Mary votes no, as House creates special committee to investigate weaponization of feds against citizens


The U.S. House of Representatives voted 221-211 this week to establish a Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government. It’s a temporary subcommittee of Committee on the Judiciary, and will be made up of eight Republicans and five Democrats.

Alaska Rep. Mary Peltola voted against the bill, as did all Democrats in the House.

HR 12, drafted by Republican Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio, establishes a subcommittee to investigate matters related to the collection, analysis, dissemination, and use of information on U.S. citizens by executive branch agencies and private agencies, including whether such efforts are illegal, unconstitutional, or otherwise unethical.

The investigation may encompass social media companies and their biased moderation of user content and collaboration with spy agencies to suppress certain political speech.

The subcommittee must make a final report of its findings by Jan. 2, 2025, and terminates 30 days after filing that report.

“With great power comes great responsibility,” said Republican Rep. Dan Bishop of North Carolina on the House floor. “We entrust our Department of Justice, FBI, and intelligence community with great power to keep us safe. Yet as long as thees agencies have existed, they’ve violated Americans’ civil rights. Everyday Americans. The security state believes itself to be above the Constitution and the laws passed by Congress.”

The agencies spied on Frank Sinatra Jr., John Lennon, Dr. Martin Luther King, and Muhammed Ali, Bishop reminded Americans, because they were identified as “national security threats.”

The intelligence community also abused its power by spying on presidential candidates, sitting presidents, a members of Congress and their staffs, he said.

“The FBI continuously coordinated with social media companies to moderate social content — the public square. So contemptuous are they and out of touch, when confronted with this just weeks ago, they said ‘we were merely engaging with our community partners.’ Leading up to the 2020 election, the FBI worked hand-in-hand with Twitter and Facebook to silence the Hunter Biden laptop story. Concealment from everyday Americans,” he continued.

Former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper lied to Congress about the National Security Agency collecting data on millions of Americans, spying on groups, including Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, and others, Bishop said. The intelligence community also spied on journalists and political figures.

Republican Rep. Chip Roy of Texas talked about parents who have dared to stand up to school boards and then were labeled as terrorists by the federal government.

“Everyday Americans should shudder at the power of the government, the federal government, target at parents for daring to stand up and defend a daughter who is abused in a bathroom in the Loudoun County Public Schools. By the way, the superintendent in Loudoun has been indicted. This is the truth. Yet this Administration wanted to make Scott Smith the bad guy, not the rapist.”

Peltola this week also voted against preserving the life of babies born alive during or after abortion procedures, and voted against condemning violence and vandalism against crisis pregnancy clinics and churches. She voted against Rep. Kevin McCarthy for House Speaker, and voted against the bill that reversed the appropriation of more than $80 billion to the IRS.


  1. Mary’s true colors are showing. Speaking of colors, where are the blue, green, or red streaks she should be putting in her hair? The glasses are on, and the eyes are looking angry.

  2. Sad to see Mary Peltola, marching lock step with her party in support of the death culture and totalitarianism this week.

    Mary, please remember that you represent Alaska and not the Democrat Party. In Alaska we value life, liberty and the pursuit of enjoying the benefits of that liberty. Alaska is comprised of Individuals who by their very nature are rightly suspicious of governmental agencies and understand that those agencies have an inherent propensity for acting in a tyrannical fashion against the will of the people.

    Mary, you can do much better than you did this last week, I’m holding out hope that you will reconsider your and recall that you are there to represent Alaska, not the DNC.

    • I’ll be courteous and polite. However, and there is no other way to say this.

      Your statement is delusional.

      Peltola does represent Her Alaskans. She does not represent the non-natives of rural Alaska, she does not represent the non-tourism dependent small business owner, she does not represent anyone working in resource extraction, etc.

      She makes her choices and as seems typical of Democrats of late, she sees only those of like mind as her constituency.

      The quiet conservative needs to wake up and become loud. It is far too easy to sit idly by (we’re looking at you Anchorage) and say “I am just one, what difference can I make?”

      The liberals and leftists of Anchorage and Juneau have been loud, they are reaping what they’ve sown.

      So. Quit complaining and start agitating.

      • Repeal the 17th, Sir, while you may be absolutely correct above, however it never hurts reaching out to a problem child such is Mary, at least once, with a nice entreaty. You know, the old catching more flies with Honey thing.

    • Nobody in their right mind. But since we lost America, where do we go?

      As bad as we are, the rest of the world is much worse.

      Honestly as bad as it could be, we need to consider the Great Divorce. Save what we can while we can.

      Unchecked, the cancer of the west coast and New England will eventually take down the Deep South and Plains States, too.

      • You are correct, TMA. But I fear it is going to end up in civil war in this country, because the radical leftists are as committed to their insane and evil ideological agenda as much as any revolutionaries ever were to theirs. They need to be eliminated, and they will be.

        • Lincoln said it best: a house divided against itself can not stand.

          I have no desire for conflict with fellow Americans who have different opinions. I prefer live and let live.

          I’m cognizant most people living in Oregon aren’t drug addled degenerates who want to literally burn down society. But sadly they stand by doing nothing while the few destroyed a beautiful state.
          Silence is consent in most cases.

          However the revolutionaries running the left are not willing to allow me/us to live and let live. They MUST break us to impose their utopia. The morons running around in cars with the Coexist bumper stickers have zero intention to do what they allegedly advocate.

          Unfortunately history kinda disagrees with you. The committed radicals usually take down civilization. Sanity prevails long term, but after significant damage. The Dark Ages. The fall of Rome. The loss of the Library of Alexandria. The knowledge of the Arab world pre jihad.

          Western civilization is choosing suicide. And history says there is damn little we can do to stop it.

          • There’s things we could do but we are working responsible citizens. When we have nothing left then things may change.

          • Mr. Avenger, the left, to which Mary belongs does not want you to live the way that you want to. They don’t like the way that you want to live and as long as they are in control of it, they will use the government to stop you.

        • Considering the amount of left of center approved violence, it’s a fair assessment we already are in a civil war.

          Like pre 9-11, the supposed “smart people” are unwilling to see it.

      • It’s not just those areas that you mentioned. If any major metropolitan area like Miami, Kansas City, St Louis, Chicago and on and on. It would be more satisfying to build a wall around those cities like they did in escape from New York and protect the country from the likes of them.

      • Indeed your comment does, Lucinda.
        Honey, do you realize that you have consistently added NOTHING of any intellectual value to any discussion in this forum? All you have, just like ever other radical leftist, is the mindless parroting of establishment talking-points and propaganda,and personal attacks on all those who are not in full agreement with the radical leftist agenda. There is never any honest or logical debate from you, or from Maureen Suttman, or from Whidbey the Dog, or from Frank Rast — no, it is just the utterly predictable diversions, deflections and evasions of rational arguments which you cannot rebut, or logically or factually challenge. Just try it some time, I dare you.

      • That qualifies as a projected statement. You obviously haven’t bothered to pay attention to the all the misdeeds done. Such ignorance could easily be a major contributing factor to the downfall of our country. You can’t correct the mistakes if you refuse to acknowledge the issues.

      • It does not do any such thing.
        It asks a question. A very good question by the way.
        Tell me, who would want to live in a country where the government watchdogs do not have watchers?

  3. Low information Alaskan voter- she’s just carrying on Don Young legacy. Well that’s what she said during her campaign events and campaign flyers. Heck she even got his daughters to endorse her.

    • I am surprised she has the time to vote on anything, since she is so busy working on the Magnuson-Stevens Act. Not sure what “work” she is doing as the law passed in the 70s, but I am sure it is a full time job.

  4. Special thanks to Queen Sarah and the PM drive time radio host for this mess.

    While we all share a portion of culpability here, those two went for the lions share of it.

  5. Speaking of Queen Sarah, I thought she was gonna be leading the charge to get rid of RVC.

    If she is, she’s doing it quietly somewhere else.

  6. One of the things the committee could have investigated is the FBI’s botched raid on the Hueper residence here in Homer, where the FBI kicked in their door and entered with guns drawn, terrorizing innocent people guilty of no wrongdoing. Turns out it was all a mistake, the FBI had the wrong person. They never apologized, or return the computers and cell phones they confiscated. This was outrageous at the time and still is. What happened to the 4th Amendment against unreasonable search and seizure? Mary Peltola took an oath to defend the constitution and should vigorously support a committee to look into the FBI’s malfeasance. Nope. Peltola voted with all her new Democrat buddies. She is firmly entrenched in the radical far left of the Democrat party. So much for her promise to be a centrist and represent all Alaskans.

  7. So she is in favor of vandalism, public threatening, domestic terrorism and hate crimes?
    Somebody should ask her about that vote.

      • More afraid of you being on a jury, Lucinda. Someone as completely uninformed as you are should have assistance to make sure you get your socks on correctly.
        Or, are you so sure that the DOJ did not turn a blind eye to the violence and criminal activity that was approved by the leftists, all while sending SWAT teams to arrest anyone who spoke against the leftists in government? Why conservatives get woken up with no-knock warrants for something that could be done with a certified letter, but leftists get a pass for sleeping with a Chinese spy.
        When the DOJ will file murder charges against a person defending themselves from a violent mob but ignore that a felon in the mob is violating Federal law by possessing a firearm, they have been weaponized.
        And, anyone voting against an investigation into that, by extension, supports the violence, vandalism, and domestic terrorism that should have been investigated.

      • What? She voted to give violence against prolife centers a pass. I am using absolute logic. Prove me wrong.
        Ironically, I start jury duty on Monday. I’ve been on a few others. You just might be surprised how much attention I pay to the evidence.

    • Mary is a registered democrat. Loyal to the corps (DNC).
      Lisa is a registered Republican, true RINO, true to the same corps as Mary.
      Lisa and Mary are in lock step to destroy Alaska and the USA, just watch their voting.
      Then, remember this and stop voting these evildoers into any office.
      They both belong behind bars for their crimes against we the people they MISrepresent.

  8. I sincerely hope no one had a different expectation. She has learned well from her comrade mentor Murkowskyya, how to smile for the camera, whisper sweet nothings in the ears of her constituents and the give them the double-barreled middle finger. She has yet to use one single unifying braincell in favor of the majority of Alaskans. Apparently, Mary thinks it’s ok to allow the FBI to funnel metadata to social media, even arrest citizens for exercising their 1st amendment right to pray in front of an abortion mill, or to have the administration loose the hounds of the IRS on the American taxpayer. Now dark money is trying to convince radio listeners that RCV was so successful that we should support even more such electioneering. It still amazes me that the candidate with fewest primary votes ended up with the nomination and the seat. As the old saying goes, “If you ain’t cheatin’, you ain’t trying.”

      • Fox and other news organizations are merely entertainment media. They’re all oh and then operated by liberal organizations. Fox exists solely for the entertainment and for the ratings of conservatives. If you control the narrative of liberal and conservatives, you control that 100%.

        • Well said, Greg!
          Yes, FOX “News” is literally nothing more than controlled opposition, and is just another part of the corporate media propaganda complex. Aside from the intelligent and bitingly principled commentaries by Tucker Carlson, they are little different from any of the other corporate media channels such as CNN or MSNBC. I have a particular disgust and loathing for that establishment shill Sean Hannity, and for Billow Wryly before him.

          • Gutfeld is the only one worth watching of fox. Even when making jokes about daily events he has a better eye for news than anyone else on that ‘network’.

  9. I watched a PBS interview of Ms. Mary after she won the special election. The interviewer mentioned that she was the first non-republican to represent Alaska for nearly 50 years, she ran against 2 well known republicans, she was virtually unknown, how did she do it. Her reply: “… luckily this year we are using the ranked choice voting system…”.

      • I dont think we can still call our state conservative with what just happened to our legislature. We live with people that can lie their way into office, the dark money that came in for them influenced our idiot uninformed fellow VOTING citizens. Conservative voices were silenced and those that were not, then turned into immediate RINOs.
        My confidence in our system dwindles every time dark money influence peddles my fellow Alaskans.

  10. Love all the complaint about Peltola “Not representing all of Alaska!!”

    How can she represent everyone when 25% of the population is absolutely nuts and nose deep in crazy media and propaganda? When politics becomes someone’s identity that person is no longer a true citizen. Only a puppet controlled by puppet masters.

  11. She has the eyes of a Communist. She could watch a Newborn die on the table, and refuse aide to it. Like a fish flopping on the beach. How she Made Grandma, I’ll never know. I hope Kelly Tishbaka runs against her, I think she is the only one who could beat her, given Mary’s lead. Remember, Mary is playing Lisa’s game, with Lisa as her Coach. MAGA KELLY

    • Eh, they’d rig it w/o ranked choice voting (esp given our voting rolls) – it just adds a nice layer of obfuscation to make the fraud easier.

    • Leftists only want to work in a bipartisan way when the right side of the political aisle is coming over to them. Never the other way around.

  12. Put Mary aside.

    Based on this vote, 1/2 of American politicians in the House are de facto (if not outright) OK with the government being able to use the power of the government who disagree.

    Extrapolate, 1/2 of America is OK with using government as a weapon against fellow citizens.

    We can not survive this. We will not survive this.

    • Well, if you want to just stand by, then ‘they’ will win. If you are unwilling to at least put up a fight, then get out of the way. Most of the rest of us are willing to fight at least. We may not win but I’m not willing to meet my Maker and have to admit that He placed me in the greatest country in human history and I was unwilling to defend it when the communists attacked. Each day we need to assess which people in our immediate circles will fight to hold our country. Support each other and cut loose the rest. Anyone not willing to defend the Constitution and our country cannot make the claim ‘American”.

      • God above, the Prince Harry Keyboard Commandos are so annoying.

        Truth is, Paul, I’m your daddy. Big time. But I admit I’m a bad daddy because I clearly didn’t teach you how to think.


        1-It’s easy to make macho claims when you are safe in the knowledge you’ll never have to back them up.

        It’s also infantile. The mental equivalent of a toddler throwing a tantrum in the middle of a Carr’s.

        But you do you, boo.

        2-Only someone with limited intelligence draws a comparison to stating the obvious and “doing nothing”

        The inability to examine, to ask questions, and plan is both an indictment on modern education and the person making such asinine statements.

        3-This should be self evident, but since in your case it clearly isn’t, let me help you. You don’t know me. As such, you’ve no idea what I may or may not be involved in.

        To imply you do makes you, in a word, stupid.

        Everything else you say becomes infantile, pedantic, and exists only to make you feel better about yourself. A long haul, I suspect.

        If you had asked questions instead of making macho Prince Harry assumptions, you might have learned something. The what you’ll never know as it is now an opportunity lost to the void.

        So many of the chest beating claims you make are tiresome.

        If you “meet your maker” defending whatever you think you’re defending, it will likely be as cannon fodder. People like me will be thinking through what to do and how to do it most effectively.

        When you do “meet your maker”, it would be fun to be sitting on the sidelines watching you explain this. You’ve managed to knock off most of the 7 deadly sins in one infantile rant. You’ll know me then. I’ll have the popcorn.

        If you really, really want to cease your cranial rectal inversion, try the following.

        -talk to people outside your comfort zone. Learn why they think what they think so you can get someone like me to help you find counter points.

        -stop thinking those with different opinions than yours aren’t “real” Americans. They are. Most of them actually want what you may want, just see a different path to it.

        The Constitution belongs to them, too.

        It’s called discernment. Learn who really is a foe, who’s just misguided, and who are rabid true believers. Then and only then can you figure out the best way to engage them effectively.

        Learn that uncomfortable truths are important. Know the real lay of the land, not just what you want it to be. Then, and only then, will you be more than cannon fodder

        Learn to read critically. It will save you from intellectual beatdowns like this.

  13. Too bad Sarah isn’t in Washington D.C. today. She would fit right in with the FREEDOM CAUCUS, since she helped get many of the members elected. But, hey, thousands of Nick voters voted for Mary because they hated Sarah. Sarah had a right to run, so did Mary, so did Nick. Each person represented the people who voted for them. Ditch the blame game. Get ready for 2024. Vote Kelly, vote MAGA.

    • I don’t know one Begich supporter who didn’t vote for Palin as a second. Not one, and I know quite a few. I’m betting that the the Palinistas did not vote for Begich as second, however.

      • As much as I loathed Queen Sarah, she was #2.

        Regrettably, painfully, but she was.

        Fortunately, it’s not a Sophie’s Choice Ill ever have to make again.

      • Howdy Steve. I don’t have the numbers in front of me, but if ALL of Nick’s voters ranked Sarah #2, she should have one. I think the State splits 60 / 40 R vs D.. RINO factor could be 10 or higher. using Lisa’s added numbers. I’m mostly going by comments made here—their where A LOT of never, ever Sarah comments. Also considering the 26,000 Begich voters who voted Mary in the first Primary where for real, I just can’t see too many of them having a change of heart. Did any of your friends fit that discription?

      • I know of several who would rather see Peltola in office than put a mark on the Palin line. And, they are proud that they voted against her.
        So… anecdotal evidence is meaningless.

  14. Wow, so surprised that a communist is acting like a communist. How did Mary go from 7% support to over 40% overnight? Yeah, you know the answer. A rigged election with a pre-determined outcome. Same way Biden won, same way Hobbs won and in Brazil, same way Lula won. Is everyone awake yet? Do you understand now why they need to steal elections? They are implementing their global one world government! Your Republic is in grave danger! America is the last stand folks. Get involved and get loud. Use your voice and create a movement for liberty! Most of all, pray for our nation and ask God to deliver us from this evil. We had a covenant with God during the fight to birth this nation and create our Constitution. We have spit in his face and thrown him out of our schools and institutions. This caused a vacuum for evil to fill. God wants to intervene, and I believe is involved in this fight against these global tyrants. He is renewing his covenant with America; he wants you to pray for its deliverance and seek a relationship with him and believe in his son Jesus Christ. God is not a powerless God; his plan has been in place since the creation of the world. He will not allow this evil to continue. Soon you will see a shaking of the world that hasn’t been seen in some time as he demonstrates his great power over it. Pray for victory and turn away from evil, believe in his son!

  15. Howdy MJ, great post. All the more reasons to encourage Kelly Tishbaka to run AGAINST Mary. Nick and Sarah had their chance. Kelly is the only strong surviver in this mess. She is in a great position to win. C’mon Kelly—-push back the COMMIE Horde. The Freedom Caucus needs you, we need you, the Church needs you. What a GREAT Voice you would be in Congress. Put on the Armor, grab the shield and sword AND MAGA.. Vote Kelly 2022.

  16. When the SOA investigates a crime, first they have to have a crime, then they develop a suspect. If they develop a suspect and they wish to violate that person’s 4th amendment rights, they have to step outside the Executive branch and seek permission (a search warrant) from the Judicial branch to enforce a law enacted by the Legislative branch signed off by a member of the Executive (governor). Power is balanced. One can’t do anything without express consent of the other.

    …unless if you work for a task force with Federal officers, that is.

    …then you can start with a suspect (you’ll find a crime later), ask your FBI buddy to talk to an A-USA and get a subpoena to violate the 4th…that’s all Federal executive branch. Or, if you can bend your creative writing skills, your buddy can write a warrant request and take it to a secret FISA judge and get it that way.

    This has been going on for a long time. It went into high gear when Obama was elected.

  17. Do any of you realize just how moronic you sound? You all spew accusations and judgements based on… nothing. “She votes with all her Democrat cronies.” Well what the hell do you think Republicans do as well? Gun violence? Vote against assault weapon bans. Women’s basic human right to their own body? Vote for repealing Roe.

    Stop talking like there is always a broad line separating black and white. The issues at hand in this country (Alaska is NOT its own country by the way) are almost always grey areas. If you want to change this country, start with a deep, hard, honest look in the mirror. Stop blaming others.

    Wait, I have an idea! Let’s replace Peltola with George Santos, his resumè is much more refined, his ethics are much more – sorry, lost my straight face.

    This country isn’t Red vs Blue. Most of you sound like extremists. Stop it. Snap back to reality.

    • “Stop talking like there is always a broad line separating black and white. The issues at hand in this country (Alaska is NOT its own country by the way) are almost always grey areas. ”
      No, you are completely and utterly wrong, Matt.
      Many if not most of the issues facing this country —- and facing this country because they are being FORCED INTO OUR FACES by radical leftists and globalist shills like you — ARE in fact black and white, and are more so with every passing day. EVERY single action by the Usurper Biden cabal has been clearly and unambiguously taken to undermine and destroy this country. And that is not a partisan statement! I am neither a Democrat nor a Republican, but over the past few years, as bad as the Republicans as a whole are (and they are very, very bad), the Democrats have gone lockstep and 100% in supporting pure evil. And yes, it IS really that simple today.

    • What Republican vote for gun violence? Please share names.
      As to a look in the mirror, adults do that all the time, and adjust their behavior accordingly. However, I do not see a lot of that happening from the leftists on either side of the aisle. And, yes there are plenty of leftists on the “right” side of the political aisle.
      This country may not be Red v. Blue, but the blue folks seem to think it is. Or have you never heard them call to turn Texas, or any other State/City blue? I have. I get tons of e-mails telling me I need to help the democrats turn some city/state blue. You, personally, might not think the country is red versus blue, but your buddies on the blue side think it is. And, are acting like it is.

  18. You fucking extremists block any posts unless they are MAGA-MORON ramblings. It must be exulting to be so blissfully free of the ravages of intelligence. When you refuse to listen to, and/or post opposing views, and stick to shit (the words that vomit out of your mouth and down your chin) that you all always agree on, you are basically inbred in thinking. Sheeple. Go get your AR-15, suck the Proud Boys dicks, get your nose out of Trump’s asshole, then place said AR-15 in your mouth and let your secret gay lover pull the trigger. Oh, guess what, Trump lost. There was no Red Wave. I know you won’t post this comment. You’re basically afraid. Scared of someone disagreeing with you. That makes you all a bunch of pussies. Sad to be you.

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