UFO? Unknown object over Montana closes air space


An unidentified object in the air over Havre, Montana prompted officials to issue a NOTAM, an air space closure, near the border with Canada on Saturday. The area is in roughly the same same route as the China spy balloon that crossed Alaska and Canada one week ago, before entering the United States in Montana.

The FAA listed no TFR — temporary flight restriction — over the area. A NOTAM is a notice containing information essential to personnel concerned with flight operations, but not known far enough in advance to be publicized by other means, the FAA describes. It states the abnormal status of a component of the National Airspace System – not the normal status.

Sen. Jon Tester of Montana confirmed the situation, which occurred the same day another object was shot down over Yukon, Canada.

“I am aware of the object in Montana air space and remain in close contact with senior DOD and Administration officials. I am closely monitoring the situation and am receiving regular updates. I will continue to demand answers for the American public,” Tester said in a statement.

From FlightRadar24, it appeared that a USAF KC-135 tanker with no call sign was doing a flight pattern around Great Falls, Montana.

“I am in direct contact with NORCOM and monitoring the latest issue over Havre and the northern border. Airspace is closed due to an object that could interfere with commercial air traffic — the DOD will resume efforts to observe and ground the object in the morning,” said Rep. Matt Rosendale of Montana. Later, he wrote, “Airspace is reopened – I will remain in contact with defense officials and share more information as it becomes available. Montanans deserve answers.”


  1. Xi to Biden: “Why do you keep allowing the military to shoot down our balloons — don’t you realize that we are trying to send you your payoff money?!”

  2. China tested dropping hyper sonic missiles from a balloon back in 2018. Fact. What do you think is going to happen? I am totally against fear porn news designed to get clicks, but you better prepare for no power, no gas, no food, no nothing that you can’t grow, fish, or hunt or build out of wood with hand tools. If you survive the neutron bombs or EMP’s or straight out nuclear bombs. Major cities and military sites will go first. They will want to save the farmland. Anchorage and Fairbanks are toast.

  3. We’re too busy being politically correct and not offending someone due to their skin color or sexual orientation. No one wants to work anymore but they want to live like the Kardashians. China is just poking and prodding right now.

  4. They need to have something to support the fiction that the Chinese sent three (or probably more at this point) spy balloons across the US when President Trump was in office. So, have the NWS send a few weather balloons up solely for the theater of shooting them down.
    See… pResident Xiden is not weak, he is actually doing more than is predecessor. (on paper at least.)

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