Identity politics: White House’s official position on new openly gay comms director: It’s ‘very, very important’


On Friday, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said on Friday that having a new openly gay communication director in the White House is “very, very important indeed.”

Jean-Pierre said that new Communication Director Ben LaBolt is making history.

“I also know that Ben is making history as, you know, we believe here in the Biden-Harris White House that representation matters. He will be the first openly gay communications director which is very, very important indeed.”

Kate Bedingfield, the current White House communications director, will leave to work on President Joe Biden’s reelection campaign. LaBolt is a former press adviser to former President Barack Obama and worked as Obama’s press secretary when he was in the Senate.

Biden announced Karine Jean-Pierre as White House Press Secretary on May 5, 2022, and she became the first black press secretary in U.S. history, replacing Jen Psaki.


  1. So whom, or what, Mr. LaBolt choices to have sex with is of essential and foremost importance? Is there anything actually meaningful we could know about him? Career history, past profession, hobbies….. but, no, it seems the only thing of importance is his life of sexual intimacy.

    • Positive representation. To the 10% of the population, who suffer a ton of assault and regular venomous harassment.

      • They certainly are not assaulted, and venomously harassed by society at large! Yes there are people who assault and venomously harass other people every day. It’s not a societal issue, its a personal issue. Also, this man’s job is to ensure the President’s message and agenda is promoted and understood clearly across all media segments. He has no representative requirement in his capacity as Communications Director. One’s sexual deviation has nothing to do with one’s ability to perform his job. Simply look at Karine Jean-Pierre for a perfect example.

          • I do not doubt that gays are harrassed.
            But, by whom? Do you have a source for your info?
            I happen to know quite a few gay people. And the majority of them are either harassed by other gays, or their lifestyle is not accepted by their family, and they are declaring that to be harassment.
            I do not know of a lot of gays that are harassed by straight folks, and I am going to assume you are in the same situation.
            And, one question (which I am sure you will avoid answering):
            How does promoting someone because they are gay, regardless of qualifications, fix past harassments? Do two wrongs make a right in your world? Are you really that childish?

      • Maureen, that supposed 10% figure is just another lie of the neo-Bolshevik social revolutionaries/nihilists.
        Do you EVER post anything that is honest, logical or truthful?
        I truly pity those whom you pretend to counsel.

      • Placing people into positions strictly because of what they are, and not because of what they do/what they accomplish is not “positive representation.” It is the opposite of positive.
        The current Press Secretary is a failure. When ever she is asked a question, she has to flip to her notes, and read them verbatim. The entire press conference could have been sent out by e-mail. But, she is a black, immigrant lesbian, so obviously, in your world, she is more than qualified.
        But, here in reality, this is making the current administration look really bad. And, do not get be started on the state of the Transportation system, or that laughable situation with the individual they put in charge of disposal of nuclear waste. Not appointed because of their skills, appointed because of their love life. And, incompetent across the board.
        What positive representation, this is not it.

      • You are speaking of course, of white middle-aged men. Yep, they have been maligned and harassed something fierce in the last several years. Thank you for recognizing that fact.

          • Nope, that is what you said. You said 10% of the population are harassed and maligned and since that figure is incorrect for the LGBT…. population, which according to the latest studies runs maybe at 3%, you are clearly talking about the hard-working family-loving, tax paying white middle-age guys, who just want to take care of their families and be left alone to live their lives.

      • It is more like 3% and that’s being generous. None of those suffer any worse assaults or harassment than any other subset of the population. You know what would be positive representation? For someone, anyone, in the Biden administration to be even moderately competent. Then if they want to brag about their sexual perversions, go nuts.

  2. No, it’s not. The only reason it’s a deal of any kind is because you (the flaming left) won shut the hell up about it.

    If you would shut the hell up about it, it wouldn’t be any different than “him” – who knows anymore – having brown hair or brown eyes. But that’s the point, isn’t it. It’s not enough to accept him. He must be special.

    Wanna be really, really important? Even historic? Do your damn jobs well.

  3. I couldn’t care less where these people feel the need to put their penises so long as the object of their lust agrees to it and it isn’t a kid. Does the idiot have the experience and ability to do the job he is hired to do? Or is this another affirmative action hire due to his perversion?

  4. Well.
    The baggage thief was MORE importanter ….imo.
    More then just a regular gay person (like boring Buttigieg) he was “fluid” & knew how to put on makeup

  5. I don’t care if he is gay, black, white, Hispanic , transgender. .JUST DO THE JOB for All Americans not just your group of buddies While they are on a roll for their group, the rest of Us citizens deal with being the laughing stock of the world.

      • There is a world of difference between hiring someone based on their particular sexual perversion and chatting with people you know in the office. Please try not to be so disingenuous. False equivalencies make your point moot.

      • Oh come on Chuck, you can do better than this.
        Are you actually claiming that gay people only talk about heavy subjects like Geo-politics or astrophysics in public? In general people talk about their life with others, you know like how much fun you had at Mad Myrna’s last night or if that drag costume wasn’t a bit over the top and whose going out with whom.
        All this has nothing to do with picking a communications director for the White House. He is there to convey the administration’s message to the American people and his personal orientation is totally irrelevant.

  6. What would be ground-breaking and refreshing would be if this administration would hire someone actually based on merit…

  7. Yet another affirmative action hire. Given the stunning success Biden’s other affirmative action hires (Kamala, Mayor Pete, Ketanji – Brown, KJP) have been, I’m sure this one will be double plus good. (/sarc). Cheers –

  8. To claim that one’s sexual preferences or proclivities is their defining characteristic is incredibly shallow, vulgar and anti-human. Our humanity is defined by our reason and intelligence, not by base animal urges.
    Those whose identity revolves around their sexuality are essentially proclaiming themselves to be animals.

    • Jefferson when you put down others because their proclivities are something less than yours, you are saying your prolectivities are superior.

      • Maureen, sometimes your gross and complete lack of logic makes me literally laugh out loud. Like here, for example. You truly are a pathetic excuse for a human.
        And you completely missed my point, or probably, chose to misunderstand it. I was not putting anyone down because of their sexual proclivities, so let me make the point once again, if you desire (and dare) to address it: those who base their identity on their sexuality are vulgar, base and anti-human, because they are basing their identity on the lowest of human characteristics, rather than on the highest.
        Now, can you address THAT point, instead of the strawman that you routinely build and prop up here? CAN you?

        • Jefferson:
          The more I read Maureen’s comments, the more convinced I am that she is a product of Critical Theory. You get that a lot from children, ….. errr…. I mean leftists. Instead of identifying what is good, they choose to focus solely on the bad.
          It is always “this is awful because 1/100th of it is not perfect.” from her.
          Just look at what she consistently posts. Men are awful and let’s ignore any good that comes from them. Straight people are awful, let’s ignore anyone except those that “hate” gays. (And, what constitutes “hate” in a Critical Theory world? Choosing not to take business baking a cake.) Parents hate transgender kids because they do not want a kindergarten teacher to tell their daughter to dress like a boy in class.
          Because you do not think someone’s personal life should be used as a qualification for a promotion, that makes you a hater. And, someone as well indoctrinated in the Critical Theory view of life as Maureen is will ALWAYS misread/misinterpret your comment to turn it into a knock against you.

  9. Like I give a toss about who this guy finds attractive?
    Seriously, we are 1/5th of the way into the 21st Century. Does this matter any more?

  10. The simple question is this:
    Can he do the job? If “yes” then who cares! Do your job!
    If ‘no” then why was he hired other than to virtue-signal and prove that lifestyle has replaced actual talent and qualifications. In essence the new form of nepotism.

  11. Our nation rejects the ultimate sovereign authority and suffers therefore. To be sure, we are all fallen sinners; its obvious. However, we cannot resolve our sins by simply redefining them as virtues. See 2Chron7:14.

  12. All those people cheerleading! Yea! He/she is LGBTQ)%$#!!27Ve4 (what are we up to now?) black/hispanic/asian/anything other than caucasian, first time in this particular office, etc, etc, etc. How many of those cheerleaders mention the qualifications of that person. Not a description, the qualifications. How about educational background, prior similar posts, business positions?

    When Rick Grennell was appointed ambassador, my first thought was ‘Trump is going woke!’. But, love him or hate him, the last thing he ever talked about was being gay. You know why? Because it had nothing to do will performing his duties as ambassador.

    • The story from Ivanka was that she saw it as a historic moment, and President Trump looked up from his desk and said “It the 2010s, who cares?” (Or something like that.)
      Who cares whether he is straights white, or a complete mishmash of every acronym ever created to describe physical appearance or gender/sexuality? Can he do the job? If yes, great. Otherwise, people are just pre-loading the excuses to explain away his failures.

    • Huh? Frank do something with this double negative. Are you saying it should not matter since he is qualified for this position or that his sexual orientation trumps any qualification needed for the job?
      Why is “making history” now the ultimate goal instead of a superior job performance for this nation? If Mrs. Jean-Pierre is any indication, I have very low expectations of this history-making communications director.

  13. Normal sexual relations are male/female and anything that deviates from that norm is, by definition, abnormal and deviant. It doesn’t matter how many deviants there are or how many people accept or tolerate it…they’re still abnormal and deviant. They can cram our government and entertainment and everything else full with these deviants but they’re still deviants. We can do better by hiring and encouraging normal people and by sidelining, discouraging and publicly shaming these deviants. As with most things acceptance and tolerance just encourages more of them. Put all of this deviancy back in the closet where the rest of us aren’t forced to deal with it.

  14. The alphabet mafia is just The Emperor’s New Clothes. Typical leftist ideology. Coupled with if it’s historic it must be wonderful. Hitler had a lot of historic accomplishments. As did Mao, Che, Stalin, Castro, Castros maple leaf wearing kid, the list goes on. Force feed how beautiful the old perverts clothes are all you want. There will always be a massive amount of us that are more than willing to point out he’s a gross naked old man.

  15. The Biden Administration is obsessed with identity politics. People are placed into government jobs according to what identity group they represent. Competency be damned. They proudly present stats documenting the number of specific identity groups are represented in each job group. Any lack of competency is excused for ‘the greater good’. This priority is manifesting in general incompetencies and inefficiencies. This is a very difficult development to fight against.

  16. When the time comes, and tensions between the US and Russia or China escalate into a shooting war, I worry. A lot.
    I worry that our military will not be gay enough to fight. Or diverse enough to win.
    I worry that this administration will not have enough people cross dressing, or taking hormone treatments to change gender.
    It could be a real bloodbath if we are short on diversity or equity.
    I worry. A lot.

    • CBM, myself I am much more worried about the GIANT carbon footprint of our military that is still ragingly white supremacist. What are the climate-change-related ramifications of war with Russia and China going to be? And has anyone asked Gaia about all this? And will all those incinerated in a pointless nuclear war going to be equitably diverse? THESE are the important questions that need to be answered!

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