Sen. Sullivan: Biden needs to come clean on what types of items are being shot down over American air space


U.S. Senator Dan Sullivan, a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, called for greater transparency for the American people from President Joe Biden and senior Biden administration officials regarding the nature of the multiple unidentified aerial objects shot down over North America in recent days.

“I think the Biden administration needs to provide more transparency to the American public,” Sen. Sullivan said on “Fox and Friends.” 

“Our military intel agencies, they’re normally secretive, but we live in a democracy. If you don’t start providing information, people can wildly speculate, and we don’t want that. What we need right now is more information on all of these kinds of incidents so the American people have full information. I think that’s going to be really important in the next few days,” Sullivan said.

Sullivan’s comments come as North Slope workers reported a possible C-130 military jet circling from 11 am until 3 pm on Sunday, a day after an Air Force fighter jet knocked an unidentified object out of the sky north of Deadhorse. The item landed on the ice-covered Arctic Ocean. As seen in the photo above, provided by an anonymous North Slope worker, Blackhawk helicopters were also in the area on Sunday.

Sen. Sullivan also said that Americans should assume the unidentified objects are adversarial aircraft probing for weaknesses in U.S. defense capabilities until that scenario can be ruled out.

“The one that was shot down over Alaska is different from the one that was shot down over Canada, according to the briefings that I’ve been given,” Sen. Sullivan said. “With regard to China, I think we need to assume [that these objects are] our adversary’s surveillance, assume that they’re objects that are probing for weakness in our defenses. And, if they’re more benign when we find that out later, okay. But at least we’re doing the number one thing that we’re supposed to be doing, [which] is protecting our nation.”

Sen. Lisa Murkowski and Rep. Mary Peltola took a less forceful approach to the need for transparency, using words like “encourage” and “expecting” transparency:

“For the third time in the past week, U.S. forces have brought down a high-altitude object that was violating sovereign airspace—this time, just across the border in theYukon, in direct cooperation with our Canadian allies and at the direction of Canada’s Prime Minister,” Murkowski’s statement said. 

“I again commend the excellent mission execution by our military men and women from the 11th Air Force and the Alaska Air National Guard, as well as the leadership at Alaska NORAD and NORTHCOM, in taking this object down.

“As operations continue off of Alaska’s north coast to recover the debris from the object shot down yesterday, I also greatly appreciate all of the Air Guardsmen from the Rescue Triad who are engaged in those critical efforts, which are taking place in harsh conditions and terrain. It is those difficult operations that will allow us to determine what these objects are and who is violating our sovereignty.

“As we learn more about these objects, I will continue to encourage maximum transparency so that Alaskans have the greatest possible understanding of what they are and what we are doing, on the front line of our nation’s defense, to take them safely out of the sky.” 

Rep. Peltola issued the following statement, also commending the military for its swift and skillful actions:

“My office was briefed by the Department of Defense regarding the unidentified object over Alaska this morning, February 10. I commend our military for their swift and skillful operation to track, study, and eliminate this object after confirming that it was a potential threat operating in civilian airspace,” she said.

“This incident reinforces Alaska’s strategic importance and the necessity of investing in our Arctic defenses. Our incredible pilots at Elmendorf and Eielson AFBs are vital links in the protection of Alaska and the United States, and they proved that today.

“I join my fellow delegation members in expecting answers from our military leaders for how unidentified objects have been able to infiltrate our airspace in recent weeks. We need to be aware of any other such objects over Alaska. The Defense Department must thoroughly investigate and close this gap in our domain awareness. Continued violations of sovereign American airspace cannot be allowed.”


  1. Peltola’s statement states her non-qualifications on the military. She thanked the pilots, “ Our incredible pilots at Elmendorf and Eielson AFBs are vital links in the protection of Alaska and the United States, and they proved that today.”. All the branches and support personnel are needed to accomplish the mission. ?

  2. No one believes your tough talk Dan. You are an empty suit who is only serving your masters, not the American people. We’ve been waiting for YOU to come clean about who opened the Capitol doors and let ANTIFA and others inside the Capitol on January 6th, but you refuse. You voted for this mess Dan, and we simply don’t believe a word that comes from you.

  3. And why should we expect any information on what these recent aerial objects crossing borders when the Southern border stands opened up to all allowing millions of illegals to cross into our country along with tons of drugs killing 100’s our our young people daily and God only knows what else and it seems not only OK but encouraged by the administration….

  4. The type of objects being shot down is secondary to the critically important question, why does it take hours and sometimes even days to locate, identify and decide to take down an intruder? Do we lack the technical ability to locate and track these objects or is the problem an inability to act on timely information?

    Does this mean that our air defenses are essentially useless against missiles or faster moving aircraft?

    • It means the opposite. The radars at Clear, and the rest of the NORAD system, can pick almost anything at incredible ranges, the problem is “seeing” too much. The radars are normally tuned to look for fast moving objects like missiles and planes, even objects with small radar signatures stand out if they are moving quickly in unnatural ways like a ballistic arc. When you have something like a balloon, moving mostly with the wind and with an indistinct and fairly small radar signature, you are less likely to have the radar’s computers “see” it. What has happened is the range of what is now being scanned for has been opened up, so we are now seeing things we were missing.

  5. Funny that in the same time frame as that ol’ 19th century technology of surveillance balloons captures the herds attention, l I see almost nothing about what is happening in East Palestine, Ohio. And I was not aware of it for days…


    As far as Sullivan, he showed his true colors with the Orwellian named “Respect for Marriage Act’. He needs to be primaried hard and replaced. The rest of the delegation is useless and ought to be mocked relentlessly. Alaska needs to clean its voter rolls and junk ranked choice voting. Then the electorate will be more accurately represented.

    (sd- Any news from/about the Mary Fulp case lately?)

  6. So… these balloons collect communications from 60,000 feet? And they have been around for years? Maybe some of these are ours… at this point it wouldn’t surprise me.

  7. Growing up in Cold War Alaska in the 1960’s we commonly had Fire Drills, Nuclear Bomb Attack Drills and after 1964, Earthquake Drills at School. The Civil Defense Siren on Northern Lights Blvd would blast its warning at about noon almost every day as I walked home from school at lunch. Our neighbors in Turnagain, or at least some of them, built ” Fallout Shelters”.

    After the missile crisis of 1962 I think most Alaskans were aware of the possibility of an attack, at least on Elmendorf Airforce Base. I also think most folks were thankful for the resolute leadership of their President, John F. Kennedy, who apparently made the right moves during that period. I recall hearing about Soviet Bombers that routinely crossed into our borders, these bombers were intercepted by U.S. Air Force Fighter Jets and turned back to Petropavlovsk. This interception of Soviet Bombers continued right up through Reagan’s Presidency.

    So what’s different today about these Chi-Com Balloons, if that is what they really are, vs the history described above? Could it be that we don’t have a JFK in the Whitehouse? Could it be that today we have a senile and apparently corrupt career politician, President Joe Biden, a man who further may have financial ties to the Chi-Coms sitting today where JFK sat back in ’62? I think this is reason for worry, at least a lot…

    Throughout the Cold War I never felt any angst about a Nuclear Attack, or any other attack upon our soil. This absence of angst was a result of a sense of faith that I had in our Government and our Leaders. I admit that my faith in our leaders today has been severely eroded. It seems that Biden and the gaggle of self serving idiots in Washington are more concerned about who wears panties and who goes commando than they are about securing our borders and protecting our people and following the Constitution that they swore an oath to defend.
    I’m not sure I’ll build a Fall Out Shelter this spring, but given the above, you can bet your Biden I’ll plant a bunch more potatoes…

  8. If Senator Sullivan was serious about this, there are things he could do (some unpopular) on the floor of the Senate to compel the regime to be more transparent and forthcoming. But deep down, the Senator doesn’t want to offend his buddies from Harvard and Georgetown. China and Russia may be our adversaries but those that will destroy us live here already.

  9. We’ve seen more of Dan the last few weeks than we have for a couple of years. Where was he when our oil, gas, fishing, and crabbing were shut down? Why doesn’t he and Lisa go to DC and demand to know the contents of the balloon payload? It did pass over our state.

  10. It’s the government who are know liars so be careful what you believe coming from them. They will lie just like the death of President Kennedy. If bidens talking he’s lying as normal.

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