Rep. Peltola votes for crooks in capital, giving carjackers, robbers a free pass in D.C.’s crime-ridden streets


A District of Columbia law that is so radical that even Democrat Mayor Muriel Bowser tried to veto it came up for a vote before the House of Representatives last week. The Republican majority voted down the law, in support of the mayor and against the D.C. Council.

But Alaska’s Mary Peltola voted to retain the crooks-run-free ordinance.

Read details of the House resolution against the D.C. Council’s crime-spree bill at this link.

Many law enforcement leaders are concerned because D.C., already a crime-ridden city, now has reduced maximum sentences for some crimes and allows nearly all misdemeanors to go to jury trials, rather than to judges.

The House, Senate, and President have the authority to override local legislation in D.C., but it takes both legislative branches and the executive branch to reverse a law.

Peltola was campaigning in Ketchikan Saturday, far from the problems of the nation’s capital, where violence is rampant. On Friday, she will be in Juneau, where she will give her first address to a joint session of the Legislature.

Peltola also voted to allow illegal aliens to vote in D.C., another measure passed by the local D.C. Council.

Both attempts to overturn the radical D.C. local laws were approved by the Republican-led House, but are not likely to pass the Senate, where Democrats have a slim majority. If the bills did make it to President Joe Biden’s desk, he would probably veto them.

On House Resolution 26, which would deny the D.C. Council the ability to reduce sentences for major crimes, the House voted 250-173, with Peltola voting “Nay” with Reps. Nancy Pelosi, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and the Squad.

Rep. Mary Peltola almost always votes in lockstep with Rep. Nancy Pelosi and The Squad.

The D.C. Council, in passing the Revised Criminal Code Act in November, reduced the maximum penalties for offenses such as burglaries, carjackings and robberies. Law enforcement leaders had expressed concern that it could burden the court system and would send the wrong message to residents at a time when the city is struggling with gun violence. Mayor Bowser vetoed the act on Jan. 4, and the Council overrode the veto quickly.

Already in 2023, homicide is up 20% over 2022, according to Metropolitan Police statistics. Sexual abuse is up 100% over last year, and motor vehicle theft is up 95%. All crime categories are now up 22% in Washington, D.C.

“This bill does not make us safer,” Bowser wrote to the D.C. Council, when she announced her veto. Mayor Bowser last week proposed some amendments to the act, in response to significant outcry from the public. Bowser’s statement is here.

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  1. She should not have been elected, and she’s now proving it. She wouldn’t have bee elected if it wasn’t for ranked choice voting! Am I right about this?
    Regardless, we need to get rid of this horrible voting system.

      • I agree as well.
        In fact, the Eagles should be the champions, but those damned pesky Chiefs showed up and got more points.
        How unfair.

  2. Do these representatives of the Alaskan people ever ask their electorate in what direction they should vote on an issue? Just a rhetorical question.

  3. Welp, you get what you vote for and now the rest of us are stuck with a progressive liberal Representative. Even though Peltola still would have won, 7477 Begich votes went to her and 13,894 Begich votes exhausted. Come on! Illegal immigrants voting, reduced punishment on crime, don’t provide medical care to a baby that SURVIVES an abortion, aligning with Pelosi and the squad. She’s only getting started, hope voters are paying attention.

    • Can’t impeach until she actually does something illegal. If at all.

      Bring a progressive grifter who is bad at her job isn’t sufficient.

      Vote her out. If we can.

  4. Progressives seem to love carnage and violence. Kinda like the goths and Franks invading Rome. Probably will end the same way.

    Here is the “compassionate” left once again not giving a damn about the quality of life of the mostly black communities.

  5. In Democrat LaLaLand, the law abiding and responsible are the problem, and the criminals are just poor, misunderstood souls that need a hug.

  6. Why don’t people talk about the good things we’ve experienced in life?
    Why does everything have to be “bad”…?
    I’m in my 70’s. Most of the people I know, have gone through very difficult times.
    Let’s just try to help and love each other, as we’re able.
    We can help this world be better, if we’ll just show some compassion to those who need help.
    LOVE is a big and beautiful word. Let’s keep it that way as we’re able.

    • Hate to burst a hippie’s bubble. Revelation tells us this sin infested world ain’t getting better. No matter how much love goes around. Remember a person’slife w/o isreal’s God knows no love.

    • That’s nice!
      Please consider this however, love should never be blind. Holding someone accountable clearly indicates having compassion for their victims, which should be paramount.

    • I’ve recently read about 2 women with views like yourself in New York. One got clubbed and her dog was killed, another was run over and drug then killed when her head struck the curb. I’m sure they loved their attackers but it didn’t end well.

  7. “Fish, Family, Freedom” equals “Grift, Grab, Grin”. Come on MRAK readers, let’s hear your 3 word campaign slogan.


    The problem is rank choice voting and it’s result (peltola). I see that most of us here agree with that. So stop pointing fingers and complaining about something that is over and done with. RCV is specifically designed to split up the vote for any top candidate and provide the also rans with a second chance (?) at winning. That’s it, nothing more. Don’t care if you are a ‘SARA’ voter or a ‘Nick’ voter, or who you ranked second or third or twelfth, THAT election is over. We have to look towards the next election and get a plan of attack in place. Since the state senate/house cannot be counted on to overturn RCV, we need to do an end around at the party, or better yet, the local community level. If you have an idea that has merit, then lets hear it. But don’t give us any BS about working ‘with’ RCV. That’s a non starter as we all see that RCV is the problem. We overcome problems. We defeat problems. We DO NOT work with problems!

    I propose, getting more people active at the local level so that we can force the vaunted ‘central committee’ to actually represent us. This would mean that the state republican party backs the top republican vote getter in the primary and loudly and publicly backs that candidate while also loudly and publicly announcing that all candidates that are NOT the top vote getters are barred from further pursuit of that election. I.e., After the primary, the party says ‘Jimmy’ was the top vote getter in the primary and from here on to the general election, ‘Jimmy’ and only ‘Jimmy’ is the candidate supported by the party. Any other candidates running with an (r) by there names are absolutely NOT backed by the party.

    • Not sure who you’re referring to demanding people stop bitching about Sarah and Nick. It’s absolutely relevant and should be remembered that some conservatives voted for Peltola. I will say people are entitled to their opinion and nobody voted you in charge.

      • 75% isn’t democrats either. In fact, 85% of the voters are not Democrats. (14.7% of registered voters are Democrat) Meanwhile, 27% of registered voters are Republican. That means about twice as many people are Republicans than Democrats in AK. (OK, not twice, but close enough for MRAK)
        A meaningless statistic posted without context is a curiosity, nothing more. It is amazing how your message turns inane when you add context.

  9. I hope her villages have the same issue. They helped put her in office so they need to feel the results. It’s going to be the wild Wild West where everybody needs to protect them self’s from the crooks and politicians. She needs to live in a dangerous neighborhood
    and walk to work instead of being protected and coddled.

    • It won’t affect her villages because the law she voted on is a Washington DC law. It has nothing to do with her villages or Alaska. You right-wing guys sure like to complain.

  10. That’s a great motto to live by and I hope it brings you health and happiness. But what does it have to do with a crime bill or Mary Peltola being a far left progressive?

  11. 1st and 2nd choice put her in office, own it Alaska. Mary P. is there as long as RCV is in play. Susan, please stop giving her media airtime. Alaskans will not and cannot do anything about her voting record.

  12. I think Ms Peltola is copying the un-amazing Lisa to a T.
    She knows her lib vote won’t matter in this vote, just like her illegal’s voting vote didn’t change anything.
    But it gets her on the chart as a Lib/Dem congressperson, who mostly votes progressive.
    She will vote correctly on military/resource stuff like Dan & Lisa.
    Then the Dems won’t kick her to the curb because she’ll have plenty of progressive Dem up votes on her score sheet.
    It’s actually smart politics, but shows she has “no values” except for the value of political power.
    She’s a quick study alright & Murkowski is her instructor.

  13. CORRECTION: Gave the wrong web site. Kelly’s stop RCV website is PRESERVE
    DEMOCRACY.. While looking for Kelly’s website I stumbled on some BREAKING NEWS— Yes I SCOOPED Suzanne. Nancy Dahlstrom just Certified a petition to stop RCV in Alaska. The Petition is the product of Art Mathias. The website is Alaskan’s For Honest Elections. Since the Petition was just finalized, it will be a few days to print them up. We got Work to do. Move Out. MAGA

  14. Thanks Suzanne. I call Mary’s office each morning on these votes. Today got hung up on.
    Every vote that Mary does needs to be called out, hard!
    She is a puppet to the D.C. socialists.

    • Actually, the DC legal code that Perolta voted to uphold is the same code in 31 states. There’s nothing radical or socialist about it. It’s mainstream. So you are very misinformed, and I can see why they hang up on you. Do some reading and less reacting. Gain some knowledge, and try to not react out of bias and partisanship all the time.

      • When you have the U.S. Attorneys Office, the liberal Mayor of D.C., Prosecutors Office, and Chief of Police criticizing provisions in this code, then it’s obviously not partisan or mainstream. What provisions are you referring to as the same in 31 states? There is consensus that the D.C. criminal code needs to be modernized but the liberal agenda is showing empathy to criminals instead of victims. It’s yet another liberal bone headed idea similar to defunding the police. You may point out that people don’t care for the far right, but they don’t care for the far left either and we can see through voting records that Peltola is exactly that.

  15. Peltola was heavily funded and placed in office by Soros’s dark money. Why do you think she sits next to AOC (when she shows up). She’s bought and paid for so don’t expect anything but radical liberalism.

  16. I happen to be a conservative that thinks RCV could be beneficial in the long term. I don’t like the outcome of this last election, but our state purposely and deliberately is more non-partisan than R or D. The Ds out strategized everybody…admit it and move on. There will be some real hard thinking (both right and left) going on before the next state and federal election cycle. If you remember the Ds did not want RCV when we first voted on it. They did adapt better wouldn’t you agree? I don’t have the answers currently but am interested in how this will play out. If this RCV ever gets to the ballot again I am unsure as to how I would vote on it.

  17. Believing that RCV could be ‘beneficial’ in any way is about as intelligent as thinking you can beat the house odds in Vegas. Consider: The other side never has to win big, it just has to win. Defeating a conservative candidate by one vote is just as good as by thousands if you need that SPECIAL candidate in office. RCV is designed to break up large blocks of voters. Nothing more.

    • We could be dealing with RCV until we pass on to eternity; I suggest embracing it or at least strategize with it in mind. If this petition to repeal RCV fails, we will be forced to live with it as Anchorage now deals with voting in April and mail-in ballots. I for one have never been in favor of the Rs and Ds deciding who is the most winnable candidate or best possible candidate when 50% or more of the voters are not affiliated with either.

      • Embrace or strategize with a corrupt system? Nope.

        If you don’t like the candidates that run, get someone else to run. If a better candidate comes along, I think most people would love to take a look. Also, if an independent candidate runs, they DON”T get eliminated in a primary. Primaries are for finding a winner from candidates of each organized party.

        • All of the passionate, well informed, firmly convicted, voters vote in the primaries. These people are not persuaded by soundbite campaigning. The Rs and Ds both know that their power has been reduced with the RCV. Strategists are salivating because they know their odds have dramatically increased, Ie Murkowski, Peltola, Geisel. This last election revealed proactive and reactive strategy. It is not hard to determine who the proactivists were. If the Ds were originally not in favor of RCV….what do you think they think about it now? I’d observe that they were quite successful this last election. Do you think they are going to vote it out now? Conservatives are by nature reactive; I’m thinking we had better learn and react within the RCV or consequences will be losing more ground.

          • I did not vote for it in 2020, but I think conservatives had better understand it and use it to their advantage as the progressives beat them to the punch.

    • Actually, beating another candidate by one vote is still winning no matter what type of voting system you use, RCV or not. I believe Perolta won because more people in her district prefer her to the alternatives. Most voters do not like right-wing extremists.

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