Project Veritas II: Murkowski, confronted by investigative journalist, says Ballot Measure 2 was led by ‘the people’


Project Veritas Action released a second video Wednesday. This one shows Sen. Lisa Murkowski being confronted about her campaign staff’s connection to the controversial Ballot Measure 2, the ranked choice voting method that passed in Alaska in 2020 and that was designed to help Sen. Murkowski win reelection.

Sen. Murkowski statements to the Project Veritas Action press secretary, however, did not address the statements made by her own staffers on video. She was measured.

“Ballot Measure 2 was an initiative led by the people in the state of Alaska,” Sen. Murkowski said. “The ballot initiative made it through the Alaska process, and you have the results that you have. All of us here in this state now are living with a new system, and it’s new for all of us.”

If, by “people,” she means her closest advisers designed the ranked choice voting system, raised the $7 million for the campaign, and convinced voters to give it a “yes” vote, then that’s true.

In the first Project Veritas video from Wednesday, staffers for the Murkowski campaign are caught on camera admitting they were involved with the creation and support of Ballot Measure 2, saying that they kept Murkowski’s involvement “quiet.”

Sen. Murkowski’s campaign communications director Shea Siegert admitted that he was a part of “Alaskans for Better Elections,” the group that pushed Ballot Measure 2. Siegert is formerly with the Ship Creek Group, a liberal campaign company that has worked on campaigns for many left-leaning candidates. Below, a 2020 video featuring Siegert and Scott Kendall, discussing the ballot initiative they were pushing on Alaska:

On Tuesday, the investigative reporter confronted Murkowski when the senator had popped in at an Americans for Prosperity event to watch as consumers were able to fill up their gas tanks for half price, at the “True Cost” of Washington policies event.

Murkowski stayed for an hour at the Americans for Prosperity event, which was supposed to be nonpolitical, but which became momentarily political and even a bit tense, when the Project Veritas reporters came onto the scene almost as soon as Murkowski arrived.

Republican U.S. Senate candidate Kelly Tshibaka today issued the following statement about the video:

“Lisa Murkowski has never gotten a majority of the vote in her Senate elections, yet she believes that our Senate seat belongs to her – probably because her own father appointed her to the position 21 years ago. These videos confirm her political team engineered a change in state election law to specifically benefit her and preserve her grip on dynastic power. But this Senate seat belongs to the people of Alaska, not just people named Murkowski, and we’re going to take it back no matter what deceptive political games she tries.”


  1. Could there possibly be APOC violations? Her campaign staff payroll being used for NON campaign projects?

    • There could be but who’s going to investigate it? The same foxes raiding the hen house? After the midterms when Republicans take back both houses of Congress, there can be fair investigations to these things to come up with a legitimate result. Don’t expect anything believable to come out of pelosi’s office. She needs to be investigated her own self.

  2. “Ballot Measure 2 was an initiative led by the people in the state of Alaska,” should read “Ballot Measure 2 was an initiative led by ‘MY’ people within, and without the state of Alaska,” and the ‘willfully ignorant’ voted for it….


    Fixed it for you.

  3. One question of mine is: Why is Bernadette Wilson-Tuck trying to shield Murk from the Veritas reporter?? If not for Project Veritas, none of these cockroaches would ever have to answer for any of this garbage – Murkowski included. The videos speak for themselves and, “the people” didn’t demand a “better system” – which this certainly isn’t – this was cooked up and thrown onto the ballot using language befitting a room full of lawyers. It BARELY passed and did so only because it confused many voters into falling for the lies.

      • Watch her at the beginning of the video. She’s trying to brush off the Veritas reporter. Either she’s shielding her OR, she tipped off Veritas. If so, thanks to her.

    • I believe your premise is wrong. This was a AFP event and it looks to me that Bernadette is trying to return everyone’s focus back to that. This was supposed to highlight the impact of inflation and AFP was shelling out a good bit of money to bring this point home, only to have their efforts hijacked by Murkowski showing up and being confronted by Project Veritas. Please don’t get me wrong, I am all for Project Veritas shining a light and encourage them to continue this investigation, confronting Lisa at every turn. The AFP event unfortunately became a footnote, instead of the main event with their own impact.

  4. WOW that reporter was a total gentleman and I think he was flat out top shelf awesome. Congratulations to protect Veritas welcome to Alaska, salt makes evil shake in there shoes congratulations. Lisa it was evil of you to be there in your fake evil ways shameless cowardly action Lisa. Busted Lisa . Kelly Kelly Kelly a change is at hand Alaskans. Suzanne your guts and integrity are impeccable ma’am. WOW EXPOSED & BUSTED.

  5. Lisa,………..pleeeeeeze……plead the 5th. We need our good name so we can qualify for more loans. I found our dream Island for sale. We need to get the eff out of Alaska……forever.

  6. Lisa showed up to get that $2.38 a gallon gas, and departed with an empty tank. The reporter did a great job. That old deer in the headlights got run over and shoved off to the side of the road.

  7. Wonderful. Some good old Alaskan arrogance there. Why not one person one vote. I don’t know one person who wanted this change. Odd.

  8. What else did you expect her to say? Busted?

    If you really want to show her, turn out on record number, vote Kelly at 51 % or higher, and put an end to the Murkowski dynasty.

  9. A friend just informed me that Ranked Choice Voting exists only in Maine and Alaska. Murk and Susan Collins vote the same on almost all issues; the issues that ultimately piss off conservatives. I think the Maine/Collins and Alaska/Murkwoski connection fills in a piece of the puzzle in Project Veritas’ exposé. Is it too far fetched to think that Collins and Murk huddled up, compared notes and then foisted this mess upon the state of Alaska? According to the Veritas recordings, it’s very possible that may have occurred.

    • Maine is weird though. It’s one of those States like Kansas and Missouri and others that when you get outside of a metropolitan area the 97% of the rest of the state is Republican. Man has two or three of these highly liberal leftist areas and the rest of the state is good hard working Americans. The Communists have a firm hold and those areas of the state because of the jobs there and the handouts. Every once in awhile you get a breakout district trying to do the right thing but they are usually quickly squashed in the next election or two.

      • That’s not weird. You pretty much described almost every state in the Union.
        South Jersey would like to break away from North Jersey.
        Fargo ND, of all places, just voted to stop the Pledge of Allegiance at their city meetings.
        Because the phrase “under God” is not inclusive of all people.
        The Left controls ALL big cities now, even Fargo for Pete’s sake

  10. Thank You Project Veritas for standing up to this corruption on behalf of all Alaskans. Ballot Measure 2 was not an initiative of, by, or for the People. It was swamp shenanigans to keep Liberal Lisa in her seat. RCV is deceitful, invalid, and unAmerican.

  11. Anyone who would vote for the nepotistic, complete lack of character, charlatan definitely doesn’t believe in honest representation. It’s rather difficult to tell which one is worse, the father for appointing his daughter or the daughter for accepting the appointment. Then there’s Nancy; wonder what She really thinks????

  12. Well this just got very interesting.

    Why does Bernadette Wilson try to shutdown Project Veritas from seeking comment from Lisa Murkowski ?

    Bernadette Wilson at 55 seconds in: “Excuse me! This is our event! This is our event!”

    This took place Tuesday, Aug. 9, at Big Mike’s Tesoro, 7201 Jewel Lake Road during the $2.38 a gallon rollback event scheduled from 3:00-5:00pm.

    Murkowski reportedly showed up at this event “unexpectedly.”

    More questions:

    Was this secretly a planned campaign event for Lisa Murkowski?

    Is AFP Director Bernadette Wilson a RINO in league with Murkowski ??

    • I don’t think it was strictly planned for her but she is quick to swoop in and pick up any scraps left over being flung her way. I am surprised that she showed up anywhere in Alaska in person. When I flew with her she was only traveling with one security guy. I wonder how many she has on staff now?

      • Greg, stop with the pronouns, your message makes no sense as one can’t tell which “she” you are talking about!

    • Rino, you clearly answered your own question. Bernadette and AFP are paying for everyone to get a break on gas. That should have been the ENTIRE focus of this event. Now all everyone talks about is Lisa and Project Veritas, relegating AFP efforts and hard work to a footnote. In my opinion she was trying to refocus everyone to understand that they were destroying AFP’s message. Did you see any interviews with patrons getting gas and telling their stories? No? Well there you have it.

      • PR 101: Who is your audience? Got a message? Tell them five times. Find five places to tell “your” message.

  13. Thank you, Suzanne, for reporting this. You’ve been too soft on Lisa in the past and it’s great to see you call her out on her treachery and deceit.

    Praise God for Project Veritas and such perfect timing!

    Go Kelly!!!

  14. Just don’t give Lisa your second vote. More than enough liberals will do just that, which was obviously the plan all along.

  15. Send them all to jail. They belong in jail 3-5years wearing yellow. Little wilson ought to had kept herself out of
    this camera frame on this event. Look
    here – readers are questioning wilson’s integrity just wondering is she associated with murkowski and democrats.

    • Lisa Murkowski is just pathetic. She does mediocre sound bites against Trump while in DC. But when she comes to Alaska she doesn’t know what to say, nor does she even speak coherently. She is not very good on her feet. Incidentally, she looks like she’s aged 40 years since her daddy put her into the Senate. She looks like an old haggard-out witch.

  16. That was some great digging, thanks PV!
    Wilson is not who I thought she was and I’ll not take her word alone, on how to vote.
    Our voting apparatus in Alaska is very suspect at best. Cheating is a definitely a possibility. I’m on pins and needles!

    • BW is good. She was just protecting outside interference in her anti-Biden action that they organized & paid for. It was slimy LM that popped up to take the credit, she acts more & more like a leftist every day.

  17. So Scott Kendall, who wrote Ballot Measure 2 is “the people.” With his connections to both Murkowski and Walker, it is not difficult to see what this ballot measure was meant to do. Hopefully it will fail both Walker and Murkowski and Alaska will be the better for it. The Dems hate Project Veritas because it exposes so much of their corruption. And don’t forget the illegals that are now being allowed to vote. Any of them in Anchorage? North Carolina is allowing them to vote. Bad, but expected.

  18. As I have said time and time again, Measure 2 was not popular with Alaskans and they did not vote for it. It was pushed through by underhanded tactics and fraud. The Dominion Machines are capable of switching votes for an initiative by programing an algorithm that directs a pre-determined outcome by percentages of the vote. It can be overcome through shear numbers of voters which is why every Alaskan needs to vote. Measure 2 was funded and pushed onto the ballot by Dark Money from out of state. Murkowski is a criminal and a swamp creature that will end oil exploration in Alaska and push the green new deal. She will do anything to hold onto power just like her uniparty friends in the Democrat Party. She has supported Biden’s destructive economic policies and confirmed a Supreme Court judge that is easy on pedophiles and doesn’t know what a woman is. She helped confirm radical leftist politicians to Biden’s agencies. Alaska has suffered to long with this imposter in our Senate seat! Time to end the nightmare of Murkowski and send her packing. Do not rank her on your ballot, this will tremendously reduce her chances of sucking up the bottom feeder votes that she will collect from the 3rd and 4th ranked individuals. Make Alaska and America great again by helping Kelly Tshibaka go to Washington to fix our broken government!

  19. Everything I need to know about Lisa Murkowski I learned when Diane Feinstein had her backed against a wall like a mean girl in junior high. September 2018. Feinstein had Murkowski crying and cowering. Lisa doesn’t serve the people of Alaska, only the people in Alaska who want handouts. Who does she really serve? Look at the photo of her and Feinstein and you’ll find your answer. Lisa has to go.

  20. If you want to defeat the rank choice voting scam: Write only one name or make only one choice for each office. It’s that easy.

    • No it is not.
      You are giving away your vote, especially if your number one candidate gets eliminated in the first round. Then you are done, while those who ranked at least a number 2 can help a more conservative candidate over the finish line. Liberals count on your attitude, as with you out of the game they can rank their liberal guys with abandon and win.
      The way to defeat this is by contacting your state reps and have them change it back next session. Simply taking your ball and going home isn’t going to work.
      As an aside I despise RCV. It has no accountability and needs an algorithm to figure out who won, but it is the current law of the state and we should make use of it the best we can.

  21. I was hoping to give BW the benefit of the doubt but seeing her posing with Murkowski at the gas event yesterday pretty much removed that doubt. Pretty disappointed to see her showing any kind of support for that RINO.

    • Hunter and what would you have her do? Lisa is a sitting senator representing AK and while we may vehemently disagree with Lisa’s positions and votes, the office she holds requires respect. Being polite costs you nothing and makes you the bigger person and not a lunatic like the lefties, who run people out of restaurants or scream in their faces.

      • Why, exactly, does the office she holds require respect? She works for us, allegedly, not the other way around.

        • The office of senator, congressman or president represents the people. The people as the sovereign deserve respect, which is reflected in respecting the office of those who speak for us, if not necessarily the person holding the office.

  22. Bernadette Wilson walking with, and providing cover for the swamp queen is not a good look. Kinda like when Sullivan went down to DC and jogged with Corey Booker. As the Bible puts it: “How can two walk together unless they be agreed?” Amos 3:3

  23. We should be able to walk together as Americans …. that is part of our Freedom.
    Does everyone in your family agree w/ your politics 100% … Every friend you have?
    If you are not willing to walk or talk with the other side, how will you convince them that they should change their views?
    President Reagan’s friendship w/ Daniel Inouye and Senator Stevens relationship w/ Tip O’Neill come to mind.
    A line from the minor prophet Amos shouldn’t change this.
    Christ brought a New Covenant and he associated w/ sinners

  24. Well, she said a lot there. To give that false answer that is very pro Ballot Measure 2 when all of the funds for its campaign came from outside of the state is admission of guilt or blatant willful negligent ignorance. And the reason why she believes she can get away with such an answer is because our mainstream journalism in this state is pure leftist arrogant garbage that either flatters, infuriates, or makes people want to ignore it all and stay oblivious and powerless.

    – Thanks Suzanne. Just wish this was being covered in news that everyone subscribes to.

    I believe Lisa truly thinks to herself that she is acting with courage and integrity, but this really showcases how she is lying to herself and easily flattered by Democrats and “independents” and Never Trumpers.

  25. Shauna Hegna, President of Koniag Native Corporation, recently sent out an email to all shareholders supporting Lisa Murkowski for re-election. Native corporations are like unions in that they tell you who to vote for, and the drones follow their leader because they “trust” them.

    What project veritas is doing for this country is a God send.

  26. Okay, I don’t get it. Why are you all beating up on Bernadette? Unless of course you are all Lisa supporters and trying to deflect attention from the actual reporting about her and her staff’s shenanigans with B2. Would you be as critical if the PV reporter had caught up with Lisa at let’s say Kobuk Cafe and the proprietor asked PV to leave???
    I am with George, if we can not have a conversation with those who disagree with us, without being labeled a traitor, then America as an idea is no more and we have succumbed to the tyrannical “my way or else” of the socialists. How very sad indeed!

  27. Say Senator, Why is the IRS trying to cement itself into a militarized arm of the US like the FBI with 87bn complete with a new sniper school possibly in Utah? Is it wandering away from its core mission in an aaction unauthorized by the people? Does it bother you, at all since they will be shooting at civilians? You must be ok with it thus disqualifying yourself as a re-presentative of American people. You cannot re-present WEF agendas for US civilians at the same time; can you?

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