Project Veritas III: Dark money was just a cover to get ranked choice on ballot, Murkowski staffer says on tape


Project Veritas Action has published a third undercover video inside Sen. Lisa Murkowski’s campaign offices that shows a staff member admitting that the “dark money” messaging was a cover that was used to promote Ballot Measure 2, when in actuality the primary purpose of the ballot measure was to help Murkowski in 2022.

Josiah Nash, the Murkowski campaign interior coordinator, was recorded saying it would be “bad” for “Lisa if the other campaigns start highlighting it [dark money messaging].”

Nash said, “We messaged for ‘dirty money’ and we knew that that was something that specifically resonated with Alaska. And we could say, yeah, this goes in with voting reform and so, if people accepted that enough then the vote can pass.”

Nash said that voters just don’t pay attention to such details.

“Most people, you know, aren’t into politics as probably as much as we are, and so they don’t look for this stuff.  Where it would be an issue is if the MAGA people and Kelly Tshibaka started [highlighting this] as a major part of their campaign.”

Emma Ashlock, campaign coordinator, was caught also featured in these new recordings discussing a Political Action Committee “which is kind of an outside funding source” that supports Senator Murkowski.

Ballot Measure 2 was passed by voters in 2020. It created some transparency for campaign funding, but not for funding of ballot initiatives such as Ballot Measure 2. It also redesigned the voting structure in Alaska, removing the ability of Republicans to have their own primary ballot. Instead, all candidates are on one “jungle primary” ballot. In the general election, the list of candidates is whittled to four, and voters rank them in what’s known as “ranked choice voting.” Such a system of jungle primary and ranked choice general has not been tried in any other state and is being tried for the first time in the special election to fill the empty congressional seat. On Tuesday, Aug. 16, voters will rank three finalists: Nick Begich, Sarah Palin, and Mary Peltola.


  1. Suzanne downing bless your kind heart. Project Veritas congratulations, I only seen stuff on television, to watch project Veritas expose oath breakers in front of your eyes, was top shelf awesome integrity integrity integrity of for and by the people. Must read project Veritas an OAN news are turning the tide. All we need is oath integrity from our oath takers, and it all stops and what was meant to be will be. Team integrity Alaskans.

    • Can someone explain to me how RCV could benefit Lisa? I am truly confused. If hardly anyone votes for her, as most Alaskans probably won’t, that just leaves plain old election fraud, which we do have to be diligent about. Please someone explain a scenario how RCV helps her. I’m def voting for Kelly, and not putting anyone else on the ballot.

      • Because RCV will net Lisa every democrat vote. She is going to get every democrat vote and enough RINO and ignorant republican votes that she can win. It’s a very real possibility. Without RCV she would not even come close to getting the Republican nomination and the democrats that vote for their democrat would waste their vote. Lisa HAS to have all the democrats to win. RCV is the pathway for that to happen.

      • 2 Republicans make the final 4. Lisa is one of them. She is also the second choice for some of the democrats. As candidates drop out, the second choices are added to the vote totals of the remaining candidates. The new total is divided by the total remaining votes to get a winner. RCV is a subtraction problem rather than an addition problem. Yes, it is intentionally confusing, and all the Murkowski people know it and support it. Cheers –

      • This is how Ranked Choice Voting Helps Murkowski: Democrats will rank their candidate first then Murkowski second. When the votes are counted, the Democrat candidate will come in third and will drop out. All the democrat votes will then go to Murkowski, which will carry her over 50% (Democrat + RINO votes).

      • Foremost, RCV protects Murkowski because she would never make it through a Republican primary. That would force her to run as an independent or change parties to a Democrat in the general election.

      • Kelly can only win if she gets 51% of the vote in the first round. Democrats (and a lot of “republicans”) will surely put Lisa down as their second choice, meaning Lisa will likely win in the second or third round of counting after the 2 weaker candidates are eliminated.

      • Everyone’s confused except the ones programing the Dominion computers. Computer gurus know just how easily the programs can be manipulated or programed. Just a click of the button is all it takes. What I question is that once the ballots are cast, the elimination procedure is all done by the computer and there’s no way for a hand count. That’s the way I understand it. Can anyone verify that?

      • The simple answer is Lisa would have lost the traditional republican primary to Kelly. Mounting a write-in campaign for the second time and actually winning it, had no chance. Now with an open primary anyone can give her a vote and she will make it into the final four. There anyone can rank her 2nd or 3rd and she will garner all those vote to finally achieve the needed number to beat Kelly and keep her seat.

  2. This whole this was a waste of time and money. Everyone who matters already knows what was done, who did it and why.

  3. Yes Alaska was bamboozled but this documentation will help to fight against implementing ranked choice voting if it is tried in another state.

  4. What I want to know is, if Lisa collaborated on this did she break election laws? Is the State of Alaska going to look into this? I doubt it because Dunleavy is allowing Dominion Machines to be used in the State. Why would he look at how Measure 2 was implemented? Has anyone looked into how the Alaska State Audit was done to confirm Measure 2 was legally passed? The whole thing stinks to high heaven. The swamp is circling the wagons around Murkowski to save her seat just like they do every election cycle while the peasants look on in bewilderment as to how she stays in power. I’ll give you 2 words to explain this. Election Fraud! Until we have a Governor that will get to the bottom of this and conduct a thorough non-partisan review of our election system and process, the mafia will stay in power and we will be left out in the cold. The people have the power to come together and fix this, but do we have the motivation and willingness to sacrifice what is required to do it?

  5. If voters rank choice Kelly first and Lisa second because Lisa is a “Rebublican” (read RINO) over Pat Chesboro (Democrat) that can cause a problem. If Kelly doesn’t get enough votes to get past the first round then that gives Lisa a second chance cause she will get all the second choice votes. This would only happen if Kelly gets the least amount of votes and is eliminated the first round. So the way to avoid this situation is to only vote for 1 candidate, Vote for Kelly!

  6. Stunning. I’ve trusted Lisa less and less over the past decade. There is no trust left. She’s a grifter – and her people enable her. I always thought the ‘Dark Money’ head-fake was intended to distract and get emotions riled to pass Prop 2. The people fell for it and are standing there at the free throw line looking like idiots after she dunked on them. Now to actually hear it from her campaign staff’s mouths is the final straw. For decades Lisa has constantly hid behind her favorite three words, “good public policy.” No one could nail down exactly what she meant by that, but darn, it sure sounded good. Those words now can be translated into “what’s best for me.” Lisa is now a creature of the swamp. I wonder if she always has been. She has to go. The sooner the better. Next question is: has she done anything illegal and will there be any investigations?

  7. “Jungle Primary” …. there it is.
    Aren’t the Jungles in the 3rd world?
    That’s AK now , Banana Republic.

  8. I still don’t understand why election officials allowed this deceptive measure to be on the ballot. And I remain highly skeptical how it was so far behind one night and ahead the next morning.

  9. Dark money indeed! That ballot measure specifically exempted future ballot measures from those very dark money “limitations”.

  10. If Lisa Murkowski gets the second place votes of the Republicans, then don’t put her name down at all. If the dems have this thing figured out, what are they doing? Can what they do be reversed to work on them? If so, how? Who can we put on as a useless second choice to diminish or dilute as they appear to be planning to do? Honestly, this whole rank choice vote idea is unconstitutional and should be abolished. As with the voting machines, why does our state use the dominion machines knowing that even in the last election they were compromised? Literally, what can we do to protect the sanctity of our electoral process from misuse?

  11. I just read on New of the North that its going to take over 2 weeks to count the RCV ballots. Lots of time to harvest votes for desired outcome. I imagine the Democrats will be counting all the votes in private. Peltola will win, Lisa will win.

  12. Dark monies! Is usually, a brown coat called Soros! Who is linked to many umbrella corporations. Hence, the Lincoln project!

  13. Let’s get this clear once and for all
    That same money that has been classified as “dark” is the same money that Mike pacarro took to promote this crap called rank choice voting and will secure murkowskis win

    Cut the crap already

    • Exactly the reason I stopped listening to him. He is a complete ID 10 T that pushed this crap over the radio waves. RC is a socialist’s take over the voting in Alaska and will result in us becoming nothing more than a big Nature Park for the lower 48 riff raff.

  14. Yes, Lisa and her supporters needed to allow Democrats to vote in the primary, because they all knew that she could not win in a Republican primary where Democrats we not allowed to participate. Dark Money from the lower 49 states was the financier of the Ranked Choice voting system and it was an easy cheap win.

  15. The only thing that stinks as much as Murkowski misleading Alaskans on RCV is China Bill Walker’s dry gas..

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