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Anchorage had highest rate of inflation of cities nationwide

A new study finds that Anchorage experienced the highest growth in inflation of any major city, with a CPI year-over-year change of 12.4%.

Phoenix, Atlanta, Seattle, and Baltimore were the next four cities experiencing the fastest growth of inflation, WalletHub’s study found.

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Honolulu, New York, New York City, Boston, San Francisco, and San Diego had the lowest inflation rates during those time spans, WalletHub noted.

“In 2022, Americans are dealing with the worst inflation in over 40 years, with the year—over—year inflation rate at 9.1% in June. This explosive inflation is driven by a variety of factors, including the continued presence of the COV|D—19 pandemic, the war in Ukraine and labor shortages. The Federal Reserve is hoping to rein in inflation with aggressive interest rate hikes this year, but exactly how much of an effect that will have remains to be seen,” WalletHub said.

WalletHub compared 23 major Metropolitan Statistical Areas across key metrics related to the Consumer Price Index, which measures inflation. It compared the Consumer Price Index for the latest month for which Bureau of Labor Statistics data is available to two months prior and one year prior to get a snapshot of how inflation has changed in the short and long term.

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Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.


    • BLS doesn’t survey Juneau, or any other place in Alaska other than ANC. AKDOL’s market basket is sometimes reliable and sometimes has been politically manipulated. In consumables, it is likely that Juneau experienced about the same inflation as ANC. The depression of the tourism industry has probably held other costs lower. That said, Juneau is at least 25% more expensive than Anchorage. Political pressure suppresses the JNU geographic differential to, IIRC, 5% because if JNU had an honest geo dif, it would be easy to justify moving most any position to ANC on cost savings alone.

      • We’ve been hit hard by Bidenflation. Everyone has.

        My experience having lived both places is Juneau doesn’t have runaway inflation. Anchorage does. AELP does a great job keeping energy costs as low as possible. The small size of the town means I can still go a week on a single tank of gas. A lot of time I walk to work. Not possible for me in Anchorage. And most of us catch much of our own dinner.

        Unless you live out the road or North Douglas, the real life savings often act as a counterweight to the costs.

        Not denying market forces, but life in Juneau counterbalances.

  1. I wonder, comparatively within these cities, if they also had concurrent explosive expenditures regarding ‘social’ issues, especially within the homeless and educational supporting industries as ours has done during the recent past.

  2. Under Trump, I spent $70.00 to fuel my diesel pickup.
    Last night, $157.00
    Oh, and 3 quarts of mayonnaise, for about $27.00
    I understand fuel and groceries do not even calculate into the inflation numbers.

  3. But didn’t the head of the Biden Crime Family tell us inflation for July was 0%?

    Best quote, in response to Biden’s outrageous lie:

    “Tennessee Republican Senator Martha Blackburn said that in Joe Biden’s America, “men are women, and 8.5 % inflation = 0 % inflation”.

    For the record- for those of us in the real world:

    Food at home was up 13.1%
    Electricity was up 15.2%
    Transportation was up 9.2%
    Shelter was up 5.7%


  4. Hope you $urvive your back to $chool $hopping thi$ year, fellow local$.

  5. The two causes of inflation have been higher fuel prices due to the invasion of Ukraine, and the result of federal government spending to counteract the economic tailspin caused by the pandemic. Neither is Biden’s fault. Most of the increased government spending to combat the collapse of the economy during the pandemic occurred in 2020, when Trump was President. And if anyone is responsible for undermining Ukraine and emboldening Putin, it is Trump, who has never met a dictator or a strongman he didn’t love.

    • ROFLMAO! Yes, because fuel wasn’t already going up BEFORE Ukraine and AFTER Biden killed our energy. Has anyone ever thought about how different things would be if Biden simply hadn’t killed our own energy production? Gads, no, because that would mean we can’t satisfy his obligation to China to buy more green things to pollute with.

      And at least Trump can actually TALK, WALK and put on a jacket!

    • Com’n. Seriously?
      The invasion of Ukraine would not have happened if Trump was still President, and everyone except those with the worst case of TDS know it.
      Now, what else leads to increasing costs, otherwise known as inflation? Hint: Energy costs. There is not a single product or services that does not increase in price when energy goes up. Not one. Yet, within hours of his swearing in, Biden shut down pipelines. Within weeks, Biden shut down oil leases. Biden pushes so-called “green energy” to the detriment of the economy.
      But… Trump did it. Yep. Everyone reading MRAK is now smarter because of your post.

    • The Ukraine war, and inflation, is the result of the Obama/Biden disastrous regime change plans in the Ukraine in 2014 and the subsequent money laundering schemes there that continue to benefit Sloppy Joe and family to this day. If you can find a copy of Oliver Stone’s documentary, “Ukraine on Fire”, enlighten yourself. Good luck, as it was purged from the internet shortly after Putin’s invasion of the Donbass.

  6. The busy Dunleavy is out looking for a job because of these cost increases in the last four years. In the previous years he sat on his rear, signed a few documents, forgot where he put is red pen to veto the budget, made excuses for his radical persons he hired, got into many law suits because of poor decision making and now that the true figures keep rising he wants us to have more of the same. The biggest budget ever, in Alaska, is hanging out there for the next governor to cut to pieces. People, get out and vote to replace Dunleavy….no more of the same. Time to get rid of the idiot!!!

    • Considering a global pandemic, runaway inflation and highly uncooperative legislature and nationwide supply chain issues ( our greatest weakness in Alaska) don’t you think you’re being overly critical ?

  7. I hear you all complaining about living in Alaska. Then move! I used to live there and wish I still did. Yes, it’s expensive upthere, but you have to truck everything in!
    Let’s be honest, if it gets to much, take a drive, get out of the city and remember why you are up there in the first place !
    Look around…you are in the most beautiful place in the world and it’s your own back yard! Enjoy it! I would give almost anything to live up there again, but I can’t so enjoy it for me!

  8. Assembly response: “Quick, let’s spend another $10-25M on the homeless under the misguided belief that the Federal Government will reimburse us.”

  9. Someone mentioned school supplies. I purchased all mine at Freddy’s, focused ONLY on the sale items and tried to pick all the cheapest things I could find. My first grader’s list cost $34.00. My 4th grader’s list cost $69. Does anyone else find this amount to be bizarre? I feel like I can’t win for losing!

  10. The military is watching all of this lack of ethics in this location and others. The angels and celestial powers too. Have a doughnut.

  11. This survey was ONLY in MAJOR cities. The further one gets from Anchorage the higher the inflation, with up to 20% inflation the norm in those unlucky cities, towns and villages.

  12. We have always gotten ripped off here, they then give back a pittance called the PFD. My Lord, wake up and
    I don’t mean woke, coz that is all a joke.

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