Gold medallion Alaska social worker sentenced for jabbing flight attendant on Delta flight in January


A Nebraska man on business as a consultant in Alaska was sentenced Feb. 3, 202 to time served for assaulting a flight attendant during a Delta Airline flight from Minneapolis to Anchorage on Jan. 29.

Denis McCarville, 70, who is the former CEO of Alaska Child & Family social service agency and who now lives in Omaha, while working as a consultant in Alaska, was a passenger aboard Delta Flight 2236, when he became angry because his tray table was stuck. He also inserted his foot into the aisle of the jet every time a particular flight attendant came by, with the apparent intention of tripping her.

Agents with the Federal Bureau of Investigation arrested McCarville when the jet landed at Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport.

McCarville pleaded guilty to an Information charging Assault in the Special Aircraft Jurisdiction of the United States, in violation of 49 U.S.C. § 46506 and 18 U.S.C. § 113.

The airline flight attendant who was struck was working on the first beverage cart service of the flight, beginning with the front of the cabin and working to the back of the plane, when she came to row 12 where McCarville was seated in the aisle seat, 12C. When she asked McCarville what he wanted to drink, he stated “I can’t have a drink because my tray table is broken.”

The flight attendant tried to assist in getting the tray out of the arm rest, but she could not get it out either. She apologized to McCarville and pointed out the middle seat was empty, and he could use its tray table instead.

McCarville was still upset, so the flight attendant offered to give him some SkyMiles for the inconvenience, but he responded that his entire flight ticket should be refunded. The attendant said she couldn’t do that but he could ask a Delta representative to refund his ticket once the flight landed in Anchorage.

As the flight attendant turned to the other side of the aisle to serve beverages, McCarville jabbed her so hard that the attendant nearly was knocked into the passenger opposite McCarville. The flight attendant turned to McCarville and said, “That was not okay, please do not touch me again, let’s keep our hands to ourselves,” to which McCarville replied, very loudly, “Fuck you.”

At this point other passengers got involved, including a passenger in 12A, who told McCarville to stop behaving badly.

That didn’t go over well with McCarville, who stated, “I’m a Gold Medallion; I can do whatever I want. Fuck you,” and “Shut the fuck up.”

The flight crew followed protocol with de-escalation by switching positions and job responsibilities. That flight attendant was no longer to work that part of the cabin’s beverage service or interact anymore with McCarville. Another flight attendant took the assaulted attendant to the back of the plane to inspect her rib area where McCarville had jabbed her.

Later on the flight, whenever the attendant walked by McCarville, he stuck his foot into the aisle. Since it was a red-eye flight, and since McCarville didn’t do that to any of the other attendants, it started to look like he was singling her out again.

Toward the end of the flight, McCarville got into a dispute with the passenger in 12A, starting to swear at him several times: “Fuck you.” McCarville would not let the passenger get by to use the bathroom, the court document shows.

The flight attendant said she had served one alcoholic beverage to McCarville, but she didn’t believe he was drunk. However, the flight attendant wore a mask and has a deviated septum, which makes it hard for her to smell anything. She has been a flight attendant for eight years and has never before been pushed or prodded like that, she told the court.

McCarville is a social worker and does clinical work with children. He was CEO of Alaska Child & Family until 2018.


  1. Must be experiencing insomnia. Can’t sleep well? Thinking of all the
    children needlessly
    taken away through ocs
    then kids sold and adopted like cat.

    • He did’t work for OCS. He worked for the residential and outpatient behavioral health program Alaska Child and Family. This is the latest name for The Jesse Lee Home.

  2. Hey Delta! Why don’t you just ban this guy for the next ten years or so. That would make your employees happy, the passengers happy, and all of the rest of us happy, knowing that at least one guy will no longer be a problem on board your aircraft.

  3. Such a kind and patient man. As bad as airlines often are, odds they messed with HIS tray because it was HIS tray are highly remote.

    The attendant should have been able to beat the snot out of him.

  4. These are the people who run the charity organizations in our state. Gold Medalians. More like gold diggers. Alcohol brings out both the best and worst of people. Kind of like truth serum. Hope they hang the arrogant SOB. Probably an associate of at least one assembly person.

    • Hang for assault?

      He will have trouble with his SW license, and will deal I think with federal offenses since he was in the air.

    • There’s no EXCUSE even if he was abit lighted/drunk..I would NOW question his behavior around the children he works for/with.. when he gets uptight or angry around children..HE NEEDS TO BE FIRED FROM HIS JOB. His behavior around children is in question..Would he beat them or shake them??

      • Delta and other airlines needs to restrict him from all flights. If he does this to Delta flight attendants, he’ll do it to other airline attendants

  5. Gold Medallion?
    Never heard of it. Is that one of those awards that politically connected leftwing social workers give to other leftwing social workers before they have drinks, put on their fur-suits and spray bodily fluids all over each other?

    I don’t get how any male can look in the mirror, call himself a ‘social worker’, and not take a huge hit to his overall sense of value. This douche probably had internalized decades of worthlessness and it festered and exploded. Men are here to build, produce, explore and create – not to nursemaid society’s rejects and failures.

    • WWJD? Pretty sure Jesus spent his time doing exactly what you say guys don’t do-he nursemaided society’s rejects and failures.

        • He hung with the lepers J. They were the rejects of society then, and that he did-is the whole lesson about what Christians are to attend to.

          • But don’t forget that Jesus physically threw people out of a temple because their conduct was not representative of the religion. It’s not always about ‘being nice’, sometimes there are bad actors that need to be cleared out.

      • Its kind of weird how leftists assume all right wingers are Christian.
        Also weird when midwit leftists use a belief system that they revile to try and manipulate the Christians they hate into doing what they want.

  6. When my tray table doesn’t work I usually head straight for the cockpit to have it out w/ a pilot.
    What’s w/ this guy picking on a woman like that?

  7. Horse’s a–. He should have been arrested for assault. Messing with flight attendants is bad enough, but keeping someone from using the toilet? The dude is a rotten apple.

  8. Just the usual behavior one expects from a privileged Democrat. Thinks he’s a tough guy with profanity and pushing a female flight attendant trying to perform her job. A real class act. He should be put on the no fly list.

    • Yes, he was.
      Result: radical leftist, with greater-than-normal radical leftist delusions of grandeur, and divorcement from reality.
      Prognosis: will go far in a governmental and/or bureaucratic setting.

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