Sen. Dianne Feinstein announces her retirement


California Democrat U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein announced on Tuesday that she will not run for reelection in 2024. Feinstein is 89 and has well-known, short-term memory issues. In fact, she told reporters today she was not aware that the press release about her retirement had gone out earlier in the day, and told them she had not made up her mind yet about retirement. But her press release says otherwise.

Feinstein said she plans to work through the end of her term, which ends in January of 2025. She has served in the Senate since 1992.

“I campaigned in 2018 on several priorities for California and the nation: preventing and combating wildfires, mitigating the effects of record-setting drought, responding to the homelessness crisis, and ensuring all Americans have access to affordable, high-quality health care. Congress has enacted legislation on all of these topics over the past several years, but more needs to be done – and I will continue these efforts,” she said in a statement.

In her time in office, the homelessness crisis has exploded in California, and wildfires have increased, and drought has deepened. The national debt has exploded and schools across the country are churning out students who can’t read, write, or calculate.

“I also remain focused on passing commonsense legislation to fight the epidemic of gun violence, preserving our pristine lands and promoting economic growth – especially to position California for what I believe will be the century of the Pacific. And I will use my seniority on the Appropriations Committee to ensure California gets its fair share of funding,” she said.

Memorable to Alaskans, Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski was photographed cornered by Sen. Feinstein in the Capitol, seen above in a CBS News photo, during the contentious confirmation vote for Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh in 2018. The photo made it appear that Murkowski was being bullied by Feinstein to vote against Kavanaugh’s confirmation. Murkowski was a “no” vote for Kavanaugh but ended up voting “present” instead.

Feinstein has focused much of her career on gun control, famously saying,  “It’s simple logic: If you can’t buy a beer, you shouldn’t be able to buy an assault weapon. If you can’t buy a handgun, you shouldn’t be able to buy an AR-15.” She has long been an advocate of red-flag laws.


  1. We can be thankful for Dianne for that pic. It reveals Lisa’s true character:the obsequious, frightened, easily moved, little woman that she is. If it wasn’t for big Daddy Frank I wonder what Lisa’s high point in life would have been? Public school teacher?

    • Certainly the argument can be made that Alaska public school teachers are collectively doing more damage to Alaska than can any Alaska delegation to the US Congress over any like period of time. Not only are Alaska school teachers turning in performance stats that would have the teachers and school administrators fired in any private sector industry (as measured by standardized tests) but those professionals are changing Alaska in ways that Alaskans of the WWII era could not have imagined and would abhor. I am very much a beneficiary of a public school system that was far superior to any in Alaska today but the Alaska schools of today would have failed me. I cannot imagine what Alaska parents of today are thinking!

      • Added to that comment, that I agree with by the way, the current batch of radio ads from the Anchorage School District that ask listeners to “talk to their elected leaders..” about how to improve the schools.
        I wish we went back to a time when the schools knew that the people elected to office were there to represent the public, not lead them. But, apparently civics and history classes are less important than Diversity Inclusion, and Equity (DIE)

    • Yes, how dare Murkowski actually talk to someone of the opposite party. It would be so much more useful to the American people if our elected officials acted like petulant children and refused to talk to one another.

      • This is not ‘talking’ to someone of the opposite party, cman.

        This is confrontational, overpowering, and abusive communication from a more empowered monger unto a cuckolded less senior member.

  2. Not actually retiring ….pols rarely do, it’s medical.
    She has alzheimer’s pretty bad, otherwise her handlers would keep her in the Senate.
    Not news really, accept bad news for America.
    She will be replaced by by someone far more to the radical Left.
    Feinstein is practically a conservative by West Coast progressive standards.

  3. Micah; Do you mean Senator Murkowski who destroyed Kelly in the last election? The senator who brought to Alaska a F-22 squadron and two F-35 Fighter squadron’s, several Coast Guard Cutters, Broad Band for rural, infrastructure package, highway construction, bridges and gobs of more money than any state per capita in the nation, you mean that Lisa Murkowski? 😉

    • Lisa’s rewrite of state election law beat Kelly. DoD brought F-22’s into AK to replace F-15s and F-35s to replace F-16 / A-10s. Elon Musk already brought rural broadband into AK. Lisa’s broadband $$$ will all be recycled into future campaign donations, Alaska graft at its worst. As to bridges, wake me up when she reinstates funding for Knik Arm and Gravina bridges, and new funding for a Turnagain Arm bridge.

      I’s be a lot happier if AK were paying its own way via resource development and actual jobs (fish farming, logging in the Tongass, Pebble, etc) rather than suckling on the federal teat like some oversized tick. Yeah, I mean that Lisa Murkowski. Of course, you mileage may vary. Cheers –

      • agimarc; You are incorrect, Lisa won the first round, and you are incorrect on the rest of your post.

    • The same Murkowski who broke with DJT, stabbed him in the back and put her own morals ahead of the Party. She betrayed DJT, after he gave her, and every other American, everything he had. She betrayed the best, most capable leader this nation has ever seen – maybe any nation has ever seen! She stood against DJT, which means she stood against Freedom and America.

    • What a load of hogwash!
      NO politician ever did ANYTHING constructive, such as you imply! All they did, and all that they can do, is funnel taxpayer money to politically favored recipients. Robbing Peter to pay Paul is still robbery, and still worthy of condemnation.
      Government is a disease masquerading as its own cure.

    • How, exactly do you define “destroyed?”
      Requiring votes from Democrats under RCV is not “destroying.” it is cheating.
      Oh, and she did a few good things for AK. Wow, you sound like an abused spouse, dismissing the abuse because every once in a while you get flowers.

      • Hey, give me some credit. If it wasn’t for me, Lisa would never have brought those F-22 and F-35s up here. The Murkowski legacy has to start with me in the driver’s seat. I taught her everything she knows.

        • Including how to take bar exams 4 times, how to keep her house husband from never having had to work, and how to keep fooling fellow Alaskans for 43 years. Yes, Frankie, you are the professor.

          • When I married into this cult, I knew what I was doing. I could throw away my moral and ethical principles and still go to Catholic mass with them. I could sell off my noodle stand and make way more money
            off pre-inheritance payments and influence peddling with Democrats and RINOs. I get to wear my Bermuda cutoffs, sandals, and sport a helluva tan most of the year. I get to go to parties with Diane Feinstein, Mitt Romney and the Clintons. And I know my retirement will be better than Frankie and Nancy’s. The only thing I don’t like is having to call Joe Biden………Daddy-in-law.

  4. I don’t know why she’s retiring. She’s the ideal democrat candidate – mentally challenged and obedient. Biden and Fetterman taught us that.

  5. Feinstein is as old as Trump will be when he serves his 4th term in office. Only fraudulent elections and election laws will keep it from happening.

  6. Odd how MRAK runs a feel good story of the definition of term limits retiring. Never mind the catastrophic damage happening in Ohio or Arizona. Where is the outrage from the climate chabgers? Where is the publics moral compass anymore? Ok 90 something year old career liar, can’t even remember saying she was going to retire. Good grief

  7. Yeah we can only guess what was being said in that conversation. It could have been feinstein telling murky that we have your dog, and we have your dad and if you want to ever see them alive again you will vote the way I tell you to.

  8. How about a real estate agent? “Murkowski repeated Monday that she doesn’t think there was anything wrong with her buying the land from Penney or the price she paid him. “If I FELT that, I would not have moved forward with the purchase originally,” Murkowski said.

    The only problem with the sale, she said, was the way the media latched onto the story.”

    It is going to be a long time until 2028 election comes around for her seat in the Senate.

  9. I hope someone paints a picture of John Browning’s most iconic firearm, the pistol patented on February 14, 1911, on Feinstein’s grave stone. The old bag never stopped trying to take my guns.

  10. Sen Grassley Iowa Republican was re-elected in 2022, he will be 95 in 2028 when he finishes his 8th 6-year term. All of the problems listed, homelessness, wildfires etc, also occured during times when the Republicans were in the majority. Des Moines had a mass shooting in the recent past. Senile Senators in office are not limited to Democrats

  11. Love her or hate her, she is one of the best arguments for a top age for politicians.

    She’s been slipping for some time.

  12. We need a conservative holiday to celebrate our good fortune. The libs can go cry in their safe space. A good day when it happens. Lisa how about you next.

  13. And Alaskans wonder why Lisa the Traitor votes the way she does? The photo says it all! I prefer the photo of Lisa and Joey hugging and sniffing each others Hair with a big s**t eatin grin. It still makes me laugh every time I see it! I bey Frankie and Nancy have that one over the fireplace.

  14. Every time I see that picture, I can only imagine the conversation as ‘But, Granny, I was only PRETENDING to support the Republicans, really!

    I had my fingers crossed the whole time!


    Granny, why are your hands so huge?

    The better to crush your skull with, little one….

    Now do what I say!

  15. Feinstein will be easily replaced by someone to her left.
    How is that good fortune for conservatives?
    We’d be better off if she stayed.

  16. One does not need to be there for the ‘conversation’ itself based upon simple body language within this case, cman.

    Regardless of the ‘topic’ of the conversation, the visual exchange is most revealing.

    Were I to ‘converse’ with you within a similar manner, me being Feinstein and you being Murkowski, regardless of the subject matter, would you honestly believe that you were being addressed as an equal, or as a subordinate, or an inferior participant?

    Would I be a ‘bully’? Yes.

    Would you be the ‘bullied’ participant? Yes.

    Your defense, as senseless as it is, is of nothing that means anything, as it is of nearly anything you write, or promote within reality.

    You CHOOSE to not see the forest from the trees presented unto you, and for that, I pity you. Not because you are ignorant, but because you CHOOSE to be ignorant.

    As an individualist Libertarian, I support your stance fully as your individual prerogative, however much I might disagree within it.

    And that is the difference between you and I, and most of us that comment within the MRAK forum.

    We shall engage within those such as you as a sharing of ideas, and ideals, whereas those such as you shall discount any idea or ideal apart from your own thought process outright as wrong and blasphemous unto your own ideology.

    You, and yours, have no concept within the process of debate, nor argument, nor the possibility that you may be wrong upon your solidified belief within your own reality, as is demonstrated by your simplistic response above.

    Try harder.

    Be smarter.

    Or, at least, less obtuse.

    If you can.

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