Report confirmed by Sen. Sullivan: Russia bombers patrolling Bering Sea


A British newspaper says it has footage released by the Kremlin in Moscow that shows Russian Tu-95MS missile bombers flying close to U.S. air space along the Bering Sea “in what appears to be a warning to the West amid Kremlin fury over supplies of weapons to Ukraine,” according to The Sun, which was the first to report the event.

Must Read Alaska reached out to the office of Sen. Dan Sullivan, who said U.S. pilots scrambled to intercept the Russian Tu95 “Bear” bombers.

Sullivan himself was intercepted by reporters as he came out of a military briefing that was related to the recent unknown objects shot down over North America by U.S. fighter jets, and he mentioned the presence of Russian bombers close to Alaska:

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Although the Russia sabre-rattling along American air space in Alaska may be related to the increase of U.S. military hardware to Ukraine, Russia has indeed increased its patrols near Alaska air space in recent years.

U.S. Air Force units stationed in Alaska said intercepts rose to 60 a year in 2020, up from just 10 in 2015, according to Air Force Times.

Sullivan complimented the Alaska-based forces for intercepting the bomber.

File photo by NORAD of the Russian bomber known as Tu95 “Bear.”

“In Alaska, we went and intercepted those guys. So huge shout out, these are huge mission, these are not easy missions….the men and women who are serving Alaska are doing an amazing job, an exceptional job,” he said. Sullivan continued to call for greater transparency from the Biden Administration, and said that it is a view that is held by both parties in Congress.

Meanwhile, the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps are holding exercises in the South China Sea, including the USS Nimitz aircraft carrier strike group and the 13th Marine Expeditionary Unit.

China claims sovereignty over the South China Sea and has been building out islands in the reefs and atolls it occupies. Over recent years it has been “gaining effective control of the SCS, an area of strategic, political, and economic importance to the United States and its allies and partners, according to a new report released last week by the Congressional Research Service.

“Chinese domination of China’s near-seas region—meaning the SCS and ECS, along with the Yellow Sea—could substantially affect U.S. strategic, political, and economic interests in the Indo-Pacific region and elsewhere,” the Congressional Research Service report said.

In September of 2022, a Chinese and Russian joint naval mission were just 75 nautical miles from Kiska Island in Alaska. The U.S. Coast Guard monitored the the ships as they cruised close to American waters.

Today’s homeland security news comes four days after an Air Force F-22 shot down an unknown object north of Deadhorse, Alaska on the ice-bound Arctic Ocean. Recovery work is in progress to bring in the pieces from that event.

Also today, Joint Chiefs of Staffs Chairman Mark Milley said that the first US F-16 missile that was fired at an unknown object near Lake Huron on Sunday missed the target and fell into the lake, prompting the jet to fire a second missile that made contact with the object. The object is believed to have fallen into the lake on the Canadian side.

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  1. Worthless geezer in the Whitehouse for what? Encouraging war by sending war machines to Ukraine? Idiot, he should be working towards peace not death and destruction. Step it up Sullivan, call for the deranged idiot to be removed from office before he plunges the world into nuclear war, you know its coming, look at his path of incompetence and the resulting wake of destruction. Murkowski and Peltola, cmon! What are you in office for? Affirming wokeness?

    • 100%. Left and right agree, no war. From that perspective, we’ve got the NeoCons and NeoLib Centrists completely surrounded. I say we pounce on the count of three.

  2. Both Russia and China know we are the weakest and most divided we’ve been since pre WW 2.

    Both have territorial ambitions we -once upon a time- could have threatened. Not anymore.

    The question isn’t are they pushing our boundaries. It’s how far are they willing to take it.

    I’ve said since he was elected Biden could blunder us into a war he can’t win.

    • MA, you have swerved into something. Old Nikita K placed Missiles in Cuba , without the knowledge and support of the Russian Military Brass , because after meeting Kennedy, ( who was sedated at the time for his chronic back injury) he judged Kennedy to be weak. This miscalculation brought the world to the brink of a Nuclear Exchange and cost Nikita his job. However Nikita’s action did result in the US removing Missiles from Turkey, ( a point hidden from the US public) and a realative peace between the two countries going forward.

      Lessons learned- The US cannot have a senile ,corrupt, idiot, in the Oval Office who displays weakness. Peaceful solutions can be obtained, but only through negotiationing from a position of Strength and credibility. Joe Biden fails all of these tests, completely.

      God have Mercy.

      • A little off topic, but here’s an interesting historical tidbit – former Soviet leader Nikita Khruschev was Ukrainian!

    • Been here longer. the last time we looked this weak Russia put missiles in Cuba.

      Nearly trigged WW3.

      Putin is no Khrushchev. He’s less likely to back down.

      • Masked; been here for 63 years, Kennedy knocked the Soviet premier of his block in Cuba.
        Putin’s weakness is the western front (Europe) his strength is the eastern front (less resistance).

      • Been here longer. And we nearly went to war. If you know anyone who was an officer in the military during the early 60s, ask them how close it got.

        Khrushchev did blink, but Kennedy was also forced to remove missiles from Turkey.

        Neither side wanted war. Putin has publicly indicated he’s OK with it.

        • I agree that Putin has said that he is ok with war. He invaded another country, so it kinda goes without saying.
          But, that said, it seems that fact makes him even more dangerous on the world stage. We’ll have a hard time backing him off with the threat of something he’s willing to take. In my book, that makes it more important to deal decisively with him (NO appeasement). And quickly.

  3. Under Alaska’s stand your ground laws one could argue that its okay for Alaskans to fire at Russian military aircraft. Why? Russia invaded its neighbor, Ukraine. Putin lied and said he wasn’t going to invade- right before he did. Russia has sent artillery rounds and missiles into civilians cities. This is terrorism.

    Those noisy TU-95 bombers can carry cruise missiles. Given that Russia is run by a lying despot, who engages in terror- in a war Russia started- Alaskans have a case that they can not trust that those Russian bombers are not a threat.

    Alaska provides a justification for the use of lethal force if a citizen believes that the use of that force is necessary to prevent the possible death or great bodily injury of themselves or someone else.

    Those bombers better not fly too low…

    • That insanity is also known as an act of war.

      Equally, Alaska’s stand your ground has zero bearing on the US Military and its Chain of Command.

      Civics. Truly a lost concept. Thanks NEA and Jimmy Carter.

      • Clearly though if those bombers were flying in American airspace, it would be hard for a jury to ignore that the person thought their life was in danger and stand your ground comes into effect. Remember, your life doesn’t actually have to be in danger, you only have to reasonably believe that your life is in danger. It’s not so much civics as it is the law.

        • So you folks think that Barney from the village with his 30-06 is going to shoot down a Russian bomber? I suppose it could happen but the chances are less than getting struck by lightning while spelunking.

    • The authority and governance of Russia is far more complicated than “Putin”. It is important to actually know your enemy, and not simply regurgitate infantile cartoon slogans. The Russians made extreme efforts to a negotiated peace, and were rebuffed by the US. After installing the Zelenskyy regime (Zelenskyy spoke Russian exclusively until learning Ukrainian after being placed in power by us) we built up the Ukrainian military in preparation of a proxy war. Every Himars rocket is individually targeted by uniformed American military personnel, and civilian targets with zero military value in Donetsk City are included. PFM-1, or Butterfly mines are deployed by artillery into civilian areas of the Donbass. Russian POWs are shot on social media video and uploaded by Ukrainian servicemen. The ethnic cleansing of Russian speaking Ukrainian citizens in the Donbass commenced over 8 years ago. Our same political and military leadership that proved their utter incompetence in Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, have moved on, sowing the whirlwind. We can’t even meet recruiting goals by our woke military.

    • I appreciate your bravado but suspect the entire conversation would change should the Russians decide to shoot back following your self-defense efforts. The thinking is fairly simple: Yes, the Red Bear is bad; Yes, we are so pure and righteous. But don’t expect the Red Bear to play nicely when you poke him; he is nasty and heavily armed. Exchanging only a few nuclear missiles will be a very bad day for a great many people. Probably millions. Are you ready for that?

  4. The military should have simply lashed Secretary Austin and General Milley to the sidewinder missile. That way the unexploded missile would be floating on the surface of Lake Huron. General Milley has a BMI of 32 and Secretary Austin’s BMI must be even higher.

  5. The British newspaper’s speculation about the rationale for the bomber incursion is childish. I expect the Russians to retaliate against the West for support to Ukraine in a far more consequential way – something that goes well beyond a newspaper headline.

    • JMARK, I agree, blowing up a Nation’s ( Russia) major Gas Pipeline comes with consequences, especially so if that Nation has Nuclear Arms and close ties to Radical Islamic Terrorists, like Iran. A retaliatory strike by a combination of the above targeted at our Nation could be Nasty and make life uncomfortable for millions of Americans.
      Elections have consequences. Turns out electing Joe Biden and concentrating on social engineering within one’s military has consequences also.

  6. It is logical to conclude that the Russian Federation is extremely wary of the US, when our own military blows up the critical natural gas undersea pipeline of one of our own primary NATO “allies” jointly owned by Russia, while conducting a massive proxy war using Ukraine as a throw away nation, openly calls for “regime change” of their government, and openly discusses the plausibility of surviving the use of tactical nukes against them to reverse the slow motion utter destruction of the Ukrainian proxy army we created. The reckless, incompetent, insolent and very ambitious individuals who actually control our country, who occasionally parade the senile, incoherent teleprompter reader before the public who everyone in congress pretends is our “president” are playing a very dangerous game with our lives, economy, health and family’s well being. Russia is a very dangerous adversary, who have been pushed to establishing the tightest relations with China in many decades. We are living in very perilous times.

    • It’s also logical to conclude Putin has taken Biden’s measure and judged him weak. After Afghanistan Biden has shown himself an empty geriatric suit.

      If I were in his shoes, I would make the same conclusion.

  7. More fear-mongering from the Biden admin. Russia is our ally, we need to stop funding the Ukrainian regime when we can’t even fund a fence to keep our southern border secure.

  8. Troubling to hear that a stinger missed a trapezoidal object, our air defense are being tested. Is this a covert response to our South China Seas naval exercises? Time to up our game?

  9. Sullivan isn’t Alaskan, so he doesn’t realize this is old news. Plus he’s a war hawk. He has fever dreams about Chinese weather balloons as well.

  10. Barack Obama said in 2008, “Elections have consequences.” Boy do they ever. It’s mind blowing how quickly this country is being dismantled in just over 2 short years. This has been planned for a long time, Trump slowed it down, but it was just a bump in the road. Scary times.

  11. An upsurge of bear bombers is definitely a new development, even though it has been going on for years on a small scale. Maybe a distraction so we quit shooting down balloons from their partners.

  12. They’ve flown there many many of times, and so have we.
    More of our government teeing of the ball up for our government to go after them bad Russians.
    Typical to see our New World order (WEF) Allies helping out by holding the tee for us.
    I feel the gulf of Tonkin coming on, history does repeat itself. Over and over again.

  13. Let’s put the 52’s in the air and do the same thing. Let Putin decide if the cost of constantly scrambling his jets is worth the tit for tat.

    Jet fuel is expensive…but we can afford to buy a whole lot more than he can.

    • Lots of idiots on this thread, probably think we can win a nuclear war with Russia. Let’s see, Russian bombers patrol international waters bordering their own country, and Suzanne publishes this fear porn like it’s news. Meanwhile, we fly nuclear bombers along the coast of Russia in the Black Sea, along the border of North Korea, and several other places. Plus, we practice invading those countries, and call it “exercises.” MRAK publishes lots of good articles with excellent information, that’s why it’s disappointing to see articles like this.

      • I have to agree. The pulse of Americans is unsteady because they know we have a loser President and vice President. News media’s of all kinds is about entertainment, more than a public service like it used to be. The news has whipped these balloons and shoot Downs into a frenzy because it’s good for publication. It gets people talking. I wish the news would report the things that really matter, like when our attack submarine Jimmy Carter went on a 3-month mission that was top secret off the northern coast of Russia and had a load of Navy SEALs on board. The Jimmy Carter came back to Pearl harbor damaged and everyone went on board was given a hero citation. The rest is classified but informants say we were up there tapping into their communication cables and that we stole one of their hyper missiles that they had been testing off their northern coast. The Jimmy Carter is equipped with a mini submarine that can be launched and recovered by Navy seals. So we were up there and there territorial Waters doing some pretty bad stuff by Russian standards. These balloons are not marked but are probably being launched by submarines in the Bering Sea. It’s just a spanking that Putin wants to give us in exchange for us arming his enemies. Again this is nothing new. They’ve been doing this since the Korean war and since the Vietnam war. We gave the Afghans stinger missiles to shoot down Russian helicopters. We haven’t been playing nice to Russia so they retaliate. You would think that everybody on this planet would want to just get along because if we can’t learn to play together, it will eventually be our undoing and it will kill us all.

  14. Oh for heaven’s sake, the Russians have been patrolling Alaska airspace forever. The pilots out of Shemya used to know most of the Russians by name. If you think the US isn’t patrolling Russian airspace, you’ve got another think coming.

  15. Apologies to Suzanne. I’ve never worked in the news industry, so I don’t know how it works. I’m guessing that when everyone else is publishing articles like this, you have to do the same or get left behind in the “news cycle.” Keep up the good work, I read your site every day.

  16. This is news, Senator?
    Russian bombers patrolled the Bering Sea since the Cold War, since before you were born, Senator.
    What’s next, shocking truth the DEW Line wasn’t built just so privileged Alaskans could track Santa Claus?

  17. Welp. Bad news. That ONE had a heart attack. And. Someone told Iran. Gloves are coming off.
    Yeah. WW3 is coming. They are done being nice.

    • Correct. I had to look it up to refresh my memory. They crossed over the peninsula where top secret facilities were and that was the end of them. Just like we would have done if some wayward jet had flown into area 51 airspace 20 years ago.

  18. Sloppy Joe Biden bragged at a news conference about blowing up the Nordstream Pipelines which was an act of war against Russia and Sullivan, supposedly a military man, is surprised that Russian bombers are patrolling the Bering Sea? We are heading into a nuclear WW3 with a senile Commander in Chief, idiots in the Pentagon more concerned about a “woke” military than military readiness and a bunch of imbeciles in Congress! What can possibly go wrong?

    • You might see all that come to pass. Russia is not going to take a loss in this war. They are getting kind of low on their stockpiles of conventional weapons. The nuclear stockpile is as healthy as it ever was. Russia just sent it’s Northern fleet out to sea with a full load of nukes. That includes tactical nukes which are just large enough to take out a 20 square mile City. We have stuff in orbit that can take down an ICBM before it gets to our shores, but firing a tactical nuke at pretty much point blank range is something that we can’t stop. Get out the marshmallows.

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