Mayor Bronson appoints APOC Chairwoman Anne Helzer as Anchorage Municipal Attorney


Anchorage Mayor Dave Bronson on Monday announced he has named the chair of the Alaska Public Offices Commission, Attorney Anne Helzer to serve as Municipal Attorney.

Helzer has been an Anchorage resident for 15-1/2 years and has practiced law in Alaska for 13 1/2 years. Helzer will replace Blair Christensen who served the Municipality for nine years. 

Helzer was appointed by Gov. Bill Walker to the Alaska Public Offices Commission, which serves as the state’s watchdog agency for campaign finance law compliance and public disclosure, where she served as a both a hearing officer and agency chair for five years. 

Helzer was also appointed by Gov. Mike Dunleavy to the Alaska Violent Crimes Compensation Board, where she has served in the attorney seat since 2020. Her term will end in March 2023.

Helzer is an Alaska Court System certified mediator, a member of the Probate and Estates section of the Alaska Bar Association, and a volunteer attorney for law related projects including the United States Federal District Court Prisoner Civil Rights Pro-Bono Project (Alaska).

She is the past president of the Anchorage Bar Association and a graduate of the Anchorage Police Citizen’s Academy.  She is admitted to practice law in all Alaska Courts including the United States Federal District Court (Alaska) and has represented hundreds of Alaskans statewide in a variety of business and personal legal matters since 2009.

“Serving as Anchorage’s Municipal Attorney is an extraordinary honor. Anchorage’s Department of Law has a long-standing reputation for excellence which I will preserve,” said Helzer.  “I will confront the city’s current challenges head on. I am committed to lawfulness and integrity in our city government. I commend Blair, who led our Municipal Department of Law with strength and legal expertise.”

“I appreciate the hard work and commitment to excellence that Blair displayed in her role for the Municipality of Anchorage,” said Mayor Bronson. “I look forward to having Anne on board with her wealth of experience and her focus to serve every citizen of Anchorage as the Municipal Attorney.”

Anne Helzer’s name will be submitted to the Anchorage Assembly for confirmation. 


  1. I bet “2 bits to a dollar”, they won’t accept her due to the fact that “OUR” mayor, who they have fought since he’s been in office has hired her. I wish you lots of luck and HOPE you get pass our Assembly. You have a VERY SOUND BACKGROUND, which the Assembly does not.

    • Qualifications were argued like on Gerace and others for good reason.

      The Assembly will look at qualifications and experience.

      Wish our mayor did that in the first place when he was elected.

  2. All the kick-backs and sweet positions for the well connected isn’t going to make a difference for him. His administration and everyone that touches it is toxic. This is the most incompetent mayor we’ve had for years, maybe ever.

  3. Great choice, Mayor Bronson! May God’s light guide you, Ms. Helzer and this city in the work and challenges ahead.

    • The problem w/ Bird was he goes to church w/ his family every Sunday.
      The Assembly doesn’t care for that sort of thing.
      Even though J & J Biden do the same.

    • I don’t think you know what communist means Art.

      Where has this assembly taken a public industry or business and turned it into a government run business? Where have they even advocated for this

      Have they taken everything you worked for and earned and distributed it equally to each and every citizen? And taxes are not an answer to this.

      Last I checked, the government (assembly and mayor) were taking public problems and letting the private sector attempt to take care of it. That would be homeless.

      Didn’t Niki Tshibaka resign? Didn’t Joe Gerace resign? Didn’t Amy Dembowski resign? Where did the Assembly fire anyone? Just because they wouldn’t confirm someone due to not meeting qualifications, does not mean they are communists.

      • I grant you they are more East German fascist than Communist.

        Were you out of state during Covid?

        -The Politburo openly picked business winners and losers
        -the rewarded friends and punished others
        -violated existing laws concerning holding elections
        -denied the pubic the chance to address them
        -repeatedly violated the civil rights of people while allowing favored groups perks.
        -they compelled people into medical procedures they may or may not have wanted to keep jobs
        -and too many others to list in one sitting.

        All the while doing this for the benefit of “the people”. Meaning themselves and their cronies.

        If you wish to play pedantic word games, go for it. But it doesn’t change how they ruled the Muni.

        Ruled is the operative word.

        • I’ll go through your list one by one:

          Give me an example of where the Assembly “chose” one individual business to shut down while allowing another to stay open. Do you mean that the assembly told all restaurants they could not have dine in service, while allowing to go/delivery?

          Show me an example where the assembly has rewarded their friends and punished others? I can see several examples in the mayor’s administration. McKenna Bros getting all the snow removal contracts and being allowed to fill up at the Muni’s pumps. Or maybe Larry Baker’s monthly $29500 contract

          The state supreme court has found no issues with what the assembly has done toward voting or holding elections

          The assembly put up with all the vitriol of the public testimony before, during and after COVID. They may have added additional rules/requirements at certain times, but never stopped the public from offering testimony. Multiple items or meetings were extended multiple days due to the amount of people who want to testify

          What civil rights have been violated by the assembly? Please give me an example

          No one should be forced to do something against their will, but compelling someone to do something is not forcing or requiring they do so. Actions have consequences, and those consequences are set by those in a position of power. Like the CEO of a company saying you must have a vaccine or you will be let go. No government set that rule, that was up to businesses individually.

          Nowhere was any one held down and forced to get a COVID shot. Not even in the military where you are required to have upwards of 10 different vaccines

          They are elected leaders, and as we have heard many times before, elections have consequences

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