Breaking: Air Force shoots down item over Prudhoe; temporary flight restriction over Deadhorse, as Air Force C-130 circles Prudhoe Bay


The skies are empty over Deadhorse, as a highly unsual Federal Aviation Administration flight restriction has been placed around Prudhoe Bay, Deadhorse, and Kuparuk, as a U.S. Air Force C-130 Hercules aircraft, a Combat King II, circles the area at an altitude of 3,225 feet. (Update: The C-130 has dropped in altitude and is traveling at 170 mph.)

Update: Must Read Alaska can confirm that at 1:45 pm Eastern Time, the military shot down another unidentified object at 40,000 feet offshore near Deadhorse, Alaska.

The TFR is listed as pertaining to security, rather than hazards or VIP movement. Aviation sources are speculating the Air Force has its eye on a submarine.

Flight pattern of C-130 from Brooks Range to Deadhorse this morning. Top image shows later flight patterns.

Alaska Airlines Flight 5131 passengers, with workers for the North Slope, were holding at the Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport on Friday morning.

“The object was flying at an altitude of 40,000 feet and posed a reasonable threat to the safety of the civilian flight,” National Security Council Coordinator for Strategic Communications John Kirby said at a press briefing at the White House, adding that the object was a reasonable threat to civilian flights. “Out of an abundance of caution and at the recommendation of the Pentagon, President Biden ordered the military to down the object, and they did, and it came inside our territorial waters.”

The object was much smaller than the China spy balloon that was shot down on Saturday off of Myrtle Beach, S.C. It’s the side of a small car, he said. A recovery effort is expected, which may explain why two Blackhawk helicopters are en route.

Yesterday, another unusual activity occurred in the skies of Alaska, as a commercial jet from Anchorage to Red Dog Mine was diverted to fly nearly to Nome before it was able to swing back to Red Dog near Kotzebue. Normally jets take a straight line from Anchorage to Red Dog. It is unknown if these two aviation anomalies are related.

Flight pattern of an Alaska Airlines jet from Anchorage to Red Dog on Thursday.

The temporary flight restriction around Prudhoe Bay today is the same as the TFR was posted along the South Carolina coast before the China spy balloon was shot down last Saturday. The TFR is from the ground to 60,000 feet, the altitude of the spy balloon.

The Department of Defense has put a lid on all communications with FAA, Must Read Alaska has learned.


    • If you read the NOTAM entirely, you might see that they aren’t just hung to go shoot down “one of our pilots”, furthermore, albeit later than one would think, they did shoot the CCP’s balloon.

  1. Does the Governor have any authority to intercept or take an action to prevent anyone from entering our air or sea space or does all that authority have to come from the Federal Government..??

  2. We’re shooting down flying subs now? Haven’t heard of that since voice to the bottom of the Sea in the 1960s. Oh there is that recent department of defense video that was released that shows a flying object that can apparently dive under the ocean surface. I guess that qualifies

  3. Let’s see … didn’t we just read in MRAK how our Black Ops forces blew up the Russkie’s gas line? Why wouldn’t they want to play tit-for-tat? It would seem the Deep State is leading us into a war that NOBODY WANTS, with nothing at stake other than power politics. And the Bigger Game is likely beyond our imaginings.

      • Yes, I heard that one, too. It would make Biden look, um, well … BETTER than he has been. Not hard to do. Seward advised Lincoln to pick a fight in order to make himself popular and avoid a civil war in 1861. One guess is as good as another these days.

  4. Ten bucks it was our own ballon in the sky if there was even anything there. Have a hard time believing this after last weeks events

  5. “……Aviation sources are speculating the Air Force has its eye on a submarine……..”
    It would have to be an electronic eye of some kind, because that water is quite covered with ice.

  6. After allowing a surveillance sweep of just about every military installation from the Bering to the Atlantic just last week, Old China Joe got his priorities right on this one. Doubtless todays aggressive action in shooting down a Chi-Com Spy Balloon is due to Alaska’s only Congressperson Mary Peltola.

    Enough of the whining you ignorant MAGA Alaska Republicans, your girl Sarah would be powerless in effecting this gallant defense of Alaska’s Oil Industry. I say ” Hail Mary”!

      • Haha; well I might be after this one:

        Wouldn’t you like to fly in my beautiful balloon-
        Wouldn’t you like to ride in beautiful balloon-
        We can fly among the stars together you and I-
        Up up and away in my beautiful balloon.

        ”The 5th Dimension”

      • Paul in Which Valley?
        Why do we need a sarcasm emoji when the nom de plume pretty much telegraphs the message?
        Walrus on my Brother!
        BTW I enjoy your comments.

          • Wow! How hip is that! Coming out and proclaiming that one is Bi-Valley and all. I am amazed how fast “Wokeism” has liberated us and formed the realization that we can dwell in two watersheds at the same time. Sadly I’m still more of a traditionalist, since I hove only to that muddy Knik Valley.

            Live Free my Patriot Pard! And lets not forget to Laugh!

    • You would make a good comedian. Peltola, Murkowski & Biden are all treasonous peas in a Pod. All selling out their country for money and power. May God grant them what they deserve, a pair of orange pajamas.

  7. You right wing conspiracy theorist are all the same. You condemn President Biden for not taking action early on with the previous China balloon, now he takes action over Alaska and you’re complaining about that. Give me a break! You’re either on team, USA, or you’re on team China/Russia.

    • Amen Don Junior! These right wingers are never playing For America yet talk tough for America. They’ve scored enough points for China/Russia with their support, talk, politics, and even the crazy trumpian mercenaries for the Russian Army.

  8. This is breathtaking, we are witnessing the dawn of a new Doctrine in America Foreign Policy. Joe Biden is saying that it’s ok to surveille, launch weapons and or drop biological agents from aircraft over U.S. Territory, provided that the intruder remain above 40,000′, or the usual elevation limit for civilian aircraft. Civil Aviation no doubt can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that China Joe has their back.

  9. As much as China Joe would have wanted this surveillance vehicle to pass on through, his handlers knew there would be too much uproar this time. Nice to see proactive as opposed to reactive. Interesting to see what the payload is, if we get any real answers.

  10. But wait, we couldn’t shoot down the other balloon because Alaska is cold and salvage would be difficult. So the waters up north are warmer. I cry bull and cover up for the mistakes this administration are making on purpose. Our forces here were ready to take that one down but instead were told to stand down.

  11. Russia is going to blow up the pipeline. Period.
    And it won’t let up. I would be watching for the Russian Ogliarch Gang “suddenly” moving out of State. Leaving their houses and belongings behind. Some things never change.

  12. Brandon’s approval ratings went down when he let a Chinese spy barroon leisurely drift across the US. Feeling the need to look tough, he quickly faked this incident. Brandon hates borders. So he is certainly not going to protect Alaska’s international borders.

  13. I’m going with DoD distraction. Something new and shiny to take the public focus off of admin most recent failure?

    • This was at 40,000 ft. Airliners routinely fly at that altitude and higher. Several models of ‘corporate class’ of aircraft fly even higher.

      As for ‘not flying there’, tell that to the airlines that fly to northern Europe. The routes are called ‘over the top’ routes.

  14. 2 shoot downs one near kaparuk and 1 off barter island.

    Forkner when the downed aircraft come falling out of the sky towards earth as gravity generally Carries an object it could possibly impact another aircraft in the area. Be interesting to hear actual facts on this situation. Or not.

    Yesterday goofy kim was threatening nuclear destruction for America so who knows.

    We are living in a clown show since 2020 anything is possible

  15. 200 Million (per jet) …. money well spent. F-22’s rock.
    Maybe some locals can snow machine out w/ a sled to retrieve it & save us a few bucks.

  16. Suzanne do we have a verified total path way on map that this uhobject took before being brought down. If they rerouted a commercial flight towards the ocean (Nome) and away from land, this indicates this uhobject was over Alaska. So once again they didn’t take it out before it hit our shorelines. Complete incompetence or complete BS, either way not good.

    • You are very observant. We don’t know why they rerouted the commercial flight to Red Dog the day prior, but that was a very unusual event. We may be connecting the dots here or merely speculating that that object was over Alaska and was heading to Prudhoe. Or the whole thing may be simply an operation of some sort. The only thing we can safely presume is that the government has not given us the whole story. -sd

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