Cheap thrill: Over 2,300 gallons of gas sold for just $2.38 a gallon at popular Americans for Prosperity fill-er-up event


Americans for Prosperity hosted a two-hour fill-the-tank event at Mike’s Tesoro on Jewell Lake Road on Tuesday, where hundreds of cars lined up to get gas for the price it was when Donald Trump left office — $2.38 a gallon.

The purpose of the exercise was to remind the public that policies coming from Washington, D.C. have real impacts on Americans’ lives. Those who came for the gas were families, working people, military service members, and retired Alaskans. Cars included old pickup trucks and working vehicles to family sedans and compacts. Few, if any, late model vehicles were in the mix. This was an event for working-class people who are being hit the hardest by inflation under the current regime in Washington, D.C.

This summer, the True Cost Tour is stopping in more than 60 cities to connect people to the fact that this is Washington’s price hike: Consumers are paying more but getting less.

“Together, we can convince Washington to end wasteful spending, unleash energy abundance, and ignite innovation,” the group says on its website.

Americans for Prosperity State Director Bernadette Wilson and a crowd of about 50 drivers and volunteers counted down as the price on the sign in front of the station went from $4.99 a gallon to $2.38 a gallon, and then cars began to file in and top off their tanks. Americans for Prosperity paid Mike’s Tesoro the difference between the two prices.

“People were incredibly appreciative. One of the resounding responses we got from people is just how much the pain at the pump and just how much Washington’s burdensome regulations impact their day to day lives. We talked to people on fixed incomes, who have no way to keep upwtih this high rate of inflation.

“We had one woman with young children who said she gone online and searched for what the cost of a bus fare is, because she can’t afford gas. An elderly woman said she doesn’t go to the grocery store as often because she is rationing fuel. Multiple military members told us their salary is set based on years of service and rank, and they just can’t go in and ask for a raise. These are our men and women defending us who cannot keep up with inflation,” Wilson said.

A couple of dozen volunteers were on hand to do crowd and traffic management. At one point, Sen. Lisa Murkowski showed up for a photo opportunity. Also dropping by was State Sen. Mia Costello, who had a campaign sign posted on the edge of the property. But the event was strictly non-campaign focused, said Wilson.

“People are realizing this was not a political event. We did not screen anyone for their political leanings. This was an opportunity for us to come together, to unite for the community, and do something good,” Wilson said.


  1. Murkowski showed up………….that’ flippin’ rich. I suppose she just wanted to gloat over all the damage she helped create?

  2. Ugh! Too bad the Lisa Murkowski ad crept in here and she took advantage of a non-political event for her photo op. Vote for Kelly Tshibaka! She will fight to get Alaska back on track! Get voting back on track! Get oil production back and PFDs back to where they should be! She will work on solutions for Alaska!

    Good work to all who helped give a generous gas break and open eyes for people of the tyranny we are living under. Thank you!!! Thanks for reporting Suzanne!

  3. I heard a very REAL comment yesterday when a gentleman said about Lisa. “ WE ‘ER ALL HERE (at the gas pump lines) BECAUSE YOU ARE WHERE YOU ARE AT”

  4. Hey Lisa- Its your fault that the gas prices are this high! did you want to see who was suffering from your decisions?

    Hmmmmm, Wonder what Veritas showed you? Election scam?

  5. Like a drop of blood in an ocean, shark Lisa smells an opportunity to show up and lend her narcissistic support to the response of a problem she helped create. RINO politician in her natural habitat.

    • Entitled and out of touch Princess Lisa is more like a fly attracted to …. well, that brown stuff that flies are always attracted to. Not really in this particular circumstance, but in almost every other aspect of her misbegotten political career, she invariably seems attracted to the political brown stuff.

  6. Lisa M tried to give me some BS explanation for why gas is high: “It’s all about supply and demand.” Um, Lisa, did that supply issue state before, or after, you crossed party lines and voted to confirm Deb Haaland to Sec. of Interior?? The day after she was appointed she cancelled all the unused oil leases in AK. She wouldn’t be there if Lisa Murkowski was loyal to Alaska. She is NOT.

    • Actually, prices started to go up on election day (look at the CL charts – oil futures) after the commodities guys saw Biden was going to win. It IS just supply and demand, but supply was effectively constrained when Biden announced his “war on fossil fuels”. Futures markets are leading indicators of price movement, and its pretty obvious when a politician declares “war” on an industry, it’s gonna be hard to continue doing what they are doing – in this case, supplying a commodity to North America that is fundamental to the economy and national security.

      I’m always willing to debate issues, but on this one, anyone who tries to claim this doesn’t land directly in President Biden’s lap is delusional. He wanted a war on fossil fuels, and he got it. 9.1% inflation is the result. Own it.

      BTW – you can see the same price action with President Trump went after Bezos and AMZN. While that was wrong, and hurt a lot of investors (me included, but that’s ok, I made it up on CL, thanks to Biden), it does cut both ways. AMZN was no where close to the universal effect that CL is.

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