Federalist: Murkowski and 19 other Republicans who voted for Merrick Garland owe America an apology



After Merrick Garland’s Department of Justice oversaw an FBI raid on the private home of former President Donald Trump, the 20 Republicans who joined Democrats to confirm Garland’s nomination as attorney general must emphatically condemn the nominee they once supported or voters should replace them in their primaries.

When Garland was confirmed in March 2021, only 30 of 50 Republican senators voted against it. The other 20 — Senators Blunt, Burr, Capito, Cassidy, Collins, Cornyn, Ernst, Graham, Grassley, Inhofe, Johnson, Lankford, McConnell, Moran, Murkowski, Portman, Romney, Rounds, Thune, and Tillis — all joined Democrats to approve Garland’s nomination.

Some of those 30, like Grassley and Johnson, have since strongly criticized Garland’s tenure as attorney general and had already condemned the raid by Tuesday morning, to their credit. But others have been conspicuously silent, including Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, who praised Garland’s “long reputation as a straight-shooter and legal expert” at the time of his confirmation.

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      • With Garland on the Supremes, the scale of justice would have toppled over. A lying sack o sh*t. As Biden’s AG, he has thoroughly disgraced that Agency. He should be tried for creating a judicial insurrection.

  1. That’s not all they owe. Especially Murkowski, she owes us her resignation. If that was the only vote that negatively affected our nation and our state, I might be willing to call it a simple mistake, but it wasn’t and isn’t so Lisa, resignation it is!!!

  2. Yeah, Garland is a commie skunk – thank God they didn’t confirm him to the Supreme Court! But this issue of leftist tyranny and weaponized bureau’rat’racies started long before Garland became AG. We should all be screaming, “the Constitution says Equal Protection under the Law”. What goes around comes around. Demonrats, take notice, your days of power are finished, hopefully forever.

    • I will be surprised, but I will be happy about it, when the Republicans return the “favor” on Democrats when they have complete control of the White House and the Congress. However, Republicans have this terrible affliction of wanting to be “liked” and rarely lash back or “turn the tables” when in power. Democrats do not care who they attack and persecute, because they know the alphabet media will always back them up or not report the attacks.

  3. Sorry Lisa! Been voting for the establishment of father and then you!
    For years! I’m ashamed now! I learned!
    I’m very ashamed now! You will! Never get my vote again!

  4. Garland will be impeached come January. This kind of gross overreach is the epitome of high crime and misdemeanor.

    Hunter needs to get out of the country now. His dad won’t be able to protect him from the investigations coming his way next year. The “big guy” will be facing an impeachment of his own.

    I really hope it was worth it for the left. They have opened Pandora’s box. Our system and institutions will never fully recover from this stupidity.

    • Hunter and Pelosi’s son already have pardons in the safe. They can still wet on them and they’re just waiting for a time when they need to pull them out. Nothing’s going to happen to the chosen royalty kids. You can’t give Biden and pelosi money directly in a way for the Chinese to bribe them so you give it to their kids and let them sit on these multi-million dollar boards and do absolutely nothing and get paid millions of dollars. You’re delusional if you think they’re going to do anything to that runt.

      • Greg: Since you’re on the foreign bribery track, why did the Saudi torturer “invest” $2 billion with Jared Kushner?

        • Who says he did? Gar? Was he there? He also thought for a moment or two that parents attending PTA meetings were domestic terrorists.

  5. Owe us an apology? They all need to resign from ever working in our government again because they have empowered these tyrants and refuse to investigate them for the crimes they are committing against innocent Americans. They have been after Trump before he even entered office in 2016. He is a danger to their power structure and they will not stop until either he is ruined or dead. This kind of thing happens in 3rd world countries and should never be tolerated in the U.S. Anyone affiliated with this abuse should be thoroughly investigated and thrown in prison. Merrick Garland is using his authority to politically persecute the swamps opposition. He needs to be removed from office and have all e-mails, correspondence and documents in his possession confiscated so he can be investigated. Of course with all the criminals around him and with the corruption in the FBI, good luck with that.

  6. The Honorable Chuck Grassley is the best argument AGAINST term limits.
    … that and “Logan’s run”

  7. Garland is on a revenge tour because he couldn’t get confirmed as a Supreme Court Justice. And now we know why. He’s always been an abject power hungry liar. Not good for a SCt. judgeship.
    Of course, Lisa Murkowski wouldn’t know the difference. That’s why we have to get rid of pos Lisa.

  8. The fact that some people are silent even after this travesty should show that they aren’t all they profess to be. I’m not surprised about McConnell. He’s a Love the One You’re with kind of guy. When Trump was in office he was all over him like a teenage hottie. He’s still backed him on the impeachments but that’s about as far as he was willing to go. He’s had a sharp tongue on Trump ever since. Murkowski has just been identified as a communist traitor. I’m not sure how she can campaign in her own state when if I was her I wouldn’t dare go out in public anywhere in the state. Maybe she can pull a Biden and campaign from her office in Washington. But if they were true loyalists, they would fall on their own sword. Even kamikazes and ninjas would do that.

  9. Trump has been exposed as a liar and a tax cheat. I question the charachter of anyone who supports open lying and cheating

    • I know.
      Like that time Trump claimed to have three undergraduate degrees, and to have graduated in the top half of his class. None of which is true.
      Ohhh… whoopsie, that was Biden. My error. I was of the belief that only Trump is a big enough liar to warrant zero support.

      • CBM, don’t make this mistake again! Our man is a genius! If you slip up one more time, you definitely will raise a few eyebrows and very well might earn you a good cudgeling! As O’Connor once said, “A good man is hard to find.” So hang in there!

    • Did you support Bill Clinton? Joe Biden? Bill Walker? Barack Obama?

      Do you remember the old adage of people living in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones?

      This is just too easy. You really need to get better at this.

      • Avenger, such simplicity works in your favor in finding the Lord of the Flies who will bring you to your knees and keep you there!

        To top it off, you, among the rabid right, are conjoined at the head with the rabid left–both of you, rabid rabids!

    • Frank, look pal, the commies, or establishment have been after Trump since day one. Whether you like Trump or you Hate Trump isn’t important , it’s about evidence. Evidence of a crime. You got? No? And neither did a pack of Democrat Lawyers who spent 30 plus million of your dollars.
      Have you ever wondered how Bill and Hillary and Joe Feckless Biden got so wealthy? In politics their whole lives, earning near poverty pay, but somehow they are worth hundreds of millions?

      Yeah, Trump is a Philistine, but I’ll take him over the alternative. BTW my mechanic is an A- Hole too, but he fixes my problems and doesn’t create worse ones.

    • Frank, you left off a few felonies:
      – Bank fraud
      – Lying to the FBI
      – Stealing classified documents
      – Violating Presidential Records Act
      – Dereliction of duty
      – Obstruction of justice
      – Conspiracy to defraud the US government
      – Campaign finance law violations
      – Incitement of an insurrection

      Please forgive me if I missed a few!

  10. Who didn’t expect Merrick Garland to get revenge against the Republicans who stopped him from getting onto the Supreme Court? Those who approved his nomination are either closet democrats or simply fools.

  11. Biden’s DOJ Files Motion in Support of Gun Ban for Medical Marijuana Card Holders


  12. Ms. Reynolds, I don’t apologize to anybody nor do I accept apologies. Why the demand for political apologies? You might as well be chanting kumbaya! With your feigned niceties, theatrics, and empty supplications you just might bring the wrath of God down upon us all. And I can tell you for a fact that I’m not ready for judgement. So please, let’s have no more of your “righteousness.”

    Political apologies, what a mad notion! When was the last time that you heard a sincere, political apology? After you quietly knead that theme a little more, turn it over to Saturday Night Live: they know what makes for a good laugh!

  13. She won’t apologize. The world Garland and his ilk are creating is exactly the one she wants to inhabit; elite oligarchs ruling from on high, immune to the laws they pass to rule over the rest of us, safe from any accountability, but with an iron hand to crush any dissent or smash anyone daring to speak truth to power.

  14. Ride around with state troopers tossing out names you’dike to see in print. ETC. We’re all “safe” from the sweet, sweet tyrants. “Unigovernment over all” saith the commie.

  15. Garland is, and always has been a weasel. That is exactly why Biden put him there (with daddy’s girl’s support).

  16. Hilarious that the author used “raid” to describe a legal warrant being served on Trump’s home. One doesn’t have to bother to read the screed that follows IMO.

    • Perhaps you missed the point yank. These FBI agents, you know the compadres to Mueller and those two FBI lovers who were intentionally placed in the steel dossier probe among others, are the people they send to do this kind of dirty work. Every warrant has to have a list of things that you’re looking for. These clowns flashed a piece of paper not in its entirety to the secret service and basically said let us in. Secret service check to make sure there was a warrant issued but not of the contents. None of Trump’s people or Trump’s lawyers were allowed inside during the search. Why is that? This kind of thing reminds me of election day when ballot offices all over the country papered up their windows and ran observers off an attempt to conceal whatever it was they were doing back there. Some even stopped counting and waited until the middle of the night to begin processing again. Remember how some states were virtually won, and then after these antiques miraculously the tide had changed by daybreak. These are the kind of people who conduct raids under the disguise of legal warrants. And please don’t forget the FISA Court full of judges who signed off on search warrants obtained illegally from the FBI. This is all been proven and is not disputable. So don’t try to tell us that everything is on the up and up unless of course you’re naive enough to actually believe that sort of thing.

      • You still believe the Big Lie? Geezus. Two days have passed since you wrote this comment and new information contradicts some of what you wrote. This is why it is wise to be patient.

        • Lucinda, patience is a mental function that is associated with higher thought processes. You are dealing with profound ignorance, the half-life of which is equivalent to that of uranium-235. Realistically, your postings are of no consequence; you might as well be quoting from the Sermon on the Mount to the same healthy souls!

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