they do not have this drink in the shop, get me this one instead.” as if selecting the AK delegation was the same as selecting a snack.
      The entire ballot was misrepresented by the supporters, and the folks against it did a lousy job fighting it. If you remember the “fish guts” ad as clearly as I do.
      Now, that it is the law, I wonder how many people who voted for it will want to change their vote?

    • The voters were “conned” by Kendall and outside Democratic sneaks that want AK blue.
      How AK Republicans fell for this I can’t tell you.
      But it is AK Republicans that keep voting for the R next to Lisa’s name …. so they are fools I guess.

      I have never voted for the Banks appointed Princess
      We fought a Revolutionary War to rid ourselves of Monarchy.
      I have thrown my vote away (to Libertarians) over this fake Murkowski show.

      My nephew said “well sometimes you have to vote for the “R’ …. NO we don’t.

  10. If you are going to quote Wikipedia’s entry for Project Veritas, you should include the first paragraph, which reads: “ Project Veritas is an American far-right[16] activist group founded by James O’Keefe in 2010.[20] The group produces deceptively edited videos[15] of its undercover operations,[7] which use secret recordings[7] in an effort to discredit mainstream media organizations and progressive groups.[21][22] Project Veritas also uses entrapment[14] to generate bad publicity for its targets,[4] and has propagated disinformation[3] and conspiracy theories[30] in its videos and operations.

    • Wikipedia?
      The website that allows anyone to edit an entry without much oversight at all?
      The website that has clearly demonstrated they are in 100% for the leftists?
      Yeah…. I may quote from it sometimes, but I am certainly not going to assume anything written there is factual in any way. And, that includes the text I quote.

    • Yea …. undercover. The Left hides its agenda.
      You have to sneak in undercover to get the truth.
      You think these Marxist are going to own up to anything?
      They play our Democratic Party like a fine fiddle, allowing them to “grift” our system for personal gain while they give our kids & grandkids Communism.

    • PP, there is nothing, and I mean NOTHING, “mainstream” about the collusive and corrupt corporate media. It is literally just a state propaganda organ, and engages in nothing but pro-establshment, pro-status-quo shilling for the ruling class. Get your naive and ignorant head out of your butt.

  11. Congratulations WOW EXPOSED. Thank you for fighting for Alaskans of integrity. Lisa HOW DARE YOU. ABSOLUTELY SHAMELESS how HOOKED on POWER can one get. We love Kelly we want a change we demand no more fake Lisa. Lisa resign. The queen of the oath breakers gots to go. Kelly Kelly Kelly

  12. Even if Lisa and Scott deny their involvement in the Ranked Choice voting system, I will always believe that they were deeply involved because they knew that Lisa could not win the 2022 Republican primary because she has pretty much left the Republican Party behind.

  13. This will be truly delicious if the spotlight is shined on her and she cannot scurry away and hide under the refrigerator. I saw her at the Americans for Prosperity event at Mike’s Tesoro. She seemed to me to be awkwardly strutting around trying to be connected or take credit for the temporary subsidized gas like a grifter – when she bears was much responsibility for sky-high prices as the rest of the leftists in DC. A brazen act since it was her her confirming Haaland and others who hated oil exploration, development and production as much as Lisa hates Donald Trump. Please, Project Veritas, deliver the irrefutable evidence that connects her to the Senator Lisa for Life voting scheme.

  14. The unpleasant people in the Election Directors Office admitted reluctantly that the state is sending out batches of “new” voter cards because all the districts are wrong on the old voter cards. They HOPE everyone will receive their new voter id’s by the day of election or they won’t know the correct district to vote in. If you have a problem let your unknown legislator know since they may have changed too due to redistricting. The US Constitution is “on-line”. Blessed Assurance.

  15. What …no links to the lochness monster, sasquatch or godzilla interviews.

    Is this what passes for journalism.

    They also sue everyone who challenges their reporting.

    Suzanne, you’re better than this..
    I hope

    • When you cannot dispute the information presented, claim the source is invalid.
      Poor debate technique. I think that was below you.

  16. It is EASY to imagine that there is one and that they may have it.
    It is a “coincidence” that beggars belief that suddenly a voting system that mirrors LM’s close friend and confidant, Susan Collins (ME), is “narrowly approved” this past election. The Dominion and ES&S “vote tabulator” cheat has worked (here and around the world) reliably for the past couple of decades, and there was no reason to not utilize it in order to bring the RCV vote over the hurdle at the end of the counting. 20 years and trying for more into the face of a largely dissatisfied electorate smacks of something other than honesty…

  17. There is no way the special interests that actually control Alaska will allow Murkowski to be voted out. Every tactic will be used to insure she retains office. She is an essential placeholder for the Uniparty in Washington to maintain the tattered and fraying illusion that the US is a “democracy” protected by the safeguards of a Republic infrastructure. The resources and commodity wealth and the massive military base infrastructure of Alaska must be retained under the Uniparty control to effectuate the great re set and build back better schemes. The previous write in scheme was successfully accomplished against all odds, when Murkowski was rejected by the common Republican voters in favor of Joe Miller in the primary. The Ranked Choice Voting scheme was designed to manipulate the current environment. After the next 6 years there will be no need for pretense, as the US will be an impoverished 3rd world territory, with an extinguished and powerless middle class, exploited by global based corporations.

    • Realistically, you'll be needing more than the Constitution and a string of prayer beads when the new reality sets in! Realistically, you'll be needing more than the Constitution and a string of prayer beads when the new reality sets in!

      The U. S. Constitution! The U. S. Constitution! The U. S. Constitution! Keep it handy for talking points, but arm up for the time you’ll be needing extra “punctuation!” Remember, the Bible has been much longer than the Constitution and look at what good it’s engendered. Realistically, you’ll be needing more than the Constitution and a string of prayer beads when the new reality sets in!

      • Realistically, you'll be needing more than the Constitution and a string of prayer beads when the new reality sets in! Realistically, you'll be needing more than the Constitution and a string of prayer beads when the new reality sets in!

        Edit: “Remember, the Bible has been around much longer than the Constitution and look at what good it’s engendered.”

      • You do realize the Constitution is US Law, and the Bible is spiritual guidance, right?
        And, until the Constitution is amended, replaced, or a new country forms outside of it, it is still the highest law in the land. All other Federal laws MUST be in accordance with the Constitution.

  18. As soon as you think ranked-choice voting works in your favor, you will be all for it. Such hypocrisy.

    • This is the same reasoning that I tell my patients to use during mental illness therapy. It makes them feel good about themselves.

    • You seem to have knowledge of the future none of the rest of us do. How about this week’s lottery numbers?

      You’ve not been paying attention. Ranked Choice was unpopular long before Lisa was allegedly tied to it.

      One of the things people want to do in the constitutional convention is get rid of it.

      Your outrage is selective. As is your hypocrisy.

    • Ranked-choice voting works in favor of NO individual voter, Whidbey.

      It is a travesty from any direction of one individual, one vote.

  19. Really is anyone surprised? Are we going to protest out in front of these elections offices’? Let me know!!!

  20. PV truly doing important investigative work and journalism. So different then the alphabet news networks comrade.
    Same for MRA, thanks Suzanne ?

  21. Generally, no one should ever discuss having a “smoking gun.” Rather, they should simply reveal it to the world. Invariably, any lead-up descriptions result in a disappointment when the anticipated big reveal finally occurs.

  22. Why am I still in moderation for saying Porcaro, the leading proponent for ranked choice, was played?

    Is Porcaro scared ground? You can set your rules however you wish. Making them public would be helpful.

      • Can’t imagine having to “approve” each and every comment on MRAK daily! Whew!
        Just a thought: could comments be posted without approval and then “flagged” or “reported” by us, the readers, when there is inappropriate content?
        Let’s truly make this an “open” platform!

        In the words of a wiseman: Suzanne Suzanne Suzanne keep up good work. Channel 256 is a godsend!

  23. Hey! The second I ask if we’re not allowed to criticize Porcaro, I suddenly get out of moderation.


    Again: if there are things and people we can’t comment on, fine. Your site, your rules. Just make them clear and public.

  24. These are the same people who ran the fabricated voter scam in Pennsylvania. Now they are being sued for defamation. Not your above board citizen.

  25. I have been voting against Lisa the Lib for decades. With ranked choice voting, I will begin ranking her in last place. Vote conservatives in the top slots. Put the libs (including Lisa) at the bottom. Since Alaskans voted to pass this into law, let’s not get outsmarted by liberals. It shouldn’t be that hard, right? When both the Republican and Democrat parties came out so strong against RCV, I almost voted for it. In the end, I went against it because a lot of people I trust did not support it. But I’m not nearly as outraged as most conservatives at its passage. I suspect 3rd party candidates have a better chance under this system. I’m personally disappointed at how conservatives are acting like this thing is so hard to figure out. Here’s a tip, in the primary, spread out your vote for secondary candidates. This will help put more conservatives into the runoff.

  26. WHY is Bernadette Wilson running interference for Murkowski against The Project Veritas journalist?!?!?
    Suddenly, Americans for Prosperity seems very ‘suspect’ to me.

  27. I figured there were shenanigan’s afoot and Lisa at the head of it again. She is a globalist that needs to be replaced ASAP before she destroys the country with the Democrats.

    I will give Sarah another chance.

    Stupid voting system they came up with. Whay make it more complicated than vote for your choice.

    Good reporting for a change

  28. Could Murkowski’s campaign offices be the next target of an FBI raid for documents and e-mails pertaining to election meddling? Oh wait, we can’t call them raids anymore, can we? Investigation?

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