Sen. Sullivan: Why was China’s spy balloon allowed to enter Alaska, when we have great Air Force capabilities?


U.S. Sen. Dan Sullivan, a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, has some questions about the China spy balloon, which was shot down by a U.S. fighter jet off the coast of South Carolina on Saturday, after entering U.S. airspace in Alaska a week earlier.

From Jan. 28 to Feb. 4, the a large, white high-altitude balloon, visible from the ground, crossed through North American airspace, entering in Alaska, traversing Canada, and crossing the continental United States.

“I want to commend the skilled airmen who safely executed the mission to finally take down the Chinese spy balloon,” Sullivan said in a statement. But with Alaska’s advanced missile detection systems, there are too many unanswered questions. Sullivan asked questions that plenty of Alaskans have already asked, as many wonder why the federal government didn’t alert the state to the danger, and why the object was not shot down over the vast empty spaces of Alaska.

“I have already begun pressing our senior military leaders and Biden administration officials on why this surveillance balloon was allowed to operate for so long over our country, and what consequences the Chinese Communist Party will face for this brazen violation of American sovereignty.

“The 11th Air Force in Alaska does an exceptional job of detecting, intercepting and keeping adversarial aircraft, like Russian bear bombers, out of Alaska air space on a regular basis. We need to know why a Chinese spy asset was allowed to breach sovereign American airspace. This cannot become a precedent for further Chinese Communist Party aggression,” Sullivan said.


  1. Fair question.

    Another is did Milley actually tell Biden to let this thing drift out to sea (over several military installations) or did Milley once again play fast and loose with the Commander in Chief?

  2. Another treasonous act that is impeachable of Biden. Allowing the balloon to cross America, he condoned the intrusion. Not shooting it down while it was over Alaska waters or land, the whole narrative of putting people in danger is BS. But now, more can see the collusion of Bidens and his regime. Yes, he and they are playing with our lives.

      • Look up Fu-Go bombs from WW II. Are you really serious or just a paid troll? ‘

        • If you’re talking to me, I know all about that lame Japanese balloons from world war II. They did absolutely nothing except propaganda which is what they were intended to do. We have bigger fish to fry than balloons people. It’s best not to get all stirred up about these things and focus on our real enemy. Why do you think we started the space force?

      • So the withdrawal from that one middle eastern country, which left what, 85 billion and weapons and cash, is no big deal? You appear to be part of the country which male parts are in your wife’s purse.

        • No not in the big picture. I tend to look at my glass half full. I don’t cry over spilled milk neither. Get over it or it will make you nuts. Arm yourself sure although it will do very little. You don’t realize what’s really happening do you? Sad

      • So I guess the CCP briefed you on what exactly the payload was and what exactly they were able to gather? The only mole hill is inside your fevered cranium.

        • The Chinese have satellites up in space that have the ability to measure how short your pecker is. They don’t need to fly a blimp over to glean anything. This was all just to make Biden look bad and to test the waters. Same thing they’ve been doing in the South China Sea.

      • Spying is not harmless Greg. Kinda easy for you to say when you do not live here anymore… I’m sorry.. It IS harmful!

        • Not when they didn’t learn anything they didn’t already know. The real action is in orbit. They’ve got stuff up there that can fly up next to our satellites and read the made in Japan label on the parts. They don’t need to know how many antelope are in Central Montana.

      • It’s not harmless. The Chinese deliberately tested us by violating our airspace.

        Doesn’t matter if it was a spy balloon or the Goodyear blimp.

        They tested us and we failed. Spectacularly.

        • Like I said it was all propaganda. They own property over here including Smithfield hams. They own property all around our top secret facility. We sold it to them. How dumb are we?

      • No chance it had bioweapons; no chance it had an EMP; no chance it had anything at all to harm us. As long as we can’t think of the possibilities, we feel safe and it’s a “nothingburger.”

        Despite the fact that we’ve paid our military billions and billions of dollars to make sure this kind of thing doesn’t happen.

  3. Over 50 F-35’s at Eielson, and a few dozen F-22’s and F-15’s at Elmendorf, and nothing? A couple of the boys at Lake Hood could have strapped a Sidewinder on their 185’s or Beavers and knocked it out. The balloon probably had a couple more of Hunter’s laptops on board and was going to dump them over Delaware.

  4. If Americans want to send the Communist Chinese a message then stop buying Chinese made junk and buy American made, this will have the added benefit of letting our own government know that we support American and Americans.

      • No Apple products for me, thank you very much. There are plenty of perfectly fine computers not made in China.

        • Name one of those computers not made in China and I will show you the screen parts, the case, the circuit boards, the transformer, etc, etc are made in China to just be assembled in US. The chips may be from Taiwan but most everything else, including the power cord is from China.

          • BTW, tools used to assemble the China-made parts are also from China. Fact: never, in the history of the world, has any nation, kingdom, or country ever declared their biggest foreign trading partner to be simultaneously their biggest enemy or threat. The US-China relationship is unique to history. We are in totally uncharted territory.

          • Samsung, Panasonic, MSI to name a few all offer 100% not made in China computers. Dell and HP are moving towards fully relocating their entire supply chain out of China, as are many others.

            If people spent just a little time, like less than a minute, they’d find there are plenty of alternatives to funding the CCP.

          • Samsung, Panasonic, MSI to name a few all offer 100% not made in China computers. Dell and HP are moving towards fully relocating their entire supply chain out of China, as are many others.

            If people spent just a little time, like less than a minute, they’d find there are plenty of alternatives to funding the CCP.

    • With you Steve-O, and I have been since everything started to be moved overseas. Which happens to correspond very closely with the rise of Walmart, and is one of the reasons I have not spent money there, either.

  5. This event occurred because You Dan Sullivan, and others like You refused to investigate the extremely dubious results of the 2020 presidential election and just rubber stamp the obvious fraudulent results. You stood by and did nothing to prevent a known international criminal from taking over the country. You also stood by and did nothing while BLM and ANTIFA committed murder, assault, arson and sedition. You have stood by while illegal prosecutions of American citizens are taking place. When I was in the Corps the lowest of Marines were twice what You ever dreamt of being. You Sullivan are a disgrace.

    • You are absolutely correct. Sullivan and those like him who cowardly refused to do anything about stolen elections are the true traitors. And we are all paying the price.

      • Well Dominion voting machine results are questionable and sketchy at best. Example, last municipal election a representative of said machines plugged in a flash drive during counting, where has that story gone?

        International crimes, how about the 100 billion squandered in that central European place? Where is the accounting on that let alone the covid scam, that is now being proven to be a huge redistribution of wealth?

        Domestic terrorist left leaning groups. Where is the accounting of the scam conducted by two groups, whose establishments got rich as they put forth 2 plus billion in damages during the summer of love?

        I would say Kane is spot on, you seem to suffer from liberal short term memory of what the facts are.

    • Citizenkane, I salute you. You stuck the landing on that one, sir.

      In reality, this balloon thing is a significant event. But for many, it isn’t much more than a convenient PsyOp if they can benefit from its exploitation. Senator Sullivan’s questions and statements needed to be brought forward, but why only participate in rearranging the deck chairs? The iceberg was obvious.

  6. Wow, Sullivan has come out of his dormancy. He has done nothing about this treasonous regime for over 2 years and now he’s becoming vocal? Sorry Dan, a little late to the party. Join Lisa and the hyper spending of Uncle Joe’s funny money.

  7. We all need to start buying American made whenever available and then items sourced from allied countries and even only if necessary. Like our food source and content we check the ingredient label for harmful content, anytime we see ‘high fructose corn syrup don’t buy it as we now know it’s bad for our health, so too when we see the made in china label don’t buy it as we know it’s an inferior product and is bad for our economic health. Whenever America has to to outsource it’s demand for more product, we have Canada, Mexico Brazil ,Argentina, and all those small countries in between,whose citizens have equal intelligence and skills and just imagine the enocomic, political and spiritual (they’re all God-fearing countries), this should have been done decades ago, America has been a great generator of industry and economic growth for years, sad to say she for the most part bypassed her struggling neighbours to it’s South and instead brought all their business to china for a few dollars more profit and basically left their southern ‘family’ destitute, hence the crisis at the border. America’s big corporations greediness and kickbacks to politicians to keep them anethitized have created this monsterous hot air balloon thats been flying over both the north and south American continents for years, and only for a sharp eyed civilian drawing attention to it in ‘ Big Sky’ country, most likely this one also would have drifted ,, ‘ harmlessly’ eastward and would have been lowered and retrieved for further use by the Chinese navy out in the international waters of
    the North Atlantic. “Father forgive them for they know not what they do”. The power of our collective heartfelt prayers and repentance may still be the answer over Nuclear conflict, it’s either or, the people of Nineveh chose wisely,,,,, Sodom and Gomorrah sad to say didn’t. “Remember me when you come into your Kingdom”.

  8. Balloons and National Clown Show

    For anyone (anyone rational, that is!) watching the whole Chinese “Weather Balloon” saga this weekend, the outrage expressed by Republican leaders, retired military brass and everyday citizens, all of whom are seemingly powerless to do anything about it, coupled with all the other “woke” happenings and violence around our nation, you have to conclude we have reached that point as a nation that could be considered “One Big Clown Show”!

    It is completely obvious to me that the subversive long range plans and actions of various neo-Marxist entities around the world, especially China and a western cadre of hard Marxist revolutionaries, have come to fruition and our era as an independent democratic republic and bastion of freedom is almost over.

    How our leaders have let this happen is a lesson in the worst of human nature when the vast majority of them have made their deal with the Devil and have thought only about themselves, and discarded traditional values about preserving the future for their descendants. This has allowed the seditious Marxists to, gradually at first, then rapidly over the past 20 years, to subtly implement their destructive plans through bribery and deceit.

    My condemnation of our leaders extends not only to local and national politicians, military brass and, in many cases, the clergy, but also corporate business executives and other so-called “One Worlders”.

    It is interesting to see some on the left finally waking up to this truth. One of those is the normally left-wing comedian and TV commentator Bill Maher. On his HBO show he just recently gave a very funny, but accurate explanation of why idealistic Marxism doesn’t work.

    He explained that the idealistic Marxist idea that if you get rid of the current western systems of government, you can create a society where everyone is no longer “selfish” and thus everyone can share and equity prevails. Ri—ght! However, to get to that point you have to “destroy” the existing culture before it can be replaced! He asks, “Can you see any difference between China’s attempt to do that during their “Cultural Revolution” in the past, with what is happening in our Cancel Culture, other than bodies are not piling up?”

    Unfortunately, back in his day he was part of the left wing faction that “dissed” our western values to promote his own style of humor and still does some of that today.

    Also, unfortunately, as they say, “The Horse is Already Out of the Barn”, thus the National Clown Show is out there for all to see!

  9. On what day did Dan begin his questioning? He is an expert at criticizing an outcome after the event I can’t recall him being proactive about anything, ever. Why is that?

    It’s like he’s waiting to hear what popular opinion might be and then says that once everyone’s reached consensus.

    • He’s on the armed services committee, so I bet was briefed even before this crossed the Alaskan ADIZ. Politics at play and if he sounded the alarm and made demands–then he pays an enormous political price. The current admin is bought and paid for (thus compromised) by the CCP. That is what he is, and was, up against. And we ALL are paying the price. This game is just beginning–and will not end well…

  10. It appears the Chinese recon balloon overflew the anti-missile installation on Fort Greely, Eielson AFB, and Clear Air Force Station. The military doesn’t allow Russian recon flights to overfly Alaskan air space, so why did it allow a Chinese recon balloon to overfly a huge portion of US and Canadian air space?

    • And shemya and at 60k probably got a good look a sparrowhoven (sp)

      With a budget $800b, one has to ask is it worth it if DoD can not shoot down a flippin balloon…
      The generals should have been fired.

    • “The Biden spin includes the excuse that the balloon “isn’t collecting anything that satellite surveillance is already collecting.” This is baloney. The balloon was maneuverable and could create a longer dwell time than satellites, not to mention enhanced data collection by ground-penetrating radar/PHOTOINT sensors at 60K feet altitude compare to that from an orbiting satellite.”

      Quoted from: ‘

  11. Open borders? Surveillance balloons freely roaming the USA? A president that shakes hands with thin air? Hang on folks. We’re goin’ down!

  12. According to Ibn Kaldun’s 14th Century analysis of empires and political entities which still apparently holds true in the 21st Century, the US is now in what is called senility – or serious decline. I remember a Danish futurist about 10 years back predicting the same thing. At the time, I thought he was a little premature. Judging by recent events it looks like I was overly optimistic. Kenai2 may have it right. Looks like we are going down – hard!

  13. The real question is who told NORAD to stand down while the balloon spent 3 days over AK (28-30 Jan) and at least 4 days over Canada? Last time I checked, NORAD was still real, still armed, and still has a mission.

    I can think of several reasons the US let the balloon operate outside of the normal Biden corruption, fealty to the CCP, and pay for play (the Biden crime family business arrangements with the CCP):

    1. To take a close look at how the CCP controls the flight of the balloon, and get data in and out of it, likely some sort of satellite relay. Essentially gather ELINT.
    2. Not to embarrass the CCP before Blinken’s trip which was ultimately canceled.
    3. See if we can hack it and enter the CCP C3I system.
    4. Give the CCP something interesting to see and report home about.

    The big question is if DoD is smart enough to do any of that, having spent an inordinate amount of time over the last few years cleansing faux white supremacists from the ranks, cleansing those who refused the vax, cleansing those who refuse to sign onto the internal (and infernal) CRT, equity scam, and of course separating those who refuse to play along with the internal trans festivities. There are only so many hours in the day, and when you elevate foolishness as your new primary mission, the real combat mission ends up getting insufficient resources and interest from the command structure.

    We could have been doing some really fun stuff to the CCP. I’m afraid we were more into buffoonery. Cheers –

  14. Dropping the balloon over open territorial water with a measured missile preserves as much of the equipment as posssible and makes the task of recovery much simpler. China is very good at provocation. Establishing new bases in the Phillipine’s with stationed Marines is considered a provocation by China. China is good at playing the long game, they are monitoring our long term commitment to Ukraine and democratic asian countries

  15. It reminds me back in the ’70’s-’80’s it was Russian jets playing games.. Now it is Chinese Balloons..
    We don’t have enough food anymore produced in the good ‘old” USA to supply all of us. Besides Alot of American food is infiltrated with HFCS(High Fructose Corn Syrup) which is the poison that affects your health.

  16. As a nation we long ago made the decision not to take our borders seriously and defend them vigorously. Well, of course, this does not apply to law-respecting citizens returning from foreign travel. They patiently wend their way through kiosks and legions of security(sic) personnel as they return home… But there was a bit of humor in watching “Ducktail” Joe don his sunglasses and project his top gun alter ego.

  17. Maybe the thing wasn’t shot down over Alaska because it was too dark to see the “TRUMP WON” sign on it, no?

  18. All Dan knows how to do is to use scare tactics to spend and waste more money on military. So how is that working out? He and fellow traitor Lisa got a whole bunch of $80 million a piece F-35s to be based at Eielsen. And these overpriced planes can’t even shoot down a big slow-moving balloon!? Pathetic. Dan must be working for China. He is a traitor.

  19. Sullivan should know why as the gov mentally prepares the subjects and furthers China hatred in preparation for potential conflict with China by 2025, as they have said. Also it was a convenient way to extract Blinken from his China visit. If we are lucky the neo’s will have the entire planet in conflict soon enough. We should all pray my flippant comment is wrong.

  20. I am or was a Proud Air Force Combat Veteran (74-92) Many of the Veterans here on Must Read Alaska have raised their right hand and repeated these words as I have done. “I, ____________________, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the …”. Many of us still after leaving our branch of service still abide by The Oath of Enlistment. Biden has violated and failed in his oath of office. “to the best of my ability, preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States”
    God Duty Honor County

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