Covid shots for kids: U.S. lists them for six months and older ‘only’ so they can be given free to uninsured kids


Great Britain several months ago ended Covid shots for young children, not offering the vaccinations to children under the age of 12 unless they are at high risk for complications from Covid.

The UK Health Security Agency joined Sweden, Finland, Norway, and Denmark, and other countries that no longer recommend mRNA shots to healthy children.

Yet according to the most recent recommendation by the Alaska Department of Health, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the American Academy of Pediatrics, babies as young as six months should get a Covid shot or two and continue getting boosters on whatever recommended schedule they are issued and approved by medical authorities. Alaska’s recommendation came out officially on Feb. 14.

“The updates to the 2023 Immunization Schedules reflect the schedule changes voted on and approved during the ACIP meeting that occurred in October 2022. The most cross-cutting change is the inclusion of the primary series and other details of authorized or approved COVID-19 vaccines for both children and adults in the Tables and Notes sections of the Schedules,” the Department of Health advised.

But, as Dr. Rochelle Walensky, head of the CDC, told a Senate panel last week, the only reason the Covid vaccination was added to the schedule of “required” childhood vaccinations is that the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices determined “it was the only way it could be covered in our ‘Vaccines for Children’ program,” which pays for vaccinations for uninsured children. She emphasized the word “only.”

In June of 2022, the Denmark announced it was changing its recommendations for Covid vaccinations: “From 1 July, 2022, it will no longer be possible for children and youngsters under the age of 18 to receive the 1st jab, and from 1 September, 2022, it will no longer be possible to receive the 2nd jab,” the Danish Health Authority said. Fact-checkers from the AP and Reuters pushed back against news organizations that described this as a ban on the vaccinations for children under the age of 18, labeling that characterization as “false.”


  1. Let’s see if I have this right…
    1. The vaccine does not prevent you from catching the virus
    2. The vaccine does not prevent you from spreading the virus
    3. The vaccine does not stop you from feeling the effects of the virus.
    4. Children are the least likely to catch the virus
    5. Children are the least likely to show symptoms from the virus
    6. Children are not likely to spread the virus, even if they are infected.
    7. and as noted above, the vaccine does nothing to stop the spread.
    But… the CDC is pushing for it to be injected into children. Why?

  2. this is insane. those damn vaccines are killing people right and left (including lots of precious children), and you keep pushing them for our kids…have you totally lost your freaking mind??? wake the hell up and save your kids from this bs. walk away today!!!

  3. this is insane. those damn vaccines are killing people right and left (including lots of precious children), and you keep pushing them for our kids…have you totally lost your freaking mind??? wake the hell up and save your kids from this bs. walk away today!!!

    • We have hundreds of cousins and closely known people in very small communities for whom the general details of health/illnesses and deaths have always been common knowledge. The incidence of sudden cardiac arrest leading to death or severe impairment and seemingly immediate severe cancers have become a daily occurrence. The number of air medivacs to ANMC and funerals of relatives, friends and loved ones is overwhelming. In the last year and half, this is by far over and above the “normal” expected illnesses, suicides, alcohol related deaths, accidental deaths, etc. We also notice that those who chose or gave in when forced to, taking these injections, tend to be constantly sick. Unfortunately, the Native community generally went all in on the fear and hysteria, and people are very defensive and combative about the subject, even in the face of overwhelming, right before your eyes, evidence what is happening. Of our numerous grandkids, the ones who were not jabbed are healthy and of the ones who are, tend to be always sickly and several developed cardio issues preventing them from sports and physical activity. Parents need to quit pretending it’s their eyes lying to them, it’s the so called health providers who are lying. Those health providers who knew better, were fired over this issue, and we can never forgive the Governor for not protecting Alaskans’ rights from this jab scourge.

  4. Today, the Assemly is sitting in their room without the public on unannounced business? It says it is live but bounces people off after one minute. Is that happening to everyone? Or just certain people, check it out and corroborate they have learned a new skill. Operating without any oversight.This meeting should be investigated for breaking open meetings act.

  5. The most lasting failure of Covid hysteria. The blatant politicization of science.

    They will never, ever let this go.

    The lawsuits will be interesting.

  6. They seem to continue to recommend the use of these experimental drugs and when there is a reaction to them you simply cannot find a doctor that can tell you how to treat the reaction other than advise you to go home and tough it out for a few day and see if it goes away….and they stopped even predicting the jab was or could be a cure for anything…

  7. The “only” reason it was added to the childhood vaccine schedule is to confer immunity from liability upon the manufacturers, and thereby permit the EUA to be released with liability protection maintained. The FDA is corrupt. The CDC is corrupt. As near as I can tell, ALL of the agencies have issues with corruption. While they are sowing the seeds of our demise, they are also sowing those of their own.

  8. Here we go, another backdoor to make parents comply. There are many school districts using the CDC “required” list to set their required vaccination standards for school attendance. Now they can demand that all kids be vaccinated for Covid to attend class. Another end-run around parental authority, especially considering how very low the infection risk is for kids. The CDC has no earthly idea how the mRNA shots impact long term development in children.
    As an aside wasn’t Obama care supposed to cover everyone? What happened? Why are there still “uninsured” children??? Does the CDC not have the power to add a recommendation to the vaccine for children list alone???

  9. Criminal colluding between the federal government and drug companies to enrich drug companies at the expense of the taxpayer. Coercing behavior by threatening to with hold known beneficial vaccines from children in order to force acceptance of a known ineffective “vaccine” is NOT government FOR the people, it is tyranny.

  10. I recently saw a list of governor’s who said they won’t allow it to become mandatory in their state. Big Mike’s name was not on the list.

    • I noticed too that Dunleavy is Mia on this one issue as he’s been leading from behind all along . What a shame for Alaska

  11. Continued sacrifice of children on the altar of high minded ideas.
    Abortion – so middle and upper class white women can have “a career and travel”.
    Transgenderism – so children with mental issues and disorders will not feel shamed for self mutilation.
    mRna vaccines – experimental gene therapy to booster profits for BigPharma under the guise of protecting societies most vulnerable.
    Abortion providers, transgender mutilators, and vaccine pushers need to experience Nuremberg trials with Public executions.

    • Sorry, you made some sense to me until your mention of the Nuremberg trials. That’s really over the top and uncalled for.
      What really needs to happen, is to remove authority from the CDC to stipulate or make mandatory any health remedy. Keep them strictly as an advisory panel. In the past they have done great research on exotic diseases and new emerging pathogens. That’s what they need to stick to instead of telling landlords they can’t kick people out, who don’t pay rent.
      Sadly it appears that the scientists at the CDC view this entire episode as a massive drug trial courtesy of Uncle Sam and the bureaucrats as a test in how far their power may reach.

      • The US Constitution did not confer medical authority to this corporation registered offshore; did it. So any authority had to be somewhere to be delegatable. It was a popular custom with no authority. The medical biz is “uninterested” and therefore completely uninformed of unalienable rights of Americans. The colluders hope there is no accountability. However, the US signed the Nuremburg Treaty. We realize the socialists really want a population takeover etc. Regardless, our rights are given by God.

  12. Have you seen the state of our schools lately? The vaccine is just one of many problems. If you love your child keep them away from public schools.

  13. If I remember correctly it also is the path to liability immunity under Federal law/regulation. The drug companies are forever absolved once a vaccine is approved for infants. IIRC.

  14. Infants and children may lose birthright inheritance rights, familial rights when they are attached to the known patent holder of the batch they got stuck with. Not very nice. Your medical record perhaps now owned forever by foreign interested parties will see that you are cellularly attached to the patent holder. These shots are patented. Man-made things, only, are patented. The many blank spaces on the informing consent forms that are in the box actually contains blanked out info. Good luck getting it in America. Without completely informed consent you cannot give it. Neither can children nor infants. The Nurenburg Treaty, signed by America, makes these practices forbidden. The regimes of the past were punished. How cavalier some of the medical industry has tried to become.

  15. Thank God many of us were not deceived into taking the Satan Sauce. AKA: Gene Therapy, mRNA Technology. Me thinks messing with the creators master code that exists in all living things (DNA) may be a dangerous thing to do, and I personally had no interest in participating in the trans-human experiment. But for those among us who chose to, I pray you receive forgiveness.

    Revelation 18:23, KJV: And the light of a candle shall shine no more at all in thee; and the voice of the bridegroom and of the bride shall be heard no more at all in thee: for thy merchants were the great men of the earth; for by thy sorceries were all nations deceived.

    Sorceries = pharmakeia: the use of medicine, drugs or spells

  16. No need. We both got the original Alpha variant with the spike protean in 2020 and did just fine as did all our friends and family. We never mask, isolate from the sick, or live in fear. Our God given immune system works just great, even in my advanced years as with my wife’s. I no longer get influenza after dropping my annual flu vaccination years ago. In fact, we will never trust the Medical Industrial Complex again. We watched the corrupt protocol of the CDC end the life of a dear friend with Remdesivir. They have completely destroyed their trust with the public and us as far as we are concerned. Bill, I wish you well and years of good health. Myself, I try very hard to not mock others, or wish them bad things, but I do try to spend much of my remaining time on this earth seeking the truth. Proverbs 9:7-8

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