Breaking: Third unidentified object shot down — over Yukon Territory this time, at request of Justin Trudeau


A third unidentified object has been shot down by an Alaska-based F-22 fisher jet, but this one was over the Yukon Territory in Canada. It was requested to be shot down by Canada Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Saturday. Canadian and U.S. aircraft were scrambled, and a U.S. F-22 successfully hit the object, Trudeau said.

“I ordered the take down of an unidentified object that violated Canadian airspace,” Trudeau wrote on Twitter. “I spoke with President Biden this afternoon. Canadian Forces will now recover and analyze the wreckage of the object. Thank you to NORAD for keeping the watch over North America.”

The item was shot down a day after U.S. jets descended on an object in the Arctic Ocean just north of Deadhorse, Alaska and a week after a China spy airship was shot down over Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Recovery operations are still underway to pick up the pieces of the object that fell onto the ice-covered Arctic Ocean.

Earlier Saturday, the North American Aerospace Defense Command was tracking a “high-altitude airborne object” over the Yukon.

NORAD confirmed the Trudeau report in a statement that said it had “positively identified a high-altitude airborne object over Northern Canada.”

U.S. Senator Dan Sullivan (R-Alaska), a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, today released the following statement:

“In the last few days, we’ve experienced unprecedented incidences of not only a confirmed Chinese spy balloon, but other unidentified aircraft that have breached the sovereign airspace of Alaska and the rest of the country. I once again commend our military, particularly the Active Duty and Guard forces in Alaska, who have literally been working around the clock for weeks tracking and eliminating this unprecedented challenge, including the Alaska-based F-22 that just shot down another unidentified aircraft over Canada.

“Their priority mission should continue to be protecting and defending American airspace and, importantly, redoubling efforts to recover, exploit and analyze the unidentified aircraft shot down over Alaska and Canada. This needs to be done as quickly as possible in order to fully understand the nature of the threat we are facing right now. It’s important that the Biden Administration provide to the American people as much information as possible on these sightings or any similar incidents.”


  1. Maybe the Governor can shine some light on this need and get something through the house but i sure do not think there are the votes in the State senate to get anything positive done…they seem bent on continuing to find greater use of the PFD and see if somehow they could impose taxes on all Alaskans.

    • This is a diversion to keep us focused on the bright and shiny object (in the form of a balloon)–while ??? is being put into place. The govt will keep it anything but ‘transparent’ to us–until we are already in the reactive mode. Then, it will be a ‘national emergency’ with all their power in place–and our liberty finally gone. They practiced up on that with with the c**** plandemeic…

    • We can thank Lisa Murkowski for that F-22 Squadron as well as the two F-35 Squadrons, what can I say, the senator is very defensive minded, knows Alaska is ground zero in a war 😉

    • I think we have better assets closer at hand. Plus, again I believe, we have a kind or reciprocal agreement with them. Truth is, we probably have more military hardware in Alaska than the bulk of Canada.

    • Joe,
      Maybe because it might have entered in from Alaska, like the 1st balloon did. They did admit they were tracking the uhobject for awhile. Beyond that, no more details. Just speculating like all others, because that’s all we have.

    • We have older F-18 Hornets with Sidewinders too. But not F-22s in the national arsenal. Besides, our PM is a pacifist and doesn’t like the military. He’d rather use NORAD at his disposal for defense, so that he can give away needles and drugs through our social service programs. Between your Biden and our Trudeau, the Mexicans, terrorists, and drug dealers will overtake us from the south. The Chinese, Russians, and North Koreans will take us from the north. If they ever start working together, the North American continent will be taken over. Eh?

  2. I wonder why all of Sullivan’s comments are pap. From a guy that’s on a Senate US Armed Services Committee we should all expect more and better. I can write that kind of self congratulatory crap.

    If any of us could have written it, it’s not good enough. Step it up, Dan.

  3. So now Trudeau can direct our military? Our southern border is wide open while Canada’s is tightly secured and they take no refugees. Now we provide security as well. Time to send them a bill and a few busloads of migrants.

    • Yes actually. Canada is part of NATO. An incursion into their space is the same as an incursion into ours. All the member countries will kick in for the cost.

      France has decided to double its work week to 9 minutes to raise money.
      Germany a half pint of beer (probably flat).
      U.K. is dipatching unused toothpaste (there is gonna be a lot of it)
      USA is kicking $121,000,000 for the fuel, Fi22, and sidewinders.
      Denmark is hibernating so we won’t know until spring.
      And Canada is reducing the fine for excessive co2 emissions from the F22 down to only $4,000,000.

  4. Why waste a half million dollar sidewinder on something a spurt from a 50 caliber would of been able to knock down , I agree these are our own , the military industrial complex is alive and flourishing in the Biden administration , they haven’t released any info of value by now, because they already know what these things are, and the public will get some BS explanation later!

    • You willing to close within 1000 yards of a stationary target at 600 mph to get a guns shot? Point the nose right at it, squeeze a few rounds off and hope like hell you can pull out before you collide or an errant piece of debris flys into your jet intake? Be my guest, but don’t ask an AF pilot to needlessly risk his life and a 120 million dollar aircraft on a hollywood idea of an arieal engagement..

      60,000 feet is not an easy altitude to fly. Planes don’t manuver or stay aloft easily when there is little air density. With the realtively small wing of a fighter the plane was near full power just to prevent stalling out. Contol surfaces, even the big tail feathers on the F22, don’t dig into the air at those altitudes. Worse the aggressive turns needed to avoid collision bleed off airspeed which would almost certaiinly cause the plane to become uncontrolable. Yes, you might regain contol as you got to lower altitude, but that is assuming you didn’t blackout from the massive G’s as the plane tumbled 40,000 feet.

      Guns were not an option. Had to be a missle shot at 60,000.

      The one over Huron at 20k feet might have been possible though. Risky, but possible.

    • Seems like it might be an xlnt time to zip a few objects over someone’s territory. Maybe a few that would come down w/out needing to be shot at. Identify the sender and then lob something back that’s far more interesting.

  5. Now that the Biden regime and the Pentagon has been embarrassed, appears they’ve gone weapons free on anything that moves. Make sure you have a flight plan if you fly until this dies down. Cheers –

  6. Three objects invading our airspace in the past several days should have the alarm bells ringing at the Pentagon, but I can’t say I have much confidence in them anymore. Just saw on TV where a NORAD official stated that the military has helicopters guarding the airspace over the Super Bowl. Like a hostile military force would waste a hypersonic missile on 80,000 overweight, couch potato Americans! Meanwhile, these incursions could be pinpointing our early warning and air defense radar systems in preparation for World War 111. If a fourth one is shot down it should have all of us very, very worried. Especially with a Pentagon that is more concerned about gender pronouns than military capability, not to mention a senile Commander in Chief!

  7. If there’s one benefit of having had one of these dropped over Canuck territory it’s that maybe now we’ll get to find out what they are and where they came from.

    US reporting on the first balloon dropped off the east coast and the one dropped in our back yard has been like reading a post event note from Dan Sullivan.

  8. These antics, no matter what country is behind it, is pushing the envelope. I don’t know if anyone has told them, but attitudes are changing. Globally. These antics are going to get the origination a backlash, and a beat down by their own people. Make sure to live stream when you can. ?

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