Breaking: Unidentified flying object shot down over Lake Huron


On Sunday, yet another unidentified object was shot down by a U.S. Air Force fighter jet. This one was over Lake Huron, north of Michigan, and is the fourth object shot down in American air space in eight days.

Rep. Jack Bergman and Rep. Elissa Slotkin, both of Michigan, confirmed that pilots were engaged from both the Air Force and National Guard, and it was a F-16 that shot down the object.

On Saturday, air space was briefly closed over a portion of Michigan, but then reopened, without explanation from the FAA.

The object shot down on Sunday was described as octagonal, and at 20,000 feet, which would be a threat to commercial airlines. Military sources tell Must Read Alaska that the Department of Defense knows what the UFOs are, but has not told the public.

The first item to enter U.S. airspace was a China spy balloon that traveled across Alaska and much of the United States before being shot down over the ocean east of Myrtle Beach, S.C. Next, an unknown object was shot down over the Arctic Ocean north of Deadhorse, Alaska. Then, over The Yukon, another item, described as a cylinder, was shot down by U.S. F-22, at the request of Canada Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. On Saturday, air space was briefly closed in Montana, but no action was taken, and Sunday, an item shot from the sky over Lake Huron, which is between Michigan and Canada.


  1. Testing to see which is the optimum shape and altitude for a biological weapon or an EMP bomb. Sometimes old technology is the best. Remember back during the 80’s cold war when a German kid flew a Cessna from W Germany into Red Square and the Kremlin. Flew in slow and under the radar.

  2. What is with this ridiculous coyness on the part of the military? TELL US WHAT YOU HAVE SHOT DOWN!! Damn the stupid power games that those in government routinely play!

  3. “the Department of Defense knows what the UFOs are, but has not told the public.”


    What possible good could come from heightening the American public’s threat awareness and then withholding information that might rightfully assuage or temper their concern? Has the government watched too much TV and is now attempting to get everyone to wait for the next episode? Monetizing their youtube channel by creating content free volume?

      • Really bud? I don’t remember this happening, at all…not even once. So those were the good super high altitude invisible balloons during the Trump presidency but these are the low rent bobo Walmart versions now that sleepy joe is in charge. Why would a lame stream media so hell bent on tearing Trump apart not have grabbed this story and ran with it, true or not? Why wouldn’t milley who called china to tell them he would give them a heads up if anything “crazy” was going to happen at the end of Trumps first term not have used this to smear President Trump for his lack of military experience? I’ll be your daddy on this one…….because it didn’t happen. Now get back to your world of Warcraft game or Fortnite or whatever the hell it is you do.

    • Finally someone gets it! So true! When DJT was our president the world feared and respected the US. They knew that if they pulled anything like this, DJT would exact a high price on their country. Now that fear and respect is gone and the world just walks all over the US. They feel empowered to fly whatever they want over our country. If three incursions had happened to DJT, he’d have taken decisive military action to prevent China or Russia or whoever from ever doing it again. He was so great! DJT 2024!

  4. How badly can the white house bungle this up?! First they don’t shoot down a surveillance balloon until it’s completed a pass across the entire continent. And then, only because citizens saw the balloon and demanded action.

    Now, they start shooting them down, trying to toughen up their image with the public, but they won’t just come out and I.D. the ‘objects’ or give out any details. I’m not looking for details on the payload, but if they are from a specific source, like china, then tell us. Not giving out info gives credence to stories of them shooting down our own balloons just to keep the chinese happy.

    • I agree 100% with the logic, I’m just not confident that the “Details” coming from this administration are going to be anywhere close to the TRUTH. Don’t we have a clip of Brandon telling the American people that China is our friend?

  5. “By the shores of Gitchee Gumee, By the Shining Big-Sea Water, Stood the wigwam of Nokomis, Daughter of the Moon, Nokomis” – Henry Wadsworth.

  6. Let’s all take a deep breath.
    These are atmospheric balloons with a simple array of detection equipment. They are the precursors to the Chinese claimed super array of sensor balloon downed on the east coast.
    Apples and Oranges.
    Normally, these types of detections are not notified to the public. But since they are now visually observed due to the gigantic size of the Chinese balloon, they are on the 24 hour news cycle.
    Great entertainment though.
    We have greater problems to deal with….I wish we could deal with that.

  7. Yawn. This is a mere distraction. The Russian Ogliarch Gang made a bet with China dangling money to entice them. Then when that plan backfired biggly, they dispatched balloons for a CYA tactic. What’s next there boo? Oh. Right. Pakistan man donated $30 million. Yawn. “Is this all you got”? Now who said that? ?

  8. This has been going on for some time now. I even saw one that 2 jets were chasing on my way to Fairbanks some years ago. It made a 90 degree turn and the jets had to make a wide turn to chase it again. They are just starting this all up now to distract us from what is really going on.,

  9. I will not be surprised if it is later shown that the objects being shot down are weather balloons. Biden is overcompensating now because of the mistake he made by letting the first large Chinese spy balloon transit our country. Now he is trying to appear strong, but failing. Spending millions on jet fuel and sidewinder missiles to shoot down a weather balloon is foolish and a sign of desperation from a senile old man without a clue of what to do.

  10. Look at all the pretty UFOs. Ignore the train derailment in Ohio. Ignore the Nordstream Pipeline. Ignore the Biden crime family

  11. The poem “The Wreck of the Hesperus” also comes to mind. Would it be OK if I mention it in this audience considering my ethnic heritage? Please be sure to give parochial guidance.

  12. OK, so let’s see…
    A week or so ago, a “weather” balloon (obviously a spy balloon, but let’s run with the official narrative for the moment.) flies across the nation, unimpeded and undisturbed.
    pResident Brandon gets flack about it from… well, everyone.
    Suddenly, there are reports from “sources” that three similar balloons crossed the US when President Trump was in office. No one in the intelligence community can corroborate those reports, but if it was OK during the Trump presidency, it should be OK for everyone… right?
    Now, suddenly the military is identifying and destroying balloon after balloon, and unidentified object after unidentified object.
    Weird. If I had my tin foil fedora on, I would say something looks suspicious. Sort of like trying to convince the public that there we shoot down unidentified objects on a daily basis.
    Definitely weird…

    • I don’t know. With the pics of the laser test near Hawaii, that tin foil hat might not be a bad idea.

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